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The Best VPNs for Japan: Ranking, Prices, Opinions and Analysis

Japan is a land that cannot be touched, with a millenary culture that has countless traditions, rituals, poets and wars in its range. As it could not be otherwise, it is also an active and leading part of the modern world as we know it.

The Internet is no exception. When globalization brought the wonders of the cyber world, Japan became one of the world’s epicenters, at the commercial level, but also at the individual level.

Whether you are in Japan, or simply need to access content from Japan that is being restricted, this is the page for you. If you are one of those seeking anonymity in a crowded world, downloading a VPN for Japan is the best option for you.

Free and cheap VPN is available in Japan; more luxurious ones are also available. In this article you will find everything you need to know to choose the best, the most recommended for you.

In VPNParadise, the articles are inspired by our own analysis and the services recommended by the most experienced users. So, we assure you that you will have no problem finding the best VPN for Japan.

Find the VPN for Japan you need

Choosing the best VPN is not an easy task. In Japan there are, mainly and as in the rest of the world, two issues to consider. Security is the first, and speed is the second.

When talking about security, it is valid to say that all the services you will find reviewed by VPNParadise are very safe. However, some offer more security than others. Anti-malware detection and end-to-end encryption are the two paradigmatic examples.

With Japan being such a populated region, connectivity issues are not uncommon, and using a VPN for Japan will help you overcome the speed issues you may experience in such a densely populated area.

Japan is, of course, not the only country facing problems that can be solved using a VPN. Below is a list of all the countries for which we have discussed security and cyber speed options.

Is it legal to download and use a VPN service in Japan?

Yes, it is. As in most countries, there are no laws that prohibit downloading a VPN within Japan’s constitution. Also, there are currently no decrees or amendments that address this issue. From a legal standpoint, it is very safe to download a VPN in Japan.

You can use a VPN for Japan with complete peace of mind, at least in view of the island’s legal framework. As we always make clear, the activities you carry out on the Internet, whether you use this service or not, must always be completely legal.

If you are in doubt about which activities are legal and which are not, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the laws of Japan. You can find the constitution on the Internet, through a simple Google search.

VPN Service Ranking for Japan

Check out our reviews of the best VPNs on the market:

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Top 10 VPNs for Japan

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Benefits of Surfing with Japan’s IP

By browsing with an IP from Japan you will be able to consume virtual content from Japan, without restrictions. Just as if you were inside the territory of Japan.

In addition, downloading and using a VPN is very valuable in terms of security. It is relevant to clarify that all VPNs reviewed by this site are equally secure. This is regardless of whether they are free, cheap, or luxury.

Some of the VPNs for Japan are in fact ideal for strengthening the encryption of business information. This takes on great importance when considering that Japan is a global commercial epicenter.

There are many companies in Japan, and more every day. This is the main reason why, according to verified specialists, VPNs for Japan are often very entrepreneurial.

Al navegar con una IP de Japón podrás consumir contenidos virtuales de Japón.

Buying a VPN for Japan: Features to Consider

There are six fundamental parameters that, in our opinion, you should take into account before contracting one or another VPN. By this we mean speed, usability, quality of support, number of servers, compatible services and supported devices.

1. Speed

Japan is eminent for its great connectivity. While in Japan, you will rarely experience problems with speed or stability of connection. On the other hand, there are regions in the world where it becomes very difficult to establish a fast and stable connection.

Therefore, choosing a VPN in Japan is a great solution to the problems you may have with speed in other regions of the globe. Especially in East Asia.

2. Usability

Consider that downloading a simple and fast to use service is the best thing you can do, and the best thing you can do for your employees if you are looking for a business VPN.

In this type of service, simplicity is worth gold. It is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a VPN for simple, personal home actions, download a simple one. If you want a VPN for your company, hire a simple one too.

Los mejores VPN para cambiar la dirección IP

3. Quality of the support

It is not common to hear about problems using a VPN for Japan, precisely because of the characteristic stability that has already been mentioned. However, it is possible that they will happen. It is always better to consider the technical support service of the chosen program.

Free VPNs, or the cheaper ones, don’t usually include great customer service. That’s why the most recommended thing among the opinions of experienced users is to invest extra money and make sure the customer service is reliable.

4. Number of countries

The number of servers owned by a Japanese VPN service is a fundamental parameter to consider. In Japan, where internet speed is superlative, this feature may seem inconsequential.

However, as in the rest of the world, it is always best to find out beforehand how many servers each VPN has. The closer you are, the better the connectivity.

5. Supported Services

IP masking and regionally unrestricted browsing are the two basic functions of VPNs. There are no VPNs in Japan or elsewhere that do not offer these fundamental services.

The point is that free VPNs, and some of the cheaper ones, offer nothing more than that. The elite ones, in addition to great customer service, are worth it for their additional features.

Ni en Japón ni en otro sitio hay VPN que no ofrezcan estos servicios fundamentales.

6. Devices

Most VPNs are compatible with Windows and Mac. For this reason, you should have no trouble finding a VPN to use from your computer.

Many quality VPNs (free services are rarely available) have support for phones, game consoles and tablets. Some also support projectors and other devices. This feature can be especially useful in companies.

How to Download and Install a VPN for Japan

Downloading and installing a VPN in Japan is the same as the rest of the world. If you have already read another of our articles, you will remember that the first step is to go to the home page of the desired service.

Before that, of course, you must have chosen a VPN for Japan in particular. The best way to choose a service is to pay attention to the opinions of the specialists and take into account, of course, that the price is cheap, or accessible to you.

Then look on the site mentioned for the account creation button, usually in one of the top corners of the web page. It is also time to decide on a payment method.

The most common means of payment in Japan are Paypal, credit cards, and crypto-currencies. A few services also accept bank transfers. This parameter is lower, but you should take it into account anyway.

Another parameter, within the range of the most important, is price. Therefore, you will soon find a complete table with all relevant information about the prices of VPNs in Japan.

Un VPN para Japón es útil para desbloquear contenidos restringidos

What is the price of a VPN in Japan?

VPN Price Promotions
NordVPN ¥374.91 -Non-recording policy.

-6 devices.

-30-day return guaranteed.

ExpressVPN ¥716.51 -Customer service 24 hours a day.

-Available Hulu, Torrenting, Komi and Netflix in 4k.

-Limited bandwidth.

Cyberghost VPN ¥295.41 -More than 4,000 servers available

-Up to 7 devices.

-Support 24/7.

TunnelBear VPN ¥357.72 -30-day return guaranteed.

-Protects 5 devices simultaneously.

-IP from 22 different countries.

Hotspot Shield VPN ¥858.31 -45-day return guaranteed

-Protects 5 devices simultaneously.

-IP from 80 different countries.

How to Use a VPN in Japan?

Los VPN para Japón funcionan de manera parecida.As such, VPNs for Japan work in a similar way. All of them offer the service of IP hiding, changing it for another one in a transitory way, assuring your absolute anonymity. All of them can also be used from the computer.

In addition, they all provide safety tools to ensure safe navigation. They can be used as extensions to your browser, or activated as a desktop program.

For more questions about using a VPN in Japan, please visit the reviews on our home page, where you will find specific information about using the best VPNs on the market.

FAQs about VPN for Japan

⛳ How to Surf from a Japanese IP?

If you are in Japan, browsing from a Japanese IP is what you do automatically when you connect to the Internet, with no VPN involved. However, if you are somewhere else in the world, you need a VPN from Japan to do so.

🔥Why hire a VPN in Japan?

Users agree that hiring a VPN is the best option for increasing security and speed. VPNs offer end-to-end encryption and other security features that complement those of any antivirus.

➕What is the most recommended VPN for Japan?

According to users’ opinions, and our own analysis, the most recommended VPN for Japan is NordVPN. Its features include a non-registration policy, simultaneity of up to six devices and guaranteed 30-day return.

✨What is the cheapest VPN for surfing in Japan?

With a monthly price of only ¥295.41, Cyberghost VPN is the cheapest service reviewed by this article. Its features include more than 4,000 available servers, simultaneity on up to 7 devices and 24/7 technical support.

➡️How to Download and Install a VPN for Japan

To download a VPN in Japan you must first decide which service is best for you. Then all you have to do is log in, create an account, pay and download the software. You will need to decide on a payment method before you can start the download process.

⭐Will VPNs for Japan definitely change my IP?

The answer is no. That’s not how VPNs work. These services will temporarily transform the specific identification of your computer or device to mask it from potential observers.

✅What Other Content Are Japanese VPN Users Looking For?

Now that you know everything about how to download the best VPN for Japan, all you have to do is jump in. Just in case, don’t forget to visit our home page to learn more about the VPN services available in other countries around the world.

Good luck!