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Steganos: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Steganos is a VPN used to protect passwords, save music, photos and documents. It is like a chest; which will allow the user to protect his information from third parties and prevent it from being stolen.

This application allows you to transform any electronic device into a type of key or pendrive, since it will allow you to enter the pc and disconnect from it; once the pendrive is out.

Usually steganos has the first month trial for free and besides being a tool for password protection it is very easy to download and install and enjoy the App. Steganos is available for several countries.

However, this article is aimed at learning more about vpn steganos, where we will also analyze each of its pros and cons. We will study the opinions of each user regarding steganos, the plans and their prices.

Pros and Cons of Steganos


  • Easy to use.
  • Military AES encryption security.
  • Compatible with IOS, android and Windows
  • Try it for free.
  • Available in over 40 countries.
  • Affordable package.


  • Below-average speed.
  • Customer service sometimes slow.

Plans and offers of Steganos

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1-Year Plan



per month

Save 55%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Steganos in 2020

Steganos is a tool used to encrypt and protect the personal data of each user, from every email, bank account. On the other hand, one of the reasons to choose this vpn in 2019 is that it is easy to use and has an excellent interface.

On the other hand, steganos is one of the few vpn that allows to create any electronic device in a USB key, since it allows users to use their mobile devices, cameras among others to convert it into a key and access the content of their computer.

In addition to all this, another reason why you should choose steganos is because it is a 100% secure tool, since it has military technology that protects personal information and also encrypts it.

However, steganos also has an incredible speed and it is located in a variety of countries and also has several languages, ideal for Latin American users.

In addition to all the above, it should be noted that steganos is also a tool aimed primarily at entrepreneurs and large companies, which is easy to download and install and is also an application that allows you to change the IP. According to the opinions of several users, it is an application valued at 3.5/5.

Elegir Steganos en 2020

Stegano Analysis and Characteristics

Steganos, according to opinions, is a tool of multiple uses, from safeguarding personal information, protecting and encrypting emails and bank account data; it also allows to verify the security of each wifi before connecting and other web pages when surfing.

However, this vpn also has the ability to download and install completely free. On the other hand, steganos has an excellent speed when navigating, but it is also a vpn available in a variety of countries, has many languages and full security.

This free application is easy to download and install, has several features that consolidated it within the vpn market, among which are

1. Feasibility of Use

Well, steganos is an App that has a simple and easy to use interface; since this vpn is aimed at beginner users who are just entering this world, in addition to this the website does not have any difficult to use features; so the user experience will be fully secure and excellent.

On the other hand, the website has several languages. In addition, stagnos has a privacy advisor in the right column of the web page, which allows the user to obtain help commands and settings, to resolve any doubts. However, downloading and installing the App is even easier and free.

2. Available Countries

Countries where Steganos works

Steganos is a tool with an excellent service which is available in several countries either in Latin America or North America, among which are countries like: Germany, Austria, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina among others.

In addition, each country has a different server with which this free application, to ensure the security of each user. Usually this IP application does not have many servers but still steganos allows users to navigate with full speed through each website.

When choosing this type of IP applications, the countries where steganos is available should be taken into account, since this will make it easier to choose which one to use.

3. Devices

Steganos is an IP application that has the option to be enjoyed through various devices, since it is compatible with devices such as Windows, IOS and android. Each of these versions is 100% secure and also allows each user to install and download the application for free from the website or store that owns the device.

Android users can download steganos through google play or by going to the link on the official website. Users can obtain this IP App for free, in case the device to be chosen is a phone or tablet with IOS operation; users can go to the Apple App store to download steganos, which is a completely free IP application.

Dispositivos de Steganos

4. Types of Contracts

Steganos is an IP App, through which users can protect their personal data and surf the Internet without these being at risk, however, in order to enjoy the services the user must choose or acquire a plan and therefore comply with the obligations of each of the contracts.

Generally depending on the plan, or the device through which the application will be enjoyed will be the cost or price when contracting. On the other hand, the terms and conditions of the contract state that steganos is to be used only for legal activities.

When contracting steganos services, the country must be taken into account, as this will also have weight on the contract, as these types of contract are governed by the legal conditions of each country where the service is offered.

5. Available Services

Steganos is an application aimed at protecting the Internet connection of each of its users and allows hiding the IP address of these, with a 256-bit AES encryption. This allows the encryption of web information from card passwords and even internet access to bank accounts.

In addition, steganos allows you to unblock blocked content by simply selecting the server in another country. On the other hand, this tool also blocks online ads, since this will allow the user to navigate anonymously, and also allows to avoid any threat or danger on the Internet. It has a free version for 7 days.

6. Security

Steganos is one of the few on the market that has or uses military technology to guarantee the security of each user’s personal data. This application uses an AES encryption system of up to 256 bits.

This encryption technology that uses steganos besides protecting the user’s personal information also allows to encrypt each email that is sent, in addition this technology has a system of “not authorized”, to prevent any unauthorized third person from entering your browser and stealing your data.

On the other hand, steganos has various security services, from ensuring that the WIFI network is fully secure, to avoiding the tracking of social networks, such as twitter or Facebook, to avoiding cyber threats, among others. In addition, this IP platform is fully secure and reliable.

According to the opinions of several users this IP application is fully secure and is rated 7.7.

Seguridad de Steganos

7. Quality of Support

Steganos is an application that provides each of its users with a quality service, since this support service they offer is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to provide the necessary help to each user. According to the users’ opinions this App offers a complete and quality service.

On the other hand, steganos also has a section of frequently asked questions so that each user has a quicker response to their question. Even users can contact this service through email; so the support team will answer your question as soon as possible.

According to the opinions of several users this support service is rated with a score of 8.4 out of 10.

Atenci贸n al cliente del proveedor

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Steganos

Steganos is a vpn, which is one of the ip servers that use torrenting technology, to save and protect some user data using full security technology like this; also it is totally free so the user will not have to pay an additional price. This ip app also allows you to unlock content from the netflix platform, allowing you to download and install either movies or series on your device.

Steganos Speed

Steganos has the best servers on the market, since they have military security and also provide excellent speed when navigating. This platform allows users to navigate at a speed of up to 256 bits.

Steganos will allow users to access the content they are looking for in a quick and easy way and at an excellent price, since these servers usually bring a higher cost to the acquisition of the App.

In addition, this application has an ipsec server, which allows the user to navigate at a speed of no less than 138 bits, although it is not as high as the AES server, it is an excellent option to navigate through the Internet according to opinions.

What servers does Steganos offer

Although steganos is found in at least more than 15 countries among which are Austria, Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Steganos works with fully secure servers such as:

  • IKE: protocol or IP to establish security, this allows to create a security association for IPSEC and also authenticates the navigation of computers and other devices. This type of server is fully secure and reliable, as it is used by Linux users.
  • AES OF 256 BITS: IP encryption scheme used mostly by the U.S. government, due to its high and full security. This server is the most used by steganos in several countries, since it is one of the most popular in the market in terms of security.
  • It has more than 40 servers located in more than 10 countries

How to Install Steganos

To install steganos you only need to enter any application or software store, depending on the device in case if it is a mobile device android system can access google play store, on the other hand if it works with IOS operating system can choose to download this app through Apple store for free.

On the other hand if you use a Windows system computer, you can download steganos through the Windows store. To do this you just have to enter the name of the App and click on download.

Instalaci贸n del vpn

On the other hand, to install steganos you must follow the following steps.

  • Find the application through your device’s online store.
  • Click on “download”
  • After installation access the application
  • After opening you must select a server or country.
  • Configure your internet with steganos, through the “configuration”
  • Enjoy the 7 days for free.
  • Choose any of the three plans.
  • Connect to the App
  • Navigate through the application

With these simple steps you can enjoy steganos, you can also enjoy the language you want and download and install the application for free.

Prices and Promotions of Steganos

Steganos is a tool which has different plans and prices for each user, so that the price fits your pocket. On the other hand, steganos prices will vary according to the device used and even more to the steganos service used.

Usually steganos offers a free trial for one week, which will allow the user to get to know the service and see if it meets their basic needs.

1. Steganos Prices and Promotions

Since the price to pay for using steganos will depend on the service and the device, it has the following plans. For the use of this App for one month the payment is $4.16 for android and IOS devices.

Although the App is available at an affordable price, steganos service can cost up to $49.92 annually; which is a very high expense compared to other stegano-like applications.

On the other hand, for Windows devices, steganos offers a service of up to $10.50 monthly and annually this service costs around $52 annually. This is because this application offers a complete service integrated by several service options, from a social network manager, keys to access the devices and an option to protect passwords.

2. Steganos Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

In general, steganos does not offer offers or promotions this 2020; as such plans will depend on the service to be chosen from the App. The prices offered by the App are between $4.16 and it is the only price offered, on the other hand they have services of plans up to $49.99, $24.99, $34.99 which vary.

To enjoy promotions you must access the discount codes, you can find it on the website.

3. Steganos Payment Methods

To cancel payments on steganos, users can use several payment platforms recognized in the market; one of these is PayPal, through which users can cancel their debt and make their payments.

Other methods of payment accepted in this application are bank transfers, payments through credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. On the other hand, users can also choose to use the services of Giropay; another well-known payment method in the online world.

Service offer Price Promotion
Annual plan $4.16 55% off
Monthly plan $10.50 No promotion

Reviews of Steganos

Steganos according to the opinions of several users is an excellent application with a full quality service, it also has a variety of complete and secure applications, which allow users to surf the Internet without running any risk. Some of the user opinions about this App allowed us to rate the customer service with a score of 7.8 out of 10.

On the other hand, opinions speak of the fact that despite being an excellent tool to protect personal data, it has expensive plans and in addition, many times certain service is not of full quality.

“Steganos is an easy-to-use VPN with all the features you would expect from a VPN provider.

“Steganos’ annual offer is interesting for those of us looking for a long-term VPN. I am certainly happy with their service and would recommend them.

“If you’re looking for an efficient, cheap VPN that won’t entertain you with useless extra features, Steganos is all you need.”

Conclusion about Steganos

Steganos is an excellent tool to ensure the security of your personal data, however when analyzing the opinions of several users we could see that, even so this IP application lacks certain factors and also is not one of the favorites by users.

Despite the fact that it has AES encryption technology; it allows steganos to present a great advantage compared to other alternatives in the market, according to the opinions of several users.

Alternatives to Steganos

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Steganos

Main Features Steganos
Discount Save 55%!
Price $4.16
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 8.78 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 5 Devices
Servers 40
Countries 16
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Steganos

鉁 What is Steganos?

It is an application or tool used to protect personal data used when surfing the Internet, whether data such as bank accounts, passwords, personal information from social networks like Facebook, twitter and others.

猸怚s Steganos Safe?

This application works with the most reliable security system in the whole market, since it is the same one used by the United States government.

鉃★笍Why Choose Steganos?

This IP application is an excellent alternative to protect your personal data and prevent any third person from stealing it, to carry out illegal activities. On the other hand this App allows you to protect your personal information among others.

鉁 What are the benefits of Steganos?

This application avoids the loss of personal information, eliminates device storage data, verifies that within WIFI connections no risk exists, in addition this IP application guarantees security in internet browsers when surfing.

鉃 How to Install Steganos?

To install the App you just need to go to the official website and click on the download option, on the other hand you can go to the online store of your device and that’s it, you will get the application quickly and easily ready to install.

馃敟 What is the price of steganos?

This application has plans that vary, among these the main plan that offers this application per month is only 4$, however depending on the other services these can even cost up to 40$ per month.

鉀陈縋uedo Tenero steganos ?

You can get this application from any device with IOS, android and Windows operating system, plus you can enjoy this App at any time just by entering it.

鉁岋笍 What other VPN services are Steganos users looking for?

We hope that our article has been of great help to you. If you are looking for other alternatives to this one you can go to our website and enjoy a high range of this type of applications that exist in the market.

Opinions and Experience of Steganos Users

Have you used Steganos before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Steganos VPN service in the comments.

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