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Okayfreedom : Prix, Classement, Analyse, Opinions

In these times, maintaining the confidentiality of our information during Internet sessions has become a necessity for many users, computer theft is a latent danger and VPNs have come to protect those who wish to use this tool, one of them is OkayFreedom .

OkayFreedom is a VPN or virtual private network which guarantees its users to be a tool capable of guaranteeing the confidentiality of their activities on the Internet. But is it true?

If you want to know all the relevant information about Okayfreedom , the price, how to install and download, user reviews, free version, full packages and much more is available. Below is an unbiased analysis of this VPN provider.

Avantages et inconvénients de la liberté d'expression


  • Free version for an unlimited period.
  • Good encryption protocol.
  • German jurisdiction.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is compatible with OpenVPN.
  • Easy to download and install


  • Improved interface.
  • DNS leaks.
  • IP and DNS leaks

Plans et offres Okayfreedom

Why choose Okayfreedom?

One of the reasons why you can choose Okayfreedom is that this VPN offers its users the possibility to enjoy its services for free. Of course, you will encounter certain limitations which you will only be able to access through the full service which is quite affordable.

In addition to the fact that this free service has been proven to provide solid information encryption and access to certain geolocated pages, we can also mention that it is compatible with OpenVPN, one of the most popular VPN configuration tools. sure.

choisissez Okayfreedom

Analysis and characteristics of Okayfreedom

To be able to decide whether the free or full version of Okayfreedom is the VPN capable of meeting your needs and worth downloading and installing, you must know the characteristics of the product. This is why we detail below each of the relevant elements of the Okayfreedom VPN.

1. Ease of use

As mentioned earlier, the Okayfreedom interface is quite poor and lacks advanced options , but it is very easy to use. However, for users accustomed to a more complete VPN, Okayfreedom can generate negative reactions in this regard.

Although it is necessary to install and download OpenVPN to use this tool, the process is very simple and in their FAQ section they detail everything you need to do and you can get this information.

2. Available countries

Although the number of Okayfreedom servers is quite limited and they are distributed in almost 20 different countries, you can therefore benefit from Okayfreedom in your country without any inconvenience.

Although its coverage in terms of country can be wide, the number of users can reduce the browsing speed due to the lack of servers. It should be noted that this supplier is not suitable for users in China.

3. Devices

Another point where Okayfreedom is deficient is that it is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems , i.e. if you are looking for a VPN to protect your mobile or Mac internet connection, you will have to choose other options.

To use this provider, you must download and install OpenVPN. This point undoubtedly generates negative opinions and a lot of disagreement on the part of those who want to use these services on other devices.

4. Types of contracts

Okayfreedom is a supplier that has no type of contract , but simply has a one-year subscription plan where the customer can use payment methods that do not require their identity. This practice is completely legal and protects the privacy of the client.

A point which generates good feedback and which possibly arouses the interest of new customers to download and install Okayfreedom via OpenVPN. Before paying for the full package, you can also access the free version from this provider.

5. Available services

Among the services offered by Okayfreedom, we can cite

  • Support Protocol
  • IPv6 blocking
  • Limited P2P support
  • Jurisdiction in Germany (maximum protection of privacy)

sécurité Okayfreedom

6. Security

Okayfreedom uses one of the standard, but still fairly strong, encryption methods, the AES-256-GCM . It uses CGM and CTP encryption to double the level of protection for users and provide them with greater bandwidth.

Unfortunately, Okayfreedom uses Google’s OpenVPN protocol , which casts doubt on its security because this provider is known for storing and marketing data. In addition, Okayfreedom does not indicate any other information concerning its characteristics.

The fact that IPV6 connections are blocked limits the data loss associated with this configuration. However, Okayfreedom does not have a switch which indicates that in the event of a supplier failure, your internet session will remain active. It is not practical at all.

7. Quality of support

Currently, Okayfreedom has only three ways to provide support to its users. Through the FAQ and support on the website, you will find a number of questions with their answers, all of which are very helpful and can answer many questions.

Regarding the email support service , we found mixed reviews, with some users claiming to have gotten a quick, concise and helpful response to the problems presented by this means, cataloging the help with good comments.

A few others say they had to wait at least three days to receive answers to their problems, and still others say they never received an answer. In conclusion, we can classify aid as good but with a great room for improvement .

Client's attention

8. Netflix and Torrenting with OkayFreedom

Depending on the provider, your VPN is capable of providing access to the Netflix library, but when you connect to one of the OKFREATLESS servers, we notice that the Netflix platform is capable of detecting the use of a VPN.

As for the torrent, it is possible to use it for P2P downloading but the supplier emphasizes that it is prohibited to download copyrighted material without authorization, so it is not recommended to use it for these activities.

Netflix Okayfreedom

OkayFreedom Speed

By analyzing Okayfreedom’s transmission speeds, we were able to determine that the supplier does not excel in this regard. Servers in the United States, Germany and Japan have been tested and, as a result, only an average reduction of more than 80% has been observed.

This means that it significantly hinders the Internet connection of its users, which is unfortunate for a VPN with excellent security protocols. In the same way, it is up to the user to test his services and check if he should make one of these VPNs to protect his data.

What servers are offered by Okayfreedom?

Currently, Okayfreedom has 40 servers in 12 different countries : Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden , Switzerland and Turkey.

As you can see from the limited number , their servers are strategically located to offer a server near many countries.

How to install Okayfreedom to surf safely?

Okayfreedom uses OpenVPN for the configuration and management of its network, this is why you must go to the official page of Okayfreedom and download not only OpenVPN from Google but also the configuration files.

Once the download is complete, you must proceed with the installation of OpenVPN and extract the additional files that you have downloaded.

Log into the app and you’re done. You can also go to the Okayfreedom FAQ section where you will find detailed information on how to download and install Okayfreedom.

Installation et prix

Okayfreedom prices and promotions

To find out more about Okayfreedom, we present all the information concerning the prices of its products, the promotions currently offered to its customers and the payment methods accepted by this supplier.

1. Okayfreedom’s prices

One of the aspects on which Okayfreedom stands out is its low price or rather the single price it offers to its users who can take advantage of its complete offer for only $ 2 . 50 $ per month with an annual subscription of 29 , 95 $ per year at a very attractive price.

This low price, in addition to the fact that the free version offers only 500 MB of traffic per month, invites its users to buy the full version which, although very affordable, offers quite limited functions.

In the event of dissatisfaction with Okayfreedom, the user will have a 30-day guarantee , during which he may request a refund . After 30 days, the user must use the service throughout the year.

Many customers are allowed to download and install this service because of the price and, depending on their needs, they are satisfied with the product and make their positive opinions known.

2. Okayfreedom promotions: Discount codes and coupons

Currently Okayfreedom n ‘ provides not of special promotions to its users, except for the free unlimited version; its customers only have access to a subscription plan to take advantage of the full premium version.

It is expected that if the provider decides to improve its services and include the simultaneous connection of devices, new packages or promotions will be integrated, but for the moment it has nothing to offer at this stage.

The integration of promotions can convince new users to download OpenVPN to take advantage of the services of this provider.

3. Payment methods of Okayfreedom

Currently, Okayfreedom allows its users to pay the price of its services by VISA, Maestro and Mastercard credit card, you can also use the PayPal electronic wallet and even make bank transfers according to your place of residence.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $ 2.50 No promotion

Okayfreedom’s Comments

On the web we can find negative and positive reviews, it will all depend on the use that the user of the service will need.

“OkayFreedom has everything you can ask for from a VPN and it’s cheap too. It’s also easy to install for inexperienced users in the world of VPNs.

“Its interface is very limited in its configuration and sometimes the server selection process is stopped”.

“It is one of the best basic VPN services at a fair price. I use it every day in my connections.

Okayfreedom conclusions

Unfortunately, Okayfreedom is a rather limited VPN , for starters we find the user interface quite depressing, it is recommended to spend a lot of time improving this aspect and including more options in the parameters, as well as giving it a better visual appearance.

Another point that deserves attention is the fact that it is limited in terms of devices and platforms, not only is it incompatible with iOS , Mac , Android , Linux , etc. It also limits the connection to a single computer by requiring that you activate at least simultaneous connection first.

When we compare the features implemented by Okayfreedom with those of other VPNs, we find that this provider is unlikely to be known since it does not even have a stop switch in the event of server failure , thereby exposing its users.

The above point added to the alliance with PublicDNS makes security uncertain despite being based in a country with strict privacy laws, which makes it necessary to change the agency. The browser extension is really depressing and frustrating and also needs improvement.

Among the positive aspects that can be mentioned, the anonymous purchase option guarantees that the supplier has little interest in retaining customer information while respecting their privacy.

However, we recommend opting for other alternatives to the VPN, although we have found from user feedback that it has succeeded in satisfying many customers.

Okayfreedom VPN alternatives

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Résumé des caractéristiques d'Okayfreedom

Caractéristiques principales Okayfreedom
Réduction -
Prix $2.50
Voir Offre
Politique de remboursement 30 jours
Vitesse moyenne 11.64 mbps
Cryptage AES 256-bit
Dispositifs 1
Serveurs 40
Pays 12
La Chine ?
P2P ?
Torrenting ?
Streaming ?
Voir Offre

Foire aux questions sur Okayfreedom

✅What est Okayfreedom ?

Okayfreedom is a fairly simple VPN which assures its users that it is able to protect their private information from outside elements, as well as guarantee the protection of their IP and DNS by giving them access to different pages with restricted access. It comes with a free package that will serve as a test for new users.

⭐¿Es Okayfreedom Seguro ?

Selon les informations du fournisseur d’Okayfreedom dans un système très robuste, ils assurent qu’ils maintiendront la sécurité de leurs données au maximum, cependant selon les tests il a été possible d’apprécier la fuite de DNS et IP, ceci ajouté à l’absence de Switch off met en doute le niveau réel de sécurité d’Okayfreedom

➡️Why Choisir Okayfreedom ?

Dites que vous êtes complètement nouveau dans le monde des VPN et que vous cherchez une option qui vous permette d’explorer les avantages des VPN, comme l’accès à des pages restreintes, la garantie de la confidentialité de vos données et la création de torrents (non recommandé).

✨ Quels sont les avantages de Okayfreedom ?

Okayfreedom propose un forfait gratuit illimité, il dispose d’un forfait complet à un prix abordable, son protocole de sécurité est assez robuste, il peut accéder à différentes pages verrouillées et son interface est très facile à utiliser.

➕ Comment installer Okayfreedom ?

Pour télécharger et installer Okayfreedom sur votre PC, il vous suffit de vous rendre sur le site officiel du fournisseur et de procéder au téléchargement puis à l’installation. Vous aurez automatiquement accès à votre version gratuite et aurez la possibilité d’acheter le package complet.

🔥¿Puedo Tener Okayfreedom Gratis ?

Bien sûr, Okayfreedom a une version gratuite qui est illimitée dans le temps, mais avec des fonctionnalités très basiques qui ne permettent également que 500 Mo de trafic par mois, donc si vous voulez plus d’options, vous devriez opter pour le forfait complet.

✌️What d'autres serveurs VPN sont recherchés par les utilisateurs de Okayfreedom ?

Take advantage of the sections of our website that present relevant content on virtual private networks:

Okayfreedom in a very basic VPN even the full version, although apparently it is able to protect the privacy of its users in many aspects is still very poor and needs to develop further to be able to satisfy its users and attract new customers, if you want to explore more options you can go to the best VPN section.

Expérience et opinions des utilisateurs de Okayfreedom

Avez-vous déjà utilisé Okayfreedom ? Le recommanderiez-vous ? Racontez-nous votre expérience d'utilisation d'un service VPN d'Okayfreedom dans les commentaires.

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