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Best VPNs for Thailand: Prices, Opinions, Ranking and Analysis

Are you on the hunt for a VPN for Thailand? Lately, the use of this type of applications has become a fundamental tool for safe surfing on the Internet by hiding your IP from the servers.

In order to hire the best VPN service in Thailand, we are going to document ourselves with a series of factors to take into account. By reading the opinions of the specialists we will know that this type of applications are important when it comes to surfing the web safely and without leaving traces.

Here we will show you the best ones in Thailand and the most used and recommended by experts. Among them some free services and others paid at a very cheap cost that we will show in the examples. Take a look!

Find the VPN for Thailand you need

The main reason for buying a VPN in Thailand is the security it will provide for surfing the internet. By downloading it you will also be able to access public wifi networks safely as these services offer encryption of outgoing and incoming data.

Whether it’s free or cheap, purchasing this service is the best option for people working online in Thailand. It will allow you to connect to servers in other countries by hiding your IP, with the possibility of preserving private open source data through encryption.

Once you get yours for Thailand you will start enjoying all the benefits and recommended servers. Users say that today it is something that everyone should use.

The next thing we’ll see is another type of VPN that exists in addition to those in Thailand. You can find services from different countries around the world:

Is it legal to use a VPN service in Thailand?

Yes, downloading and using a VPN in Thailand is completely legal. Today there are a lot of companies that offer this service for those who want to hire it being from Thailand, as well as different companies.

Everything is under regulation in Thailand so that this type of application is within a legal framework. Also, the Thai government regulates the prices a lot so that they are economic and also so that they exist in their free mode.

The numerous opinions of specialists agree that the use of this service is completely legal in Thailand. This way, you can not only surf the web safely but also completely legitimately.

VPN Service Ranking for Thailand

Top 10 VPNs for Thailand

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Our choice






Great Offer




Exceptional Quality


Customer Service








P2P & Torrent











Benefits of Surfing with IP in Thailand

So far we have seen that hiring a VPN service in Thailand has a lot of benefits. Thousands of users enjoy this type of product daily.

Mainly it stands out, and taking into account the opinions of the specialists, the security it provides by hiding your IP when surfing. It has many advantages when downloading it, such as a 256-bit AES encryption depending on the provider you hire.

Contratar un servicio de VPN en Tailandia tiene una gran cantidad de beneficios.

Also, when you contract this service for Thailand, the internet companies will not track you online. You can take advantage of these benefits by hiring a service both free and inexpensive. We always recommend downloading the most recommended ones.

Another benefit of VPN for Thailand is the ability to unlock content that is geographically limited in that area. You will be able to access Spanish TV and more international content while residing in Thailand.

Buying a VPN for Thailand: Features to consider

To make sure we get the best VPN service in Thailand, i.e. the one that best suits your interests, we will consider a number of features below.

In this list, you can review the main features to consider before downloading a VPN for Thailand. Always taking into account the opinions of experts and users, these are the main points to surf the Internet safely. Again, we suggest choosing those recommended ones that have been tested.

1. Speed

The first feature when choosing a VPN service is speed.

In addition to safety, this service takes speed into account. Knowing this, it is best to hire those with more servers between different countries.

This will increase speed and efficiency. Many users use it to download content with the P2P service as it is very fast.

2. Usability

It is important to know how we will use this service in Thailand. If our intention is to give it a daily use, it will be better to opt for that service recommended by the opinions of users and experts.

These VPN services do not have a complex interface, it is simple and easy to use. For this, we recommend not to hire a free service, but one that is paid but very cheap.

Es importante saber el uso que le daremos a este servicio en Tailandia.

3. Quality of Support

After having contracted the service, we will not only take into account the speed but also the quality of the support. It will be of vital importance that the company providing this service performs it correctly.

In case of any inconvenience to solve a possible problem, we must be sure that the other side will provide us with the necessary support to solve any doubt by installing the VPN.

4. Number of countries

We continue to review the requirements of a good VPN for Thailand. It is necessary to mention the number of servers that have a VPN in different countries. This makes companies not only increase their speed, but also the security when surfing the Internet since it allows us to have IPs from different countries.

5. Compatible Services

Es muy importante navegar con seguridad en Tailandia para ocultar tu IP de los distintos servicios de internet.For companies offering this type of product in Thailand, it is very important to surf safely to hide your IP from the various internet services. In addition, there are services that are compatible with this type of VPN such as Netflix.

Also, companies offering VPN have a large capacity for torrenting. To guarantee this, it will be better to hire those best valued by the users’ opinions, and also very economical.

6. Devices

Depending on the VPN service you contract in Thailand, the number of devices connected to the application will be higher or lower. If you contract a free service, you will only be able to have one device connected to the VPN.

In the case of contracting a cheap service, the number of devices will be higher. Depending on the plan you choose to hire, you will be able to connect up to 12 devices at the same time.

How to Download and Install a VPN for Thailand?

Downloading and installing a VPN for Thailand is a very easy task. The companies that provide this service make sure that the process can be done by users in the easiest possible way to start enjoying all the benefits such as speed and security.

Among the most recommended services of VPN for Thailand by users, companies are responsible for providing customer support to perform the installation. In case of any problem you can contact the technical support.

After downloading the service for Thailand, we must install it.

To do this, you need to go to the network center of your computer. Then, you must choose the VPN option.

There, we must choose the network that provides us with the Thai VPN network that we have contracted in the first place. After doing this, you have to press on the connection control and start enjoying the benefits that the product provides.

If you have any problems taking this step, please contact the free support offered by the VPN providers in Thailand. After contracting a service at a cheap price, you can start enjoying the attention offered by the recommended providers.

What is the price of a VPN in Thailand?

There are a lot of VPN services in Thailand. According to numerous expert opinions, the most notable and best are those listed in the table below.

We mentioned earlier that there are both paid and free services. Of course, the best services will be those for which we pay a small amount of money. In Thailand, this service is very cheap.

After downloading and installing this product, you can start enjoying data encryption to hide your IP and surf safely. The companies that provide these services also have different promotions and payment methods.

En este país existen una gran cantidad de servicios VPN.

Credit or debit cards are the most common means of payment for VPN in Thailand. You can also make bank transfers to hide your IP. And some options have the possibility to pay by electronic wallet, such as Paypal etc.

In conclusion, VPN rates in Thailand range from ฿10 to ฿13.

You will see that it is a very cheap service that even with these prices would seem to be free. These are the services we recommend:

VPN Price Promotions
TunnelBear ฿10,88 30-day return guaranteed.

Protects 5 devices simultaneously.

IP from 22 different countries.

Avast ฿13,04 30-day return guaranteed.

Protects 5 devices simultaneously.

IP from 35 different countries.

Windscribe ฿13,33 3-day return guaranteed.

Protects 1 device simultaneously.

IP from 63 different countries.

Hide my Ass ฿13,04 30-day return guaranteed.

Protects 10 devices simultaneously.

IP from 190 different countries.

Private VPN ฿12,48 30-day return guaranteed.

Protects 6 devices simultaneously.

IP from 56 different countries.

How to use a VPN in Thailand?

Using a VPN in Thailand is very simple. First you must download one of the services we have been evaluating throughout this article. These are the best and most recommended according to the opinions of the users themselves.

El uso de un VPN es muy simple.Once you have downloaded this product to your computer, all you have to do is start using it to make surfing the internet safer. You will need to connect to the different servers offered by each VPN provider for Thailand.

In Thailand there are many companies that offer the VPN service. Because of this, you can choose from different companies that provide this service on the Internet to encrypt your data.

After you succeed in installing the service, you can always ask for help at the free support offered by the VPN networks in Thailand. The use of these applications is very easy and as soon as you install it you can start.

Frequently Asked Questions about VPN for Thailand

✅ How to surf from an IP in Thailand?

To do this from an IP in Thailand, you must contract a VPN service either paid or free. Then you can surf from an IP in this country safely. You don’t need to do any more configuration to connect to a VPN network in Thailand, it’s that simple.

⭐Why hire a VPN in Thailand?

Because on the Internet there are data pirates who try to track your information to scam many people. By hiring this product you can hide your data and be protected from these scammers. Whether you are in Thailand or another country, it is a very important security tool.

➡ ️What is the most recommended VPN for Thailand?

The best VPN will always be the one that meets the user’s needs. For Thailand, the best evaluated according to specialists are the 5 listed in the table above, for example TunnelBear, Avast or Windscribe.

To be on the safe side, we recommend reading the reviews of available VPNs for Thailand shown on this page. Once you’ve reviewed the reviews from each provider, you’ll know which Thai VPN is best suited to what you’re looking for.

✨What is the fastest VPN in Thailand?

Speed is one of the fundamental items when hiring a VPN in Thailand. For users who require speed to download for example a P2P service, our recommendation is HotSpot Shield as it is listed as one of the fastest. Check out the rest of the fast Thailand VPN in this article.

➕What's the cheapest VPN for surfing in Thailand?

The cheapest VPN to surf in Thailand is TunnelBear. It offers a plan to surf the web safely at only ฿10,88 per month in case you choose to sign up for a longer period of time. There are free options within the VPN for Thailand, only with less features.

🔥 How to Download and Install a VPN for Thailand?

Downloading a VPN for Thailand is a very easy task. It is important to install some of the recommended services such as Avast. They provide free support in case of any problem at the time of download and installation. You can always choose the free version or pay for it at an affordable price.

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