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Unlocator: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Are you looking to download and install a quality VPN? Unlocator offers a service within the current market quite remarkable, being one of the few that is handled in Spanish. Although it can only be used for free as a trial, it is certainly worth using.

There are many opinions that have left users, where they say that Unlocator is not only popular, also has excellent prices compared to other vpn, without this affecting the quality or speed of service.

It is true that Unlocator does not have a great track record in the market, but it is still quite functional and effective in its work. Some opinions found on the web describe it as simple but efficient.

If you want to know more about Unlocator, we recommend you to read this whole post, where we will talk about the different functions, features and opinions that exist regarding this VPN that will help you to maintain the anonymity of your IP.

Pros and Cons of Unlocator


  • Offers 7-day free trial.
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously connected devices
  • 24-hour customer service chat every day.
  • All packages come with a 30 day warranty.
  • He doesn’t keep records.
  • Offers strong encryption.


  • It has very few servers compared to other VPNs.
  • It does not have mobile applications or dedicated clients.

Plans and offers of Unlocator

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 33%!

See offer

2-Years plan



per month

Save 50%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Unlocator in 2020

The Unlocator VPN provides your customers with an intuitive and intelligent DNS service. It focuses primarily on helping the people who use it to overcome problems with censorship and geographical restrictions that may occur anywhere in the world.

It has about 50 virtual locations, 216 websites and services available, and supports at least 58 devices and platforms. This makes Unlocator the ideal VPN for accessing content from popular platforms such as HBO or Hulu.

Unfortunately, as with most active and medium quality VPNs, Unlocator cannot overcome the complex blockages that Netflix has, as the platform always manages to solve the hacking and thus maintain the restriction of the IP of its customers.

Although the website and the program are not in Spanish, they are quite simple to understand and use. Some opinions assure that downloading, installing and making use of Unlocator in English does not result in a limitation.

Another advantage that Unlocator can boast of is the fact that it does not restrict the bandwidth or speed of the user. It is an ideal VPN for streaming the preferred series.

Since Unlocator operates under Danish law it is a VPN that offers quite strong encryption, also applying a strict policy where no records are kept, therefore users are assured that their information will be protected.

Something that is always very praised in the Spanish opinions of the users, is that Unlocator allows to make a 7 days test that is totally free. It also offers a 30-day guarantee after purchasing any of its promotional packages.

Unlocator also allows you to connect devices simultaneously without limit, the only requirement for this is that all devices are connected from one place. In general terms, it is a perfect VPN for those who want to obtain blocked content.

Por Qué Elegir Unlocator VPN

Unlocator Analysis and Features

The Unlocator VPN service has several features that help make it a unique and reliable platform. This is why many people are looking to download and install the program even though it is not available in Spanish.

In this section we will explain some reasons that make Unlocator one of the best VPNs on the market today.

1. Ease of use

Unlocator is a very simple to use VPN, its operation is very easy to understand despite the fact that the program and the web are in native English. Many opinions that we have found assure that once downloaded and installed, the configuration takes less than 5 minutes.

When the Unlocator application is installed, and it has full access to certain data requested during the registration, it is only necessary to connect to change the IP and browse any network you want.

Although Unlocator does not have a wide variety of countries to work from, it is possible to choose from where you want to make the connection. Either because the server is much faster or for security reasons, you can choose a country or city available.

Unlocator es un VPN muy sencillo de usar

2. Available countries

The truth is that there are more than 50 countries where Unlocator operates. In these there are about 216 websites that provide the availability of its services, and it has the necessary compatibility to operate with more than 58 devices and platforms.

Although you do not have full knowledge of all the locations of Unlocator, as this is obtained by using vpn, some of the most important locations are these:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Finland
  • France
  • Norway
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

3. Devices

Thanks to the quality of service offered by Unlocator those who have been encouraged to download and install the program will be able to enjoy connecting the VPN to an unlimited number of devices to the same account.

In addition, Unlocator supports all major trading platforms. From the full extensions for Chrome and Firefox, to downloading on iOS and Android. Applications can also be enjoyed on Windows and Linux.

It supports all operating platforms most used

4. Types of contracts

The contracts that can be made to obtain Unlocator’s services as a VPN are varied. There are 3 different modalities where you can take advantage of the benefits of the VPN during different periods of time.

The first is only for one month, where you have no savings of any kind and must pay 4.47 euros each time you renew. On the other hand, you can acquire 6 months of service by paying 4.13 euros each month with a saving of 7%.

The last package, the full premium, consists of 12 months of service, you have to pay about 3.75 euros each month and has a saving of 16% compared to the first one. It is important to note that all 3 services have a 30-day guarantee in case the person regrets making the contract.

5. Available services

In addition to the traditional services that most vpn have, Unlocator offers other benefits that are quite useful. It has an optional emergency button, giving your users the ability to connect through 2 different VPN servers at the same time.

Another advantage of the services available in Unlocator is the automatic Cleanweb option, helping to keep ads, malware and crawlers completely blocked, not to mention torrents, streams and HBO, which work quite acceptably.

los torrents, streamings y HBO, que funcionan de forma bastante aceptable.

6. Security

With regard to safety, Unlocator is responsible. Those who decide to download and install the program will not regret it as there are many ways this tool can prove that it can maintain the anonymity of an IP.

Some opinions show how pleasantly surprised some customers are to discover that Unlocator offers a good, reliable and secure service. It works with some companies that help you keep all your customers’ personal information private.

Unlocator fulfills all the elements promised in its official website, free or at quite affordable prices.

Con respecto a la seguridad Unlocator es responsable

7. Quality of support

Something quite remarkable about Unlocator is the quality of its customer service. Although it does not have contact numbers, the email is answered quite quickly and the live chat from the official website as well.

According to the users’ opinions, we realized that Unlocator’s support has an excellent personalized attention, which is answered promptly and with the best intentions. Although the people in charge do not speak Spanish but native English, communication can be easy.

Among the different opinions, the fact that Unlocator’s chat only has personalized answers was also well valued, on the other hand the staff is always friendly and very attentive.

Unlocator something quite remarkable about the quality of their service to the customer

What Servers Does Unlocator Offer

One thing to consider when acquiring the services of a VPN is the relationship that the servers have with the available countries. This is an important factor, so it is not only the number of servers or locations offered that can be considered.

When it comes to VPNs and maintaining IP security, quantity is not always closely related to quality of service. Fixing on just how many servers you can connect to can be problematic for several reasons.

In the case of Unlocator, despite not having as many servers and countries available as other paid platforms with similar prices, the truth is that it provides a service with faster speeds.

This is because Unlocator operates with several servers in one location, and thus prevents overloading and quality degradation.

Unlocator brinda un servicio con velocidades más rápidas.

How to Install Unlocator for Safe Surfing

Downloading and installing the Unlocator program is extremely simple, according to some opinions even though it does not operate in Spanish, it has one of the easiest records. You only need to access the corresponding web or system, and follow these steps:

  1. Choose a subscription and follow the steps suggested during the procedure.
  2. At the end of the procedure you must log in from the Unlocator website.
  3. Click on the icon corresponding to the operating system of your computer.
  4. You must open the .exe file that has been downloaded.
  5. Follow all the steps that are indicated from the installation wizard.
  6. Open the Unlocator program, this is done by clicking on the link of the hyperlink that will appear on the screen.
  7. Log in again with the information you used during registration.
  8. In order to start using Unlocator you must enable it and choose a server.

Unlocator Prices and Promotions

Price, payment methods and promotions are one of the most important issues when hiring a vpn, Unlocator is considered one of the best VPN at a low cost, despite not being available in Spanish.

In this section we are going to talk about everything that Unlocator has to offer.

1. Unlocator Prices

The prices handled by Unlocator in all its promotions stand out for being quite affordable.

Changing your IP has never been easier than with Unlocator. Without a doubt it is a fairly reliable service despite its low prices, whether it is the simplest contract or the full premium. Among the different packages you can access with Unlocator are these:

  • For one month you only have to pay a fee of $9.99. This must be renewed month after month until you no longer want the service.
  • For one year, it pays $6.58 per month.
  • For two years, it pays $4.96 a month.

We should mention that in each of these promotions you have 30 days guarantee during the first month. In the case of the contract with the simplest offer, when renewing a second month it is completely cancelled.

To avoid problems with the Unlocator service the ideal is to request the 7 day free trial. This way you can rule out problems with the servers, speed failures or simply dissatisfaction with the operation of the platform.

different packages that can access Unlocator

2. Unlocator Promotions

Unlocator’s promotions are not the most eye-catching of all the VPNs available on the market. However, although they are not as flashy the price to pay is extremely low compared to other platforms to hide the IP.

For a one-month contract there are no promotions of any kind, if you want to get the 6 months of service you get a 7% profit and for the 12 months this increases to 16%.

3. Unlocator Payment Methods

The Unlocator platform allows you to make payments for your packages through different payment methods. Although these are very common, they are the most used, seeking to achieve the comfort of their customers.

Among the different payment methods you can use to access Unlocator’s services are these:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.
  • Paypal.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Cryptomoney.

Credit card, Paypal. Pay Amazon. Google Pay. Cryptocurrency.

Service offer Price Savings
1 month $9.99 0%
1 year $6.58 7%
2 years $4.96 16%

Reviews of Unlocator

There are many opinions that can be found in different analysis platforms about Unlocator. Customers who have purchased these services do not hesitate to comment on their experience in Spanish forums.

The opinions are sincere and varied, each comment shows a lot about this VPN, from what they have come to like most about the VPN and what really seems not to deserve the payment requested.

Among the different opinions that exist in the forums about Unlocator are these:

  • “I have been a customer of this platform for several years and I have no complaints, they really deliver what they promise, have good customer service and respond promptly. Highly recommended”.
  • “I think it’s a great product, good and responsive support team, easy to set up and understand, highly recommended”.
  • “I have had other VPN services before, much more expensive, I usually take a few days before making the final decision, and I don’t regret hiring the 6 months of service”.
  • “Excellent VPN, I’ve used it for 2 years now and never had a single problem”.

There are many opinions that can be found.

Conclusion about Unlocator

We can say that Unlocator is a VPN service that allows its users to secure a connection. Also thanks to its operation can maintain the privacy of your IP at optimal levels.

They have a well-known location in Denmark, which provides responsibility and reliability on the part of the company. One quite important feature about Unlocator is that it has a fairly good privacy policy, as it does not keep records.

Several security tests have been performed since its launch to check the quality of service and so far no leaks have been detected in the DNS, IP or WebRTC.

In terms of speed, the results are not too surprising when you take into account high-end VPN. While the values tend to be somewhat modest, they are good enough to be able to maintain IP anonymity while browsing the network.

Alternatives to the Unlocator VPN

Would you like to know what alternatives to Unlocator exist? There are many platforms that can offer a similar or better quality service, but at a much higher cost. Some VPNs that share particularities with it, you can access:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

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Unlocator Technical Sheet

Main features Features summary of Unlocator
Discount Save 50%!
Price $4.96
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 24.34 Mbps
Encryption AES- 256
Devices 1
Servers 40+
Countries -
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Unlocator

🙌 What is Unlocator?

It is a vpn that provides an ideal service to maintain the anonymity of the IP when surfing the web. It also allows its users to access content with geographical restrictions, such as series, web pages and others.

👌 Is Unlocator safe?

Completely, it is a responsible and reliable platform. One of the characteristics that can be highlighted is the fact that it has an official postal address, which is governed by certain laws that protect consumers.

✌️ Why choose Unlocator?

There are multiple reasons to choose it as a VPN. It has promotions at low prices, is easy to download and install, good service, and simple operation despite not being in Spanish.

➕ What are the benefits of Unlocator?

The benefits offered by the platforms far outweigh any disadvantages, the most obvious being their lack of service in Spanish. If you want to know more about their advantages you can read this section within the post.

⚡ How to install Unlocator?

The installation of this program is very simple. If you want to know all the steps to register and obtain the services of this vpn you can go to the section of the post where we show you each of the movements that you must make so that everything is perfect.

✨ What is the price of Unlocator?

The prices of this service are very affordable. For 1 month you only have to pay 4.47 euros, for 6 months 4.13 euros and for a total of 12 months enjoying all its benefits you have to pay 3.75 euros.

➡ ️ What if I regret it after I buy it?

No problem, if there are any regrets by a user after obtaining any of the promotions, there is a 14 day guarantee where a refund can be requested.

⭐ Can I get Unlocator for Free?

It’s only possible for 7 days. A great advantage that it has over many other vpn is that it allows the use of the program completely free for a fairly short period of time, this in order to prevent people from leaving the platform after having acquired a contract.

We hope that all the information provided about Unlocator has been very helpful to understand the functioning of this vpn, which will allow you to keep your data safe thanks to the anonymity of your IP when surfing the internet.

If you want to know more about other vpn’s opinions and how they work, you can access the other posts on our website, where we have a lot of interesting information for you.

Unlocator VPN User Experience and Opinions

Have you used a VPN locator before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Unlocator VPN service in the comments.

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