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VPNArea: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Are you looking for a high-speed, ultra-secure, encrypted VPN? Do you want to access content not available in your region? Do you have to change your location for P2P downloads like Torrent? VPNArea could be your solution in the Spanish market.

To increase your security and that of your data when you surf the internet, or simply because you have reasons to keep your IP hidden, downloading VPNArea could be very useful.

Downloading and installing VPNArea will allow you to send and receive sensitive data with great security thanks to its hard data encryption system. But it also allows you to hide your IP address or modify it to avoid geographical restrictions.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about VPNArea and decide if it is the product you need.

Pros and Cons of Vpnarea


  • IP address and dedicated server in case of need
  • More than 100 servers in 70 countries.
  • Easy to download, install and use.
  • Dedicated high speed.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Netflix, Torrent and P2P allowed.


  • No free version available.
  • Only 100 servers.

Plans and offers of Vpnarea

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1 Year Plan



per month

Save 70%!

See offer

2 Year Plan



per month

Save 70%!

See offer

Why Choose the VPN VPNArea in 2020

Every day more and more users choose VPNArea as a tool for computer security and IP address simulation. What makes this VPN such a good choice among those available in the market?

This is a very easy to download, install and use VPN that allows users with medium or low computer skills to become a very useful tool for anonymous browsing, encrypting information and unlocking content.

It really appears as a very good option in terms of its services and benefits. The criticism that we will make is the lack of a version in several languages and a free version even if it is a trial.

VPNArea Analysis and Features

At VPN Paradise we are always looking to bring you the best reviews and opinions about the different VPNs available in the international market. Below you will find a complete analysis about this provider so you can compare it and make your choice easier.

In the case of this VPN we find a company with great coverage, good customer service and very effective in terms of information security and IP modification. For all this, it has reaped good opinions among its users.

1. Ease of use

When you enter the VPNArea site you will notice that it is a very simple design, where at first sight you can find the section you are looking for. In addition, when downloading and installing the procedure is much easier than that of other VPNs.

VPNArea offers versions for a variety of operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and some routers with VPN pre-configuration. In addition, with the creation of an account you can connect up to 6 devices.

Regarding the design of the software or the app we can say the same: using this provider, whether for data encryption, protocol selection, server selection and IP simulation are very intuitive procedures.

Finally, you should know that if you encounter a difficulty, VPNArea’s team of professionals will be able to contact you to effectively solve almost any problem.

2. Available Countries

VPNArea has a wide variety of servers in many countries around the world. Almost all of Europe including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Mexico or Brazil, the possibilities are immense.

This provider offers more than 100 servers distributed in 70 countries. In addition, it guarantees that 98% offer a port of more than 1GB of dedicated speed that allows IP modification in any of the five continents with superlative fluidity.

The conclusion in this aspect is that VPNArea has one of the best coverage in the international market, and the possibilities to simulate the IP address allow to overcome any geographical restriction.

3. Devices vpnarea devices apple ios android os sistema

In addition to its worldwide server coverage, VPNArea once again exceeds expectations in terms of versatility. It offers its users options with almost every operating system and device.

VPNArea has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac computers, but also for Android or iOS devices and even pre-configured routers. In any of these cases you will have the maximum security and the possibility of IP simulation in all servers.

Although to download and install this provider in each operating system will present particularities the procedure will not represent a great difficulty and all your doubts can be evacuated in the section of frequently asked questions.

In addition, when you contract VPNArea full you ensure the possibility of connecting up to 6 devices to the same account with the same subscription.

4. Types of contracts

cleanrep ip reserverip vpn rep

VPNArea offers only one type of full contract, with the possibility of connecting up to six devices, but there is a difference in the duration of the contract that affects the price.

VPNArea offers monthly, annual and 36-month options with a lower (monthly) price the longer the full contract. One month of service has a total price of 9.90 euros and we must say that it is not very economical.

By hiring this full service provider for one year at $59 you will get a 50% monthly savings that will mean $4.92 each month of service. But if you contract for 36 months, the savings reach 70% with a single payment of $107.64 each month will cost you $2.99.

VPNArea does not offer a free trial of its services, but a 14-day money back guarantee, or 30 days if the contract is annual or for 36 months.

5. Services

VPNArea has proven to be a very complete VPN in terms of the services it offers to its users. From the 24/7 customer service to the infinite opportunities with its more than 100 servers in 70 countries, or the different protocols.

Allows you to change the IP to locations in 70 countries in connection with real physical servers. This allows for good speed connections with unlocked content and unlimited bandwidth with up to 6 devices per account.

As additional functions VPNArea offers its users the service of ad blocking and malware prevention; also the function ‘kill the connection’ which is to suspend it if the VPN is disconnected.

6. Securityvigilancia seguridad naviacion apple mac vpn

DNS (Domain Name System) is the translation of a domain, the DNS requests (entering a site) are registered by the Internet providers. VPNArea has an Anti-DNS Leak solution and its own DNS servers to prevent the registration of user information.

In addition, VPNArea offers the IKEv2 VPN protocol as an alternative to Open VPN. What is it? The fastest and most effective VPN protocol in terms of security and data encryption. VPNArea uses an encryption of AES-256, SHA256 and 4096 bit RSA keys.

Finally, VPNArea guarantees its users that it does not keep records of their user activity and generates shared IPs to generate even greater anonymity. It has a ‘Kill Connection’ function.

VPN creates a VPN with a very complete amount of security tools for its users.

7. Support Qualitysoporte calidad simpatia acesible logo headphone vpn

Feedback from VPNArea users is very positive regarding the 24/7 customer service and the FAQ section that they ask about the quality of support provided by this VPN.

With a maximum response time of 4 hours, VPNArea has a ticket system to request personalized attention. The user must fill in a minimum information in a form on the site and a representative will contact him as soon as possible.

In the contact section, VPNArea also offers its users the email address support@VPNArea.com, a 24/7 live chat that functions as support. But it also publishes addresses and phone numbers for legal and representation matters.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with VPNArevpnarea entretenamiento pelicula streaming netflixa

Aware that one of the most frequent uses of a VPN has to do with the possibility of unlocking content through IP modification, we affirm that VPNArea once again meets expectations.

This VPN will allow you to access content from Netflix and other streaming platforms such as Hulu or Youtube that is blocked in your region simply by selecting the IP on a server located in a country where it is available.

Not only that, VPNArea allows torrent downloads to the point of having optimized some servers especially for that purpose.

VPNArea VPN Speed

We analyze the connection speed of VPNArea through tests carried out by our experts, with satisfactory results. A small decrease was recorded which is due to the encryption time required by the software in the exchange.

On its site VPNArea reports that all its servers operate with a minimum speed of 1 GB/s and in some it reaches 10 GB/s. We verified this information for most of their servers, although in some cases they were found to be busier and slower.

In another order we analyzed the opinions of the users of VPNArea regarding the decrease in speed when using it and they are really satisfactory. While some opinions highlighted difficulties in using some specific servers.

It also has servers dedicated to P2P exchange and torrent downloading, which speeds up the process considerably compared to other VPNs.

Which Servers Does VPNArea Offer

VPNArea offers its users more than 100 servers distributed in 70 countries. This is a great coverage, with at least 1GB/s dedicated guaranteed and in some cases reaching 10GB/s.
mundo circulacion informacion vpn censura libertad
With a presence in the 5 continents, it offers the possibility of simulating IP or unlocking content in almost all of Europe. Also in the United States, Canada, Mexico, throughout Asia, Oceania and other Latin American countries like Brazil, Colombia or Argentina.

VPNArea ensures that all the servers it offers are truly physical unlike other companies that simulate locations. You will also find Double VPN servers for privacy and IKEv2 and Stealth servers to avoid censorship in Asia and the Middle East.

How to Install the VPNArea VPN for Secure Browsing

Downloading and installing VPNArea full has a very simple procedure. Unlike other VPNs that require specific settings and download additional files, this tool only needs you to follow these few steps:

1. Create Your Account in VPNArea

Go to the VPNArea site, select the option ‘buy now’, there you choose the contract extension and the payment method. Once you have done this you can create your user name and password that you will use to connect up to 6 devices.

2. Download and Install Application

You must choose the application for each device you wish to connect. In the case of Windows, Mac and Linux you will find it on the VPNArea site. For Android and iOS in the PlayStore or AppStore respectively.

After downloading you must install the program on your devices.

3. Connect to one of the servers

ruter wifi calidad velocidad vpn alcance

All you have to do is run the application and select the server you want to connect to. You must press the ‘Connect’ button and that’s it!

This is a much simpler installation procedure than other VPNs. You will also notice when using it that this VPN is very intuitive. This is due to the intention of generating a tool that does not require too much computer knowledge from the users.

VPNArea Price and Promotions

VPNArea offers a single full service package for all its users, with up to 6 devices per account and 3 types of contract extensions that mean a savings of 50% in the annual and 70% in the 36 months.

1. VPNArea’s pricesprueba moneyback vpnarea vpn garantia satisfaccion

As for its services, VPNArea offers only one type of full contract, that is, it is the same if you have one or more devices, of the same or different operating systems, or the protocol you choose. All you need to do is create an account and sign up for a full subscription.

There is a difference between VPNArea contracts in terms of duration that influences the price. With monthly, annual and 36-month options. The price offered will be lower the longer the full contract.

A one-month subscription to VPNArea full will cost you a total of $9.90 and since there is no free trial, you will have a 14-day money back guarantee. We must say that this is not one of the best prices on the market.

The offer becomes more interesting with VPNArea’s full annual contract worth $59 which means a savings of 50% and about $4.92 per month. Even better, by signing up for VPNArea full for 36 months at $107.64 for a one-time fee you save almost 70% per month.

As we said, VPNArea does not offer a free trial of its services, but it does offer a money back guarantee, which in the case of annual and 36-month contracts lasts 30 days.

2. VPNArea’s Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

At VPNArea promotions are only for the duration of the contract. This way, you will not need any kind of code or coupon or promise of free services. The longer the contract, the greater the savings.

3. VPNArea’s Payment Methods

At VPNArea you can make your payments using a variety of methods. From credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover and American Express to PayPal, UnionPay, JCB AliPay, Hipercard or ETH.

You also have methods to protect your anonymity such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Webmoney.

In the absence of a free trial, you will always have a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $9.90 No Promotion
Annual plan $4.92 50% off
Biannual plan $2.99 70% off

Opinions about VPNArea

Amongst the opinions of many users, the effectiveness of unblocking content with geographical restrictions with IP change and the usefulness of dedicated servers for P2P downloads and torrents are valued.

Some public opinions contain complaints about the lack of a version in their language, even though it is not an insurmountable obstacle to downloading, installing and using.
nolog vpn vpnarea espanol huella discrecion
“VPNArea offers you up to 70 different countries from which to encrypt your IP. This is why I chose their service”.

“If you sign up for VPNArea for a year or more, you’ll be able to benefit from one of the best VPNs around at a laughable price. It seems almost free and the features are many.

“Fed up with worrying about the trail you leave on the Internet? That’s what happened to me. After reading user reviews about VPNArea, I decided to go for their strong security encryption.

Conclusion About VPNArea

By performing this analysis we found a VPN that is very easy to download, install and use. In that sense it seems to be a good option for users with medium and low computer knowledge.

Beyond that, VPNArea meets high standards for browsing speed, downloading and uploading data. It also has a good number of servers distributed in more than 70 countries.

Therefore, VPNArea is a very good option for any type of user who is looking for a VPN both to take care of their data and connections and to circumvent geographical restrictions by modifying the IP. You only have one free version and one multi-language option.

Alternatives to the VPN VPNArea

As we saw VPNArea offers its users a very good service. However, at VPN Paradise we are convinced in our mission to offer the best secure VPN site.

Don’t forget to visit our main page where you will find the best reviews and opinions with all the information about free and paid VPNs in order to download and install the one that best suits your needs. Here is the complete list:

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Features summary of Vpnarea

Main Features Vpnarea
Discount Save 70%!
Price $2.99
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 160 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 6
Servers +100
Countries +65
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about VPNArea

⭐ What Is VPNArea?

VPNArea is a computer security software. It serves its users to achieve anonymity and security when accessing networks through its servers using complex protocols.

✅ Is VPNArea Safe?

No doubt about it. VPNArea was developed to provide maximum security and totally anonymous navigation through its servers. It does not keep records of activity and guarantees the encryption of all types of data in transit.

✨ Why Choose VPNArea?

Because it offers a very good service and variety of servers at a good price in its annual and 36-month packages. Because it guarantees security and anonymity to its users when accessing the Internet and connecting to public networks with very good user reviews.

➡ ️ What Benefits Does VPNArea Have?

The quality in the service and attention and the ease in its interface that allows VPNArea users to have a computer security tool without the need of advanced computer knowledge.

➕ How to Install VPNArea?

It is one of the most valued points in the opinions of VPNArea users. All you have to do is create an account, download and install the application on your device and select the server you wish to connect to.

🚀 How much does VPNArea cost?

VPNArea offers three types of contracts: one monthly at a price of 9.90 euros, annual for 59 euros (50% savings) or for 36 months at a price of 107.64 euros (2.99 euros per month and 70% savings in price).

⌚ Can I get free VPNArea?

At the moment there is no free version of VPNArea. There is only one full version and to make a free trial you can hire it and try it for a limited time, and in case you are not satisfied you have a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee.

⛔ Will VPNArea Change Definitely change me IP?

No, no way. VPNArea hides your IP temporarily. When you activate the VPN, you can choose the server that you want to access, simulating an IP in the country of the chosen server.

➡ ️ What Other VPN Services Are VPNArea Users Looking For?

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If you’ve come this far, you already know everything you need to know to choose VPNArea as a tool for digital security and control of your IP. Don’t wait any longer to browse safely and access content from all over the world.

Be sure to visit our home page which is the most complete with all the information, reviews, opinions and much more about VPNs. You will find it very useful when choosing the best option for downloading.

VPNArea Users' Opinions and Experience

Have you used VPNArea before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a VPNArea VPN service in the comments.

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