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Tuxler: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Today, there are a wide variety of VPN servers that function as protectors of our internet connections, some are only dedicated to encrypting web traffic, while others specialize in keeping our privacy safe and offering secure anonymity within the web, Tuxler, is this specialist.

Tuxler is one of the best VPN providers in the market, it has a free version that will protect your privacy and allow you to enter any website with the required security.

Tuxler has over 70,000 IP addresses listed as residential, making it the leader in VPN services.

It is a site that ensures that all its customers get the best performance in terms of security and service, so that, in addition to encrypting traffic easily, they can hide their location and thus avoid all the censorship that can be found on the network.

If you’re looking for the best free VPN to download, Tuxler is a safe and reliable option. Below, we’ll show you more about this VPN that has very good reviews among its users.

Tuxler Pros and Cons


  • Encryption is powerful, plus it has random proxies.
  • It’s 100% free with no limitations
  • It is very easy to download and install.
  • Its proxies are constantly updated making this VPN impenetrable.


  • It is governed by the laws of the United States, so its confidentiality is in doubt.
  • As it is totally free, there is a lack of confidence in its functionality.

Plans and offers of Tuxler



per month

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Free of charge


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Reasons to Choose Tuxler?

There are many reasons to prefer Tuxler VPN services. Without a doubt, one of them is because it is one of the best VPNs on the market and its operation stands out by keeping the customer’s privacy and security at bay.

It offers its VPN for free but at the same time it offers a premium plan at an excellent price where it also safely hides your IP so you can surf the web without any problem.

Downloading and installing the Tuxler VPN is very easy. Just install the extensions. If you want to use it with Google Chrome or Firefox, it’s free. In addition, you can download the Premium version which is much faster at an incredible price. Tuxler has very good reviews among its users.

It also offers guaranteed security. Although it is free, it meets all the requirements demanded to protect your customers very well and make them feel confident to enter the network without being detected.

Tuxler is an excellent VPN that maintains a continuous refresh in your proxies making it a hard to block VPN, it hides your computer’s IP very efficiently. You can enjoy various services with complete confidence, including Netflix or your favorite online games.

Por Qué Elegir Tuxler VPN

Tuxler Analysis and Features

It has several features that make it a unique VPN, for this reason, many people have chosen to download and install it on your pc, taking advantage of the fact that it offers its services for free. We show you below why it is one of the most used in the market.

Tuxler analysis and VPN features

1. Ease of use

There is no doubt that it is one of the simplest and easiest to use VPNs, this is affirmed by many of its users in their opinions and comments left on the web. Downloading and installing the extensions and configurations on the pc, takes less than 5 minutes, and the VPN is ready to use.

When the Tuxler application is correctly installed and you have full access to your data, you only need to click on connect to modify your IP and you can enter a much faster server, which you can connect to in a few seconds.

If you are looking for a server that is in a certain country, Tuxler has tools that can make the process very easy. You only need to select the locations within the menu and choose from the countries and cities shown there.

2. Available Countries

One of the most outstanding features of Tuxler is that it has over 70,000 new IP addresses in 92 countries, many of which are Spanish-speaking. It also has servers in areas considered privileged for using a VPN.

These are some of the areas where Tuxler VPNs are found:

  • In Europe: In most European countries there are servers to connect to the Tuxler VPN.
  • In America: the countries where the servers predominate are Canada and the United States, the latter has the largest number of servers because Tuxler was created there.
  • Middle East and Africa: Tuxler VPN servers are distributed in very strategic places in Africa with excellent results
  • Asia: there are also servers connected in different countries of Asia are approximately 14 countries.

3. Devices

The excellent quality of service offered by Tuxler is demonstrated by downloading and installing the VPN on the pc, you can also enjoy an unlimited number of devices associated with the same account.

With Tuxler you can access all the most used platforms, such as full extensions for Chrome and Firefox, iPhone, Mac computers, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Esta disponible para Windows, mac, Iphone, Androide, Chrome y FireFox

4. Types of Contracts

Tuxler has two versions of VPN services one that is free and another full premium but with a very accessible price, both offer excellent quality services. Tuxler VPN packages range from unlimited bandwidth, secure connections, 100 daily location changes, access to all locations.

Although it offers a totally free service, this does not interfere with the quality of the service. Anonymity and privacy are a priority for this VPN. With the help of this service, you can change your geographical location while connected to the Internet.

5. Available Services

In addition to the excellent services offered by Tuxler VPN, we also find other services such as end-to-end encryption, which is a communication technique where only the people using the VPN can see what is happening.

It is used to avoid being listened to and watched by any other person seeking to tune in, such as internet providers, etc. The goal of end-to-end encryption is to ensure that data is sent over a very secure channel.

This encryption procedure is done at each end of the connection and all parties must know the specific encryption key in order to access the data.

we also find other services like encryption end to end

6. Security

When it comes to security, Tuxler is the leader. Everyone who has decided to download and install the VPN has discovered how secure it is, the use of random proxies that are constantly being modified makes Tuxler impenetrable. In addition to the military-grade encryption they use, it provides extreme full anonymity.

It’s common to see many users surprised at how secure and reliable Tuxler VPN is because it’s free. The main goal of Tuxler is to protect your IP address and to keep you anonymous in a secure way.

The function of Tuxler VPN is to redirect your traffic so that when using your PC, phones or other devices, you can remain anonymous while accessing various websites.

The main objective of Tuxler is to protect your IP address to stay anonymous safely

7. Quality of Support

At the same time, it offers quality in its VPN services, just as it does with customer service. It has a web page (https://tuxler.com/contact/) where you can enter and request the service you want.

The opinions of the users of this VPN are very good. The attention is personalized and they solve the inconveniences in a fast and safe way.

Among the opinions of users also highlights the security they feel when doing business on the web, are constantly refreshing the IP to keep all structures safe and keep their customers protected.

Soporte técnico de Tuxler VPN

Which Servers Does Tuxler Offer

Among the many services it offers, is its variety of servers that will allow you to access the web while keeping your IP invisible. Each server has a totally different purpose.

One of the most common objectives is to increase the speed and security performance of your customers’ IP. Among the servers that Tuxler offers are:

  • Remote Access VPN Server: allows users to connect to private networks and use their services from a remote location.
  • Site-to-site VPN server: mainly used by corporations. Companies can have offices in different sites, and may use a VPN to link them.
  • MultiHop: allows users to be connected to 2 different VPN servers at the same time offering them full security.

How to Install Tuxler for Safe Surfing

Downloading Tuxler VPN is quite simple. If you want to use it on a mobile phone or tablet, you just have to download and install the corresponding extensions on Google, after the installation of the extension, you will have to install an application on your pc to make it work properly.

After this tool is downloaded to your computer, you can start using the VPN from Firefox or Google Chrome, for this, you must click on the icon that appears in the address bar and select activate the VPN and ready, you can start browsing safely, you must select the country to which you want to go.

Cómo Instalar Tuxler para navegar seguro

Tuxler Prices and Services

Tuxler VPN has a totally free service and a full premium service with very accessible prices. In this section we will compare the differences between the free version and the full premium version so you can choose the option that suits you best.

Payment Methods

On the Tuxler platform, monthly payments can be made with different payment methods. There are several options that users can use for convenience when making their payments.

Here are the payment methods you can use:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Kryptomonas, Bitcoin, litecoin.
  • Paypal.


Service Offer Price Savings
Free Version Free 0%
Premium Version $7.99 0%

Precios y Planes de Tuxler VPN

Reviews about Tuxler

The feedback on Tuxler is excellent, all users express their opinions highlighting the good service they offer and how safe they feel using this VPN. From many parts of the world they comment on their experience in either English or Spanish the satisfaction is the same.

Here are some of the satisfied customer reviews we found on some websites about Tuxler VPN:

  • I was looking for a way to further increase the security of my Internet connection, but without spending a lot of money. So, I started looking for a VPN provider that would give me what I was needing at an affordable price. I tried Tuxler, a free version, and the results have been amazing! I have never had any disconnection problems, and the difference in speed is minimal.
  • I am a frequent traveler and have had problems with geographic blocking in the past. So I started looking for a quality VPN server because I need to have full access to the Internet to manage my business while I am away from home. Then someone recommended Tuxler, and I’m glad I did. His VPN servers are a wonder and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to get them.
  • I’ve always been concerned about privacy on the web, so I was looking for a good VPN server. But I didn’t want to spend a fortune to get it. I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Tuxler VPNs, but I’m very happy with their service today. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Since I do business online, I needed to have an Internet connection that was private. So I started looking for a VPN server that would provide this service efficiently, and keep my information secure. I found Tuxler and fell in love with their price and service.

Opiniones de usuarios sobre el VPN

Conclusion about Tuxler

We can generally say that Tuxler is one of the best VPN providers you can get on the web, their main goal is to protect your privacy. Tuxler offers you a free VPN service, but it works as efficiently as the full premium VPN.

Tuxler has the most modern security methods on the market. This VPN provider, seeks to make the internet secure for every user.

Tuxler VPN uses end-to-end encryption to trap and protect the data flow between your PC and the web. It can safeguard your session so that no one can hijack your data. Tuxler VPN can protect you from identity theft by hiding your IP address.

VPN performance Tuxler

Alternatives to the Tuxler VPN

Do you want to know other VPN alternatives to use? Besides Tuxler there are many platforms that provide a very similar service. The main purpose of VPNs is to keep your IP address hidden and your anonymity secure.

Although VPN providers offer the same services, not all of them have the same characteristics. Some vary in prices, promotions, the way they have to be downloaded and installed, some are not in the Spanish language, in some cases they do not have many VPN servers.

If you want to know more information related to other VPNs, you can enter our website and read other posts. Here you will find many articles related to them:

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Features summary of Tuxler

Main features Tuxler
Discount 0%
Price Free
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Money back policy 0 Days
Average speed -
Encryption E2EE
Devices 1
Servers 64
Countries 64
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tuxler

🙌. What's Tuxler?

Tuxler is an international VPN service provider, which helps keep your identity safe while you browse the web. It is available in several languages including Spanish. Its goal is to keep your IP address hidden.

👌¿Es Tuxler Seguro?

Tuxler is a secure and reliable VPN, specializing in guaranteeing the anonymity of its customers in order to prevent their data from being stolen and used for other purposes. It is governed by the laws of the United States. From the moment you download and install your VPN, you are already protected.

✌️Why choose Tuxler?

There are many reasons why Tuxler should be chosen. It has a free VPN service, which provides the same quality of service, as its premium service. For them your security comes first.

⚡ What are the benefits of Tuxler?

Tuxler offers many benefits to its customers. Its VPN allows you to connect to view content anywhere in the world, at no cost.

➕ How to Install Tuxler?

Installing Tuxler is very easy, you just have to log in, select the free or full premium version you want, make the corresponding payment and follow the steps.

✨ What's the price on Tuxler?

Tuxler has two versions of VPN, one free and one full premium. The price of the full Premium package is 7.99 per month, a very affordable amount for a VPN that offers excellent quality services.

➡️¿Puedo Tener Tuxler Free?

Yes, the free version of Tuxler works efficiently protecting the IP address of your customers while maintaining anonymity like any paid VPN. It is available to download and install on your pc, phone or any other device.

Thank you for reading our article on Tuxler VPN. We invite you to read other reviews about free and paid VPN if you want to look for other alternatives. If you don’t know what a VPN is, you’ll find everything you need on the web.

Tuxler User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Tuxler before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Tuxler VPN service in the comments.

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