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AnonVPN: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

If you want to protect your devices and are looking for a secure VPN, AnonVPN is one of the providers you can find on the web. According to AnonVPN it has a lot to offer its users, to start with it ensures that you will be able to surf anonymously.

AnonVPN is characterized by its zero record policy and they try to fully comply with it by using a single payment system. They also ensure that they offer excellent prices and make it as easy as possible to download and install the application on every compatible device.

If you want to know how true AnonVPN’s offer is, if it is available in several languages, the price of its full plans, if it offers a free plan, as well as all the main features regarding its operation, we invite you to make a detailed review of our analysis.

Pros and Cons of AnonVPN


  • Does not have a registration policy.
  • It is compatible with the most used platforms.
  • Maintains anonymity thanks to payment by quotas.
  • Maintains anonymity.
  • It allows to make torrents.
  • Affordable prices.


  • Servers are disconnected on a regular basis.
  • There is no refund policy.

Plans and offers of Anonvpn

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

3-Month plan



per month

Save 30%!

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 36%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose AnonVPN?

One of the reasons AnonVPN may be an option to choose is its non-registration policy, this guarantees that for no reason can your information be used by AnonVPN. We can mention that the most popular devices can access this service.

Downloading and installing AnonVPN is very easy and fast, by means of this tool you can make torrent, users have access to this tool if they wish and it is the ideal VPN for those who are looking for a VPN for superficial visits through the web.

Elegir Anonvpn en 2020

AnonVPN Analysis and Features

In order to determine if AnonVPN is the protection tool you need, it is necessary to know its main characteristics, so you will know if it is capable of meeting your expectations, if you will be able to easily manage the tool, the services you will have at your disposal and more.

1. Ease of use

This will depend on the environment where you work, i.e. the device where you want to download AnonVPN. Unfortunately this provider only has a native application for Windows and Mac, the process of downloading and installing this provider is very simple and using the tool is even easier.

However, when we find mobile devices with operating system the process is more complicated because it does not have a native application, a factor that is generating opinions of dissatisfaction because the user must make the manual configuration.

However, AnonVPN has a complete guide that will explain step by step the whole process of downloading and installing the corresponding program. Unfortunately there is no free plan or free trial time to verify the ease of use of the application.

2. Available Countries

Although you can cancel the price of any of the AnonVPN plans if you wish, the reality is that this provider has a limited number of servers, it is not surprising that the connection is intermittent, meaning that their users must select one of the few available servers.

All of them located in very distant countries, this makes the speed very poor, the same happens in any of the countries where other languages are spoken and those located at great distances from the providers.

3. Types of Contracts

AnonVPN does not have any kind of contract, the user can perfectly cancel the subscription of any of the full plans without even revealing his identity, before making the payment of the price of the service he should simply verify the terms and conditions.

Unfortunately estanVPN does not have a refund policy, free trial time or free plan, so it is necessary to pay attention to the policies to avoid any future incidents.

Dispositivos compatibles con Anonvpn

4. Available Services

According to what is possible to appreciate in the main website of AnonVPN the services that are available in their full plans are

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Secure internet access from anywhere in the world.
  • Access restricted pages (anonymity).
  • High level support.

5. Security

This point is somewhat of a mystery for AnonVPN as it does not specify any special features regarding its security protocols. We can simply mention that it supports PPTP, however it is considered insecure and vulnerable to malicious attacks.

In view of the lack of information, it is normal to assume that you do not have a safety switch. When we talk about the registration policy AnonVPN ensures that they do not store any information except for email and passwords which are entered during registration on the official website.

This level of security is questionable since AnonVPN’s headquarters is in the United States which has an alliance with the 5 and 14 eyes. Although AnonVPN claims to allow access to geolocationally blocked pages, we really question this due to their limited servers and day-to-day locations.

As for torrent, according to some opinions it is possible to do it safely. However, for some suppliers with so many mysteries it is difficult to trust this information. If we add to this the fact that it may not have a safety switch, the risk would be greater.

6. Support Quality

Unfortunately the support offered by AnonVPN is quite poor, it lacks phone support, live chat and only works using the ticketing system which leaves a lot to be desired.

According to some customers’ opinions, they have used the service and after a few days the service has not even offered an answer to the doubts established by its users in the ticket section. Similarly, it is important to note that its FAQ section is superficial and of little help.

Atenci贸n al cliente de Anon vpn

7. Netflix and Torrenting with AnonVPN

Regarding access to the Netflix library, it is not completely secure if it is possible to access it, apparently their servers are able to overcome the barriers of geolocation blocking in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic, however accessing the Netflix platform is not completely secure.

With respect to the torrent, some users claim to have carried out this activity, however, it is not clear what protocols AnonVPN uses, and the presence of a security switch is unknown, so it may not be convenient to use AnonVPN for this activity.

Speed of AnonVPN

Although the AnonVPN site claims to have unlimited bandwidth for its users, which translates into unlimited upload and download bandwidth, there are actually many aspects that limit browsing speed.

In the case of AnonVPN its speed is not something that stands out, it is not considered the worst, but neither is it among the best, this can also be a result of its very limited number of servers, something that should be improved to provide a better service.

Speed 鈥嬧媣pn

What Servers Does AnonVPN Offer?

As already mentioned AnonVPN is very limited in this respect as it only has 5 servers located in three different countries. Three of its servers are located in the United States and the rest in Canada and the Czech Republic.

Although many times the number of servers may not influence the quality of the service, the truth is that the number of servers is quite limited and only residents of the United States can enjoy a medium quality service.

However, although users can access from anywhere in the world, download and install the program and pay the price of full subscription plans, the quality will not be the best. Even according to many opinions the speed of this provider is regularly affected.

How to Install AnonVPN for Safe Surfing?

If you want to download AnonVPN to your Windows device you must go to the official page, at the top select the device and you will be directed to the section where you will be asked to download and you will be instructed step by step how to download and install AnonVPN on your computer.

Once the file has finished downloading the AnonVPN file, in the window that will appear click on “Next“, read the license agreement and if you agree proceed to install. Once completed select “Finish” leaving the option to “Start AnonVPN” checked.

Authenticate or create your AnonVPN account to start using the product. For mobile devices, you must repeat the initial process and follow the directions on the AnonVPN website.

Instalaci贸n del vpn

AnonVPN Prices and Promotions

If, after what you have seen so far, you would like to know the price of AnonVPN services, check the available promotions and the payment methods used by this provider, we present that information in detail below.

1. AnonVPN Prices

AnonVPN has four listed subscription plans in the service time period. For one month you must pay the price of $9, for the full quarterly plan you must pay the price of $19, for the full annual plan you must pay a price of $69 and if you wish to enjoy full service for life you must pay $199.

Precio del vpn

To begin with, we believe that AnonVPN’s prices are exorbitant based on what it offers, users have similar opinions and this added to the fact that it does not have a free plan, nor a trial period, makes it necessary to consider whether it is worthwhile to purchase a plan.

One unfortunate point is that the provider does not have a free version, refund policy or at least a free trial period. The full lifetime plan of AnonVPN is certainly not an option.

2. AnonVPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Unfortunately AnonVPN does not have any kind of promotion available for its users or new customers, which is quite unfortunate since there is really no way to attract users, the price of its service is high for what it offers, it does not offer free trials, it has no refund policy and no promotions, it leaves a lot to think about.

3. AnonVPN payment methods

Due to the non-refund policy of AnonVPN they have chosen to prevent the user from paying the price of their full plans within the platform, therefore the user must purchase a subscription card prepared on third party websites. A rather clever method.

The problem is that when looking for a distributor of these cards we run into a wall. If you use the google search engine you will find that it is almost impossible to find information in the first search options, that is to say that apparently there is no one who sells this card.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $9 No promotion
Annual plan $5.75 36% off

Reviews of AnonVPN

After a thorough search and review of user opinions we did not find that most are negative referring to the cost of service, the lack of native applications for mobile devices, the absence of a free trial investment plan and recurrent service interruptions.

“AnonVPN is all you need to connect securely and efficiently to public wifi networks, where they can track your data”.

“If you want a simple and cheap option to get a VPN provider, try AnonVPN and you’ll be convinced.”

“Since I’ve been sailing with AnonVPn, I can see that extra security I’ve been promised. The truth is, I wouldn’t trade this tool for anything in the world.”

Conclusion About AnonVPN

Although there is little information about security provided by this provider on its official website, some users mention the good service it offers since it apparently gives access to some game pages, protects the IP address and DNS and also stores almost no records.

However, these opinions are from users who used the service in previous years when it was perhaps better. Currently the cost is high, its service is obsolete and has many deficiencies, which it hides by depriving its users of security details, which makes this provider an unreliable option.

To this we add that making torrent is not completely safe and that you will not be able to access Netflix at all, even if users can access the service, it will be deficient. In short, we do not recommend this VPN and invite you to look for more options.

Alternatives to AnonVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Anonvpn

Main features Anonvpn
Discount Save 35%!
Price $5.75
See offer
Money back policy 0 Days
Average speed 20Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 1
Servers 5
Countries More than 200 countries
See offer

AnonVPN Frequently Asked Questions

鉁 What is AnonVPN?

It is a small VPN provider that offers a service that guarantees to protect the privacy of its users during their session on the Internet, in which it gives them access to restricted pages, protects the IP address of their devices, you only have to pay the price of their full available plans.

猸 Is AnonVPN Safe?

The truth is that we have little information about AnonVPN’s security protocols, some customer reviews claim that their service is safe and that they felt protected during their sessions. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability of this information.

鉃★笍 Reasons to Choose AnonVPN?

AnonVPN is a provider that guarantees that you will have access to restricted pages, you will be able to access public WiFi pages safely, your IP address and DNS will be secure, in addition AnonVPN handles a payment method that prevents registration, thus respecting its non-registration policy.

鉁 What are the benefits of AnonVPN?

There are few features or benefits offered by AnonVPN however for users who simply wish to surf safely, access some geolocation restricted games and protect their IP and DNS address you can cancel the price of one of the full AnonVPN plans.

鉀 How to install AnonVPN?

For Windows you simply need to go to the home page, find the download option, then run the .exe file and install. For other devices, you should review the guide available for downloading and installing AnonVPN as they do not have native applications.

鉃 Can I get AnonVPN for Free?

No, unfortunately AnonVPN does not have a free plan or free trial, nor does it have a refund policy so you should be completely sure you want the service before paying the price of any of your full plans.

馃敟 What Other VPN Services Are AnonVPN Users Looking For?

We hope that our article has been of great help to you. If you are looking for other alternatives to this one you can go to our website and enjoy a high range of this type of applications that exist in the market.

Anonvpn User Opinions and Experience

Have you used Anonvpn before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using an Anonvpn VPN service in the comments.

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