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ExpressVPN vs. TunnelbearVPN Comparison: Which is Better?

In an era where protecting the privacy of our information and being able to access all the content on the network without restrictions requires a quality VPN, that’s why today we have to compare two good options to help you decide between ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

These two options both ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear are quite used, each one has its pros and cons, in the opinions of each person is asked which is better between ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN, to be able to decide this you have to see its performance cost benefit and the characteristics that highlight it.

Features summary of Expressvpn vs Tunnelbear

Main features ExpressVPN Tunnelbear
VPN See full review See full review
Discount Save 49%! Save 67%!
Price $8.32 $3.33
See offer See offer
Money back policy 30 days 30 days
Average speed 52.55 Mbps 10.56 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit 1
Devices 5 5
Servers 3000 1.800
Countries 94 22
See offer See offer

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Which is better?

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear are two encryption services that will allow you to hide your location and browse the web safely and without the content restrictions that each country has. So deciding whether ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear is better is not a quick decision.

However, when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear it will depend on what each person is looking for, in relation to the price, the speed test, and the type of activities they need to view content or for streaming games or just browsing, all these factors influence the opinions of each user when choosing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

In this case we can say that in the comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear a big difference between one and the other is the amount of servers they have, counting with 3000 and 20 respectively, this factor is fundamental at a general level since it affects the speed, so it is important to consider the speed test to decide between ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

The fact that Express can have larger servers makes its range of reach to the world much wider and its platform more stable than that of Tunnelbear whose capacity, although reduced, is based more on the quality of its service than on quantity. This is a class point when choosing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

Another differentiator is that if you do not want to pay for the service and you want to use its free version, both offer a completely free version, except that TunnelbearVPN offers you only a 500 mb browsing limit. In this aspect of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear it seems clear that Express is more viable.

A ExpressVPN comparing vs TunnelBear depends on what you look for each person.

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Which one has a better price?

An important feature to compare between ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear is undoubtedly the price you have to pay to get the full version with all its benefits, the opinions of its operation depends largely on the price you pay.

If the plan is to be used frequently and for several months it would be necessary to be able to analyze the different promotions and time laps that ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear offers, the monthly prices usually diminish when paying a greater number of months in advance, in this aspect when comparing Tunnelbear VPN vs ExpressVPN you should focus in detail the amount of months.

In order to differentiate each case, we will analyze the prices offered by ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear on a monthly basis.

To start at a monthly level the cost of each is $11.72 and $9.07. Up to here both are the same, but they do not have plans that match, since the promotions of ExpressVPN are that if you pay 6 months in advance the monthly payment comes out at $54.24 representing each month at $9.04.

Long-term plans ExpressVPN offers a special price, paying 15 months in advance the monthly would be $ 6.06, having to make a single total payment of $ 90.06. On the other hand TunnelbearVPN for a one-year plan offers a payment of $ 54.38 so each month is $ 4.53. Therefore ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear in price earns TunnelbearVPN.

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Speed: Which one is the Winner

We continue the comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear going into a somewhat complicated aspect to measure, which is the speed at which they usually do a test, but to start we must clarify that both vpn are available for all types of computers and browsers, so this will not be a limitation when choosing between ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

Both for ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear it is seen that they have invested to have stable and high range speeds, although the geographical proximity with the server can make the speed increase or decrease, in that aspect ExpressVPN having more vpn covers a greater range than those offered by TunnelbearVPN, so the test result varies by region

Although usually different speed tests are done in which the speed dramatically decreases the data when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear in speed test slightly gain Express.

In favor of Tunnelbearvpn is that it is less known than ExpressVPN so the data traffic and connection to its servers is less congested than when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear. This will sometimes allow the speed offered by TunnelbearVPN to be better, although it will all depend on the location and the server combination you choose.

In general we can conclude that the winner of this round between ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear is undoubtedly ExpressVPN.

Speed ​​is very important when choosing a VPN provider.

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear: Features and Reviews

There are many functions that are sought when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN, from being able to use a good streaming, gaming or torrenting of different types of content, to skip the restrictions by continent that has netflix, so when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear we consider these aspects.

1. Netflix and Streaming

Both for ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear the power to view netflix as any other streaming platform is of the utmost importance, so when analyzing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear both fulfill their task of transferring the content that is not available for some countries, as netflix usually does for Latin America, Europe and North America.

If you have a netflix account that uses several screens you will be able to use all of them with the vpn service without any problem, this is a great benefit where most opinions highlight the great quality that each one has, so it is not a decisive point when deciding for ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

2. China and other countries

When we reach the capacity that each vpn has, we have that at the level of comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear there is no competition between one and the other, since ExpressVPN wins by a lot.

On the one hand, the ExpressVPN service operates in up to 194 different countries, and even has the capacity to jump the great Chinese wall, which consolidates it as one of the best vpn.

While Tunnelbear is only present in 20 countries, not including China. Although not a fundamental factor if it allows to add points in favor of Express when comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear

3. Gaming

ExpressVPN tend to be more stable than TunnelbearVPN.To be fair in the comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear in both vpn the fact of being able to make a gaming will depend to a great extent on the speed you manage to achieve in both, however, in the analysis the speed pings of ExpressVPN are usually more stable and higher than those provided by TunnelbearVPN.

So in the Gaming section the winner is ExpressVPN, being the second item where it wins in the comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

4. Torrenting

The aspect of torrenting is not an extremely differential aspect in the comparison of ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear, so both have a constant system that will allow the use of torrenting to download to your computer all the content you want is possible without problem.

In this aspect of the ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear comparison, both are at equal points.

When comparing ExpressVPN vs TunnelbarVPN you can see its great functionality that justify the payment of the full version, that one has more reach than the other does not make it a lesser option, so in both you can perform activities such as viewing content from netflix and other streaming companies, as well as Gaming and Torrenting, even if you choose TunnelbearVPN or ExpressVPN.

Alternatives to these VPNs

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ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN Frequently Asked Questions

✨ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN: Which is better?

When comparing, we must say that ExpressVPN has better features and mainly a greater range, but the service offered by TunnelbearVPN is also quite good and effective, so opinions will depend on what you are looking for.

In our article, you will be able to analyze one by one the aspects in which each one stands out.

➕What is the speed of ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN? Which is faster?

The speed you look for to choose depends exclusively on the location of the user and the servers, so both offer a similar performance, being slightly higher ExpressVPN, according to the tests they offer by zone.

So you should check the availability of servers using their free service and choose between these two based on your location and the proximity of the server.

🔥What is the price ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN? Which is the cheapest?

When comparing the prices, we have that the price of ExpressVPN is for one month $11.72, if you contract 6 or 15 months the monthly fee is $9.04 and $6.06, on the side of Tunnelbear VPN one month is $9.07 and when you pay a year the monthly fee is reduced to $4.53. So among these providers the most economical is the bear VPN.

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✌️ What other VPN services are ExpressVPN vs TunnelbearVPN users looking for?

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ExpressVPN Vs. TunnelbearVPN: Reviews and User Experience

Which is the winner of ExpressVPN vs. TunnelbearVPN? Which would you recommend? Tell us your opinion about ExpressVPN Vs. TunnelbearVPN in the comments.

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