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The Best VPNs for Linux: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Browsing privately and securely from your computer with a Linux VPN is becoming easier and easier. Linux is one of the most secure operating systems, but a VPN adds an extra layer of protection. A Linux VPN service can make your computer secure and allow you to browse the Internet safely.

Using a VPN it is possible to change the IP address and hide the actual location. Some VPN services have extensions for Linux that make them very easy to use.

These programs are necessary to be able to unlock a lot of content in some regions. Many other tasks can also be performed and it has many advantages. Below you will find an analysis of the best VPNs.

Why you need a VPN for Linux

A virtual private network can hide your IP address and replace it with one from a different country. This allows you to avoid geographic blockages. One of the benefits of Linux VPNs is that you can use public Wi-Fi networks without fear of having your information stolen.

On the other hand, one of the biggest benefits, always highlighted by users, is to watch videos from other countries. In summary, the most notable benefits that can be obtained when contracting a VPN are the following:

Beneficios de contratar una VPN para Linux

  • Hide the IP address.
  • Unblocking censored content.
  • Security of personal information.

The main benefits of a VPN for Linux are the privacy and security it provides. A VPN will give you immediate protection, as it will create an encrypted channel to protect your data on insecure networks. A VPN will hide the location of the IP and allow you to view content that is regionally blocked.

This service becomes a solution to avoid the censorship that some countries impose on their programming. A good VPN provides a fast but, above all, secure connection, so that the user can surf the Internet without fear of being hacked.

Best VPNs for Linux

Best VPN for Linux and other operating systems

With the huge number of VPN service providers on the market, it is difficult to make a decision to purchase a VPN for Linux or other systems. The best thing is that you find all the information about the best VPNs for Linux and other operating systems that exist today.

In case you want to save money you can choose a cheap VPN. There are currently a variety of VPN service providers for Linux. There is a healthy competition in the world market that offers you quality services. In general they keep prices affordable. Some of the most prominent Linux VPNs are

Premium providers:

Other Recommended Suppliers:

Top 10 VPNs for Linux

  • VPN for UK English
  • Experts
  • Quality

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Buying a VPN for Linux: What You Should Keep in Mind

There are certain features and functions that a VPN has and that you should look at when choosing a provider. Below are the features of a good VPN for Linux:

1. Ease of use

The best VPNs for this operating system stand out for their usability, as they offer you an easy-to-use service, aimed at all types of users. This practical tool allows you to purchase the service, install it and start enjoying the security and privacy that a VPN offers.

A VPN service should be easy to use, as most users do not have advanced knowledge. Some functions make the program much easier to use. Among them, we can mention

  • Change the IP quickly.
  • Select the best server.
  • Place some server or country as a favorite.
  • Automatically hide the IP address.

2. Countries Available

Depending on how many countries a VPN provider covers, it will have a greater advantage over others. The best VPNs have unlimited traffic due to their high quality servers in many countries around the world. Below you will find the scope of the best qualified VPN providers for Linux.

Analysis of most optimal VPN for Linux

3. Devices

Linux is one of the most widely used open source operating systems in the world. Due to the nature of this type of operating system, it is mainly used on laptops and desktops. Therefore, there are usually no VPN compatibility issues for this operating system, as most VPN providers are optimized for this system, whether we use it on laptops or desktops.

4. Types of Contracts

The contract determines your obligations as a user and the obligations of your Linux VPN provider. This way, you can terminate it in case the expectations you had with this service are not met. The types of contract vary depending on how long you contract. Also the rates of the different contract models will vary according to this. We will go into this aspect in more detail later on.

5. Available Services

A VPN has numerous benefits as well as diverse uses. The most important use of a VPN for this operating system is to protect your information, which helps prevent many threats. If you cannot access Google, Facebook or any other site due to censorship, using a VPN can circumvent blockages. Among other uses are:

  • Download Beta versions of games.
  • Watch series or movies that are blocked in the region.
  • Display exclusive transmissions from some country.

6. Security

Security is one of the most sought-after factors when hiring a VPN provider for Linux. In this way, VPNs protect our information when we connect to public networks. But they also protect our browsing data from hackers. This or it does, by encrypting our IP, giving it a different address from the real one and keeping your data protected.

7. Quality of Support

The VPNs we reviewed on this page are very reliable. It will be very rare to experience problems during installation or later execution of the services. However, errors can always happen. If this happens, it is best that your VPN provider for this operating system can guide you through troubleshooting, using a live chat, support phone or email with high availability of response.

8. Speed

Another of the most important features is the connection speed VPN me to offer LinuxAnother important feature is the connection speed offered by a Linux VPN. When a VPN connection is used, the traffic does not travel directly to the computer at the destination, but is diverted, affecting and reducing the speed. Even so, with a VPN you will not have a speed problem.

This speed will also depend on the number of servers each provider has, as well as the distance from countries. The analyzed VPNs are the ones that provide the service with higher speeds in the market. With this a determining factor, users will be able to download content and surf the web quickly.

Compare Linux VPN: Which one offers the best price?

If you want to know more about Linux VPN provider prices, you have come to the right section. Below, we offer you a comparison of prices, promotions and payment methods that you can find in the plans of 3 of the most used VPNs.

1. VPN pricing for Linux

Prices of Linux VPN providers are tailored to the needs of each customer and are usually quite affordable. Thus, if you decide to hire Nord VPN as a VPN provider for this operating system, you will have a base of $11.95 per month, with possible promotions included for longer periods of time.

With Express VPN you can enjoy a VPN service for this quality operating system starting at $12.95 per month. In addition, this plan offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case it does not meet your needs.

Finally, IPVanish also offers a service that starts at $5.00 per month, with applicable promotions, a very attractive price for one of the VPN providers for this operating system that allows more devices to be connected at once.

2. VPN promotions for Linux: Discount and Promotion Code

Promotions for Linux VPN providers’ plans become more attractive the longer you stay with them. This way, if you decide to contract NordVPN for 3 years, you will have a 70% discount on the monthly fee. This means you will only pay $3.49 per month.

Attractive rates are also available on Express VPN if you plan to stay longer with them. Thus, their 12-month plan offers a discount of 49% off the monthly price and they give you 3 months of service for free. You would only pay $6.67 per month.

Finally, in the case of IPVanish, this price reduction also takes place with greater permanence under contract. This way, you have access to a 73% discount in case you decide to pay for a full year of VPN services for this operating system. With this plan you only pay $3.25 per month.

3. VPN Payment Methods for Linux

If you use the widespread payment methods on the Internet you will have no problem making your payments now in these VPN entities for this operating system. This way, Nord VPN allows you to make payments by card, PayPal and Bitcoins.

Express VPN is the VPN provider for this browser that will offer you more payment facilities. Thus, it accepts all these methods: Credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Aliplay, Union Pay, IDeal, Web Money, Giro Play and Sofort

IPVanish: offers a middle ground in payment methods between the two Android VPN providers we describe. This way, you will be able to execute your payments through credit card, Paypal or Krypton currency.

4. Summary of Linux VPN Rates and Prices

VPN Price Promotion
NordVPN $3.49 70% off
ExpressVPN $6.67 49% discount
IPVanish VPN $3.25 73% discount

How to Install a VPN for Linux?

Installing a VPN for this operating system is much easier than it seems. This operating system makes it very easy to connect to any of the VPN providers on the market. You will only have to follow the following steps:

  1. If your VPN provider has an application on the Linux Apps, simply download it and execute the steps it will require.
  2. If you do not have an application, simply go to “Configuration – Internet Network – VPN – Add VPN”.
  3. At this point you will need to complete the VPN profile you have contracted. To do this, cover all the fields in the form with the information provided by your Linux VPN provider.
  4. Once you have the VPN profile provided by your provider you need to access the “Network” icon on your computer.
  5. In this one, you will have to select the VPN connection you want to connect to. To do this, click on “Connect“.
  6. Finally, you will have to enter the access credentials provided by your VPN provider for this operating system, and that’s it!

Reviews about VPN for Linux

Here are the opinions of 3 users of the VPN services for this browser in case you have any questions regarding this topic:

“Using a VPN for Linux is convenient and secure. The wide range of these providers makes it easy to find one that fits your needs.

“A friend recommended me to use a VPN for Linux so I could camouflage my IP to surf the Internet. The truth is that I find the service very useful and I am satisfied”.

“If you want to see geographically blocked content from your Linux computer, it’s best to have a VPN that allows you to access it.”

Conclusion About Using VPN for Linux

Without a doubt, Linux supports a large number of excellent quality VPNs. Using a VPN for this operating system is an essential tool for you if you want to access and play censored content at high speeds.

There are many providers that offer you a good service for PCs, guaranteeing your protection from the moment you purchase the subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions about VPNs for Linux

✔ Why hire a VPN for Linux?

Hiring a VPN service for Linux is a solution if you are looking to browse the web in a private and secure way. In order to avoid theft of important information or viewing content from other countries, a VPN service will completely change the user’s perception of surfing the internet.

⚡ What Prices Do VPNs for Linux Have?

Prices for VPN services may change depending on the provider, quality and time for which the subscription is purchased. Prices for a good VPN are between $3 and $12 per month.

⛳ What Benefits Does a VPN for Linux Offer?

A VPN for Linux generates a higher level of privacy, online security and digital anonymity. It also allows you to change your location to anyone you want. One of the most popular benefits is the ability to access any broadcast content from outside the home country.

➡️ How does a Linux VPN work on the computer?

If you want to surf the Internet anonymously on your computer and want to be able to access all kinds of content, you need a VPN for Linux. The VPN services are obtained through a download. Once the application is on your PC, you only have to turn it on and enjoy choosing one of its servers.

⭐ What Other Use Is a VPN for Linux?

Another benefit of any Linux VPN is that it ensures a layer of security. As soon as the device connects to a public Wi-Fi network, the user’s personal information is immediately protected.

✨ What other VPNs can be contracted in addition to a Linux VPN?

Below is a list of reviews of VPNs for browsers and operating systems similar to Linux:

💻 What Other VPN Services Are Linux VPN Users Looking For?

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These were the recommended VPNs for Linux. Did you get the best VPN for Linux? If you are not sure that you want to acquire this service, we invite you to know the better VPNs.