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SurfEasy VPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

SurfEasy VPN is one of the best VPNs we have tested, as you can install it on computers, phones and tablets. In addition, you can bypass restrictions of any region to access all types of blocked content.

This provider has different plans. Prices vary according to your needs. They offer three plans: one free and two fully equipped in features.

To find out if SurfEasy VPN is right for you, it is important that you know its features and main benefits. In this article you will find all this information.

It is a service that offers you a private virtual network connection. In other words, it is constituted as a software that provides you with the necessary tools.

Limit access by third parties to a connection on your network for the purpose of data theft or disruption of privacy services. That is why this VPN encrypts all traffic on the website itself and hides the address from all of you.

Pros and Cons of Surfeasy


  • Allows up to 5 connections simultaneously
  • Fast connections are available
  • Enables secure Torrent downloads
  • Offers extensions for Chrome and Opera browsers
  • Provides the user with a 7-day money back guarantee
  • Works with Netflix


  • No automatic switch-off
  • Does not guarantee protection against DNS leakage
  • He doesn’t have a kill switch.

Plans and offers of Surfeasy

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

Free Plan



per month

Save 100%! off

See offer

Reasons to Choose SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is a provider that works on all platforms and devices, such as Windows, Android, iOs and Mac, making it an extremely profitable alternative.

One of the most important benefits is the privacy policy. This allows you to hide all your online activities, and serves against computer theft.

Why choose this VPN provider.

In addition, it offers you an efficient service. That’s why it’s a great option. This VPN has affordable prices compared to other providers and has several attractive promotions.

Within these promotions there is a free version, with a variety of options for you to navigate the web.

This provider is one of the best because it can be installed on computers, phones and tablets

SurfEasy VPN is one of the best options for you when looking for an accessible and simple provider. Without a doubt its features, functions and benefits make this VPN a unique attraction.

SurfEasy VPN Analysis and Features

In order to know which VPN to choose, you must take into account certain characteristics that are vital within the service provided. Features such as usability, speed, number of servers are important.

1. Ease of use

SurfEasy VPN stands out for being a totally user-friendly service, which makes it ideal for all types of users. This practical tool allows you to purchase the service, install it and start enjoying the security and privacy it offers.

Surfeasy is one of the easiest to use vpn.

Also, for those users who need additional help, there is a customer service. This service is 24/7 and is totally live.

2. Countries Available

The number of countries covered by a VPN can define the quality and effectiveness of the service. This is why it is necessary to know how many countries this VPN covers.

For the free plan, this provider offers you 16 locations around the world, which is a large number for these versions.

For the other full subscription plans, you have 1,000 servers in more than 25 countries around the world.

3. Devices

Surfeasy VPN can be installed on your computers, tablets and computers with current operating systems. They can be Mac, Android, Linux, Windows, Kindle and iOs. Also with browser extensions such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera, among others.

4. Contract Types

SurfEasy VPN contract types vary depending on how long you decide to hire their services. This way, this provider rewards those who hire long-term plans with more affordable prices. We will see this in depth in the following sections.

The contract has the importance of recording the obligations that the VPN provider guarantees you. This way, if you are not happy with your VPN service, you can always terminate the contract and opt for a competitive option.

5. Available Services

SurfEasy VPN offers you the typical services of a VPN with high

Analysis and opinions to navigate using this provider in Spain.security. you will be able to connect and access Netflix’s geographically blocked content, as well as play its content at high speed. It allows totally secure Torrent downloads.

It also offers extensions for browsers such as CHrome or Opera. Finally, in case their services do not suit you, you have 14 days to return the contracted VPN pack.


The strong encryption handled by SurfEasy is called “bank security”. This will help to avoid regional blockages and is totally useful for keeping data private and secure.

The non-registration policy is one of the best and most solid advantages, being security the first and most important thing for you. This policy of SurfEasy VPN guarantees that personal data will not be stored or risk being sold to interested third parties.

Safety analysis to the download Surfeasy VPN to navigate.With SurfEasy you can camouflage any kind of real location. This VPN has a 256-bit encrypted SSL, which means that all your data is protected against possible computer crimes.

As soon as you need to connect from a public WI-Fi network, SurfEasy gives you the ability to encrypt your mobile or computer, so that your personal information is not stolen.

7. Quality of Support

SurfEasy VPN offers virtual private networks with total reliability for all its users. Its more than 1,000 servers don’t experience downtime and you won’t have any problems installing its browser extension either. However, if this happens, SurfEasy VPN provides you with several ways to receive support.

This way, you can contact them by phone, live chat or email. Whatever medium you use, you will have a professional in networks, helping you to solve your doubts with any of the processes of installation or configuration of a VPN.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with SurfEasy

Surfeasy, despite its low prices, is one of the most complete VPNs in the market, which is reflected in its ability to perform Torrenting without problems.

But beyond torrenting, it is also compatible with Netflix. So it manages to avoid geographic content blockages. This allows you to access absolutely all the content of the platform.

Speed of SurfEasy

Another important feature is the connection speed offered by a VPN. When a VPN connection is used, traffic is diverted, which affects and reduces the speed.

In this VPN there is no decrease in performance. That’s why it makes it one of the best VPNs in terms of speed.

Surfeasy speed is one of the best.

The variables that can affect the speed of SurfEasy are many. That’s why several tests are carried out to get to the truth in order to determine if it’s really efficient, beyond the comments left by users.

The number of servers, location, or type of internet connection are just a few of the many factors that can make significant changes in the speed of SurfEasy, a company that has become known for the many positive comments it has.

To be able to safely determine the speed of SurfEasy with real numbers, different tests were conducted with different circumstances and locations, taking into account the data and scores of the overall average of the VPNs.

1. Download Time Test

To be able to do this test, it was not a location that was taken into account, but the ping time that it took in relation to Google. The results were these:

  • General average: 25 ms
  • With SurfEasy: 73 ms

2. Test Connection Time per Second

This test sought to calculate the average time it takes to connect to different websites. The results were these:

  • Overall average: 9 ms
  • With SurfEasy: 19 ms

Although many customers claim that this is one of the fastest VPNs they have used in a long time, experts have taken the time to make specific assessments to find out the truth about the speed of SurfEasy.

SurfEasy VPN servers

SurfEasy provides you with a total of 1,000 servers worldwide. It is available in up to 25 different countries, so you can adopt up to 40,000 shared IPs. It doesn’t keep track of your information and doesn’t include automatic disconnection functionality. In addition, ter allows up to 5 devices to be connected to the VPN network per license.

How to Install SurfEasy VPN?

It’s one of the highest rated VPNs on the market. Its procedure is really very simple, and it is also very easy to understand. You only have to follow the steps that we are going to show you below:

  1. To start downloading SurfEasy you need to go to its official website, and click on the start button, where you will be redirected to the plans section.
  2. Since SurfEasy only has one ultra-fast monthly plan, you only have to start again, but from the payment section, where they also explain all the benefits you can get.
  3. They will give you the option to register and you will have to give them your email address, plus a password to be able to access the SurfEasy account later.
  4. They will send you a verification e-mail. Once you have confirmed that it is really you who wants to join SurfEasy, you can log in to your account.
  5. To log in you only need the e-mail and the password that you had previously placed (you will be asked to place it twice to check and avoid errors).

You will automatically be able to start using this VPN. The steps to download SurfEasy are simple. They don’t require too much data, so your privacy is even better. You only have to make the necessary settings to comfortably change your location.

Prices and Promotions of SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy offers you 2 basic plans, Starter and Full. Prices vary depending on the services and characteristics of the plan you want. We will explain them below:

surfeasy offers 3 basic plans

1. Prices of SurfEasy VPN

The Starter Plan is a completely free, but limited, plan with only 500 MB of navigation. The Total plan is priced at $1.99 per month.

2. SurfEasy VPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

All plans are available with a 14-day refund policy. As you only have one payment plan, there are no relevant promotions to display.

3. SurfEasy VPN Payment Methods

SurfEasy has few payment methods. This VPN only accepts credit cards and Paypal. Even though they are few methods they are the most typical. This huge company offers you the option of a refund within 14 days. This is from the first day you have contracted your service.

4. Summary Table of Prices and Promotions

Plan Price Promotion
Starter Free No promotion
Monthly $1.99 No promotion

Reviews of SurfEasy VPN

To really get to know a VPN it is important to know what other users who have already had experiences using its services say. Among the opinions of SurfEasy are many positive comments, where the great work of the company is praised.

Analysis and opinions set surfeasy vpn to surf the webMany of the opinions of SurfEasy claim that it is a high quality VPN, with a quite affordable cost and a surfing guarantee that offers total privacy. That’s why it’s one of the most highly rated VPNs on the market.

Here are some of the opinions of SurfEasy left by other users:

  • “I’ve been looking for a good VPN for quite some time, I even tried some, but after hiring the services of SurfEasy I realized that it’s the best”.
  • “Thanks to SurfEasy I got faster browsing, plus it gives me all the security I need”.
  • “With this service I’m sure that all my data is kept private when I’m surfing. No one knows what I’m doing, and it also allows me to enjoy excellent downloads and torrents”.
  • “With its use I was able to say goodbye to wasting time on ridiculously slow connections.”
  • “I feel completely safe because I know my IP is protected. Another thing in its favor is that I have a technical service that works 24 hours, I feel confident in case an eventuality occurs”.
  • “The plans you offer are reasonable and offer many discounts. In addition to this I have up to 5 devices connected at the same time and I can use the platform I want, it’s just great”.

Conclusion of SurfEasy VPN

In conclusion, this VPN service is one of the most complete services on the market. It has a completely simple interface and different plans.

In addition, its price is accessible and presents a perfect balance with quality, being remarkable over many other VPNs.

Without a doubt, SurfEasy VPN will allow you to improve your web surfing experience. It has the best privacy, speed and a large number of servers.

Alternatives to SurfEasy VPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

Save 80%!


per month



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Features summary of Surfeasy

Main Features Surfeasy
Price $1.99
See offer
Money back policy 14 days
Average speed 9.54 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 5
Servers 1.000
Countries 25
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about SurfEasy VPN

✅ Reasons to Choose SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is a fairly complete service in terms of privacy, anonymity, number of servers and promotions.

In spite of its reduced speed, depending on the activities you have, it will be something that will hardly be noticed. It is a VPN that generally meets the expectations it creates.

❤️️ What are the benefits of SurfEasy VPN?

The main benefits of SurfEasy VPN are privacy and security. It will give you immediate protection, as it will create an encrypted channel to protect your data on insecure networks.

In addition, this service will hide the IP location, allowing you to view content that is regionally blocked.

⚡️ How many countries can SurfEasy VPN cover?

SurfEasy is a modest VPN with servers in just over 28 countries around the world.

To many of you it may seem that you have few locations, but they are the best in terms of speed and safety.

✨ How much does SurfEasy VPN cost?

This provider currently has a single payment rate. SurfEasy also offers us a free, but limited, plan. The subscription fee is $1.99 per month.

✅ What promotions does SurfEasy VPN offer?

The main promotion offered by SurfEasy VPN is the starter plan, which is totally free and offers 500 MB of surfing.

💻 How does SurfEasy VPN work?

SurfEasy VPN can be configured very easily. It is downloaded to your device or computer to be used. You proceed to install, where the installer does a default job.

As easy as that, you choose the country to which you want to mask the IP address and proceed to navigate in a safe and efficient manner.

⚠️ How many devices can SurfEasy VPN connect to?

SurfEasy VPN allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously. It is a great option within the wide variety of existing VPNs.

💻 What Other VPN Services Are SurfEasy VPN Users Looking For?

So far all the information about SurfEasy VPN Have you decided to acquire this VPN? In case SurfEasy VPN doesn’t convince you, you can visit our analysis about the best VPNs and choose another option.

Opinions and Experience of Surfeasy Users

Have you used Surfeasy before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a VPN Surfeasy service in the comments.

To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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