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Best VPNs for Torrent: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Reviews

A torrent VPN can make your life much easier. A torrent is a data file that makes it easy to identify users on the Internet with a record for downloading common data. Sometimes you will need a VPN to use it. A torrent can also be used to upload data from your devices and make it available to others who need it. So they require a fast and stable connection, and if there are zero records and total privacy it is better for you.

Today, the providers of the best VPNs are able to meet the demands required to use torrent. These recommended torrent VPN services are fully developed software, including applications to operate on various platforms.

Many times, downloading content via torrent is complicated. In many countries the use of this download protocol is restricted. For this reason many people use a VPN that allows the use of this feature. A VPN that is incompetent to overcome geographic VPN blockages, limited bandwidth, and unstable speed is unsuitable for torrenting.

Why do you need a VPN for Torrent?

Using a VPN for Torrent has multiple benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Special features and security functions to protect your data.
  • High speed connections and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Powerful mechanisms to overcome VPN blockages.
  • Servers available in many countries.
  • Military-level encryption and automatic shutdown function
  • The ability to maintain multiple connections simultaneously.
  • Immediate resolution of connection problems.
  • Efficient 24/7/365 real time attention and support

Best VPNs for Torrent in 2020

At present, the VPN market is oversaturated. This makes it a little difficult to differentiate good providers from bad ones. Even so, you can easily find out which are the best VPNs. On the other hand, there are many providers that offer their services for a very low price. In this sense, there are some cheap VPNs that you can use.

Today there are a variety of providers of better VPNs worldwide. That’s why making a hiring decision is a little difficult if you don’t have the expertise. Some of the most prominent VPNs for Torrent are as follows:

Premium providers:

Other Recommended Suppliers:

Best VPNs for Torrent

  • VPN for UK English
  • Experts
  • Quality

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Buying a VPN for Torrent: What to Watch Out For

You should be very careful when choosing a VPN for Torrent. Not all providers approve of torrenting and it can cause you to violate the terms and conditions of service.

In addition, some VPNs also have special plug-ins designed to increase the speed of your Internet connection, as well as other features particular to torrents. There are basic features and some particular features that a VPN for torrent and other services should have:

1. Ease of use

Using a torrent VPN can be difficult for first-time users. However, it is really easy to use and simple to install.

In addition, most of them have an intuitive and simple interface, so even beginners will have no problem setting it up. Some of them have the Spanish language among their options.

2. Countries Available

como funcionan las vpnIt is very important to consider the country location of the VPN provider for Torrent. The number of countries is indisputable, because it ensures greater reach and presence.

They generally range from 50 to 120 countries with locations available worldwide. The number of servers can exceed 5,000.

It is also important whether the servers are physically located in the country in question. This factor ensures that some very strong restrictions can be broken.

3. Devices

Torrent is a download network that is usually used on computers, but also has versions available for other devices such as iOs or macOS or Android. Therefore, when you contract your VPN provider for Android, make sure that it has a version available for each of the services from which you intend to download content. This will allow you to have a general VPN network to which you can connect different devices for greater security when you browse.

4. Contract Types

The contract will shield the business relationship between you and your VPN provider for Torrent. It is the best way to leave in writing what the obligations of both parties will be. In addition, the contract is very useful to be able to terminate the contract of a service in case you are not satisfied with its results. The VPN provider contracts for Torrent vary depending on the permanence you contract, but we will see this later in depth.

5. Available Services

Apart from the services and benefits outlined above, it is pertinent to note that, in order to use a suitable torrent VPN, the purpose and scope of the project to be developed must be taken into account. A suitable torrent VPN provider is the guarantee of receiving the services that the product offers. The most important extra services are the following:

  • Access to a VPN service directly.
  • No installation or configuration of any other elements.
  • Access to many built-in operating applications.
  • Unblocking of websites blocked in your country
  • Torrent policy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Safety in overcoming blockages.
  • Privacy and anonymity.

6. Security

A torrent VPN will provide better security if you have enough servers. This condition guarantees you better and more traffic, even during peak hours.

Torrents in themselves do not represent an illegal activityThis will benefit the continuous use with downloads during the whole day, without nervousness due to performance setbacks. The more servers you have, the easier it will be to unblock geographically restricted content.

Plus, you can take your torrent VPN with you when you travel, with the peace of mind that you’ll always find a fast server in each location. Each torrent VPN has adaptable features for this function. Suggested providers have the best applications when downloading content in multiple languages.

7. Quality of Support

All the VPN providers for Torrent that we offer you at VPN Paradise are totally secure. That is, you will hardly experience any problems when installing and staying connected to a Torrent VPN network. However, if you do experience any problems, it’s best that your Torrent VPN provider is able to fix them quickly.

Therefore, all the VPN services that we make available on this website have very complete user support services. Most of them are usually live chats, customer service e-mail or technical support phones with high availability.

8. Speed of a VPN

Another thing that should interest you is the stable speed of the connection. For downloading files, speed is doubly important. You need to look for a VPN with no bandwidth limitations, no speed limits and servers with optimal performance. This is key to using a torrent VPN.

The ExpressVPN applications for Windows and Mac offer a test to check the download speed of each VPN server location, and ranks them according to the Speed Index.

Torrent VPN Comparison: Which one offers the best price?

Do you want to know how much it will cost you to hire the services of a VPN provider for Torrent? You’re in the right section. Next, we are going to compare 3 of the most used Torrent VPNs in the market in terms of price, promotions and payment methods. This way, you will have everything much easier when deciding if this type of service is right for you.

1. Pricing

The price of most VPN providers for Torrent is affordable and fits all pockets. First of all, Hotspot Shield offers a basic monthly plan of $12.99 per month, but if you sign up for a year of service, as we’ll see below, the price drops.

On the other hand, Private VPN is slightly more affordable. So, if you want to sign up for a base monthly plan, you’ll have to pay $7.67. As with the previous provider, with Private VPN you can access discounts if you sign up for more service time.

VyprVPN is the latest provider of the comparison. It has a $12.95 month-to-month base plan. But as we will see in the next section, it has an irresistible promotion for those who decide to hire more permanence.

2. Promotions

The promotions of the VPN providers for Torrent apply the more months you contract. This way, the Hotspot Shield promotion plan saves 38% off the month-to-month rate and you pay only $7.99 per month for 1 year.

In Private VPN you also have your promotion for one year. So, to sign up for the 12-month plan, not only will you be able to save 65% on the month-to-month rate, but you will also have a full month of free VPN services. With this rate you would pay $3.83 per month, for the duration of the contract.

Finally, if you decide to opt for VyprVPN promotions, you will also benefit from attractive discounts. The most accentuated ones in the comparison. Thus, for its 2-year plan, it offers an 81% discount on its month-to-month rate. That is, you would only pay $2.50 per month for 24 months. Almost free.

3. Payment Methods

If you use credit cards and PayPal to make payments online, you won’t have any problems making your payments. This way, Hotspot Shield allows you to pay with these two methods at no extra charge.

PrivateVPN, on the other hand, adds payment with Bitcoins to these payment methods, while VyprVPN accepts credit cards, Paypal and Unionpay to process your payments.

4. Summary of Torrent VPN Rates and Prices

VPN Price Promotion
Hotspot Shield VPN $7.99 38% discount
PrivateVPN $3.82 65% discount
VyprVPN $2.50 81% off

How to Install a Torrent VPN?

Using a VPN for torrent can be difficult for people who use it for the first time

installing a Torrent VPN and starting to download files from P2P folders safely and quickly is faster than it looks. That way, if you’re using Windows, the Torrent VPN service provider you hire will usually have its own application on the Windows web store. If this is the case, you will only have to download the application, run it and enter the access data provided by your provider. Then simply select the VPN server you want to connect to and you’re done!

In case your Torrent VPN provider does not have an application on the web store, simply enter your VPN server data manually in the “Network and Windows Connections” section. You will need to enter the access credentials provided by your VPN provider and click on “Connect”. You will then be able to download P2p files completely securely and anonymously.

Reviews of VPNs for Torrent

If you still have doubts about whether the services of the Torrent VPN providers are what you are looking for, we advise you to continue reading to see the opinions of 3 users of this type of service:

“I download a lot of files through Torrent, but I was worried about the trail I was leaving on the network. The problem with P2P files is that corrupted data can infiltrate your computer and you don’t realize it until your PC is totally corrupted. I chose opinions on the Internet and I opted for a VPN for Torrent that would guarantee me total security and anonymity.

“The best way to keep track of unwanted P2p files is to use a VPn for Torrent. Now I can download all kinds of content, from movies, books, video games without paying any money and with totally secure content. My opinions couldn’t be more positive about this kind of service.

“For those who, like me, download in Torrent all the contents that they consume, the best thing is to get a Torrent VPN that frees them from possible bad experiences. The outlay you have to do is small compared to all the benefits it can offer you. Among them, unlimited access to P2P files anonymously and safely. Totally recommendable”.

Best VPNs for Torrent Conclusion

Torrents, in themselves, do not represent an illegal activity. Many authors use torrenting as a means to distribute their original content legitimately.

analysis of the characteristics of the best vpn for torrentHowever, the illegality lies in copying and distributing, without a license, content protected by copyright law. So it is important to use a VPN for torrenting. The risks of using torrents over an insecure internet connection are eliminated.

On the other hand, ISPs monitor the P2P traffic they see without encryption, so it’s a good idea to avoid inspection of your Internet activity. By using a torrent VPN, you can surf securely and privately.

Apart from privacy and security, when it comes to torrenting, download speeds are very important. You should choose VPNs that meet that factor.

Knowing that not all VPNs support torrent downloads, the selection will have to be reduced. Although there are many valid VPNs, the most recommended are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, IPVanish VPN, Safer VPN and Cyberghost VPN. Any of these options will help keep you safe when using Torrent VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using a VPN for Torrent

✅ How can I use a VPN for Torrent?

To exchange files using torrents you need to install either the uTorrent or the BitTorrent application. You will have to use them in conjunction with the VPN to be able to download.

With the help of these applications, torrent files are added. These will start downloading movies, series, music, e-books, etc. with other users’ computers.

⚠️ Is it safe to use a VPN for Torrent?

Yes, it’s safe as long as the torrent VPN is adequate, because if it doesn’t meet the required capabilities it can cause serious safety or performance issues.

Downloading torrents with a VPN will be faster. It’s also more secure, thanks to the speed and bandwidth of today’s VPNs.

⛔ Is it safe to use a VPN for Free Torrent?

It is important to make it clear that a free VPN is not secure as a premium service. In addition, free VPNs have limited bandwidth features. Although they may still be secure, with the speed they offer, they won’t work for you. Instead, make sure the torrent VPN is adequate.

✨ ¿Necesito un VPN para Torrents ?

The VPN is not 100% necessary to download torrents, but due to the features it offers it is highly recommended. When downloading, both your security and your privacy can be compromised. With a VPN you would be protected. Furthermore, with the speed and bandwidth of a VPN, the download can be more efficient.

➡️ Is it legal to use VPN for Torrent?

Yes, it’s legal in 95% of the countries. Although the use of a VPN is completely legal in most countries, some have laws regulating it and others prohibiting it.

⚡ Do VPN providers have dedicated servers for Torrents?

Some VPN providers offer dedicated servers optimized for the use of torrent and P2P file sharing services. This optimized service allows for high-speed, uninterrupted torrent downloads.

✨ What other VPNs can be contracted in addition to a VPN for Torrent?

Below is a list of platforms on which to run Torrent-like VPNs.

💻 What Other VPN Services Are Torrent VPN Users Looking For?

These have been the best torrent VPNs available today. We hope the information is helpful to you and you can make a decision.

However, if you are still not sure about the service you want to purchase, we invite you to visit the best VPNs so you can finish deciding. What do you think of the idea?