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HideipVPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Hideipvpn is an important vpn (virtual private network) service website. When entering the Internet, many users seek anonymity in their personal navigation. This is achieved by HIDING THE IPThe unique identification of the computer.

Hideipvpn is a guarantee of safety. You can surf with confidence while connected to the network. This is possible because this provider provides the higher level of security thanks to the protection of the DNS (Domain Name System).

The most relevant opinions indicate that the most specialized users prioritize a safe navigation and without their privacy being at risk. That is why this provider, which is one of the vpn services most requestedIf you want to use the ip, change our ip to navigate freely.

There are three options to hire the full service of Hideipvpn. These are: for one month, for three months and for one year. The total price per month is $6.99, $5.99 and $4.99 respectively. In relation to its price-quality, we recommend to contract the annual package.

Although Hideipvpn does not have an English page, we will be able to use the to visit any pageThe website is available in Spanish or any other language. Keep in mind that this vpn service works in more than 12 countries around the world, and is extremely reliable.

In the following article you will find all you need to download and install Hideipvpn, one of the most popular VPNs among the Spanish public and the rest of the world. You can also consult a complete list with the pros and cons of this VPN.

Pros and Cons of Hideipvpn


  • Hide your ip.
  • Free 24 hour trial and no cards required.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi network.
  • Does not affect the speed of your device.
  • 24 hour customer service.
  • Easy configuration.


  • Somewhat slow speed.
  • Not available in some regions.

Plans and offers of Hideipvpn

1-Month plan



per month

Save 30%!

See offer

6-month plan



per month

Save 35%!

See offer

1-Year Plan



per month

Save 40%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Hideipvpn

What makes us choose Hideipvpn over other vpn sites? It is simple: Hideipvpn is one of the most profitable vpn software, thanks to a series of factors. In principle the price is a key factor, since it is almost an equivalent to using it for free.

Its full price is not only one of the most convenient, it is also very varied. As we already indicated, you have 3 possible plans to hire. Each one of them is more extensive and improves the price to pay per month. Without a doubt, the best thing to do is to pay as little as possible.

Also, one of the most remarkable things about Hideipvpn is its 24-hour customer service. Thanks to this, if there is any kind of problem when you want to download and install this vpn, you can always count on the help provided in the page.

Although the Hideipvpn website is not in english, downloading and installing the vpn software to modify your ip is very easy. Hideipvpn’s web site will guide you step by step so you don’t have any inconvenience. Downloading and installing this provider will not cause you any problems.

Razones para elegir HideipVPN en 2020

Hideipvpn Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

Hideipvpn is one of the easiest vpn software to use. First of all, you must choose the package you want to hire. After that, by downloading and installing Hideipvpn you will be able to use it and modify your ip. As simple as that.

On top of that, the process of downloading and installing this service is quick and easy. You can download this provider from their homepage. Remember that, although it is not in Spanish, you will be able to guide yourself very easily thanks to the clarity of the official site.

If you look at the opinions of the most expert users, you will notice that they all agree that Hideipvpn is extremely easy to use. Remember that you have three types of full pack and all three offer great value for money. It is almost like using it for free.

2. Available Countries

Hideipvpn is, as we mentioned previously, in more than 12 countries around the world. This, which is one of the indicators of credibility and trust, places Hideipvpn as one of the most relevant vpn sites in the world.

The possibility of modifying your region with a click is the most important thing if we are talking about the primary operation of a vpn. That’s why in this provider you will have access to the Server Switch (i.e. change the server) every time you need it.

It is important that you consider for which situation it is advisable to use a server from a certain country. For example, if you are looking to access Netflix content exclusively for the United States, you should choose a server from the newly mentioned country.

3. Devices

We have already mentioned that downloading and installing this provider is very easy. But it is very important to clarify that we can also use it on multiple devices. Changing our ip and becoming anonymous browsers can be done from computers and/or mobiles.

Dispositivos compatibles con HideipVPN

If we have an account, we can use it on Windows and Mac devices, while on mobile devices we can use it on Android and iOS. Hideipvpn is among the vpn sites with more variety, and is one of the most compatible for many devices.

4. Types of Contracts

Although the full package never modifies the service, this provider offers us the possibility to contract it for one month, three months or one year. As it happens with most of the vpn sites, the most economic option in terms of price/duration is the most extensive.

Payment methods HideIPVPN

Hideipvpn stands out for this type of long term full contract. We consider that the most recommendable thing is to try first the free 24 hours version. This would be to verify that this vpn contains everything you are looking for before paying for the price you want.

That’s when, if you choose the full one-year contract price from this provider, you’ll pay a total of $4.99 per month. This long-term contract lowers the monthly and quarterly price so much that it will seem like you’re enjoying this service for free.

5. Services

Hideipvpn services are those benefits offered by this vpn site. How to hide the ip, surf without restrictions and access to contents not enabled in your country or region. For this last one, you will have to access to a non Spanish server.

Hideipvpn, which is, despite not being in Spanish, one of the most useful vpn sites, gives us all these benefits. If we take into account this, and its relation price-quality, we can say that this vpn service is almost free. Opinions precede it.

6. Security

Hideipvpn is a vpn site that is one of the safest on the market. This is because this provider has the protection of the DNS (Domain Name System). This means that our network will be completely protected from any kind of traceability.

Hideipvpn makes your ip untraceable, no matter the number or which web pages you have entered. However, we always recommend having an updated and simultaneously installed antivirus to prevent any kind of risk.

Seguridad de HideipVPN

7. Quality of Support

As we have already mentioned, the quality of Hideipvpn’s customer service is, according to the opinions, incredibly useful. The customer service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is unquestionably of the highest quality.

You can contact Hideipvpn technical support through their website or contact the team directly by sending an email to support@hideipvpn.com. Sending the mail is free but unfortunately it is not possible to do it in Spanish.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Hideipvpn

Hideipvpn is compatible with the services of Netflix and other audiovisual content providers such as BBC iPlayer Hulu. Because Hideipvpn makes your device untraceable across the world wide web, we will be able to access it with complete peace of mind.

Thanks to Hideipvpn you will be able to access Netflix content from all over the world, choosing a different country or region. This is very important, as it allows us to access free content without modifying the price we pay for our regular Netflix account.

For example, if the Netflix content in your country is in Spanish and you want to see content exclusive to the United States, you should switch from a Spanish server to an American one. This way, the content will be unlocked and ready for you to enjoy.

Hideipvpn Speed

Unlike other vpn services, Hideipvpn does not compromise the speed of your internet connection. Its server allows the user a better experience and without speed limits in comparison to other vpn site in the market. The opinions make it very clear.

Velocidad de conexi贸n del vpn

Most vpn sites worldwide slow down the device by approximately 70%. In comparison Hideipvpn, which is the only one that does not modify your speed, is positioned as one of the most recommended vpn sites in the world.

Downloading and installing Hideipvpn is a guarantee not only of safety but also of speed. This service allows us to hide our ip address without having to worry about speed. Hideipvpn’s price-quality ratio is undoubtedly one of the best.

Which Servers Does Hideipvpn Offe r

Hideipvpn is available in more than 12 countries around the world. This number, although it may not seem so, is very important. It means that Hideipvpn has a wide range of possibilities for its users to explore.

The ability to switch between servers is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of any vpn software. The opinions highlight that in Hideipvpn we can access ip addresses from almost anywhere in the world.

What’s so important about being so versatile in choosing regions or countries? Easy: the freedom to choose. We can access Netflix content or other streaming services or websites that are not available in our country or region.

Knowing this and that Hideipvpn does not modify your speed on the internet, we could not think of another vpn site to surf faster. The efficiency that Hideipvpn gives us makes it one of the best sites in comparison with any other vpn site.

How to Install Hideipvpn for Safe Surfing

The most important thing we have to do is download and install Hideipvpn to be able to start using it. Once you have decided which of the three full packs you want to hire, it will be time to start surfing freely.

The official website will guide you step by step to download and install Hideipvpn. Once you choose your full pack, everything that follows is totally free. However, here we leave a complete and numbered guide to install vpn:

  • First you must enter the Hideipvpn home page. To do so, you must access the following link. Then you must choose the full package that you like the most. We recommend first to use the free 24 hours trial version.
  • Once you have chosen the full pack of your preference, it is time to enter a valid email. Remember that you must have access to this email in order to receive all the steps to follow to get your Hideipvpn account.
  • Then the time will come to choose the means of payment. It must be valid, and you must have some documentation to certify your identity. The price to pay is nothing compared to the service offered by Hideipvpn. It is almost like using it for free.
  • Finally, you will receive an email that will welcome you to Hideipvpn and will give you the steps to follow to install and download it. From this moment, all the steps are totally free.

All set. The download process will start and when it is finished, you will be able to install Hideipvpn in any of the devices you want. Remember that changing the ip address is the most important thing for a safe and reliable navigation.

C贸mo instalar el vpn

Hideipvpn Prices and Promotions

The prices of Hideipvpn vary, as we have already said, according to the duration of the full package you want to hire. The options to contract this full pack are one month, three months or one year. Remember that you can opt for a free 24 hour trial version.

Below you will find some paragraphs that will be very useful. You will be able to know much more about the different contracts and their respective prices that are available in Hideipvpn.

1. Hideipvpn prices

There are three types of contracts you can choose from when installing and downloading Hideipvpn. The main difference between each of them is the duration of the contract. It is important to clarify that, no matter the price, the full pack of Hideipvpn is always the same.

First of all, we have the full one-month plan, which is the shortest of all. This contract is priced at $6.99 for one month. It is important to note that this contract can serve as a test before hiring a more expensive package.

If you are looking for a slightly longer service, then you have the full three month plan, which is the medium price available at Hideipvpn. It has a cost of $5.99 per month, which is economically more convenient than the one month plan.

2. HideipVPN promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Finally, if you are looking for the most extensive and economical service, then you have the full annual plan, which is the highest available in Hideipvpn. With a total of $4.99 for one year, it is the best value option you can find.

Finally, and most importantly, consider the money you save by taking out a full year plan. The monthly and quarterly prices of the full packs are equivalent to paying $2 and $1 more per month respectively. This means that you pay a lower price with the annual plan.

3. Hideipvpn Payment Methods

Hideipvpn offers multiple means of payment. Opting for one means of payment or another does not change the final price of the product, so we recommend that you choose according to your preferences. You can choose the full pack you want and think about the price to pay.

For example, you can use payment methods such as PayPal or credit and debit cards. Not only that, but you can also pay with Bitcoins. However, don’t forget that you can access a 24-hour trial version for free beforehand.

Service offer Price Savings
1 Month Plan $6.99 30% of discount
6 Month Plan $5.99 35% off
Plan 1 Year $4.99 40% discount

Reviews about Hideipvpn

Every day we receive various opinions from experienced users who wish to provide us with their comments on the nvs they have tested. Below are some of the most reliable reviews.

Keep in mind that there is nothing safer than trusting the opinions of those who have used a vpn. If, for one reason or another, they have decided to keep it or discard it, it is important to know why. Here are some of the users’ opinions:

“Excellent. Works quickly and easily. It works very well with live TV streaming.”

“Quickly. Easy. Reliable. Totally effective. I chose Hideipvpn because I heard it was fast enough to run multiple HD video streams at the same time. I wasn’t disappointed. Excellent product.

“I really liked Hideipvpn. It’s really easy to use, it’s fast and reliable. I will rejoin Hideipvpn when they offer another special discount. By the way, your download is really fast. I’m impressed!”

Conclusion about Hideipvpn

In conclusion, the Hideipvpn site deserves a positive evaluation. Its price is economic, its speed is very remarkable and its customer service is one of the best. Hideipvpn is one of the most recommended sites when you want to change your ip.

We recommend you to visit the HideIP homepage to learn more about this great vpn software. There you will be able to access more opinions and see with your own eyes what we have mentioned in this article.

Alternatives to HideipVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Hideipvpn

Main Features Hideipvpn
Discount Save 50%!
Price $4.99
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 11.6 mbps
Encryption AES-256
Devices Multiple devices
Servers 28
Countries More than 12 countries
See offer

Hideipvpn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

鉁 What is Hideipvpn?

It is a vpn provider, that is, a virtual private network. Its utility is to hide our ip address, that is, the unique identification of the computer, to navigate without any kind of restriction or censorship.

猸 Is Hideipvpn Safe?

Of course It is. Hideipvpn is one of the safest vpn sites on the market. This is possible because it provides the highest level of security thanks to the DNS protection. Although it is not in English, downloading and installing this software is totally safe.

鉃★笍 Why choose Hideipvpn?

Hideipvpn is one of the most economical and efficient services on the market. Throughout this article we have indicated the main reasons why Hideipvpn should be your first choice of vpn. The opinions of the users make it very clear.

鉁 What are the benefits of Hideipvpn?

Hideipvpn has ip address hiding, malware protection and many other features that make it absolutely recommendable. For example, this vpn allows you to access the catalogue of any country in streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

鉃 How to Download and Install Hideipvpn?

To download and install Hideipvpn you must access the home page, select a contract, provide a valid email address and a means of payment. Once you have done this, the download and installation of the vpn software will begin.

馃敟 What is the price of Hideipvpn?

The price of Hideipvpn will vary according to the length of the full contract you have chosen, but the best of them offers an incredible price of $4.99 per month, and a duration of one year. You can also choose the full package you want and even try a free version.

馃捇 Can I get Hideipvpn for free?

You can access a free trial version that allows you to use it freely for 24 hours. If you like the service that Hideipvpn provides, you can contract it using any of the full packages that you like.

馃憣 What other VPN servers are HideipVPN users looking for?

Congratulations! Now that you have read this article, you have everything you need to start using Hideipvpn. You can start downloading and installing the software, and start surfing the internet without being able to find your ip, without any restrictions.

Remember to visit our main page to access more information about the most popular vpn in Spain and the world. Good luck!

Opinions and Experience of HideipVPN Users

Have you used HideipVPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a HideipVPN VPN service in the comments.

To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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