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ProtonVPN: Prices, Rankings, Analysis, Opinions

ProtonVPN is one of the world’s best-known VPNs, which can be downloaded in its entirety and in many languages. It is not as expensive as the others and can be installed on almost any device or computer.

He has very good opinions from the general public, which is great because ProtonVPN is increasing its service every day. In this article you will find all the information you need about ProtonVPN to know if it is the right one for you.

ProtonVPN is just a system that offers you virtual private network or VPN services. It was founded in Switzerland in 2007 as part of a reliable system concept and is currently one of the most widely used in the world.

This company was created by CERN developers in collaboration with Harvard students, who also participated in ProtonMail.

Pros and Cons of Protonvpn


  • 7-day free trial
  • It has the automatic disconnection tool.
  • It is located outside the area protected by the “Fourteen Eyes” regulation.
  • The Secure Core Network service is integrated.
  • A total of 10 connections can be applied at the same time.
  • It has more than 767 servers in 46 different countries.


  • Free limited version.
  • It has no built-in live chat.
  • Slightly higher price than the competition.

Plans and offers of ProtonVPN

Visionary Plan



per month

Save 25%!

See Offer

Plus Plan



per month

Save 25%!

See Offer

Basic Plan



per month

Save 25%!

See Offer

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has been a company of maximum excellence in terms of VPN services in many languages, being one of the best you can find.

This brings with it a huge responsibility on the part of the specialists and programmers who do an incredible job of keeping the network afloat.

ProtonVPN analysis and features

Below you will find out why ProtonVPN is so famous in the vast world of VPN :

1. ease of use

ProtonVPN is very simple to use with reference to everything that is done in the service interface.

ProtonVPN VPN is one of the best known worldwide

Downloading ProtonVPN is a quick and easy task, where once completed, the appropriate software is chosen according to the operating system used.

The first time you open the VPN interface, you can choose the country you want to connect to one of your servers.

This is a task that takes a few seconds for the VPN to complete thanks to its “quick connect” tool.

2. Available countries

Today, this VPN gives you the ability to connect to almost anywhere in the world with a single click. You can choose from over 749 servers in 46 countries. The servers with the highest volume are located in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States.Servers available for use ProtonVPN from Spain.

Other countries with ProtonVPN servers are Austria, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Spain, France and Hong Kong.

Please note that you can choose the free version of ProtonVPN, but you will not be able to connect to the servers you want. You will only be able to access it in three countries in the world: Holland, Japan and the United States.

3. Devices

If you decide to purchase a protonVPN plan, you can have up to 10 devices connected to the VPN network simultaneously.

You have a free plan, which allows you to connect only one device, a base plan, which allows you to connect up to two devices, a Plus plan, which guarantees the simultaneous operation of five devices, and the Visionary plan, which allows you to connect up to ten devices simultaneously.

4. Types of contracts

The types of ProtonVPN contracts vary according to the length of stay you wish to hire. This provider rewards users who sign up for longer periods with better prices on their contract types.

The contract is important because it sets out your supplier’s obligations with respect to the services they must provide to you. For example, if you are not satisfied with the services that a certain VPN provider provides you with, you can always terminate the contract and switch to another entity.

5. Available services

It has redirection technology that has adopted the name Secure Code, which only works in some countries. The download and complete configuration time is approximately 9 minutes.

It has a totally free and well organized interface for a better use by you. It has a tool that allows it to defend itself against network attacks. It prevents any DNS data leakage by preventing third parties from accessing this type of information.

It offers the possibility to register the account via ProtonMail and thus hide the real email of the user.

6. Security

It has security systems that encrypt your privacy at all times. It is virtually impossible for your data to be stolen. It has 256-bit AES encryption with 2048-bit HMAC RSA key exchange.

Features ProtonVPN service to surf the web.Thanks to its privacy policy, it does not store customer data under any circumstances. As it is based in Switzerland, it is governed by the strictest privacy laws.

All the servers of this VPN provider use different protocols that are known for their incredible security. One example is the open VPN. It offers you a unique feature: if you establish a connection with Android applications, you will be able to access the servers available in a PC version.

7. Quality of support

You are guaranteed 24/7 attention and technical support can be contacted by e-mail. There is also a quick question section where you can find answers of almost any kind to any doubt.

8. Netflix and torrenting with ProtonVPN

With ProtonVPN, it is possible to disguise our geographic location, allowing us to access online streaming platforms such as Netflix and unlock exclusive content from certain countries.

On the other hand, since one of the key concepts of this VPN is to safeguard our security, risky activities such as torrents are more secure than ever when using their private networks.

ProtonVPN speed

The speed of a VPN depends on many factors, among which you can find that the closer the country of connection, the faster the internet speed.

In this case, Internet PINGs may have different speeds depending on the distance between countries. ProtonVPN offers you a tool called Secure Core which is used to measure the speed of the Internet.

ProtonVPN speed can reach up to 10Gbps

There is no speed problem in streaming, because with the ProtonVPN Plus servers, the experience is fully compliant. It has various problems with using the BBC iPlayer but still works well for accessing Netflix and Hulu services.

The speed of the ProtonVPN is one of its main drawbacks, as it is not one of the best among other VPN services, but by taking out the most expensive subscription, speed and connectivity are significantly improved.

In other words, as the plan develops, the connectivity and speed of ProtonVPN will improve. This improvement is also seen when the connection is made to a closer country.

ProtonVPN has a tool called Secure Core, which allows you to measure the speed of the Internet. This determines the speed at which it will work: the closer you are to the country of connection, the better the connectivity and speed.

The good thing about ProtonVPN’s speed is that when you subscribe to the Plus plan, you get increased speed and connectivity, giving you a streaming-compliant experience.

Consecutive downloading of files of different sizes

  • Without VPN: 4 PING ms downloading at 29.58Mbps and sending at 25.91Mbps
  • From a US server with VPN: 392 PING ms, 10.18Mbps download and 2.24Mbps upload

As we can see in this test, the ping increased dramatically and at download speed it was affected by more than 50%. To improve this speed, we need to connect to a server that is closer to the actual location.

You have to take into account that the speed will always decrease, but there are VPN services that offer a better connection compared to ProtonVPN, of course, they will also be more expensive and have other disadvantages.

ProtonVPN is good value for money, it focuses mainly on security when surfing on networks that make you suspicious.

What servers does ProtonVPN offer?

ProtonVPn provides you with a large number of servers, a total of 749 servers in 46 different countries around the world. This guarantees you a great capacity to hide your IP in a large number of different addresses.

It also includes an automatic disconnect feature that allows you to connect to a total of 10 devices if you purchase the most expensive package.

How do I install ProtonVPN?

Downloading ProtonVPN is very fast and easy. It does not require a long and time-consuming process. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your service in a few minutes :

  1. Go to their official website and download ProtonVPN on the device of your choice. ProtonVPN is available for operating systems such as Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, among others.
  2. Once inside the site, you must click on the “Get ProtonVPN now” or “Get ProtonVPN now” box.
  3. Once you click, the page will send you to the section to choose your preferred plan. There are 4 options: free, basic, plus and visionary.
  4. Once you have chosen your preferred plan, you must fill out the form with your contact information. Proton will ask you for a username, a password and an email. Once the process is complete, click on “Create an account” and you will accept the terms and conditions. In the same section, you will find the details of the plan you have chosen.
  5. You will then have to check the account. You can do this in two ways: from the email you provided or from a phone number you entered. You must enter the security code to verify the account and that’s it! You will now enjoy the ProtonVPN service.

As you can see, downloading ProtonVPN is very fast and easy. In a few minutes, you can redirect your IP and enjoy the web content that is blocked in your country. Avoid tracking and restrictions by downloading Proton.

ProtonVPN rates, prices and promotions

ProtonVPN is not free, but has budgets that fit perfectly in your pockets, then costs :

1. ProtonVPN awards

  • Free shot. With this plan, you have access to connections from 3 countries, from a single device and with a limited speed.
  • Basic plan $4 per month. With this plan, you have a simultaneous connection of only two devices.
  • Plan Plus $8 per month. You can connect to up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Visionary Plan $24 per month. With this plan, you can have up to 10 devices connected simultaneously.

This VPN is one of the best options for safe surfing.2. ProtonVPN Promotions: code and coupon code

Of course, ProtonVPN does not have a trial period, but it offers a free version of its virtual product with considerable limitations. You can only connect one device.

A small 20% discount is also given if you purchase an annual package including all the features of the service.

3. ProtonVPN payment methods

The payment methods offered by the ProtonVPN are few but effective, so you can buy it in a simple way.

To date, they accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and, as an electronic payment method, Paypal.

4. Summary table of prices and promotions

Map Awards Promotion
Basic $4 Save $12
More $8 A saving of $24
Visionary $24 A saving of $72

ProtonVPN Reviews

ProtonVPN’s opinions are very good. The only drawback was the speed it offers. Among the others, you can find very encouraging comments that motivate you to download ProtonVPN.

This provider of IP VPN allows you to change direction easily.Proton is one of the best VPN services in the world. The opinions of many users have popularized ProtonVPN as a compelling option.

Here are the various conclusions we have been able to draw from the hundreds of ProtonVPN opinions:

  • ” You can get the ProtonVPN service by downloading it for free or by paying for the different plans it offers. If you cancel one of its plans, you will be able to opt for greater benefits than with the free version”.
  • “User opinions underline its compatibility with streaming services. You can use Proton and change your IP to enjoy content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu that is not available in your home country”.
  • “ProtonVPN has the OpenVPN protocol, which means it has military-grade 256-bit encryption by default. This gives you the protection you need in case of hacking.
  • “ProtonVPN” has a secure kernel. It’s a feature that allows you to access VPN strings from Proton’s ten core servers, giving you additional security.
  • “With ProtonVPN, you can pay for services with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards. In addition to electronic means such as PayPal”.

Conclusion on ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has been shown to have qualities that can be useful to you in almost any field. That is why it is a very good VPN to consider.

It is necessary to know the specifications of each service before buying it, so the free service is adapted to give the best overview.

As you know, the quality of a VPN is measured by the privacy and speed it can offer users, with ProtonVPN being quite effective in both cases.

Alternatives to ProtonVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

Save 80%!


per month



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Features summary of Protonvpn

Main features Protonvpn
Discount Save 72%!
Price $4
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 10.18 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 10
Servers 749
Countries 46
Torrenting ?
Streaming ?
See offer

ProtonVPN - Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has been a company of maximum excellence in terms of VPN services, being one of the best you can find.

It has the best features on the market, i.e. better speed, better performance, better confidentiality and a number of available servers extended as the best.

❤️ What are the benefits of ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN offers several advantages in terms of speed, security, customer service, economy, performance and reliability. It’s a good VPN to give you confidence when you hire a luxury service like this.

You can compare below the characteristics of protonvpn and nordvpn

✅ How many countries can ProtonVPN cover?

With ProtonVPN, you have 749 servers in 46 countries around the world. You will be able to access a lot of content from abroad.

⚡️ What's the price of ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN has 3 different payment plans. Their prices are quite accessible and benefit from good discounts.

  • Basic: $4 per month
  • Plus: $8 per month
  • Visionary: $24 per month
✨ What are ProtonVPN's promotions?

Offers a 20% discount off the monthly base cost if the annual plan is purchased. Also offers a free version of the service.

⭐️ How do I pay for ProtonVPN?

They accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Paypal if you do not use a card.

❤️️ How many ProtonVPN devices does it support at one time?

You can connect to 2, 5 and up to 10 devices at a time. The number of simultaneous devices depends on the type of plan purchased.

✅ Is there a crack version of ProtonVPN?

This ProtonVPN service works thanks to a crack version. Please note that these services outside of the official site will cause problems.

This includes theft of personal information, including theft of your credit card data. This is not recommended.

💻 What other VPN services are ProtonVPN users looking for?

So far, all the information about ProtonVPN Have you decided to acquire this VPN? In case ProtonVPN does not convince you, you can consult our analysis of the best VPNs and choose another option.

Opinions and experiences of ProtonVPN users

Have you ever used ProtonVPN? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using ProtonVPN in the comments.

To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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