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How to Access the Dark Web Safely

Many myths surround both the Deep Web and the Dark Web, with all content not being indexed by traditional search engines. Within these myths, are that only in it is hidden information, as well as the practice of illegal activities.

That’s partially true, though not entirely accurate. Both on the Deep Web and on this type of website, all kinds of information are shared, such as that corresponding to companies and universities. Nearly 90% of the entire Internet is composed of the Deep Web and only 0.1% is occupied by the Dark Web.

That said, to access this type of website, an additional level of protection is required, much higher than that already present on the superficial website or better known as clearnet. This is where the use of a VPN for Dark Web is important to ensure maximum privacy.

In this article, we will discuss specific points about this type of website, tips for entering it and the best VPNs to meet this objective.

Find the VPN for Dark Web You Need

Once you understand how the Dark Web works and what it really is, you need to be able to enter it safely. The browser used to enter this level of the Internet is the well-known Tor. However, there are other ways to enter, such as DuckDuckGo.

The ideal VPN for browsing this type of website is that which has the particularity of hiding the user’s IP address, as well as being able to be located on a server in a country other than that of the user.

Is it legal to use a VPN service for Dark Web?

The use and navigation in the Dark Web is legal. However, it has some points related to the type of information that is shared on that network.

For example, countries such as Russia and China have expressed that VPNs are illegal and have made severe controls to prevent this type of service from reaching their citizens because of the government censorship present in those nations.

In Turkey, websites and blogs, including VPNs, have been blocked. Iran is another country where “they can be used”, but under a government license, where they may ask for browsing history information.

Although the use of VPNs is completely legal, it must be stressed that what is not allowed is to carry out illegal activity when using them. In case of carrying out any illegal activity, you will be subject to the laws of the user’s country, having the possibility of being judged, according to the seriousness of the infraction or crime.

There are also those who wish to maintain their privacy with governments or other organizations. Another legal use of VPNs is to connect to public networks to prevent data from being captured by hackers who might endanger personal and sensitive information, such as banking information.

Ranking VPN Services for Dark Web

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Benefits of Browsing with Dark Web IP

Among the benefits of a VPN for browsing this type of website we can find that they offer a kind of barrier when surfing online. If a connection is made to an unprotected server, it is possible that third parties will take over the IP address, which is a real problem because of the type of people who frequent these virtual sites.

As for the benefits of a VPN for this type of website, there is the Tor browser, which is slower compared to a VPN. By having to perform different information relays between servers that have different bandwidths.

Use VPN for the Dark Web security increases onlnie

If another browser is needed, Tor’s protection capabilities are compromised, so a VPN offers an additional benefit here.

Because there is no way to hide the IP address, if Tor is used frequently, the user may be put under some kind of government surveillance, due to the kind of hidden or confidential content that is handled by this kind of website. In this case, too, the information nodes that Tor uses are managed by volunteers and there are no liabilities, which may also have some security commitments at certain times.

Buying a VPN for Dark Web: Features to Keep in Mind

When hiring a VPN for this type of website, you have to take into account the features that will be presented below, which are important to have a smooth browsing experience:

1. Speed

Having a VPN service for this type of website that offers good connectivity is indispensable for navigating this layer of the Internet.

2. Usability

To be able to manage a VPN in an intuitive way and without any kind of setback, is the most recommended for any kind of users. In addition, a simple and clear configuration is indispensable in a VPN for Dark Web.

3. Quality of support

Efficient online support is also needed, especially in VPNs for this type of website. Having a quick response from the technical support team when something goes wrong is a must when surfing the dark web.

VPNs are fundamental to the Dark Web

4. Number of Countries

The countries in which the VPN is present for this type of website is important because it allows access to many servers around the world.

5. Supported services

When it comes to services on VPN platforms for Dark Web are important for users to decide between one or another service.

6. Devices

In the case of devices, additional configuration has to be done on them in case you want to enter the Dark Web. However, VPNs for this type of web also work with this type of device.

How to install a VPN for the Dark Web?

Go to your VPN provider’s site and select the registration option. There you will need to enter some personal information and choose your payment method. Then you can create your user name and password that you will use to activate it on the different devices.

Then you must start the installation process by following the steps provided by the provider. More complex services may require downloading some additional protocol configuration.

Once the VPN is installed, you only have to open the application and select the server you want to connect to and you’re done!

What is the price of a VPN for the Dark Web?

The prices of the VPN providers vary according to the time you stay and the services you purchase in the plan. This way, the price is adapted to your needs and you don’t have to spend more than you need:

VPN Price Promotions
Surfshark $9.89 12 months 50% savings ($4.99 per month)

24 months 84% cheaper ($1.79 per month)

Nord VPN $10.81 annual contract 41% savings ($6.32 per month)

66% savings ($3.61 per month)

75% cheaper three-year contract ($2.71 per month)

Cyberghost $11.99 annual contract 45% savings ($5.29 per month)

70% cheaper two-year contract ($3.29 per month)

three-year contract 80% cheaper ($2.45 per month)

Express VPN $11.72 6 months 16% savings ($9.04 per month)

15 months 49% cheaper ($6.06 per month)

Vanish IP $11.99 1 month with 42% discount at $7.00

3 months with 48% cheaper ($6.30 per month)

1 year with 63% savings ($4.55 per month)

How to Use a VPN for Dark Web?

Using a VPN for this type of web is, in principle, the same process used when surfing the surface network.

Some configuration settings have to be made before entering the Dark Web to avoid any information leakage.

Something that is usually recommended when entering this type of website, is to enter different servers that are used in the clearnet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dark Web

✅¿What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is everything that is hidden in traditional search engines. It cannot be accessed by browsers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, but has to be done by specialized browsers, such as Tor.

If browsers indexed some of the content and information on the Dark Web, it would reduce its size. In fact, the Internet is made up of about 91,000 Terabytes between the Deep Web and the Dark Web, with 168 Terabytes being the common surface network. Not all content is illegal as is often thought when talking about the Dark Web or the Deep Web, but content that is simply not indexed in the above-mentioned traditional search engines.

⭐ How can I enter the Dark Web?

To be able to access this type of content, a proxy server is required. The most common way to do this is through the Tor network. With this network, you can browse both the Dark Web and the surface network with a degree of security and anonymity.

The advantages it offers are that its installation is quite easy. Also, the browser has to be with a privacy pre-configuration to be anonymous on the network. There are two types of browsers: one will be for the content of superficial pages and the other for browsing the Dark Web. It also has the particularity that warns in case you are not surfing in a safe way and you can reveal certain information to third parties.

➡ ️What are the Best Tips for the Dark Web?

Among the tips that can be given to navigate safely in the Dark Web, we can cite

  • Do not download any files once inside the Dark Web, unless you know exactly what you are going to download. In this sense, it is possible that certain files contain some kind of script and that may reveal the user’s identity to a third party.
  • Do not enter personal mail when surfing the Dark Web.
  • Use current software to browse the Dark Web, otherwise your identity is exposed or you may be a victim of cyber attacks.
  • Do not use Windows, Android or iOS to browse the Dark Web. They are not as secure as Linux or Mac OS could be. Instead, use a tool that has the Tails operating system.
  • It is not recommended that you change your browser’s default settings, as this could compromise your online security and privacy.
✨What is the best VPN for the Dark Web?

One of the best VPNs to enter the Dark Web because of the security, privacy and data encryption standards, is Hotspot Shield, besides having very competitive prices, as well as an excellent speed rate.

➕¿Es Legal la Dark Web ?

Yes, the use of the Dark Web is legal, even though you may find elements of an illegal nature on it. For that reason, many countries are watching when it comes to entering it with some frequency by specialized methods and browsers, which, if not properly configured, can compromise the user’s identity.

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