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IbVPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

IbVPN, is a private company, based in Transylvania, Romania, with 15 years of experience in the VPN market. Ae is characterized by providing real protection to their customers while using the web, although it is a small company, they are fully committed to protecting their customers.

It is very common nowadays to find a wide variety of companies offering VPN servers, but they do not always meet the projected. There are companies that do not protect the customer’s privacy and therefore do not adequately hide the IP address of their devices.

Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing a VPN provider that favors us and keeps us protected from cyber pirates, censorship and espionage, and that our privacy is not compromised.

Learn more in this analysis we have prepared for you.

Pros and Cons of Ibvpn


  • It is a VPN without records.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • It guarantees the privacy and anonymity of its clients.
  • It is very easy to download and install.


  • The free version is only for 24 hours.
  • Some countries do not allow roasting.

IbVPN plans and offers




per month

Save 56%!

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per month

Save 38%!

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per month

Save 38%!

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Reasons to Choose IbVPN

There are plenty of reasons to choose the services of the IbVPN. This VPN, is located among the best VPN providers in the market. For IbVPN, its main objective is customer protection. The information provided by its users is handled as top secret.

IbVPN, has 8 security protocols that you can use in your favorite devices. IbVPN in addition to being a VPN provider, also offers Smart DNS and Proxy to provide the customer with advanced technology while surfing the web without problems.

Advanced VPN and proxy technologies will help you achieve your goals of privacy and freedom on the web, while Smart DNS will allow you to access content from geographically restricted sites.

It also features online entertainment content remotely from intelligent DNS. With IbDNS, you will be able to watch all the episodes of your favorite series, since it uses SmartDNS with which you can easily access more than 300 TV and radio channels around the world.

Por Qué Elegir IbVpn

IbVPN Analysis and Features

IbVPN, has unique features that differentiate it from other providers, its DNS technology that is frequently updated to keep its IP hidden, it also has more than one million satisfied customers, among its policies is the non-records.

Below are some of the most notable features of this VPN for you to learn more about it.

1. Ease of Use

While browsing the web we have found many opinions and good reviews about the IbVPN VPN, the most outstanding opinions are how easy and fast it is to download and install on the computer, highlighting that it takes less than 5 minutes to perform the installation.

After downloading and installing the IbVPN VPN applications, you will be able to connect in a matter of seconds. You can use the Proxys servers to change your IP, while browsing Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

If you need to access a server that is in a specific country, IbVPN has some tools that will facilitate this process. You only need to choose the geographical sites within the menu and choose the country or city of your interest.

2. Available Countries

IbVPN has 173 servers distributed in 44 countries, it also has one million satisfied customers worldwide. Their IP addresses are invisible. One of the most outstanding advantages that IbVPN has is that it has servers in countries where Spanish is spoken.

Here are some sites where the IbVPN servers are located:

  • In the Americas: Several IbVPN VPN servers are located in several countries in the Americas, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.
  • In Africa: IbVPN also has servers in Africa specifically, South Africa, Johannesburg.
  • In Oceania: IbVPN servers are active in Sydney, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Europe: Europe has the largest number of IbVPN VPN servers in the world, they are located in: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Poland, Denmark, among others.
  • In Asia: And could not miss the VPN in Asia where they are distributed in: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Vietnam, India, among others.

IbVPN offers a large number of high speed servers in the most frequented places around the world. For your benefit you can choose between enhanced servers for Double VPN, TORover VPN and P2P traffic.

The excellent service offered by IbVPN, stands out immediately when you download and install the VPN on your computer or mobile devices.

3. Contract Types

The contracts that IbVPN offers us are diverse, everything will depend on the need of the client. IbVPN promotes 4 types of VPN for each type of customer, all of them of course include hiding your IP, in an invisible way and protecting your privacy. They offer you a free 24 hour functional test.

  • First Standard VPN contract: ideal for customers who use the web on a regular basis, includes streaming, unblocking of restricted internet sites, privacy protection, allows VPN access and extensions, does not include SmartDNS Only 1 connection, unlimited bandwidth, high speed.
  • Second Definitive VPN Contract: this is an excellent option for a customer who needs privacy and security, includes very intense transmission, total unblocking of restricted websites, allows P2P torrents, high speed connections, 5 proxy server connections in each location, unlimited bandwidth.
  • Third Torrent VPN contract: this is a special contract for those customers who need to protect their identity very well while they are downloading Torrent. Includes privacy protection, no SmartDNS, only 1 connection, unlimited high speed bandwidth.
  • Fourth IbDNS Smart DNS contract: this contract is created to unblock restricted web pages. It includes SmartDNS and supports access to browser extensions, turbo speed connections, only 1 connection.

Descargar Torrent de manera anónima con ibVPN

4. Available Services

In addition to all the VPN services provided, IbVPN has IbDNS and Smart DNS. With this DNS technology, you will be able to access blocked sites and watch the latest movies or TV series. In addition, you can download and install your favorite games, applications or programs.

  • Intelligent, user-friendly technology
  • Access to over 300 channels, television and radio worldwide
  • Compatible on all your favorite devices
  • Manual Configuration
  • Special for people who travel constantly
  • Free 24-hour full-featured trial

Disponible para Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Ios

5. Security

When it comes to security IbVPN is highly committed to protecting the privacy and anonymity of its customers in a secure manner. At IbVPN, we respect each person’s right to privacy and confidentiality on the web, therefore we do not spy on our customers.

All information provided by customers is carefully protected. At IbVPN, they have a 100% no record policy, this means that any customer data, be it email, name or any other data is not saved.

One of the most important objectives of IbVPN VPN is to provide the customer with peace of mind so that they can surf the web without any censorship or geographic blockage

Seguridad de ibVPN

6. Support Quality

IbVPN, offers excellent VPN services, plus it has a 24/7 customer service that works all year round.

If you need to contact IbVPN, you can do so through the Technology Department using a live chat that is available to you, located at the bottom right of the screen.

Likewise, visiting the page https://www.IbVPN.com/help-center/ where you can expose the complaints or require any service.

ibVPN has a service to the customer 24/7

7. Netflix and Torrenting with IbVPN

We should know, that Torrenting is a safe technology where you can share P2P files. Believe it or not, BitTorrent moves about 40% of the world’s web traffic on a daily basis, reaching about 170 million users per month.

Even if torrents are considered safe and legal, one should not go to the line of illegality. Some infringement of the torrent law will appear immediately if someone dares to share or download copyrighted content.

Torrenting is prohibited in some countries of the world. It is important to note, that IbVPN condemns any form of violation of copyright laws and restrictions. Therefore, you should refrain from downloading or sharing copyrighted content, wherever you are.

With the IbVPN VPN you will be able to access Netflix from anywhere without any geographic blocking, hiding your IP in the same way. All Netflix movie transmissions, reach directly to the IbVPN user.

Con ibVpn podrás tener acceso a Netflix desde cualquier sitio sin ningún bloqueo geográfico

IbVPN speed

All IbVPN servers guarantee privacy and security to all its customers, in addition to this it has fast and secure servers that allow you to navigate without any obstacles.

IbVPN, has a huge network of comprehensive servers that aim to maintain the anonymity of your IP address and provide full unlimited speed and bandwidth to customers while browsing the web.

The unlimited full speed provided by IbVPN allows you to easily access transmissions from remote locations from anywhere in the country, always keeping your IP invisible and protecting your privacy.

What servers does IbVPN offer

IbVPN besides having the usual servers, has a network of high security to ensure excellent service to its customers at a low price. IbVPN places 7 different layers of security protocols in your VPN.

A VPN protocol is a technology that integrates different encryption schemes for data transmission. There are a variety of types of VPN protocols and it is very important to choose the one that suits your needs.

VPN protocols:

  • Open VPN: Open source protocol, it uses a client-server connection to provide fast and secure information between devices and the Internet. It is fully secure and one of the most used in the market.
  • PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol): is one of the oldest protocols still in existence, it was developed by Microsoft, it is used by companies to expand their business network through private tunnels using the global web.
  • L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol): This protocol is an extension of the PPTP protocol. This protocol provides full secure 256-bit encryption, is compatible with most popular operating systems on the market, but does not work on some routers such as DD-WRT, which is very easy to download and install.
  • SSTP (Secure Socket Tunnel Protocol): is characterized by high security. Recommended for use with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS. Provides 256-bit encryption. It is compatible with almost all operating systems on PCs and mobile devices. It is quite easy to download and install.
  • IPSEC (internet protocol security): it is composed of a set of rules that are used to strengthen security in a VPN connection. This protocol uses cryptography to provide security.
  • STEALTH VPN: allows web users to easily evade the restrictions they may find on the Internet. With this protocol you will be able to navigate very freely. This modern technology, will convert the traffic produced through a VPN, feel equal to normal traffic through the use of Proxy Obfs. No doubt your IP will always be hidden.
  • SOFTETHER: It is one of the easiest to configure and most functional and powerful protocols in the world. It is fully secure, this is due to its 256-bit encryption. It is a multi-protocol, that is to say, it combines characteristics of other protocols.

How to Install IbVPN for Safe Surfing

To download and install the IbVPN extension for secure browsing, you must enter the extensions store of the browser of your choice, search for IbVPN and select the first option that appears on the screen (the name varies depending on the browser you use). Click on it and then click “add” and wait for it to finish installing on your browser.

This procedure can take up to 5 minutes. After installation, an IbVPN icon will appear to the right of the search bar, click on the icon, and then click on “Agree and Continue”. After this step you must login to your IbVPN account.

IbVPN VPN Pricing and Promotions

1. IbVPN prices

IbVPN offers its customers excellent service at an incredible price of $4.95 per month, the prices of the packages are the lowest in the market. IbVPN, offers a full premium package for you to select the one that best suits your interests. It gives you a free 24 hour trial including unlimited speed and totally secure bandwidth and IP.

2. IbVPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

IbVPN has a 15 day money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the service. There are plans where you can use 5 devices simultaneously.

3. IbVPN Payment Methods

Making payments on the IbVPN platform, is quite simple, you can use the same payment channels you use regularly, plus some cryptomoney payments, but this can be optional. Remember that to register you will not need credit cards, in IbVPN they give you a free trial for 24 hours so you can get to know the service.

Below are the payment methods you can use to pay your monthly IbVPN fees:

  • American Express Credit Cards
  • MasterCard credit cards.
  • Visa Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Discover
VPN promotion Monthly Annual Annual Savings
Standard VPN $4.95 $36.95 38%
Ultimate VPN $10.95 $58.06 56%
VPN torrent $4.95 $36.95 38%
IBDNS smart VPN $4.95 $36.95 38%


Reviews on IbVPN

Every day we find on the web very favorable opinions about the IbVPN VPN, many of these opinions highlight the excellence in their services, low prices, easy to download and install.

In different countries this VPN has had a lot of acceptance so every day we find more opinions.

Below, we will show you some opinions from satisfied customers:

  • “Dear IbVPN team, so far, as a new customer, I have no complaints to you, on the contrary, the speed is excellent, since I started using the VPN I feel safer on the Internet, although I do not know much about these new complicated technologies. By the way, the support they offer is very punctual. The price, very good with discount included.”
  • “I’ve used this VPN for 1 year in a row, and I’m really happy with it all. The security of my Internet connection is total and I have not paid more for it. The price is quite cheap compared to your excellent service. I will continue to use it.”
  • “I’m an all time traveler, and I needed a VPN that was secure and reliable, I saw the IbVPN 24 hour free VPN promotion and decided to give it a try, I loved it and have been using it ever since. My IP is always hidden. And the price is the best.”

Analysis and opinion of the best VPN

Conclusion on IbVPN

As a conclusion, we can emphasize that this VPN is very complete, offering good VPN plans for every customer need, including in all plans excellent prices, security and IP address protection.

It should also be noted that IbVPN has DNS technology where you will have access to more than 300 television and radio channels from all over the world, with affordable prices. Furthermore, downloading and installing this VPN is very easy.

Conclusions on this VPN

Alternatives to IbVPN VPN

There are other VPN alternatives besides IbVPN, which you can use in the same way, they are VPNs that offer similar services to IbVPN although some have very different prices and features but with the same objective, to keep your IP hidden and to protect your privacy.

If you are interested in knowing more details related to these VPNs, we invite you to enter our website and check out other articles. Here are some VPN alternatives:

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Features summary of Ibvpn

Main Features Ibvpn
Discount Save 38%!
Price $3.08
See offer
Money back policy 15 days
Average speed 97 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 5
Servers 130
Countries 47
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about IbVPN

✅What is IbVPN?

IbVpn is an independent Vpn supplier, located in Romania with 15 years of experience in the Vpn market. It is characterized by providing its customers with security and privacy protection, invisibly hiding their IP. Although it is a small company it has full technology.

➡️Is IbVPN Safe?

IbVpn full is safe. Its main objective is to make customers able to surf the web without any problem of hacker, geographic blocking or spying. In addition, it hides the IP address of your computer or mobile device very well.

✨Reasons to Choose IbVPN?

There are many reasons to choose IbVpn. It has fast servers with state-of-the-art technology. It has a live chat to answer your questions, it has TV channels completely in Spanish, it gives you a free 24 hour trial with full access to all servers.

➕ What are the benefits of IbVPN?

IbVpn gives you many benefits. It offers DNS technology with access to more than 300 channels around the world where you can watch your favorite programs in Spanish or any other language. The prices are competitive. They offer free Vpn for 24 hours so you can get to know it. Your IP is always hidden.

⚡ How to install IbVPN?

To install and download the IbVPN VPN is very simple, first register on the IbVPN website, then you must enter the shop of extensions of the browser you prefer to search IbVPN and select the first option that appears on the screen, follow the steps one by one and ready.

✌️What is the price of IbVPN?

IbVPN has plans that adapt to the need of each client, the monthly prices are 4.95 very accessible for all the benefits it offers. In addition, they give you a free trial for 24 hours with unlimited browsing and hidden IP.

Be sure to visit our website and check out all the free VPN tests we have for you. We are waiting for you.

IbVPN User Experience and Opinions

Have you used IbVPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an IbVPN service in the comments.

To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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