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Best VPNs for the Philippines: Ranking, Pricing, Reviews and Analysis

Do you feel unsafe surfing the internet? You’ll have your best ally by downloading a VPN for the Philippines. In this article we will tell you why VPN is the most recommended method when you are exposed to the Internet.

You will know in detail the benefits that the use of VPN has to offer you. From protecting your data and activities, the ability to change the location of your IP address, access to exclusive content and more.

Surfing the Internet may not be safe. For this reason, the use of VPN has been increasing, and there are various opinions that place this service as the best and recommended. As a result, we can now find a large number of VPN providers in the Philippines.

You will find that accessing and downloading a VPN in the Philippines is a simple and affordable task. You can count on its features for a cheap price and even for free.

Here you will find information that will be useful when downloading this service, how to do it, compare user opinions and choose the best VPN for you. Take a look!

Find the VPN for Philippines you need

There are several reasons why you may be needing a VPN for the Philippines. Below you will be able to know all the scopes that this type of service brings.

It is a fact that we often share more information than we would like when surfing the internet. Sometimes this happens without us realizing it and without knowledge about what we are making public.

When you start to surf the Internet, our computer imperceptibly completes a form. This gives our IP address and its location. The best way to have control over this, is to download a vpn.

Connecting to the Internet through a VPN in the Philippines will allow you to encrypt this data and surf in a secure way. The data you send or receive through your computer will have the same security as a private network.

By accessing the network anonymously, you can also better safeguard your activity. With our searches, we make our interests known. These will be captured and then offered to you as personalized advertising.

When you download a VPN in the Philippines, you will also be able to change the location of your IP address. There are websites with restricted access, so changing the location will bypass this censorship and allow you to view or download content that is only suitable in other regions.

Virtually modifying the place from which you connect will be safe and legal. Today it is used by many companies based in more than one city or country. It is a fundamental tool when teleworking from home.

Pretending to be physically in the office will allow you to make use of the same resources and tools as your colleagues. This is because it will allow you to access your office LAN in a secure and authorized way.

Finally, there are times when surfing on a free wifi network is inevitable. This leaves your data exposed for collection and use. VPNs are a recommended means of protecting them and your activities.

All these benefits can be found by downloading a VPN from the Philippines both cheaply and for free and just as safely. Below you can take a look at VPNs from around the world.

Is it legal to use a VPN service in the Philippines?

Now that you know the scope of a service in the Philippines, you are likely to question its legality. Downloading a VPN is not only legal, but it is the best and most recommended way to surf the Internet safely.

Its use is not necessarily to conceal an illegal action, as long as you do not commit any illicit act. The use of VPN in the Philippines is legislated, you will not have any inconvenience in hiring and downloading an application.

Collecting your data through malware is an easy task for anyone who wants to intrude on your privacy. This spying procedure can come from governments, companies or individuals.

By hiring a VPN in the Philippines, you can be sure that you are protected. There are many companies that provide VPN services in the Philippines. By following the recommendations of experts and user reviews you can find the one that suits you best.

Accessing a VPN in the Philippines won’t cost you much. You can get and download a VPN for the cheapest price and even free and just as secure.

Philippines VPN Service Ranking

Top 10 VPNs for the Philippines

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Our choice






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Benefits of Surfing with IP from the Philippines

As we have seen, the services and advantages you get by using a VPN available in the Philippines are varied. By modifying your IP location for others different from the original one, it will basically place you in the destination of your choice in a virtual and secure way.

Surfing with a VPN available in the Philippines, will give you the possibility to access exclusive sites from this country while you are in another one. You can visit news portals or platforms with geographically blocked content.

Because of the possibility of bypassing censorship, many people are already using a VPN as a better alternative.

Similarly, if you are outside the Philippines, with a VPN you can also access a local network based in the country. This will, for example, make teleworking much easier.

At the same time, you can always be sure that your upload and download will not be exposed during the exchange. This is possible thanks to the encryption and tunneling that VPNs in the Philippines perform to protect your activities.

Navegar con un VPN en Filipinas tiene muchos beneficios.

Buying aing VPN for the Philippines: Features to Consider

While downloading a VPN in the Philippines is a simple task, it is recommended that you consider certain relevant features. This will allow you, based on your needs, to choose the best service.

Following the recommendations is an option, but in order not to get dizzy with the opinions of the users, following the themes will help you to get organized. You will be able to compare between the providers which one has the cheapest wreck for the same service, even for free.

Please read the following categories carefully so that your browser, via the VPN you choose, is secure.


VPNs use your Internet connection as a vehicle. This does not mean that the speed of your internet service is maintained. Each VPN service in the Philippines has its own unique browsing speed, a quality that has improved considerably over the years. You can download a free VPN and try it out.


VPNs often have a data usage cap. This means that their use will be interrupted when you exceed the maximum data you have contracted. However, you can download VPN providers in the Philippines who offer unlimited bandwidth for a really cheap price and even for free.

Podrás descargar un VPN en Filipinas que ofrece ancho de banda ilimitado.

Quality of support

Whether you are downloading, or later using a VPN service in the Philippines, it is important to have the support of a customer support. In this item it will be very relevant to take into account the opinions of users in order to choose the best one for you.

Number of countries

Your need may be to exchange your IP address with several countries. You should then make sure, before downloading a VPN in the Philippines, that the best service you have chosen is available where you need it. Free versions tend to have fewer countries. For a low price you can access more.

Supported services

VPNs in the Philippines cannot only be used on the computer. You can also use it on the tablet, smartphone, console and even web platforms or extensions. Depending on what you have intended to use, you can find the best fitting VPN in the Philippines at the cheapest price or even for free.

Los VPN en Filipinas no solamente pueden usarse en el ordenador.


All compatible services present on different devices in your home or office often work simultaneously. The use of VPN in the Philippines will not be an impediment to this. You will be able to download free or cheap versions. The number of allowed downloads varies with each provider, so find the one that is best for you.

How to Download and Install a VPN for Philippines?

So far we have shown you all the scopes that a VPN in the Philippines can have. Perhaps its use can be imagined difficult. No, both downloading, installing and using a VPN is a simple and intuitive task.

Tanto descargar, instalar como usar un VPN es una tarea sencilla e intuitiva.After exploring user opinions, you probably already have the most recommended VPN, and therefore, the one that suits you best and for you. It’s time to download and install it.

As a first step, it is recommended that you go to the official site of the VPN company in the Philippines that you have selected. To make sure you do, you can visit the links that are uploaded on this site.

On the official site of the chosen VPN you will find the variety of service categories offered with their price or even their free version. You can quickly find the button to download the one that suits you best.

Clicking on it will start the download. You will get a file that will be used for the next step, the installation. Each VPN service in the Philippines has built-in steps to follow and what is recommended. We suggest you stick to this.

Once installed it will be time to register as a user of this VPN in the Philippines. That’s it, you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

If you have any doubts, do not forget that each company has a support that will help you. The best service will be the one with customer support always available to help you install.

What is the price of a VPN in the Philippines?

As of today, VPNs in the Philippines have different services, offering you different features. By comparing the opinions you can find the one recommended for your requirements.

You don’t necessarily have to leave a fortune to get it. The supply of services has been increasing, finding the best for a cheap price or even for free, is possible. There are also trial versions or those that have a refund period, for you to test yourself.

Within each VPN company in the Philippines, you will have the possibility to pay a cheaper price than the regular one, for the same service. This is because there are promotions, monthly or yearly, depending on the time you hire.

There will be variations between the different service categories that exist. These can be in speed, bandwidth limitation or device usability. As well as in the range of countries available to make the change of IP location.

It is also recommended that you take into account the system through which you want to make the purchase. In the VPNs of the Philippines you will find a variety of facilities in the means of payment. From debit and credit cards to some that accept payment through virtual wallets.

In the following table you can see our recommendations, their price and some of their promotions.

VPN Price Promotions
Express VPN 369.37 PHP

every month

– 30-day money back guarantee.

– By contracting the service annually, you can save up to 49% of the money.

Tunnel Bear 184.41 PHP

every month

– 30-day money back guarantee.

– You can save from 67% of the money.

– IP in 22 different countries.

Unlimited VPN 153.95 PHP

every month

– 7-day refundable warranty period.

– Up to 5 devices simultaneously.

– IP from 70 different countries.

– saves up to 70%.

Avast VPN 220.96 PHP

every month

– 30-day return guaranteed.

– Protects 5 devices simultaneously.

– IP from 35 different countries.

Windscribe VPN 225.94 PHP

every month

– IP from 63 different countries.

– Now from 44% of the money.

How to Use a VPN in the Philippines?

As we have told you in previous sections, the use of VPN in the Philippines is not very difficult. The first thing you have to do, after choosing from the recommendations the one that best suits you, is to click on the download button.

El uso de VPN en Filipinas no reviste gran dificultad.After this and its installation, the VPN service will ask you to register with a username and password. Once registration is complete, you will be ready to start using the Philippines VPN you have contracted.

From that moment on, you can be sure that your navigation is private. Your data and activities will remain anonymous. Whether you have chosen the cheapest or free price from the recommendations.

Always remember that if you have any problems, you can count on your provider’s customer support. The opinions of users who have been through the same thing may also be useful.

Using these applications is very simple and intuitive. Go step by step and you will find the best way to take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions about VPN for the Philippines

✅How to Surf from a Philippine IP?

It’s simple. After logging in, you’ll see that you can choose from a variety of countries. This will vary according to the vpn you have signed up for. To surf with a vpn from a computer with an IP from the Philippines, click on its option and your navigation will be, safely, from there.

⭐Why hire a VPN in the Philippines?

The benefits of using a VPN in the Philippines are wide-ranging. You can be confident that you are protecting your data in a secure manner. At the same time you are safe from collection. You can also bypass the censorship that exists on specific content.

➡ ️What is the most recommended VPN for the Philippines?

There is no single recommendation. The VPN for the Philippines that best meets your needs will be the one. As we have seen, there are categories to which you should pay more attention. As well as the opinions of users and specialists.

✨What is the fastest VPN in the Philippines?

Generally, each VPN company in the Philippines has different speeds to offer you. You don’t necessarily need the fastest, it depends on the use you make of it. When you use your Internet connection as a vehicle, you will be limited by the speed of your connection.

➕What's the Cheapest VPN to Surf in the Philippines?

VPN companies in the Philippines have cheap and accessible prices. Many of them have free versions or refundable trial periods. Within the paid versions, there are also promotions. Depending on the amount of time you want to contract, the price will be cheaper.

🔥 How to Download and Install a VPN for the Philippines?

For details on how to download and install a VPN for the Philippines, you can visit the section of this article on that. In short, you must find the download link and finish, activate the file obtained to start the installation. After following the recommended options, you will have finished the installation.

🌏 What Other Content are VPN Users Looking for in the Philippines?

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