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Best VPNs for Vietnam: Ranking, Prices, Views & Analysis

Currently, Vietnam is one of the countries where Internet censorship is common. Therefore it is essential to have a VPN for Vietnam that allows to unblock what is known as Bamboo Firewall.

The best thing you can do if you live or work in Vietnam is to download a VPN to protect your connection. With this service you can access the sites you want and prevent the government from monitoring your network activities.

The Vietnam VPN you choose should provide you with the maximum privacy and security to access the network freely.

Choose the best VPN for Vietnam to avoid the intense censorship experienced these days. You can also access regionally blocked content without leaving a record, take a free trial to check it out.

In this article you will discover all the information you need to hire the best VPN for Vietnam, you will be able to compare different types of services as well as the prices of each one, you will find very cheap plans and even some free ones.

Find The VPN For Vietnam You Need

There are many problems with censorship and surveillance by governments and Internet providers, so you will need to download a VPN for Vietnam. Do it and you can have the best experience for your web connection without risks.

Using a VPN for Vietnam is recommended, it gives you a way to ensure that the government cannot track your web usage. Data sent over the Internet from your computer will be absolutely encrypted.

According to users, downloading a VPN for Vietnam is the safest way to stay in the shadows while surfing the net. There will be no trace or record of your activity, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Below you will find in detail all the available VPNs by country, not only from Vietnam. You will have the tools to choose between the different alternatives that users have recommended in their opinions.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN Service In Vietnam?

Although Vietnam is a country with strict cyber laws, using a VPN is absolutely legal.

For all that has been cited is that users in their opinions have recommended downloading a VPN for Vietnam in an inescapable way.

When you proceed to download a VPN for Vietnam you will no longer be monitored by the government. You can also access blocked sites or avoid a cyber attack, with plans that are very cheap and even some free.

There are many inaccessible websites in Vietnam, especially those sharing political or human rights content. Because of these and other dangers downloading a VPN for Vietnam will be your best option.

Vietnam VPN Service Ranking

Top 10 VPNs for Vietnam

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Benefits Of Navigating With Vietnamese IP

The ideal way to surf in Vietnam is to have a VPN that has servers located in other countries. This is a recommended point in users’ opinions, due to the restrictions imposed by their government.

By connecting to a VPN for Vietnam you’ll be surfing with a different IP address and location than you are.

Having a VPN for Vietnam will help you avoid the country’s restrictions on online activities, and it is highly recommended that you purchase a VPN service to avoid such threats to your privacy.

Contar con un VPN para Vietnam hará que evites restricciones.

Buying a VPN for Vietnam: Features to Consider

To hire a VPN for Vietnam, take a look at what has been recommended both in this article and in user reviews. You will need to follow certain search criteria so that you can make the best choice.

A good VPN for Vietnam should guarantee that it will avoid Internet censorship while preserving your anonymity. It will have to offer good speed, ease of use, good customer support and a good number of servers.

In a country like Vietnam, it is very important that the VPN service has zero registration policies. So downloading the best VPN for Vietnam will give you an essential security tool at a very cheap price.

The most recommended VPN service will be the one that offers to unblock the restricted sites and avoid the censors. According to the users’ opinions you should make a thorough study to choose the best VPN for Vietnam.


Due to government restrictions, it is convenient to choose a high-speed VPN for Vietnam, so you avoid surveillance and censorship when you access the web.

You should choose a VPN for Vietnam that has fast and secure connection speeds. The most recommended ones in user reviews are those with a large number of servers.


You just open the software on your device and use the Internet as you normally do.

You’ll surf as usual, only now you’ll be protected with your Vietnam VPN and no one will be watching your activities anymore. You will also have free or very cheap services, and to try it out you can do a free trial.

Un buen servicio de VPN para Vietnam debe ser brindado de manera rápida.

Support Quality

If you visit VPN Paradise‘s homepage you will find different alternatives to choose the best VPN for Vietnam. On this site you will find a detail of each recommended service, including the free support they offer to their users.

According to the customers’ opinions, it is convenient that you hire a service that has several communication channels for assistance. Support is an important point to consider when choosing a VPN for Vietnam.

Number Of Countries

Downloading a VPN for Vietnam will give you the ability to connect to a server in another country. The more servers the provider has at its disposal, the more options you have to find the one that works for your needs.

If you work or live in Vietnam and connect to a foreign server you will use the Internet as if you were in the country where it is based. You will be able to surf the Internet freely without being restricted in your access to certain sites.

Compatible Services

In Vietnam there are many websites that are blocked or restricted for use. Despite this, with a VPN for Vietnam you can access your favorite platforms such as Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Word Press or BBC.

You will have access to unavailable content providers such as Netflix or Hulu, because your IP address will be from another geographic location. In addition to protecting your security and privacy online.

En Vietnam existen muchas páginas web que se encuentran bloqueadas


By choosing a VPN for Vietnam you can use a subscription to protect all your devices at once. Look for software that is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Amazon, or some other system.

Among the different options recommended above you can find one that supports connecting multiple devices. You can choose a service that is free as well as one that is very cheap.

How to Download and Install a VPN for Vietnam?

You can download a VPN for Vietnam after consulting the home page to choose the best service for you. Each of the providers you find there will offer you instructions for the installation of the software.

En general, la instalación de un VPN es muy sencillo.In general, the installation of a VPN is very simple and you do not need to have previous knowledge. Users, in their opinions, have recommended that you follow the step-by-step guides that each provider offers.

After downloading and installing the VPN for Vietnam on your device you can use it to access the Internet. In case you encounter any inconvenience you can use the free online support service to assist you.

To start you will need to start your VPN account in the browser with your credentials, it will be like accessing from the location of the server you connect to, you won’t have to do anything else, the software will take care of the rest.

You’ll be able to surf the Internet by keeping your IP address hidden. The best VPN for Vietnam among those recommended will give you strong encryption and the ability to surf the Internet without leaving a trace.

What Is The Price Of A VPN In Vietnam?

You will have a variety of options regarding the price, the recommended Vietnam VPN services are cheap. They range from $10.95 to $12.95 and in some cases provide discounts and even free trial periods.

In the table below you can compare the different prices you have to choose a VPN for Vietnam. You will also find a number of payment methods to choose from.

VPN Price Promotions
Express VPN From £12.95 -More than 3000 servers in 94 countries

-Live chat support

-Easy to use

-In payment for 6 months 23% discount

-In payment for 15 months 49% discount. Includes 3 months free

Nord VPN From £11.95 -5400 servers throughout the


-Unlock American Netflix

-6 simultaneous connections

-In annual payment 41% discount

-In payment for 2 years 58% discount

-In payment for 3 years 70% discount

IP Vanish VPN From £11.99 -Unlimited bandwidth

-More than 1200 servers in 60 countries

-5 simultaneous connections

-In monthly payment (first month) 59% discount

-In payment for 3 months 63% discount

-In annual payment 73% discount

Vypr VPN From £12.95 -High speed bandwidth

-More than 70 servers

-5 simultaneous connections

-In annual payment 71% discount

-In payment for 2 years 81% discount

Pure VPN From £10.95 -More than 2000 servers in 140 countries

-Zero-registration policy

-Military grade encryption

-In annual payment 47% discount

-In payment for 2 years 70% discount

How to Use a VPN in Vietnam?

Once you download a VPN for Vietnam you will be protecting your data with strong encryption. The government practices intense censorship in the country, but with this tool you will not be able to be traced.

Una vez que te dispones a descargar un VPN para Vietnam estarás protegiendo tus datos.The VPN operates efficiently and quickly, so you won’t even notice it’s running. This means that you can use the Internet as you normally would, but with the security of being able to surf freely.

A VPN for Vietnam will give you the ability to unblock restricted websites from the government, which users have recommended as the best option to avoid censorship and surveillance.

You will be able to surf the net freely with the peace of mind of not being blocked by the censors placed by the government. It is recommended that the chosen VPN has a zero registration policy.

By now you’ve figured out that the best option is to download a VPN for Vietnam. With this guide and user feedback you can choose this great privacy tool and enjoy the experience.

Vietnam VPN Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How to Navigate From a Vietnamese IP?

With a VPN for Vietnam you will be able to navigate from a different IP address than your own and have access to restricted content in the country. Due to the strong censorship in the area it is convenient to use a foreign server.

⭐Why Hire a VPN in Vietnam?

Downloading a VPN for Vietnam will provide you with secure and private browsing, without sensors or records. You will have serious encryption protocols and avoid blocking websites at very cheap prices.

➡ ️What is the most recommended VPN for Vietnam?

This review has recommended a range of services for contracting a VPN for Vietnam. You must take into account certain characteristics to make your choice, especially in a country with high censorship.

✨ What's the fastest VPN in Vietnam?

Vietnam has high speeds for Internet connection, but with significant government surveillance. For that reason the VPN chosen should be fast and one of the most recommended in that sense is Express VPN.

➕ What Is The Cheapest VPN To Navigate In Vietnam?

The prices that you can find in the VPN for Vietnam are very cheap, you will have a comparative table of prices of the recommended services. Based on the above you can deduce that the cheapest is Pure VPN.

🔥 How to Download and Install a VPN for Vietnam?

Downloading and installing a VPN for Vietnam is very simple, just follow the guides that each service offers on its site. You don’t need to be an expert to do so, and if you have any problems, you’ll have free support.

🌏 What Other Content Are Vietnamese VPN Users Looking For?

With everything expressed in these lines you can already choose a VPN to hire and opt for the most secure. Look for the one that gives you the most privacy to avoid censorship and if you still have any doubts, go to the home page.