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The Best Free VPNs: Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

In most cases finding the best free VPN can be a difficult task. With a little time you will have the best choice of a free VPN to surf safely even on Android.

Many of you may not have enough money to hire a VPN for Android or Windows. Fortunately, there are providers that offer free trials of their services.

These free VPN services offer lower-than-average security features and connection to servers. However, they do their job very well and will serve to hide your IP address from any browser or device.

Best Free VPNs by Category

Here you will find the best quality and most efficient VPNs which work for free. With some disadvantages when competing with a full service.

Comparison of Best VPN services free.

The following table reflects the best VPNs on the market, both free and paid. The information is classified according to category, equipment to be used, devices, browser and country. There are VPNs for each particular activity. Others work better on certain devices or browsers. It is also important to remember that not all the best VPNs have servers in all countries. VPN Paradise provides you with updated and reliable information, to make your decision a great one:

Free Best VPN Analysis

In this list, you will find links to articles where an in-depth analysis of each best VPN service provider is conducted.

Best VPNs with Free Trial

  • VPN for UK English
  • Experts
  • Quality

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Sign up for the Best Free VPN: What to Watch Out For

A VPN has multiple uses that are currently very useful in the insecure world we live in. Its main function is to provide security during your navigation on the Internet. It is also an excellent option to avoid all the censorship that currently exists on the Internet. This guarantees a much more fluid and gratifying navigation. Encryption of information should not be left behind either, as this forms a large part of security.

In the case of free VPNs, all guarantee a level of bank encryption. They are excellent options for any of you who need basic functionality and an average connection speed.

When you buy your free VPN provider you have to keep in mind a number of features that it should meet. This way, you can be sure that their services are reliable and that they can guarantee you secure connections and protection of your private data. The features are the following:

1. Ease of use

Using a VPN is very simple. Just find the provider, buy it and install it. This will take only a few minutes and it will be ready to use. Some users are more familiar than others with the full use of a VPN. But most of you prefer easy-to-use programs, whether they are free or paid.

The use of a VPN is common among you so it has become legal from the year 2020 in most countries. As a consequence many companies use a VPN to surf safely and protect their confidential data.

2. Available Countries

If you decide to use a free VPN for secure browsing, depending on its characteristics you will notice the lesser or greater number of countries and quality. They usually offer a service with more than 70 possible locations around the world. This is important, because the more countries available, the more servers they can make available to you and the more geographical barriers they can overcome.

3. Devices

If you choose to hire a free VPN service, you have to take into account that you can use it in all the devices you want to connect to the network. This way, if you have multiple devices, it is convenient to create a VPN network to keep all your private data away from perverse uses by hackers. This is the best way to browse the network safely without having your passwords and usernames exposed.

4. Contract Types

The contract you establish with your free VPN provider will determine the services it must provide. Because it is a free service, the contract will generally contain fewer requirements than a paid VPN. However, the relationship between provider and user should be screened to see if the requirements we expect from a free VPN provider can be met. If this is not the case, you can always terminate the contract.

5. Available Services

The services most often required of a free VPN provider are the geographic unblocking of certain content, such as Netflix streaming pages or e-commerce with special offers for a certain country. But they are also often used for extra security in Internet browsing. It will be essential that you check that your free VPN can offer you the services you demand, otherwise you will have to opt for a payment option.

6. Security

Surfing the Internet is much safer if we do it from a free or paid VPN. This way, we will be able to hide our IP and leave no trace of browsing. This is very useful when it comes to giving a break to hackers who want to use our personal data for illegal activities. Make sure that your free VPN can give you all the guarantees that you require in terms of security. Usually this type of service is used to gain security, so most free VPNs are prepared for this.

7. Quality of Support

Free VPN providers usually have a more limited support system, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. This way, you can contact them through chat rooms, help centers and support emails. These types of free VPN providers have fewer services than a paid VPN provider. However, when it comes to geographically unblocking websites or hiding IPs, they can always offer help with small problems.

8. Speed

Another quite important feature is the speed of the VPN. This allows you to download torrents, watch streaming video without pause, buffering or lag.

Best VPN services ensure optimum connection speed

Depending on the VPN you choose it will be more or less fast and will help overcome the ISP buffer. This means that whoever uses it will have a fast or minimum speed if they wish.

How to Install a Free VPN?

To connect to a free VPN from Windows you have it very easy. You only have to follow a few simple steps that we present you below:

  • First, you will need to access the “network and resource center” of your computer and choose the option “Networks and Internet”.
  • You must select a new incoming connection, which you can access by pressing the ALT key.
  • You will need to enter the server name, username and password provided by your free VPN provider. Each time you want to connect to the network, you will have to enter them again.
  • After that, you will have to click on “OK” and hit the next button. You will then check the box “Through the Internet” and hit “Next” again.
  • After that, you’ll have your connection to a free VPN server by rebooting your device.

What is a Free VPN? How does it work?

A VPN has multiple uses that are currently very useful in the insecure world we live in. Its main function is to provide security during your Internet navigation. It is also an excellent option to avoid all the censorship that currently exists on the Internet. This guarantees a much more fluid and gratifying navigation. Encryption of information should not be left behind either, as this forms a large part of security.

In the case of free VPNs, all guarantee a level of bank encryption. They are excellent options for any of you who need basic functionality and an average connection speed. In order for you to know how a VPN works you have to take into account how it generates your connection. This is represented by startup routes which is where the information travels.

Virtual Private Networks have servers distributed worldwide

During this trip, an authentication mesh will be applied where the information will be sent, all this is for the protection of the network where the data will travel. In this way the information can be protected by restricting access to people who are not authorized.

When you purchase a VPN client, it will be able to select a preferred country where you want or need to connect.

When you start the VPN what happens is that the ISP connects to another server. In this way it makes a change of IP address to the one provided by the VPN.

Benefits of using a Free VPN

Protecting your information is one of the most important features you need when it comes to getting the best free VPNs. A VPN is able to help you unlock information that is not available in your location. It also prevents many information theft threats.

There are many things you can do with the best VPNs for safe surfing. It’s just a matter of the user knowing how to choose, since the use of this goes beyond just browsing, but also all the privacy it will give.

  • Watch TV online without location blocking.
  • View Netflix, BBC, Streaming, Hulu without slowing down.
  • Protects the user’s IP.
  • Unlocks international channels.
  • Totally hides the real location.
  • Download speed.
  • Speed when using a game.
  • Hides private information.
  • Change the IP address.
  • It connects to more than 10 countries.

Best Free VPN Reviews

If you still have doubts about what a free VPN server can do for you, we leave you with the opinions of 3 users of this type of service so that you can form your own opinions about the best free VPN.

Free VPN service is an excellent alternative to change the IP address

“I was interested in unlocking the contents of my Netflix account for America and didn’t know how. I heard about the VPNs through online reviews, but realized that they were all paid for and I didn’t want to make an investment. Therefore, I chose a free VPN provider. This way, although their services are more limited than a paid one, I can access streaming content from other geographical areas of the world.

“I’m concerned about the security of my data when I surf the public Internet. This way, you never know who might be spying on your data and getting it for profit. That’s why I chose a free VPN server, because without having to scratch my pocket it offers me extra security for all my connections.

“I wanted to get a Spanish IP from my country of residence, but only for a commercial transaction of a rental service, which I could get at a lower price from a geographically exclusive page of Spain. After reading reviews, I opted for a free VPN, as I was only going to use it once and it was not worth the investment of money”.

Conclusion of the Most Used Free VPNs for Safe Surfing

If you don’t have the money to get the services of a paid VPN. These are the best options in the world of free VPN.

Best Free VPN options SiteThey offer quite acceptable features despite being free VPN services. In addition, they are companies with a great track record in the market, so personal information is secure.

All the free VPN services mentioned in this article have a paid version with many more features and benefits.

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge about the best free VPNs for safe surfing. VPN Paradise explains in detail about free and paid VPNs.

Offering you all the information regarding VPN completely updated with tables. so you can compare the best free VPNs on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Free VPNs

✅ Which Free VPN is Best?

All the free versions are excellent, but if it’s about efficiency NordVPN may be the best option, as it offers a premium version for all 30 working day users.

It also has excellent navigation speed and a wide variety of countries available for connection.

❤️️ Is there a completely free VPN?

The answer is yes, there are free VPN providers who promise excellent speed and confidentiality.

The problem comes from the fact that most of them are suppliers from China (coincidentally one of the countries with more censorship in the world) who market the databases with the users’ information.

➡ ️ How can I get a free VPN?

You can get the free version of any of the VPNs mentioned on their official website.

How long the free version lasts depends on the provider, as well as which features users are allowed to use.

✨ Are free VPNs safe?

All the above-mentioned VPNs (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or PrivateVPN) offer the best and most secure free versions on the market, which include security protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.

It should be noted that VPN providers offer their best service even to free users as they usually end up being delighted and subscribing.

️⛳️ How can I change my free VPN?

Before making the final purchase, the user can use the free version for a few days without any commitment to check how the service is and see if it is what they are looking for.

Remember that the trial versions are unique for each user and after the expiration or exhaustion of the navigation limit you must change to another service.

⚠️ How Can I Use Free VPN?

The use of a free VPN is extremely simple, you just have to buy the version that offers more features, install the provider’s client and enjoy the service.

It is important to remember that most trial versions have limited functionality compared to the full version.

Now that the best free VPNs have been analyzed, it is possible to make a decision regarding any of these. It is important to keep in mind that although the trial versions are excellent, for full technical support and full version software.

Are you sure you want to use a free service? There are a lot of cheap VPN services that offer excellent quality.

We also have at your disposal the best VPNs, in case you need an exceptional quality service.