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Astrill VPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Astrill VPN is one of the most efficient and economical VPNs in the competitive market of this technology sector. It can be downloaded in full and in several languages. It is a super easy to use VPN and has an interface that is quite understandable for the general public, even if you have never used a VPN before.

Below you will find all the information you need to know if Astrill VPN is the right Virtual Private Network for you.

It is a company that offers virtual private connection services since 2009 and is considered one of the best VPNs on the market. It stands out for its performance, speed and privacy offered by this VPN service.

Pros and cons of Astrill VPN


  • It has high resistance cryptography
  • It has incredible speed and optimum performance
  • It’s very easy to use
  • DNS data leakage protection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Torrents can be downloaded via P2P


  • Cannot be downloaded in certain regions of the world
  • Has a slightly outdated design for users
  • High Price

Plans and offers of Astrill VPN

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

6-Month Plan



per month

Save 25%!

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 50%!

See offer

Why choose Astrill VPN?

This VPN offers you a number of features that are completely feasible for any particular type of work you want to do.

With your purchase you can purchase a number of benefits that are fully equipped with each plan this company offers you.

It also has good reviews and recommendations that offer speed, security, technical support and very simple usability.

Astrill VPN is one of the best options for safe surfing.

Astrill VPN analysis and features

Read on to learn the main features of Astrill VPN, one of the easiest VPN providers to download:

1. ease of use

The interface is quite simple, though old-fashioned. But beyond this part of the interface, the use that can be given to it is very simple and functional.

Astrill VPN garantiza la privacidad y seguridad en Internet.

It has very simple functions, especially when the VPN is off or on. Selecting the server is also a very easy task, so you can also set the VPN to automatic.

That is, with just one click you can connect to the nearest server or one of your preference.

2. Available countries

Astrill VPN is available in multiple countries.

In general, it can connect to over 250 servers. They are located in 55 different countries around the world.

Most of these countries are mainly the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Australia and Brazil.

3. Devices

With the purchase of a single package you can connect 5 completely different devices without affecting the performance of the service. You can also use Astrill VPN from your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Astrill VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Kindle and Firestick computers and devices. You can also use it with browser extensions like Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

This service is available across multiple devices.

4. Types of contract

The contracts that this VPN puts at your disposal are different depending on the plan you contract. As with all other VPN providers, Astrill VPN rewards permanence and offers you lower rates the more time you spend with them.

The contract, on the other hand, allows you to protect your relationship with the supplier. In this way, if the contracted services are not properly fulfilled, you can terminate the signed contract type and opt for the services of another VPN provider.

5. Available Services

This VPN has many services available for you to take advantage of any of your plans. Mainly, it maintains the confidentiality of the user’s information and is able to expand its geographic coverage, offering high speed navigation. Here are some of its most notable services:

  • It has no broadband limitations.
  • It has up to AES 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • This VPN has protocols like OpenWeb, OpenVPN, PPTP, LO2TP, etc.
  • It has a video accelerator and a Web Cache.
  • You have an integrated firewall called NAT Firewall.
  • Strict information security policy.
  • The service offers a seven day money back guarantee.
  • Deletion of over 89,000 IP addresses.
  • It has a site and application filter.
  • Integrated App Guard, which serves as a switch
  • It has a “smart tunnel mode.”
  • It has VPN Sharing to share the connection through devices.

6. Security

Security is one of the most important aspects that users look for in a VPN network. This VPN has all the appropriate security protocols to ensure your anonymity and the security of your important data, such as card numbers, address books, e-mail access credentials and many more.

Astrill VPN has a complex double layer encryption security system. This makes it undetectable. It favors it in regions with Internet blockages, like China.

He keeps no record. Only active sessions are followed to regulate the use of simultaneous connections. Once all information has been collected, it is immediately deleted without saving a single copy.

7. Quality of Support

Astrill VPN offers a stable and reliable connection, it is rare to have server failures and does not give problems when downloading and installing the program. But if something goes wrong, this VPN has fast and efficient support for the user. Its professional staff is available on a 24 hour phone number, but you can also access support via email.

From the very first moment you buy the Astrill VPN package, different questions may arise, which need to be resolved as soon as possible. That’s why this VPN has adapted for you a work team that is available 24 hours a day.

It has an efficient service and 24/7 support.

As a subscriber of the service you can contact the team through live chat rooms, Skype, email and even a telephone line that is specially designated for this purpose.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Astrilll VPN

Astrill is one of the most comprehensive VPNs on the market today, so you can perfectly fulfil the task of protecting your privacy if you do Torrenting.

But it is also effective in overcoming content blockages in certain countries imposed by Netflix. So that both Torrenting and Netflix lovers feel at ease.

Astrill VPN speed

The speed this VPN offers you is quite efficient and usually exceeds the speeds other VPN companies have.

This is a consequence of the incredible network of servers they have around the world, where you can easily connect to one that has a very productive speed.

This VPN guarantees you a stable speed to download, install, make and view streaming content, YouTube, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Ensures efficient connection speed.

Like all VPNs, Astrill will at some point have a speed reduction, but this will not affect it because it is quite minimal. If this happens to you, you should only switch the server to one closer to a higher speed.

With Astrill VPN you can access all websites from anywhere in the world without affecting the quality of service. Among those sites we have: Netflix, Torrents, Hulu, Spotify, WhatsAap, Skype or Kodi, among others.

The speed of the Astrill VPN is tested daily. Your servers use an advanced system called speedtest.net, with which they can detect problems that can interfere with the proper functioning of your VPNs.

What Servers do you offer?

Astrill VPN offers you a large number of servers around the world. This way you have a list of 55 countries available to connect to. In total, there are 250 servers offering an uninterrupted connection speed.

When you purchase a license, you can connect up to 10 devices to your VPN network, including the automatic disconnection feature.

How to install Astrill VPN?

To download the Astrill VPN you will have to follow some important steps, but they are quite simple and basic.

  1. You must pay before you can download the Astrill VPN to your device or computer. After that, you will receive a welcome email and the user key that was assigned to you.
  2. You will need to double-click the file you downloaded. A pop-up window will open where you have to click “Run”.
  3. You must then accept the terms and conditions required by the company.
  4. Click the “Install” option. You will then have to select whether to restart your computer. This is just a recommendation. Click finish.
  5. You can create a shortcut with the Astrill VPN icon on your computer desktop to make it easier to login.
  6. To log into Astrill VPN you will need to open the program, either by taking the shortcut or by looking for it in your computer’s boot panel.
  7. Log in using your VPN username and password sent to your email address in the welcome message.
  8. To select the server you want to use, click the arrow and choose one of the options that appear there.
  9. If you want to disconnect yourself from the VPN network, and still use your usual IP address, you must select the disconnect button. If you decide to use the VPN again, click enable.
  10. To switch to OpenVPN mode just click on OpenWeb and choose from the menu shown there.

Astrill VPN Prices and Promotions

There are different rates offered by this VPN. They vary according to the subscription time you want to get. Below we show you all the prices and promotions of this VPN provider.

Astrill VPN Price

The prices of this VPN vary depending on the permanence that you hire. Thus, they start from a fee of $20.00 per month to $10.00 per month. It is not the cheapest VPN, but it offers many benefits in return.

2. Astrill VPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Part of the promotions offered by this company are included in the semi-annual plan. Every 6 months the license can be renewed at a total cost of $15.00 per month, saving 26%.

Finally, the annual plan is offered, where a discount of 50% of the monthly base price is applied, paying a fee of US$ 10.00.

3. Astrill VPN payment methods

Payment methods to pay for the service are adjusted to your needs. You can pay by debit and credit card in almost all your modalities such as American Express, Cirrus, Master, VISA and Diners.

They also offer a payment method by bank transfer including Paypal, Perfect Money, Alipay, Bitcoin and Wechat Pay.

4. Summary Table of Prices and Promotions

Plan Price Promotion
Monthly $20.00 No promotion
Semiannual $15.00 26% discount
Annual $10.00 50% discount

Analysis of Astrill VPN

The opinions of this VPN are mostly positive and very good. It is a high level service provider, with a network of servers around the world, which has made it one of the most sought after and best rated VPNs among its users.

This provider has numerous positive reviews.

One of the most pointed opinions of this VPN is that it provides very easy to download VPN applications for Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and macOS. In addition, they have an airtight privacy policy when it comes to personal information.

Astrill VPN, has a team ready to help you solve any problem that may arise with the operation of your VPN. For this purpose, they offer you their 24 hour customer service.

The affordable prices, security and data protection offered to your customers make Astrill VPN an excellent alternative when deciding which VPN to choose.

These are some of the opinions of Astrill VPN that stand out among users:

  • “Excellent service offered by Astrill VPN. I can surf the web without problems, even if several devices are being used at the same time. I am very happy with the service.
  • “It’s very economical and the monthly payment promotion packages are really good. I recommend this VPN to everyone.
  • “Downloading the Astrill VPN was a breeze and I immediately started using it without any hassle. And the price is great.
  • “It’s a pretty complete VPN. It’s compatible with the most commonly used devices today. I can download everything I want very quickly.
  • “I can see Netflix, BBC, iPlayer without interruptions. The Astrill VPN gathers everything you have to offer.
  • “I have several devices connected at the same time in my house and this does not interfere with internet speed. What I like most is that my personal data is not saved on any system”.

Conclusion on Astrill VPN

This service offers different characteristics and advantages that make it a good option. One of them is the unloading speed without slowing down.

You will be able to view Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Fire Stick and fast streaming that will not normally be available where you are.

Having technical support, by online service and within your main question and answer interface makes you competitive.

Thanks to its privacy policy, it does not reveal any personal information or registered bank accounts. The price you have is also one of the things to highlight.

Alternatives to Astrill VPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

Save 80%!


per month



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Features summary of Astrill VPN

Main Features Astrill VPN
Discount Save 50%!
Price $10.00
See offer
Money back policy 6 months
Average speed 14.67 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 5
Servers 250
Countries 55
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Astrill VPN

✅ Why choose Astrill VPN?

Astrill VPN offers you a number of features that are completely feasible for any kind of work you want to do in your daily life. It is a good choice in the VPN market.

⚡ What are the benefits of Astrill VPN?

Astrill VPN offers benefits in terms of security, privacy, speed of service and even a 7-day money back guarantee. Also a multilingual interface and worldwide diversity of servers.

✅ How many countries can Astrill VPN cover?

Astrill VPN can connect to over 250 servers located in 55 different countries around the world.

⚠️ How much does Astrill VPN cost?

The Astrill VPN has different pricing rates:

  • Monthly: has a price of $20.00 that are cancelled every month.
  • Half-yearly: corresponds to a price of $15.00 per month.
  • Annual: the total of $10.00 per month is cancelled every year.
⛔️ What promotions does Astrill VPN have?

Astrill VPN offers promotions on long-term subscription services, such as semi-annual and annual. Where you save 26% and 50% respectively.

❤ Astrill VPN works?

The Astrill VPN works by establishing connections with different servers worldwide, encrypting the data of the user who establishes a connection via VPN.

⚠️ How to pay Astrill VPN?

Through American Express, Cirrus, Master, VISA, Dinners and computer media such as Paypal, Perfect Money, Alipay, Bitcoin and Wechat Pay.

➡ ️ How many devices can be connected at the same time on Astrill VPN?

With Astrill VPN you can establish a simultaneous connection of at least five devices with the purchase of a single package in any of its modalities.

💻 What other VPN services are Astrill VPN users looking for?

So far all the information about Astrill VPN Have you decided to acquire this VPN? In case Mullvad VPN doesn’t convince you, you can visit our analysis about the best VPNs and choose another option.

Astrill VPN User Reviews and Experience

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