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The Best VPNs for Navigating Like You’re In Another Country

Sailing in another country is very useful nowadays. This is because surfing the internet is not always as “free” as it seems. Even today there are a lot of restrictions that change depending on the geographical location.

An IP address is made up of a number of numbers, which allow you to verify and identify computers. The digits that identify your computer are uniquely linked to the IP and are assigned by the Internet provider.

There are many programs that can change the IP address and simulate a connection to another country. Using these programs, known as VPN, you can navigate in a much more fluid and uncensored way. Below you will find the best VPNs and their features.

Why You Need to Sail Like You’re in Another Country

When you hide your IP address through a Virtual Private Network it allows Features necessary to navigate in another countryyou to surf as if you were in another country. This is a useful tool when doing different activities such as downloading programs or viewing online content that is blocked.

Navigating with such a program also ensures greater connection security. By simulating a different IP address and encrypting the data, it is guaranteed that the information is secure. It is also extremely useful for users who transmit content online and need to establish a connection to blocked platforms such as Twitch.

VPN services offer you a lot of benefits. Among them are the following features:

  • Improved Online Security.
  • The vast majority use strong encryption protocols.

This ensures that both user data and Internet traffic are properly protected. Thanks to this you should have no concern that a cyber criminal will gain access to your information. A virtual private network can hide your IP address and replace it with one from a different country.

Therefore, it allows you to avoid geographical blockages. This means that you can browse and enjoy much more content. As mentioned above, a VPN masks its IP address. This allows you to browse the web anonymously, one of the main benefits of VPNs.

The Best Programs for Browsing as if you were in Another Country

These programs are excellent for simulating a connection to another IP address and changing the location. They are perfect for those of you who want to browse as if you were in another country due to censorship problems.

vpn providers recommended to navigate in another country

They provide excellent security and anonymity while browsing and also help to unlock a large amount of online content. They have good monthly prices and free trials that are very worthwhile.

Today there are a variety of providers of better VPNs worldwide. That’s why making a hiring decision is a little difficult if you don’t have the expertise. Some of the best VPNs to navigate if you were in another country.

Top 10 VPNs for Browsing with another IP

  • VPN for UK English
  • Experts
  • Quality

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Buying a Program to Browse as if you were in Another Country

In order to establish a stable connection that allows you to navigate smoothly, the program needs to have some features. If it does not have the necessary requirements, navigation may be difficult. These programs to change the IP address have very basic requirements, so the hardware will not be a problem.

1. Ease of use

The vast majority of VPN programs stand out for their ease of use. It is a practical tool for you. The fact that a program has Benefits of a VPN to navigate another countryAn easy to use interface is highly valued.

A Spanish interface also helps you to understand the program. However, in general there are not many VPNs that have their interface translated into this language.

One of the points that customers look for most is an easy to use, intuitive and fast platform, so we recommend the best 4 VPNs to be able to navigate with another ip address as if you were anywhere in the world.

2. Countries Available

The number of locations available for simulating a connection depends on this factor. Typically, countries range from 60 to 90 per VPN. The more countries that offer a VPN program, the more blocked content you can access. In order to establish a good connection, VPN programs have many servers in different countries. This guarantees you a certain speed during the connection so that you can connect to other IP addresses. This is essential for navigating as if you were in another country. Otherwise it would not be possible.

3. Devices

If you want to use different devices when navigating in another country, it is best to opt for a multi-device VPN. Or what is the same, a program to navigate in another country that allows to have connected to a same network, all the devices that you use daily. These can be from a console, a smart TV, a smart phone or a laptop, for example. Most VPN providers offer this multi-device option in their tariffs.

4. Types of Contracts

The contract is the best way to determine the services that a program to navigate another country has to offer you. When armoring your rights, the materialization of a contract is the best option. This way, if your VPN provider does not meet the expected objectives, you can always terminate the contract and choose another service provider. Contracts vary depending on how long you contract with the VPN entity to browse in another country. We will discuss this further below.

5. Available Services

When you contract your program to navigate in another country, it is important that it meets all the services you expect from a provider of this type. That is to say, that it can guarantee the confidentiality of your data while you are surfing, that it can be able to modify your IP for that of another country, be able to unblock contents exclusive to certain countries, etc.

6. Security

To protect the security during the connection, these programs have a military information encryption. This means that they encrypt the information so that only the device and the program’s server can interpret it. This procedure helps you to navigate as if you were in another country in a much more secure way.

The zero record policy is what offers confidentiality. This policy ensures that your personal data is not stored or at risk of being sold to others. This is one of the most important things you need to consider when signing up for a VPN. It is the only way for you to browse privately and securely.

7. Quality of Support

All the VPN providers for surfing in another country that you will find on our website, VPN Paradise, are very reliable and rarely experience problems. However, a server crash can occur in the best houses. If this happens, it is best that your offshore provider can provide you with tailored solutions quickly and efficiently. This means that it has a live chat with high availability, allowing you to use a customer service email or a support phone.

8. Connection Speed

It is normal for a VPN to reduce your speed during the connection. This is because the information must pass through several filters. Even so, quality VPN programs maintain excellent connection speed while in use. The connection speed must be stable, both to view the content and to connect to the server. The purpose is that the pages that have the content do not detect that you want to change your IP address.

Compare Programs for Browsing in Another Country: Which One Offers Better Price?

Offshore providers offer rates to suit all budgets and are generally affordable. Here’s a comparison of 3 offshore providers in terms of price, promotions and payment methods. The providers are: Nord VPN, Express VPN and Unlimited VPN:


First, Nord VPN offers an $11.95 monthly plan. This plan is paid month-to-month and has no term of service. However, if you decide to spend a year with this company, their rate drops considerably, to a much more affordable monthly price

On the other hand, Express VPN has a monthly base fee of $12.95. Although, as with most providers of software for surfing in another country, if you decide to contract a year of stay, you will get a discount and pay much less, as we will see below.

Finally, the Unlimited VPN offer offers a base monthly fee of $9.99 and has an attractive 3-year plan where you’ll pay much less.

2. Promotions

The promotions, as you have seen, apply the longer the time of stay is specified in the contract. This way, for the first of the services, Nord VPN, you get a saving of up to 70% if you decide to contract 3 years with them. You would pay $3.49 per month for 3 years.

Express VPN also has 3 different plans to promote them. The first plan, for 1 year, with which they also give away 3 months of VPN at no additional cost. This plan has a discount of 49% per month, so you would only pay $6.67 for all their services.

Finally, Unlimited VPN has a 3-year plan that beats all previous prices. Their three-year plan is 70% off and you only pay “2.78 per month for 3 years for all services from this provider.

3. Payment Methods

If you use traditional online payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal or crypto-currency, you should not have any problems making payments for your service to navigate in another country. This way, with Nord VPN you will be able to make your payments in these methods without any problems.

Express VPN is the one that offers more payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Aliplay, Union Pay, Deal, Web Money, Giro Play and Sofort.

Finally, Unlimited VPN does not have many payment methods available, but those it does have are very common among users. It is possible to pay for the service with PayPal, Amazon Paymentwall or Bitcoin.

4. Summary of Prices and Promotions

VPN Price Promotion
NordVPN $3.49 70% off
ExpressVPN $6.67 49% discount
Unlimited VPN $2.78 70% off

How to Install a Program for Navigating in Another Country

To be able to navigate in another country you need to follow a series of simple steps that we explain below:

  1. First, you will need to register with the VPN provider you select. At this point they will provide you with the name of the server you want to connect to, a username and a password.
  2. At this point you should download the VPN application to the devices you want to use it on.
  3. Once the interface is open, you must choose the server you want to connect to using the data provided by your VPN provider.
  4. Once connected to the server, the VPN provider will assign you one of their thousands of available IPs for your browsing, and that’s it!

Reviews of Programs for Browsing in Another Country

If you still have doubts about the service that a program to navigate in another country can offer you, continue reading the users‘ opinions that we make available in this section.

“After reading reviews on the Internet, I decided to use a program to surf in another country because I wanted to surf safely from my local network. In this way, not only do I manage to protect my data, but I also manage to avoid the existing Internet censorship in the country where I live”.

“The best way to unlock content exclusive to certain countries and get around the IP borders is to use a VPN that allows you to browse in another country. Now I can access versions of streaming platforms exclusive to countries like the United States and view content I didn’t have access to before. My opinions couldn’t be more positive.

Surfing the Internet anonymously is easier than I thought. At first, surfing in another country seemed like a complicated process for which I had to know many technical aspects of computing. Nothing could be further from the truth, since installing a VPN for surfing in another country is easy, intuitive and takes almost no time at all:

Conclusion of Using a VPN to Navigate as if you were in Another Country

Conclusion Using a VPN to Navigate as if you were in another country

The VPN services to change IP are a great tool to enter the network in a private and secure way. They are the right tool to browse and unlock a lot of online content.

These PC VPN programs are very low cost and offer you a number of impressive benefits. If you want to surf as if you were in another country and, moreover, securely, the VPN is the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using VPN

⚠️ Why hire a VPN to surf as if you were in another country?

It is of great importance to hire a VPN service if you want to browse the web in a private and secure way. You will be able to avoid theft of important information and you will not have a lot of inconveniences. A VPN service will completely change your perception of surfing the Internet.

⭐️ What are the prices for VPNs to navigate as if you were in another country?

Prices for a VPN vary depending on the provider, the quality and the period of time for which the membership is purchased. Prices range from $3 to $12. There are many offers depending on the length of time you pay for. The longer the period, the lower the price per month. Even so, the payment is unique, encompassing the total price.

✅ What Benefits Does a VPN Offer for Navigating as if You Were in Another Country?

A VPN service allows you to enter the network securely, even on public Wi-Fi networks. It protects all kinds of information relevant to you. It is also a tool to prevent identity and information theft and to be able to view blocked content.

❤️️ How does a VPN work to navigate as if you were in another country?

A VPN service allows you to browse as if you were in another country by connecting to the provider’s servers. The consequence of this is that the website you want to access interprets the connection as coming from the VPN server.

✨ What other VPNs can be contracted in addition to the "Sailing as if you were in another country" programs?
💻 What Other VPN Services Do Users Look For When Navigating as If They Were in Another Country?

These have been the best VPNs to navigate as if you were in another country. Also its features, benefits and uses. Have you already opted for a VPN?

If not, you can consult the best VPNs and get more information. If you need to save, the best thing to do is to get to know a cheap VPN.