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VPN for Gaming: Ranking, Pricing, Reviews and Analysis

Today we’re talking about VPNs for Gaming. For the connection to the Internet network, a router or a modem is used, where this serves to connect the Internet provider with the homes or workplaces of the users. The internet service and connection can be achieved by wiring and can also be obtained wirelessly.

Among the devices in connection, there are also video game consoles. In addition, VPNs serve to allow a connection in a very secure way, as well as remotely to a private network of internet service. The applications for this technology, do not escape for one of the most solid industries in recent times, as it is the gaming industry.

In this article we will discuss different points of interest for those people who require this type of protection when playing online with their respective consoles. Information about connection speed, quality, available devices and other benefits of VPNs adapted to the gamer world will be given.

Find the Gaming VPN you need

Networking has been booming in recent times, especially as the video game industry has adapted to the internet platform because of the great benefits and flexibility it offers.

The main thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to have a VPN service for gaming that offers some kind of barrier to the risk of playing safely. Connecting to a server exposes the player to third parties taking over the IP address, with the possibility of DDoS attacks, as well as the player’s actual location being exposed.

For this important reason, VPN protection is necessary. What the reader must take into account is that the gaming VPN he selects has a high connection speed, as it would not be ideal to have some kind of delay in connectivity, where many games are played in multiplayer mode and that delay or lag, can mean the difference between winning or losing a game.

The type of support offered by VPN platforms is also important, since when playing, a quick response is needed to any eventuality that may arise, where the resolution of the problem in a prompt and timely manner may be the difference between a customer staying with the service or not.

Not all VPN service providers offer the best performance, especially for video games, so this article will give you tips, advice and information on the most important and effective ones.

Is it legal to use a VPN service for gaming?

Generally speaking, yes. This question has to be answered by saying that it depends on the country. For example, countries such as Russia and China have stated that gaming VPNs are illegal.

Although the use of VPNs for gaming is completely legal in almost all countries, it is necessary to emphasize that what is not allowed is to carry out illegal activity while using them. In case of any illegal activity, you will be subject to the laws of your country, with the possibility of being prosecuted, depending on the seriousness of the infraction or crime.

The uses of VPNs for gaming are diverse, as well as legitimate. It is necessary to emphasize that there is an idea that VPNs are not allowed. This is not true. Among the legitimate applications of gaming VPNs are the use of government organizations to protect information, adding an additional layer of security.

There are also those who wish to maintain their privacy with governments or other organizations. This is particularly important in the case of journalists who are critical of certain political sectors, who use VPNs to avoid reprisals and who keep their IP address anonymous.

Another legal use of VPNs is to connect to public networks to prevent data from being captured by hackers who could endanger personal and sensitive information, such as banking information.

Having said that, it is more than obvious that the use of VPNs for gaming is more than legitimate, as it is about protection when playing and its use is more than recommended.

Gaming VPN Service Ranking

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Benefits of Browsing with IP VPN for Gaming

As mentioned above, the benefits of a VPN are multiple. Within gaming, we can mention that the connection and disconnection in network is very simple. As the configuration starts on the VPN for gaming, this process is very easy.

Another benefit of a gaming VPN is that it works for all current consoles and channels internet traffic over the network using the network connection. In case you use a network other than your personal or trusted network connection when playing games, you are protected by encrypted browsing data.

There may be some video games that are blocked geographically, so using a VPN allows you to bypass that blockage. Hiding activity when playing games and avoiding network surveillance is also interesting. The only detail is that some VPNs do keep a record of navigation, so it is convenient to see the policies of the company where you want to use this service.

Although the main reason for surfing with a camouflaged IP using a gaming VPN is that it prevents malicious players from getting hold of the player’s IP address and getting the user’s location. Maintaining privacy is becoming increasingly important in these times, as entering an open network, where there are a variety of people with different motives and interests, becomes fundamental to this point.

Also, some games may ban an IP for inappropriate behavior or perform cheats. In case the user’s IP address is banned, there will be no option but to use a VPN service. Some games such as Minecraft and Fortnite often perform this type of practice to keep the community healthy, although it also works for games on devices such as Discord or Twich.

In case of high bandwidth usage, some networks often stop players to improve the game experience. Also when using a VPN for gaming, all internet traffic will be encrypted, making it very difficult for the ISP to analyse it, which means that the ISP cannot legally downgrade your traffic on the game server. For that reason, ISPs are the cause of lag in video games and by using a VPN, you can even improve your internet speed.

The benefits of a VPN for gaming is that it works for all consoles.

Buying a VPN for gaming: Features to keep in mind

When contracting a VPN, certain characteristics must be taken into account when deciding between one or another VPN service. In the following point, the main points to take into consideration and which are important to have an optimal game experience will be given.

1. Speed

Avoiding lag is very important when playing online. Having a VPN service that offers good connectivity is critical to this point and is something gamers appreciate when it comes to video games.

2. Usability

Having a VPN platform that has an intuitive way to manage it, is the most recommended since the fact of being able to optimally configure the VPN service without major setbacks, is what all users are looking for, especially those who are going to play. For many, VPNs are somewhat complex, so usability is the most important thing.

3. Quality of support

The support that VPNs can have when playing, is also an important point for gamers. Having a quick response from the support team when any inconvenience arises is the most valued thing for this community that is very demanding in moments of leisure.

4. Number of countries

The countries in which the VPN is present are also highly valued when playing. Some games may be blocked in the players’ countries of residence, so choosing a server in a country with few restrictions, as well as good connectivity, is critical at this point.

5. Supported Services

Compatible services on VPN platforms are very important for users to decide between one service or another. It’s not all about connection speed and ease of use, it’s also important how many options you can offer users.

6. Devices

And last but not least, the devices that can be used when playing, are the cornerstone at this point. Being able to use very popular consoles such as the PlayStation, Xbox and computers, represent the most valued thing in video games in order to have the benefits that VPNs offer and the reason why they are hired.

VPN can be used for gaming on all devices.

How to install a VPN for gaming

Performing a VPN service installation for gaming is, in general terms, the same as when configuring the platform and it is usually as follows:

  1. User registration for VPN service.
  2. Downloading the software.
  3. VPN configuration.
  4. Server selection.
  5. Device configuration (console)
  6. Start enjoying VPN for gaming.

The installation of VPN services for gaming is very intuitive and no further computer knowledge is required to use them. Anyway, the customer service is very fast and efficient to solve any doubt that may arise in the process.

What is the price of a gaming VPN?

The prices of a gaming VPN usually vary, due to the quality of the service, as well as the different promotions that may be offered. Below is a list of the best value gaming VPNs:

NordVPN From $3.49 to $11.95 70% off
CyberGhost From $2.75 to $12.99 79% discount
ExpressVPN From $6.67 to 12.95 49% discount
PrivateVPN From 3,82 65% off
VyprVPN From $2.50 80% off

How to use a VPN for gaming

Using a VPN for gaming is quite simple. The intuitive VPN platform allows for a very fast connection experience. The configuration of the platform is done in the following way:

  1. Login
  2. VPN configuration.
  3. Server selection.
  4. Device configuration (console)
  5. Start of gaming experience

Gaming VPN FAQ

✅Why hire a VPN for gaming?

The reason for hiring a VPN for gaming, is that it allows you to avoid any blocking of video games that might occur. Hiding the activity at the moment of playing and avoiding network surveillance is another advantage.

Also, using an IP, players who can obtain the player’s IP address and can obtain the user’s location are avoided. Avoiding or preventing the banning of an IP for inappropriate behavior or cheating. Games such as Minecraft and Fortnite often perform this type of practice to keep the community healthy, although it also works for games on devices such as Discord or Twich.

Bandwidth usage also has a bearing on VPNs for gaming, as internet traffic will be encrypted and makes it difficult for latency to occur in gaming and by using a VPN, you can even improve internet speed.

⭐What is the most recommended VPN for gaming?

It all depends on the user’s budget, as there is usually a distance between one VPN platform and another. Among the most recommended by users’ opinions to play, are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost and PureVPN.

➡ ️What is the fastest VPN for gaming?

The fastest VPN for gaming is undoubtedly ExpressVPN, with the highest connection speed on the market. Also NordVPN has great connectivity rates for online gaming.

✨ What is the cheapest VPN for gaming?

The cheapest VPN for gaming is PrivateVPN, with a monthly price starting at $1.89. This Swedish company offers high levels of privacy at a very low price. It is known for securing applications with the encryption option. However, it is not the fastest on the market for streaming and games. Their servers are in 50 countries and you can use this platform to play games on foreign servers, as well as buy games cheaper.

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