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VPN Bullet: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

BulletVPN is a tool or application from Estonia, which has about 52 servers, BulletVPN is available in more than 30 countries and is one of the applications that has a variety of security protocols to ensure the safety of each user.

BulletVPN also allows users to connect up to three devices simultaneously, even BulletVPN allows unlocking of blocked content, either from netflix, hulu and is an excellent online transmitter.

BulletVPN is an application that gives the user a 30-day guarantee. This application is compatible with IOS, android, Mac, and Windows devices, and it is also an excellent wifi network verifier, since it guarantees the veracity and security of each of these.

BulletVPN is a free App that is really worthwhile and moreover. BulletVPN has excellent plans at a good price and services that are really worthwhile, each of its features has allowed this application to be recognized in that market.

BulletVPN Pros and Cons


  • 30-day refund.
  • Available in more than 30 countries.
  • Easy to use.
  • Unlock broadcast services like Netflix.
  • Allows P2P torrent use.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.


  • Not available in some languages.
  • No free trial available.

Plans and offers of Bullet VPN

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

6-Month plan



per month

Save 17%!

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1-Year plan



per month

Save 47%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose BulletVPN in 2020

BulletVPN is an excellent application or tool, which allows the user to browse the Internet in a fully secure manner and also ensures that each user’s personal information is fully safe when using an IP server located in other countries.

This kind of tools are used more than any other to browse anonymously and therefore prevent third parties from knowing the user’s real location. On the other hand, one of the reasons why you should choose BulletVPN is because it is a de-blocker; it allows the user to view streaming content from platforms such as netflix or hulu and it is also easy to download and install.

Elegir BulletVPN en 2020

BulletVPN Analysis and Features

BulletVPN has several features that place it on a higher level compared to some similar applications, since the interface of such application allows the user to navigate freely through this application, without the need to compromise his personal data.

On the other hand this IP application offers excellent plans, on the other hand this free App uses navigation protocols such as PPTP, which is an ip server used for safe and full speed navigation. Since BulletVPN has several elements, it is very important that we analyze each of its features among which are

1. Ease of Use

BulletVPN has a user-friendly interface, as the application is usually fully user-friendly. On the other hand, BulletVPN has several uses since it is not only an ip server provider for browsing, but also a broadcast application; since users will be able to enjoy the contents of platforms such as netflix and hulu.

On the other hand BulletVPN also works as an unlocker which allows the user to access limited content on the internet network. BulletVPN is an excellent protection shield and among the services offered is the verification of public WIFI connections, in order to guarantee the security of such network and also to avoid any cyber attack or personal data theft.

2. Available Countries

BulletVPN offers a complete and safe service, since it is located in countries such as Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Philippines, France, Hong Kong, U.S. Virgin Islands and Italy.

The number of countries in which the App is available is an important part of the operation, since depending on this will be the performance of the application and therefore the speed of operation will also be due to these.

On the other hand, the more countries where the free app is available, the more opportunities users will have to access better content, and some countries have different laws and obligations.

3. Devices

BulletVPN is an application that is compatible with various devices including Windows, Windows mobile, Mac, IOS and android. Most applications require automatic configuration and many times this process can be difficult; this is one of the biggest disadvantages of such a service.

Dispositivos compatibles con BulletVPN

This application available for Windows devices can be downloaded and installed through the Windows App store, on the other hand if the device used is android users can download and install the application through google play store. For IOS devices users can access the Apple store and then download and install the BulletVPN application.

4. Contract types

The contracts when hiring a service like this can vary, since according to opinions there are several factors or elements that influence it, either the country of origin, the laws, the time of acquisition of such service and the functionality of the application. Therefore, the contracts establish the user’s obligations with the application’s directive.

The BulletVPN agreement is a “confidentiality” agreement, which consists of the non-disclosure of personal data and the application has the obligation to guarantee the security of each user and users will have the obligation to comply with the law in each of the terms and conditions of the agreement.

5. Available Services

When choosing or contracting the service of such application it is of utmost importance to consider why such service is contracted and also which are the services it offers; since users usually use applications such as BulletVPN to protect personal information and unblock contents exclusive to other countries.

Before choosing any ip server application, you should take into account the opinions regarding each of the services that the App has for each of the users. BulletVPN has an advanced PPTP and P2P security protocol, which makes browsing easier since they are full ip servers that are fast to connect and also provide better security.

6. Security

According to opinions BulletVPN has several advanced full security protocols, which are based on PPTP, P2P and AES 256-bit protocols, which are used to guarantee the protection of each user’s personal data; this is to prevent data from being filtered and handled by third parties.

Seguridad de BulletVPN

On the other hand, BulletVPN has a privacy policy, which states that under no circumstances shall any user detail be disclosed. In spite of excellent security and encryption protocols, there are other platforms that are much more secure and fully reliable than these.

7. Support Quality

According to BulletVPN Reviews, as well as other similar applications, they have a customer support service which is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, this service has the option of contacting you by email, since you only need to write an email with the question you have and wait for the answer, usually this service has a waiting time of up to 3 hours.

On the other hand, BulletVPN allows the user to enter the FAQ section, where there are a variety of questions regarding cost, opinions, how to install and download the free app among others. Besides, these will allow you to know how to configure any of the ip servers of this free application.

Atenci贸n al cliente del proveedor

8. Netflix and Torrenting with BulletVPN

Netflix is one of the most recognized platforms around the world, however it limits its content to certain countries; for that reason BulletVPN is one of the few ip servers that allows the user to unlock limited content in order to enjoy the best series. Users will be able to download and install the movies. BulletVPN allows the use of torrent.

BulletVPN speed

BulletVPN, is a free App that allows the user to surf the internet at an excellent speed and also full security. The application has about 52 servers which are located in a variety of countries in Latin America and Europe.

Buellet vpn is one of the fastest platforms in the market since it works with the use of servers such as: PPTP, L2TP and AES; according to opinions they are the most secure and used servers worldwide due to their level of security and speed, offering users a load from about 138 bits to 256bits. These servers have an excellent price and sometimes they are included in the package.

Which BulletVPN Servers are available

According to opinions BulletVPN has several servers, which are located around countries like: Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, el salvador, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Philippines, France, Hong Kong, U.S. Virgin Islands and Italy.

Ubicaci贸n de los servidores del vpn

The servers are a fundamental factor, since based on these will be the speed and performance of the server of this application when surfing the Internet, the IP servers offered by BulletVPN are about 52 servers.

PPTP Server: It is a type of ip server or protocol used in most communications, to ensure privacy and full security of this, which has a load of up to 128 bits, this protocol or ip server is not very fast.

L2TP server: this ip server is a type of protocol, which is mostly used to guarantee that a network is completely private; since they are used mainly to protect the user’s information.

AES Server: It is a military grade ip server, which allows secure communication so that surfing the Internet is fully secure and also this protocol uses ip server encryption and works with a performance speed of 256bits.

How to Install BulletVPN

To install or download BulletVPN you can go to the official website and click on the link or you can even go to the nearest App store. To download and install BulletVPN you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the device download store or go to the official website.
  • Search for the BulletVPN application or click on the link
  • Click on the “download or install” option
  • When downloading and installing, access the internet settings.
  • Enter the free BulletVPN application
  • Create a profile
  • Choose a plan at a good price
  • Select the connection to be used and click on connect
  • Automatically configures the ip server

Installing or downloading BulletVPN doesn’t require much effort. Just follow these steps to the letter and you’ll be able to enjoy BulletVPN free of charge and all the services it has to offer.

Instalaci贸n del vpn

BulletVPN Prices and Promotions

According to opinions BulletVPN has good plans at an affordable price, as most of these are inexpensive plans or subscriptions compared to other applications. BulletVPN aims to provide a decent service to each user, a service that does not negatively influence the economy of each user.

Among the costs and promotions that BulletVPN has are

1. BulletVPN Prices and Promotions

Because BulletVPN is an application that offers a totally free trial, this free trial lasts only 7 days, even so this free app offers users good price plans and the cost will depend on the device and the services it offers.

The monthly subscription costs $5.49, on the other hand if the user wants to opt for a 6-month service he will have to pay $4.58, that is to say that the six-month subscription service will have a total price of $24.49 for the complete half-yearly service.

On the other hand, if the user wishes to acquire such service for a full year, he will have to pay a cost of $3.75 per month, that is, when renting the service for 12 months, he will have to pay a total cost of up to $44.99.

2. BulletVPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

BulletVPN brings users great promotions, since the monthly subscription costs $5.49 anyway, but if the subscription to opt in is semi-annual, each month is priced at $4.58, which represents a saving of 17%.

On the other hand, if the package to be requested is the annual subscription, the user will be able to choose this service at a price of $3.75 per month, which means that the payment of the annual service will have a total cost of only $45, that is, a saving of 47%.

3. BulletVPN Payment Methods

BulletVPN has several payment methods among which are and accept payments with: PayPal, bitcoin and credit cards such as MasterCard and visa.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly Plan $5.49 No promotion
semi-annual plan $4.58 17% discount
Annual plan $3.75 47% discount

BulletVPN Reviews

According to several user opinions BulletVPN offers premium features and its offers and prices are very accessible. In addition, it is an application that according to opinions impresses with its clean and professional approach, as well as offering full security to users.

“BulletVPN’s prices have dropped a lot in the last few months. This is what motivated me to purchase their services and I am really satisfied with it”.

“Wow! I didn’t know I could get a VPN for a whole year for only $3.75 a month. BulletVPN’s offers are irresistible.

“An acquaintance recommended this supplier to me and I’ve been using it every day since. I travel a lot and connect to many public networks, so this VPON is great for me.

Conclusion about BulletVPN

After analyzing the service offered by BulletVPN we can determine that this is a full application that is recommended, since it is an App with full ip servers and good speed. On the other hand, it is also important to highlight that the security protocols offered by BulletVPN and with 256-bit encryption allow every user to browse without any inconvenience.

On the other hand BulletVPN has a clear privacy policy, since it collects and takes care of protecting any detail and information, or which according to opinions is a good element. On the other hand BulletVPN will allow the user to unlock limited and restricted content in other countries.

Alternatives to BulletVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Bullet VPN

Main features Bullet VPN
Discount Save 47%!
Price $3.75
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 11.23 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 6
Servers 124
Countries 51
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about BulletVPN

鉁 What is BulletVPN?

BulletVPN is an application or tool that provides a security service to each user when surfing the Internet, since this service is mainly in charge of protecting personal information such as passwords, bank account information and third party social networks, this is in order to avoid data theft and illegal activities.

猸 Is BulletVPN safe?

This server application is a full secure App, since it works with encryption technology which is used to guarantee the protection of each data or personal information of the users, in addition this application has an encryption system of AES protocol, which is a military security protocol and is one of the best known within this market.

鉃★笍 Reasons to Choose BulletVPN in 2020?

It is an excellent option to protect your internet connection, as it is a very good unlocking tool so you can enjoy series and movies on netflix and you can even download unlimited music and content from YouTube. This application is an excellent option to have on your device.

鉁 What are the benefits of BulletVPN?

It is a full application easy to use, free, and also super easy to download and install, in addition to protecting your Internet connection you can also get and access to unlimited content without any inconvenience, you will also be protected from cyber attacks or any other threat that can be found on the Internet.

鉃 How to Install BulletVPN?

Downloading and installing this application is not difficult at all, since you will only have to enter the App store of your device and then look for the application, you will only have to click on it to download and you will be able to install it. On the other hand, you can also download the application through the official website.

馃敟 What is the price of BulletVPN?

It has various subscription packages all at a good and excellent price, in addition these will depend on the services they have. Generally the monthly subscription is only 10.98$, on the other hand the six months subscription service has a cost of 65.88$.

鉀 Can I get BulletVPN for Free?

The truth is that yes, you can have this App for free because this App can be downloaded through the website or the App store does not require any payment, in addition this application has a free trial of up to 7 days.

鉁岋笍 What other VPN services are BulletVPN users looking for?

BulletVPN is a free tool of many uses, since it will allow you to protect your personal information while surfing the Internet. It also serves as a protection shield since this application will verify each connection.

However, although we know that bullet vpn is not the best option in the market, in our website you can find other similar applications and you can download any of them, which will also meet the needs of each user.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you are looking for an alternative to BulletVPN you can go to our website.

Bullet VPN User Experience and Feedback

Have you used Bullet VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Bullet VPN service in the comments.

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