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Best VPNs for Indonesia: Ranking, Price, Views and Analysis

Are you looking for a VPN for Indonesia? With the variety of options, services, uses, opinions and devices, you may find your search overwhelming. In this article we will help you find the best VPN service recommended for you, free or at the lowest price.

With just over 40% of users over total Internet connections, Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest rate of VPN users. This is explained by the fact that they are perfectly legal and coexist with a high level of government control of content.

In Indonesia, more and more users are choosing to purchase a VPN service that allows them to surf safely, privately and without any record of activity. But they also choose this tool as a means of overcoming geographical restrictions on content when it comes to entertainment.

From VPN Paradise we bring you this article so you can decide to hire your VPN service for Indonesia and you can do it finding the one that best suits your needs, recommended for you free or at the cheapest price.

Find the VPN for Indonesia you need

I’m sure hiring a VPN in Indonesia is a good idea. This allows you to avoid government surveillance, privacy violations by third parties, the sale of your information by internet providers and content restrictions.

Because of this, more and more users in Indonesia are choosing to connect to networks through a VPN. Today that number already exceeds 40% of Internet users in that country transcending professional use to become a domestic tool.

By simply changing your IP address to any of the servers in any of the countries available on your VPN for Indonesia, you can access all of your blocked content, such as streaming platforms, gaming platforms or P2P downloads.

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Remember that in addition to Indonesia, VPN Paradise has all the recommended VPNs in all the countries on this list:

Is it legal to use a VPN service in Indonesia?

Yes, the use of VPN in Indonesia is covered by law. It is also a very popular tool, with over 40% of users using it to avoid surveillance and privacy violations, but also as an ally when it comes to unlocking content.

The prohibitions on VPNs in general are a response to countries that are very restrictive of the freedoms of their inhabitants. China, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Turkmenistan are some of these examples.

In Indonesia, it is true that there is relatively strict government control over content accessible on the Internet. This situation results in the great popularity of VPNs in the country, which are perfectly legal and allow their inhabitants to expand their possibilities through IP simulation.

Ranking VPN Services for Indonesia

Top 10 VPNs for Indonesia

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Benefits of Surfing with Indonesian IP

Knowing that the Internet is no longer a private environment, and in the face of increasing government surveillance, privacy violations and the sale of user information is that surfing with an IP from a server in Indonesia becomes a good idea.

Through the IP simulation preventing the tracking, and the encryption of the information we enter that guarantees that only the authorized person has access to it, we achieve another peace of mind when surfing.

Connecting from a server located in Indonesia allows users to access digital content available in that country. However, it is worth noting that many more users in Indonesia connect to servers in other countries than choose a server there.

Mejores VPN para Indonesia

Buying a VPN for Indonesia: Features to Consider

As we said, our intention from VPN Paradise is to help you find the VPN service for Indonesia recommended for you, free or at the best price in the market, always taking into account your needs.

Below you will find explained the most important features to consider when choosing your VPN for Indonesia, and the differences between the options and opinions according to the needs of each user.

1. Speed

You should know that by encrypting all the information you enter, having your VPN for Hungary activated will slow down your connection. In most cases this is a minimal loss to gain a lot in security, privacy and even fun if used for leisure.

To minimize the loss of speed you should pay special attention to the number of servers in the countries where you want to connect and that are sufficient to handle the traffic of the users that use them.

2. Usability

Depending on the type of user you are, your needs when contracting a VPN for Indonesia will be different. So are the computer skills of each user. That’s why some simpler and more intuitive VPNs are more convenient for home users.

Similarly, some offer their users a variety of protocols and configurations that allow you to customize the use you give this tool adapting it to needs, generally professional or for more complex uses.

Algunas VPNs más sencillas e intuitivas son más convenientes para usuarios domésticos.

3. Quality of Support

In the opinions of users this aspect is often decisive. The key is for the provider to have an effective, quality and fast service in a language you can understand and through the most convenient channels.

Most VPN services in Indonesia advertise 24/7 availability which they do not always meet, and some combination of the following channels: live chat, phone, email and claim ticket.

4. Number of Countries

In general, the number of countries where the VPN has servers and the amount it offers to handle traffic is a determining factor in the choice of those who hire the VPN to access content from a country other than that of their residence.

VPN Paradise’s advice, apart from the obvious fact of checking that the countries whose contents you are interested in are available, is to check that they are physical servers. Sometimes the servers are not where they are advertised and you may have slow or bad connections.

5. Compatible Services

Every day more and more users decide to hire a VPN service in Indonesia for purposes that exceed computer security. Due to the amount of blocked contents this market has become very demanding when looking for compatibilities.

Each provider announces on its page all the services and features that you will get when you contract, highlighting among the users’ favourites the streaming, video game and P2P download platforms.

Cada día más usuarios deciden contratar un servicio de VPN en Indonesia

6. Devices

This aspect is the same for Indonesia as for any other country. You should make sure you can connect your devices by compatibility and also by quantity. Most services offer versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and pre-configured servers.

In addition, the number of devices that you can associate to your account with the payment of a subscription is usually very changeable and the additional device affects the price if the service is not free.

How to Download and Install a VPN for Indonesia

Downloading and installing your Indonesian VPN will be a simple procedure. But anyway, from VPN Paradise we intend to accompany you in this process so that you can be very soon surfing in a safe and private way.

By following these steps you will soon be able to find yourself using your VPN for Indonesia:

1. Searching for and choosing a VPN for Indonesia

We have talked enough about this preparatory step. By following the recommendations in this article you will be able to find the VPN service for Indonesia that best suits your needs for free or at the lowest price.

It is our intention that you can make the best choice that is definitive and satisfactory.

2. Create an Account

Once you have chosen the VPN for Indonesia, go to the site and select the registration option. Once you have completed your personal information you must choose your plan and payment method. Finally you will create your username and password to activate your account on your devices.

3. Download and Install the Application

Depending on the computer or mobile device, you will download the application from the site or the shop and will have to run the installation process and follow the proposed steps.

In some cases the installation requires downloading some additional configuration, or selecting between encryption options or protocols. You can always ask for support from your provider who can guide you and supervise the process so that you reach a successful conclusion.

4. Connecting to One of the Servers

When you finish downloading and installing your VPN for Indonesia, it’s the easiest and most satisfying part. From the menu choose the server located in the country from which you want to connect, activate it and you’re done! You’re surfing in secure and private mode.

What is the Price of an Indonesian VPN?

At VPN Paradise we believe that the best choice for an Indonesian VPN is to get the service that best suits your needs for free or at the cheapest price, recommended for you.

La mejor elección de una VPN para Indonesia consiste en conseguir el mejor servicio.Once you have defined the use you will give to your VPN, you must find the providers that fit your requirements and compare the prices they offer. A preview: the longer the contracts, the better the offers.

It is recommended that you take advantage of the free trials they offer or the money back guarantee in case of compliance. If there is no free trial it is convenient to select the long contract, knowing that you will receive what you paid for if you are not convinced by the service.

Anyway, to make your job even easier we offer you this table with the best VPNs for Indonesia selected by VPN Paradise so you can compare their prices:

VPN Price Promotions
Nord VPN 186,231.43 Rp. (price for monthly contract for Indonesia) annual contract 41% savings (108,933.70 Rp. per month)

biannual contract 58% savings (Rp. 77,765.26 per month)

three-year contract 70% cheaper (Rp. 54,388.93 per month)

Surfshark 186,231.43 Rp. (monthly contract price for Indonesia) 12 months 50% savings (Rp. 93,349.48 per month)

24 months 84% cheaper (31,012.60 Rp. per month)

Cyberghost 202,439.02 Rp. (monthly contract price for Indonesia) annual contract 54% savings (93,349.48 Rp. per month)

biannual contract 70% cheaper (57.505,77 Rp. per month)

three-year contract 80% cheaper (Rp. 42,856.91 per month)

Express VPN 201,815.65 Rp. (monthly contract price for Indonesia) 6 months 25% savings (Rp. 155,686.36 per month)

12 months 35% cheaper (129,660.71 Rp. per month)

Unlimited VPN 155,686.36 Rp. (monthly contract price for Indonesia) annual contract 50% savings (Rp. 77,921.10 per month)

three-year contract 72% cheaper (Rp. 43,324.13 per month)

How to Use a VPN in Indonesia

After downloading and installing your VPN for Indonesia it is very easy to use. You only have to select in the menu the server located in the country you want to connect to and activate it to surf with simulated IP there, always in safe mode and with the maximum privacy.

On some VPNs you have more complex encryption options, protocols and settings that may be useful to know in order to customize the use of your computer security tool.

Also remember that the server you connect to can be decisive for the speed of navigation. To achieve better connections it is best to look for servers that are close by and not too busy.

Finally and perhaps most interestingly for those who use their Indonesian VPN for entertainment: unlocking content. You only need to connect to a server located in the country where the content is available and you will be able to access the best streaming platforms, video games and P2P downloads such as Torrent.

Frequently Asked Questions about VPN for Indonesia

✅ How to surf from an Indonesian IP?

Surfing from an IP in Indonesia is very easy. All you have to do is access your VPN menu and select and activate a server located in that country and you’re done! You’re now surfing safely with an IP in Indonesia.

⭐Why hire a VPN in Indonesia?

One of the main reasons for hiring a VPN in Indonesia is to avoid government surveillance, privacy violations and recording your activity by encrypting your data and simulating your IP.

But the most common reason for contracting a VPN in Indonesia is the possibility of accessing restricted content than through IP simulation in other countries where the content is available.

➡ ️What is the most recommended VPN service for Indonesia?

The most recommended VPN service for Indonesia is NordVPN. It is undoubtedly one of the most important companies in digital security and offers an excellent service, very complete and at an affordable price.

In addition to being recommended by VPN Paradise staff, it has the best opinions from its own users.

✨What is the fastest VPN in Indonesia?

In terms of speed, we can say that each recommended provider in Paradise VPN for Indonesia offers good speeds when browsing, downloading and uploading, but Express VPN stands out from the rest in this respect.

Both the opinions of our experts and the opinions of its users highlight this aspect of that provider.

➕What is the cheapest VPN for surfing in Indonesia?

The recommended VPN service for Indonesia for offering the best price is SurfShark. It is a product of excellent quality with a monthly price more than in line with its performance and an unbeatable offer when contracting for 24 months.

Both the opinions of our experts and the opinions of its users coincide in highlighting the great service at a very cheap price in relation to its competition.

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