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Hide.Me: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Hide.Me VPN is an excellent alternative, if you are looking for a good full VPN service with free option and to have the best security and privacy online. It is a perfect tool, to give you constant and intensive use, since it is a good technical support.


Have you ever wondered why a VPN service is free?

In addition to slow speed, spam and annoying ads, some users have told us that free VPN services sold their data and personal information to third parties.

Here are some alternatives for secure and reliable VPN services

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The best thing about Hide.Me VPN is that it has no ads. It also offers customer support with the free contract. Although it is free, it is limited to 2 GB per month and does not have access to OpenVPN.

This VPN provides different options to its users in relation to entertainment and torrenting file transfer, this coupled with an attractive design that provides ease of use and a reliable network of servers that protect browsing.

Pros And Cons of Hide.Me


  • Prevents theft of financial data.
  • Unlocks websites from different locations.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • No records.


  • Very limited trial version.

Reasons to Choose Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me VPN has become popular, as it is a VPN that is very easy to download and install, and also offers the best security, speed and simplicity. It is a provider that does not keep records and its main objective is to offer total protection to its users.

This VPN has 100 servers located in 28 countries around the world. The speeds of this VPN are much faster than other known services.

Hide.Me VPN offers excellent levels of encryption through AES-256bit with 8192 bit keys. It protects you from leaks, does not save your logs, allows for great connection stability, and you have the opportunity to select from various protocols in its premium version.

By downloading and installing this efficient VPN you can use it in a very simple and intuitive way, while it is in operation it does not suffer from crashes and allows P2P traffic by showing you the best servers for this to happen.

Por Qué Elegir Hide.Me VPN

Reasons to Choose Logmein Hamachi

Hide.Me VPN, stands out for its excellent service and for the variety of features it includes, among them we can highlight the following:

Ease of Use

Hide.Me VPN full with IP addresses, is very easy to download and install, and can be used on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, MS Surface, Mac, Android and Windows Phone. It can also be configured on routers, Kodi and Linux, among others.

All you need to do to create an account on this full VPN, is download and install the program on your device and log in with your username and password to start connecting securely.

If you have any questions when downloading and installing Hide.Me VPN, you can use the guides on their website. The app of this VPN allows you to connect to the protocol you select and if you want to configure it manually, it has a different process for each protocol.

Hide.Me VPN is very easy to download and install

Available Countries

Currently Hide.Me VPN has very good reviews, as it is a VPN that operates 1400 servers in 55 countries. On the official website there is a list of available servers, which you can change if there is a possibility of available capacity at that time.

Among the countries available to this VPN are the United States, Russia, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Iceland, China, Morocco, among others.

Paises en donde esta disponible Hide.Me VPN


The compatibility of Hide.Me VPN has generated excellent feedback, as it is sufficiently broad in relation to device compatibility and the efficient connection usage utility it has.

Hide.Me VPN full with IP addresses, is compatible with devices such as iOS, MacOS, Android, Apple or Windows computers and with the Linux operating system. It also has the ability to work with web browser extensions optimized for this VPN.

iOS, MacOS, Android, computadoras Apple o Windows y con el sistema operativo Linux

Types of Contracts

HideMe VPN contract types are different in terms of price, performance, and the length of time you contract. Therefore, you need to look closely at the plans so that you can select the one that is closest to your convenience in terms of function and price.

Contracts are very useful, as it is a way to ensure the relationship between provider and user, this will help you to cancel your contract in case it does not comply properly with the private network service.

Available Services

When you use a VPN service on your computer, you connect in an encrypted manner to a certain server, which in this case will be a Hide.Me full VPN with IP addresses, so a connection will be formed through a tunnel to maintain the security of the data traffic.

The Hide.Me VPN service, uses a large number of protocols such as PPTP, IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, Softether, L2TP and SOCKS. It also offers AES-256 encryption and automatic operation for maximum security.

Hide.Me full VPN has very good opinions about the availability of a wide range of devices and can be used on 5 connections at the same time as they are allowed in your premium plan.

Este VPN ofrece un cifrado AES-256


This VPN, focuses seriously on security and advanced protection, as it is a VPN that encrypts data so that you can safely surf the Internet from anywhere.

It’s a VPN with good reviews, which has the ability to hide your IP address and prevent Internet service providers and hackers from tracking or spying on your online activities. It has a logging policy that avoids storing your online activities.

Seguridad al usar este servicio de VPN

Support Quality

Many support systems do not respond quickly like Hide.Me VPN. This VPN has generated very good feedback, as it is a service that responds to chat in a clear and appropriate manner to the user’s query quickly.

This VPN, not only has chat, also offers a system of available tickets, guides to download and install the program and to configure the operating system, has pages of frequently asked questions and a 24-hour customer service.

VPN support technician Hide.me

Netflix and Torrenting with Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me full VPN has favorable reviews, as it is a VPN that not only allows you to use Torrents, but also offers a specialized proxy for fast P2P connections, which also protects online activities and data to remain anonymous.

Despite this, Netflix’s followers, with this VPN will be quite disappointed, since it is a VPN that does not work with this transmission service, this is because Netflix prohibits all servers to unblock the transmission giant.

Hide.Me VPN Speed

The speed you can get with this full VPN with IP addresses, are excellent, as it is a VPN that when connected, you can browse and download and install files with a high level of speed. Of course, in the free version it doesn’t have this level of speed.

Hide.Me full VPN by including SOCKS Proxy, allows an optimized and totally secure speed, since it is an Internet protocol with the capacity to support most of the applications that send data through an optimized connection to this VPN.

The design and perfection of this VPN, together with Proxy SOCKS, is a connection combination that can decrease the data transfer time from one port to another efficiently and with the highest TCP performance, which significantly favors the connection speed.

Which Servers Does Hide.Me VPN Offer

A very important feature in a good VPN service is the way in which the server network is shaped to achieve good service provision and efficiency.

In this sense, Hide.Me VPN, is conformed by 100 servers located in 28 countries worldwide, this allows an efficient coverage and speed of navigation depending on the server with which you make the connection.

How to Install Hide.Me VPN for Safe Browsing

Hide.Me VPN is one of the providers with favorable opinions, since it is a full VPN with IP addresses that has great facility to download and install its operating program.

To help you download and install this full VPN, you must click on each operating system to let it download and install and you’re done.

However, if you wish to install and set up Hide.Me VPN manually, you must follow the step-by-step instructions in each operating system and device, as explained below:

  • You must right click on the network icon in the taskbar and then on Open Network and Sharing Centers.
  • There you’ll click Establish a new connection or network and then select Connect to work area and click Next.
  • On the next screen you have to click on Use my Internet connection.
  • Then you must choose any server that is in the area and put the server address that appears as Internet Address and as Destination Hide.Me VPN, you will give it to Not connect at this time and click Next.
  • Here you will enter your Hide.Me VPN login credentials, then click on Remember Password, and finally on Create. Open the Network and Sharing center and click on Change adapter settings.
  • To continue the process, click on your VPN adapter and then click on Properties. There go directly to the Security tab, select IKEv2 VPN Type, choose the settings and click OK.
  • Right-click the network icon on the taskbar, choose the VPN connection and click Connect. If the connection is successful, you will see that it will show as Connected and you will be able to manage your VPN connection in the network settings.

Hide.Me VPN Pricing and Promotions

Hide.Me VPN, offers different plans each with an attractive price and various forms of payment, from which you can choose according to your needs and budget.

There is also a free 500 MB plan, in case you do not want to access specific server locations, as it is a plan where you can only select Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Precios y Promociones De Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me VPN Prices

The price of each plan varies depending on the time in which you want to make the contract, in that case below we will show you the price of each of the plans of Hide.Me full VPN with IP addresses, in addition to having excellent reviews:

  • Premium 1 month plan: This plan is priced at $12.95.
  • Premium Plan for 1 year: It is a plan that is priced at $59.95 and you will pay $9.99 per month, having a savings of 33%.
  • Premium Plan for 2 years: This is a plan that is priced at $ 99.95, monthly will have to pay the price of $ 4.16 and provides a savings of 68%.

Hide.Me VPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Hide.Me VPN full, has 3 fabulous plans still competitive price and payment facilities. These premium plans allow you to connect to up to 5 devices at the same time and also to use different IP addresses.

Also included are unlimited broadband and 75 GB per month for your enjoyment of secure data transfer and Internet browsing. Each plan has a 14-day money back guarantee and access to OpenVPN.

Hide.Me VPN Payment Methods

Hide.Me VPN has different payment methods to cancel the price of the various plans of this efficient VPN, among the most important we can mention the following:

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Amex credit cards.
  • Debit cards.
  • Paypal.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Bank Transfers.
  • SEPA.
  • Money order.
  • Virtual currency.


Reviews of Hide.Me VPN

When you want to use Hide.Me VPN, you may want to know what users think before you purchase one of their plans. Below we have selected some reviews that may be of interest to you:

  • When it comes to using a good VPN, Hide.Me deserves praise, as it is simple and has broad compatibility. Among many opinions I can say that among so many providers that exist today, it is worth doing the free trial.
  • After looking for a good VPN among so many, I can say that Hide.Me is the best for me, since it is a VPN that has 3 free locations, total privacy when surfing and many other benefits that encourage you to choose a paid plan.
  • Subscribing to a plan provides great benefits, but the free option is one of the best I’ve tried, and I guarantee it’s very helpful in knowing if it’s worth paying for the efficiency that Hide.Me provides.
  • Among the opinions I can give about Hide.Me, I can highlight that it is one of the best because it is safe and reliable, and it has a fast service especially if you use the Premium plan.

Como funciona Hide.me VPN

Conclusion About Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me VPN full with IP addresses, is a service that can keep you anonymous and protected while you are surfing the Internet. It can also hide your IP address and encrypt your connection, which helps keep your data and activities safe.

This VPN makes it easy for you to use the Internet freely. It can be quickly downloaded and installed and allows you to access various locations around the world with fast speed and high potential.

It is a VPN that strives to provide you with security by preventing other Internet service providers and computer spies from spying on your online activities.

In general, this VPN allows you to remain anonymous and protected when using the Internet on your devices and offers you attractively priced plans that also feature a 14-day money back guarantee.

Hide.Me VPN se esmera en brindarte seguridad

Alternatives to the Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me full VPN with IP addresses, is among the best VPN, which in turn has a long list of alternatives like those shown below:

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Features summary of Hide.Me

Main Features Hide.Me
Discount -
Price Free
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed -
Encryption 256-bit AES
Devices 1
Servers 100
Countries 28
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Hide.Me VPN

What is Hide. Me VPN?

Hide.Me VPN with Spanish server, is a service that allows you to have an anonymous and totally safe navigation while you surf the Internet, it also has the ability to hide your IP address and encrypt your connection so you can enjoy safe privacy.

Is Hide. Me VPN Secure?

This full VPN with IP addresses is completely secure, as it is a VPN that can protect and encrypt your Internet connection so that you are not seen by others.

Reasons to Choose Hide.Me VPN?

Hide.Me full VPN with IP addresses, can be used with ease, because it is a VPN that lets you use the Internet with freedom, you can configure it quickly and have access to all locations that have around the world, plus it has an efficient speed.

What Benefits Does Hide.Me VPN Have?

This free service VPN allows you to stay protected and anonymous while surfing the Internet on your devices. It offers 3 attractive plans with unlimited features and you can easily download and install it with a 14-day money back guarantee.

How to Install Hide.Me VPN?

In order for you to download and install this full service VPN for free, Hide.Me VPN has some applications that with just a click you can get any of their operating systems. All you need to do is download and install the application and activate it.

How Much Does Hide.Me VPN Cost?

Hide.Me full VPN with Spanish server, has 3 premium plans at a price that will surely guide you, the plan for 1 month is priced at $ 12.95, the plan for 1 year is priced at $ 59.95, with 33% and the price of the plan for 2 years and $ 99.95 with a savings of 68%.

Can I keep Hide.Me VPN for free ?

Hide.Me full VPN with IP addresses, offers a free version with 2 GB and 1 device only while you can try before you select a certain plan so you can see how this efficient VPN works with excellent feedback from its users.

What Alternatives to HideMe VPN Are There?

If you still don’t know which VPN to use, you can read other reviews on our website. We have the best VPNs, both paid and free.

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