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Cisco VPN: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Cisco is a technology company that offers different services. It has been present around the world for many years. Among some of the systems it offers, is Cisco VPN.

In general terms, Cisco VPN is considered to be a gateway to much more secure Internet browsing. This type of software is known as GIS, which makes sure that users have secure access.

Before making any type of connection with other servers, Cisco VPN takes automatic actions such as a gateway that provides a first line of defense with full inspection and defense to ensure user privacy.

If you want to know more about Cisco VPN, keep reading this post in which we will analyze all the features of the service and the opinions that other users have.

Cisco VPN Pros and Cons


  • Can run secure connections.
  • Offers to separate different connections to the same device.
  • Good defense against threats.
  • User and endpoint behavioral information.


  • No automatic reconnection.
  • It’s complex for novice users.

Reasons to Choose Cisco VPN

There are several reasons why you should choose Cisco VPN. It is important to mention about its services, that it is a reliable solution for all users at a business level.

It has a simple process, once the registration of the program has been done correctly, it is only necessary to resort to the authorization code that is obtained in only 2 simple steps, avoiding simple problems for a long time.

The truth is that it is used for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that it connects through an SSL, which is implemented from the company, that is, everything happens outside the network.

Some say that Cisco is an ideal VPN for people who travel constantly, as it works quite well on both the mobile and computer versions. Best of all, it’s available in Spanish, for greater customer reach.

The best thing about Cisco VPN is that it allows the use of different modalities, such as

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN: allows use on different devices simultaneously without them being in the same place. It is perfect for those who have workers from outside the office who need to make a change of IP to manage better.
  • Cisco VPN Umbrella: this is a tool that is permanently in the cloud. Although its operation is wonderful it does not have a hardware to be implemented or a software to be kept active.

It is a tool that is permanently in the cloud

Reasons to Choose Cisco VPN?

It has to offer many features that make it a unique VPN. This is why many people are encouraged to make use of all its services. All the factors surrounding this VPN are wonderful.

Beyond the advantages that can be obtained with its acquisition, there are all those small elements that compose it and it results in an incredible service to maintain the anonymity of the IP in diverse circumstances.

In this section we present the analysis of some of the most important features of Cisco VPN.

Análisis y Características de Cisco

1. Ease of Use

This VPN is a very simple platform to use, it has several modalities, which are based on a personal or business use. In order to access its services it is only necessary to update the DNS servers.

The different options that can be accessed are controlled directly from a specialized control panel. In addition, it has all the necessary facilities to be compatible with a large number of devices.

Caracteristicas principales de Cisco VPN

2. Countries Available

Although we can assure you that it offers an impressive amount of servers, you do not have much knowledge about the locations with which it works. This is a tactic used by many VPN platforms to ensure user privacy.

3. Devices

Cisco VPN services are compatible with a variety of leading platforms and devices. Among which are these:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux.

4. Types of Contracts

Contracts vary depending on whether you are an individual client or a company. The reality is that this is a fairly expensive service for some, but it is justifiable since their customers are usually businesses and small businesses that can make payments in installments.

5. Available Services

Among the different services that are available for this VPN are the following:

  • L2F: Developed in conjunction with other manufacturers, it can now be considered an industry standard.
  • L2TP: also used by Cisco VPN, it combines different types of layers to have perfect functionality.

6. Security

The different Cisco VPN modalities have a fairly close relationship with the company’s NGFW. This is a service that directly handles the security provided by the platform for its clients.

Cisco not only protects its individual users, it provides a range of benefits perfect for protecting business or office employees who need to use a VPN for ease of use.

Best of all, this service is able to do this even when people or devices are outside the VPN, meaning that no other external agent is needed.

Seguridad de Cisco VPN

7. Support Quality

It has two different methods of doing so. Strangely enough, in addition to its online chat from the official website, it has a contact phone number. Therefore, the service is not only completely personalized but 24 hours with immediate response.

Calidad Del Soporte de esta compañía.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Cisco VPN

The vast majority of Cisco VPN customers are businesses or small to medium sized companies, so they don’t specialize in going unnoticed for platforms like Netflix and torrent downloads.

Cisco VPN Speed

There is not much knowledge about the speed limits that Cisco VPN has. Beyond some comments and opinions where it is assured that it is quite good we can not assure anything.

Which Servers Cisco VPN Offers

Servers are extremely important to Cisco VPN, and this platform is used in a good way. Among the different servers that can be achieved with Cisco VPN are

  • IPsec: this is a security protocol that provides some functions that are responsible for the customer’s privacy.
  • PPTP/MPPE: this was created by a consortium that includes US robotics, ECI Telematics, Microsoft and 3COM.
  • L2TP: has similar functions to IPsec, but uses layer 2 protocol tunnels.

How to Install Cisco VPN for Secure Browsing

In this case there is no need for downloads as it is not a program itself, rather it is a device similar to a router that provides internet, but in this case it ensures that the IP anonymity of several devices is maintained at the same time.

Therefore, only a simple configuration is needed, which is easily explained at the time of purchase.

The configuration steps include:

  • Two VPN concentrator rules must be defined, each one with the corresponding name.
  • Choose the following sequences Configuration >Policy Management > Traffic Management > Filters.
  • Finally add a filter belonging to the with 2 rules.

Es un VPN que no necesita ser descargado.

Cisco VPN Pricing and Promotions

Paid VPNs have different prices and promotions depending on the plans used. Buying a Cisco VPN package is not complex at all, so we bring you in this section all the information you need to know about it.

1. Cisco VPN prices

The price is quite high when you consider it personally. But for small companies or powerful businesses it is the best option. Monthly payments of approximately 1000 euros are made.

The total cost of this service is 36,000 euros, which is generally calculated in 36 installments for the convenience of the companies.

2. Cisco VPN promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

The Cisco VPN discounts are very good, since you can appeal to different types of financing. Among them, you can get up to 10% discount on each of the fees you have to pay.

3. Cisco VPN Payment Methods

This company’s platform offers several payment methods to its customers so that they can pay the fees for the different prices their packages have. The variety is mainly due to the fact that it seeks the comfort of the users.

Among the different payment methods that can be accessed are

  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect money
  • Payza
  • PaymentWall

Cisco VPN Reviews

Opinions about Cisco VPN are excellent, all users express their opinions highlighting the good service they offer and how safe they feel using this VPN. From many parts of the world they comment on their experience in either English or Spanish and the satisfaction is the same.

Here are some satisfied customer reviews we found on some websites about Cisco VPN:

  • “This is a very good VPN, I investigated it quite a bit before making the final decision, and although it sometimes has problems connecting, I can say that it delivers what it promises.
  • “I think the price of this VPN is quite reasonable as it gives everything it promises. It’s good quality, and although I’ve tried some better ones I like it a lot.
  • “I bought the package for several months because it had been recommended to me quite a bit, and I am grateful that I did, the truth is that it is a very good platform”.
  • “Although he claims to keep records, I’ve done enough research to realize he doesn’t use them at all. I think it’s an excellent VPN.
  • “I think it has been one of my best investments, it helps me mask my IP address at a pretty good price, easy to pay and with good promotions.
  • “In my opinion it’s one of the best VPN applications and services ever. So far the best I have used.

opiniones de usuarios sobre Cisco VPN

Conclusion About Cisco VPN

Cisco is a company that has been in the market for a long time, so we can say that although there are many things unknown to most, its quality is completely assured at the time of purchasing their services.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that this is not a product that can be purchased by everyone. The truth is that it is designed in a big way, for companies, businesses and offices that need a secure and responsible VPN service.

The price it handles is quite high, but it is worth it given the circumstances for which it was created and who its biggest customers are.

No se trata de un producto que puedan adquirir todas las personas.

Alternatives to Cisco VPN

There are many alternatives. Here’s a short list of links to VPNs that can easily be substituted:

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Cisco VPN Technical Datasheet

Main Features Cisco
Discount -
Price $3.99
Warranty 7 days
Speed 100 Mbps
Encryption AES-256
Dispositivos 1
Servers -
Countries -

Cisco VPN Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is Cisco VPN?

It is a service provided by the company, although it is not a program or a web dedicated to vpn, it is a device that provides the service, it is acquired, configured and starts to be used.

✅ Is Cisco VPN Secure?

Yes, the company has a long history of good results so it is considered one of the best, even though it is a product designed only for large scale companies or services.

➡️ Reasons to Choose Cisco VPN?

There are several reasons why you should choose this provider. Its prices, quality of service, functionality are just some of them. If you want to know more you can go to the pros and cons section of this post.

✨ What Benefits Does Cisco VPN Have?

There are many benefits that offers this vpn to its customers, including that it is designed for companies something very innovative, has several important servers, is available in Spanish.

➕ How to Install Cisco VPN?

It’s not installed, it’s configured. Although clearly there is the possibility of having different types of services with a single machine, which lends itself to the downloading of special programs that enhance the operation.

⚡ What is the price of Cisco VPN?

The prices offered by the Cisco platform are varied, if you want to know more about it we invite you to read this section within the post, where we have made a table with all the promotions offered by the company.

✌️ Can I get Cisco VPN for Free?

The truth is that no, Cisco does not even have a trial period with which to check the service and whether or not it is to the liking of the person.

We hope that all the information we have provided you with regarding Cisco has been to your liking. If you want to know more about other VPNs and how to keep your IP hidden, we invite you to visit our website where we have many interesting posts.

Cisco VPN User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Cisco VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Cisco VPN in the comments.

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