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Best VPNs for Kodi: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Offers

Kodi is an open source application that offers unlimited distraction. Depending on your location, you will find that you need to use a VPN for Kodi.

Kodi is one of the easiest to use and most extensible media players on the market. Free and open source software is available for almost every modern device you have.

VPNs not only provide anonymous, encrypted traffic, but also allow content in the blocked region to be bypassed with a single, quick click. The main VPN services suitable for Kodi’s needs are IPVanish VPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost VPN, Nord VPN and Strong VPN.

Below you will find everything you need to know about VPN for Kodi in 2020. This information is relevant for you to make the right decision and purchase a service that works seamlessly with your favorite devices.

Below you will find an analysis of the main VPN for Kodi

Why you need a VPN for Kodi

By using a VPN for Kodi you can get the most out of this service. You will be able to enjoy unlimited Streaming thanks to the following benefits:

  • It prevents your ISPs from performing deep packet inspection (DPI) and monitoring your browsing activities.
  • Using a VPN prevents ISPs from limiting your Internet connection.
  • Safeguards privacy and personal information from hackers.
  • You can unlock Streaming add-ons with geographic restrictions.
  • It evades NSA, GCHQ and Mossad spy surveillance.
  • Works with P2P and torrents without attracting attention.
  • Allows the installation of blocked add-ons such as Netflix, XMBC

Best VPNs for Kodi

Using unVPN to Kodi you can take advantage of this serviceWith the huge number of VPN service providers in the market, it is difficult to make a decision when contracting. The best thing to do is to check the best VPNs  available today, and if you want to save money, you can check which cheap VPNs are available. These help to protect the data of a company‘s employees and partners. Some of the most important VPNs for Kodi are the following:

Premium providers:

Other Recommended Suppliers:

Best VPNs for Kodi

  • VPN for UK English
  • Experts
  • Quality

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Buying a VPN for Kodi: What You Need to Keep in Mind

These features are common recommendations for all VPNs. They will simply vary depending on the VPN you ultimately choose. Those that serve to visualize Kodi fulfill them perfectly.

1. Ease of use

Using a VPN for this streaming platform or other services could be difficult for first time users, but it is really easy to install. It goes without saying that people prefer programs that are easy to use and configure. These VPNs proposed for viewing Kodi have a simple interface. It is suitable for anyone to use it without any problem regardless of their computer skills.

2. Number of countries

The number of countries is conclusive, because it ensures more or less presence in the network. The countries and their servers vary according to the availability of the VPN you wish to acquire. Generally they fluctuate, more or less, between 50 and 100 countries locations available around the world. Purchasing a service with that range of countries ensures that it is an excellent VPN.

3. Devices

When contracting your VPN provider for this streaming platform it is important that you check the compatibilities. Kodi is one of the most used online TV decoders, so you will not experience problems when finding a VPN for Kodi. If you have any doubts about this, you can contact your VPN provider to solve any complications you may have when setting up your VPN for Kodi.

4. Contract Types

The contract is very useful when determining the objectives you want to achieve with your VPN for Kodi. Thus, if you decide to formalize a business relationship with one of the Kodi suppliers available in the market, it is important to do so with a contract that shields your rights. In addition, if the requirements for the contract are not met, you can always terminate the contract and opt for the services of a VPN provider for this streaming platform of the competition.

5. Available Services

Using unVPN to Kodi you can take advantage of this serviceTo begin with, if you want to view Kodi from different places and on different devices, you need to purchase a VPN. But it goes further. There are several essential services that your VPN provider must cover for this streaming platform , among which the following stand out

  • It prevents ISPs from performing deep inspection of browser packages.
  • Prevent ISPs from limiting your Internet connection.
  • Protects privacy and personal information from hackers.
  • Unblock geographically restricted streaming add-ons.
  • It circumvents geographic restrictions in series.

6. Security

One of the fundamental aspects of hiring a VPN is to navigate safely, whether you do it through Kodi or through any browser. The VPN services that we make available to you in the comparison table on our website are totally secure and offer a risk-free browsing experience. This way, your passwords, user names and all your private information will be safe from possible negligent use by hackers.

7. Quality of Support

In addition to insurance, the VPNs you’ll find at VPN Paradise are totally reliable. This means that they do not give you any technical problems when installing them and offer a stable connection without any downtime. However, if for any reason you experience connection problems, they will be able to offer you customer service with high availability. The most common ways are: the support phone, the user support mail and a live chat system to solve your doubts quickly.


Another thing that should interest you in relation to the use of VPN for this streaming service is the stable speed of the connection. There are VPN applications such as ExpressVPN for Windows and Mac that offer a speed test. This checks the download speed of each VPN server location. Different download speeds when connecting to a VPN for this streaming platform will make it easier or harder to view the content. The speed parameter is set by each internet provider, according to the setting of their technology.

speed is important when hiring a vpn for Kodi

Compare VPN for Kodi: Which one offers the best price?

Below we offer you a comparison with the prices, promotions and tariffs of 3 of the most used VPN providers for this streaming platform in the market. These are: NordVPN, Express VPN and CyberGhost.

1. Pricing

Kodi’s VPN provider prices are tailored to your permanence needs and are usually quite affordable. Thus, NordVPN has a rate starting at $11.95 per month, although the longer you stay, the lower the price.

If you choose to purchase Kodi’s Express VPN services, you will have a base rate, month-to-month, of $12.95. But like all other Kodi VPN providers, you can get discounted prices for longer stays.

Finally, CyberGhost VPN rates start at $12.99 per month, but as we’ll see in the next section, these prices drop if you sign up for 1 year or longer plans.

2. Promotions

The best promotional offers of VPN services for Kodi occur when you hire long periods of permanence. Thus, if you contract the Nord VPN services for a period of one year, you get a 70% discount on the monthly fee. This means you pay only $3.49 per month for 24 months.

Express VPN also offers attractive promotions for long periods of time. With its annual payment plan of $6.67 per month, you save 49% compared to its month-to-month payment. You also get your money back if you are not happy with their services after one month of use.

Finally, CyberGhost VPN has a very cheap promotion in which by being with them for a period of 3 years, you can pay only $2.75 per month, which is 80% off.

3. Payment Methods

for PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin users there will be no problem in making payments with Kodi VPN providers. This way, NordVPN accepts these 3 payment methods without additional charges and also lets you pay with Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Sofort and more payment methods.

Express VPN also lets you make your payments on these 3 platforms and many more. It is CyberGhost VPN that accepts the least number of payment systems. However, you can pay by credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin.

4. Kodi VPN Rates and Prices Summary

VPN Price Promotions
NordVPN $3.49 70% off
ExpressVPN $6.67 49% off
CyberGhost VPN $2.75 80% discount

How to Install a VPN for Kodi

Installing a VPN for Kodi and browsing your network anonymously is much easier than you think. This way, for Windows, Android and iOS users, you only need to download the corresponding application from your Kodi VPN provider, select the server you want to connect to, enter your access keys and enjoy the Kodi contents in a safe and anonymous way.

Reviews of VPNs for Kodi

If you don’t know if a VPN for this streaming platform is what you need, we leave you the opinions of users of this service so that you can observe the experiences of other people who use VPN for Kodi.

“I was looking for an anonymous way to view streaming content on Kodi with good speed. After consulting opinions on the Internet, I decided to use a VPN for Kodi and get security and total content unblocking. Since I use this system, I can view any Kodi content, even if it is not available in my country.

“I wanted to get an inexpensive way to be able to view streaming content without geographic blocking from my Kodi player and so I looked up the VPN provider rates in Internet reviews. After seeing the plans, I found them very affordable and gave me every guarantee of security and privacy. I am very happy with my VPN for Kodi.

“The best solution to surf anonymously using a Kodi decoder is through the use of a VPN. This type of network offers total security when surfing public networks. That’s why I chose this service to gain extra security with the services offered by Kodi”.

Conclusion on Using a VPN for Kodi

VPNs are becoming increasingly well known in a large part of the world. This is why they have an increasing degree of usability. Installing and using them is not difficult on any device.

Kodi is an excellent service, so if you are experiencing difficulties with its use due to your geographical location do not hesitate to hire a VPN for Kodi. With the use of a VPN you will be able to enjoy this great platform without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kodi VPNs

✅ How to configure a VPN for Kodi?

Set up a VPN for Kodi using the VPN Manager for OpenVPN. Download the Zomboided Repository in GitHub on your system. Start Kodi. Go to Add-ons.

Now, click on the “Add-on Explorer” icon (the carton icon) in the upper left corner. Select Install from zip file.

⭐ Do VPNs for Kodi work?

Not all VPNs work for Kodi. If you want to enjoy this service, you must acquire one of the services listed in the article to ensure good performance.

⛔ ¿Hay VPN para Kodi Gratis ?

Yes, Betternet is the best free VPN for Kodi on Windows, as it protects your online activity and keeps your IP address anonymous. Unlike other VPNs for Kodi, it does not keep any records. Also, Psiphon and TunnelBear can be highlighted.

⚠️ How do I get a free Kodi VPN?

You can get free VPNs on a trial basis, a few promotions, or use free VPNs like Betternet, Psiphon, and TunnelBear. Simply go to their official website and purchase the service that best suits your needs.

Even so, we always recommend not to stay only in that the product is free. There are a lot of payers that for a low amount will offer you very good services.

✨ What other VPNs can be contracted in addition to a VPN for Kodi?

Below is a list of services similar to kodi that accept the use of VPN:

💻 What Other VPN Services Are Kodi VPN Users Looking For?

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So far the main proposals to visualize Kodi through a VPN. We hope that with this analysis you will decide on the perfect service to meet your needs. Have you already chosen the best VPN for Kodi? If not you can take a look at the best VPNs for 2019.