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Windscribe vs Tunnelbear Comparison: Which is Better?

A virtual private network such as Windscribe vs TunnelBear, is a secure channel between your device and an uncontrolled, public network such as the internet.

This time we want to compare 2 VPNs, Windscribe vs TunnelBear to find out which one is better depending on the features and possibilities that Windscribe vs TunnelBear offers.

Because TunnelBear vs Windscribe are in a high quality range, it is necessary to make a test where we can compare between the possibilities that Windscribe vs TunnelBear has.

We will also evaluate in this Windscribe vs TunnelBear comparison how it works among its various uses, such as streaming, gaming, downloading in torrenting, even within the use of the popular Netflix platform.

Features summary of Windscribe vs Tunnelbear

Main features Windscribe Tunnelbear
VPN View Full Review View Full Review
Discount Save 44%! Save 67%!
Price $4.08 $3.33
See offer See offer
Money back policy 3 days 30 days
Average speed 20.28 Mbps 10.56 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit 1
Devices 1 5
Servers 1 1.800
Countries 63 22
See offer See offer

Windscribe vs TunnelBear: Which is Better?

In order to find an answer between Windscribe vs TunnelBear it is necessary to make a test that allows us to compare the different characteristics that these providers have, like investigating between the quality of them and the diverse opinions that we can find.

Windscribe is positioned as one of the top rated Spanish-language VPNs, and is designed with a fairly simple interface.

It has various forms of connection and allows you to access content that is blocked in certain geographical areas, as well as offering high-speed downloads. It guarantees security for a reasonable price.

Tunnelbear has a great prestige within the VPN industry due to the fact that it has been standing out in the market for 7 years due to the privacy policy that does not allow to keep any record of the user’s information.

It is among the best VPNs in the market, offers its services for a low price and can be used in phones, tablets and computers.

When comparing these providers we find that they are both high quality and popular VPNs, supported by the opinions we find among users, as these providers provide various benefits for a low price.

Windscribe vs TunnelBear offer you to be able to navigate with good speed and guarantee a good system to be able to change your IP address, being able to use them this way without problems to avoid the blockades that you can find when using streaming, gaming, torrenting and Netflix.

A VPN Client comparing vs WindScribe we find that both are high-quality VPN.

Windscribe vs TunnelBear: Which is the Best Price?

When purchasing a VPN service, price is one of the most important factors for users. So we will look for a test to compare what these providers offer us in relation to this.

Windscribe allows you to purchase its services for 1 month or for 1 year, handling a different price that varies according to the subscription you decide to choose.

  • If you choose to purchase a 1 month subscription it is worth $8.15.
  • When you purchase the subscription for one year, you will be able to pay $3.70 per month, or $44.4 per year.

They also offer you a unique Windscribe VPN PRO promotion, in which you can select the locations you want, thus building a personal plan depending on your needs.

Tunnelbear, on the other hand, has rates that vary according to the package you decide to purchase:

  • Starting with a basic monthly fee of $9.07, which allows you to connect up to 5 devices and have unlimited data.
  • It has an annual subscription where you can pay $4.53 per month, or $54.38 per year allowing you to connect up to 5 devices and have unlimited data.
  • Tunnelbear also offers you the facility to test its services for a period of 7 days completely free of charge.

Among these providers, it is evident that the Windscribe VPN system handles lower prices in the market than the Tunnelbear VPN. Positioning it as one of the cheapest virtual private networks we can find.

We also consider that both handle a very reasonable price.

When deciding between these suppliers, in addition to the price, you should take into account the needs you want to meet.

Windscribe and Tunnelbear Speed Who’s the Winner?

Speed is another favorite point to compare by users between Windscribe vs TunnelBear.

So we’ll make a speed test for Windscribe vs TunnelBear, something important for streaming, gaming, torrenting downloads, and using Netflix, since the quality of the downloads will depend a lot on the speed.

Windscribe vs TunnelBear offer great speed to navigate and to be able to transmit agile without slowing down the internet connection, in this opportunity we want to investigate what characteristics these providers offer us.

WindScribe vs TunnelBear offer high speed to navigate.

As for Windscribe, we found opinions from users who consider it to be one of the fastest VPNs on the market.

However, a speed test can show that sometimes it can present low speed when running games or downloads, thus affecting the speed of the Internet, but this is very little when compared with other VPNs, even with premium services that other networks offer.

It guarantees you to be able to stream over Netflix, gaming, torrenting, etc., without any problem.

TunnelBear guarantees you high speed and security, to the extent that it can encrypt your data. But a slight decrease in speed may occur.

However, this is not a factor of concern among users as it still maintains a stable speed to navigate and transmit effectively.

A speed test was carried out in several geographical areas and it was determined that this varies, being more optimal if the connection is with a closer server, being affected according to the place where you are.

TunnelBear guarantees that you can access content on the web such as streaming or torrenting downloads without interruption.

Windscribe and TunnelBear Features and Reviews

These providers have different opinions about the functionalities that it provides to their clients, positioning these providers among the best and favorite ones of the users.

1. Netflix and Streaming

One of the factors that most put in test the users, is the capacity of these providers at the moment of unblocking and facilitating the use of Netflix and streaming, since sometimes these functions are blocked according to the region where you are.

We found when comparing these providers very positive opinions of both, because it allows to go unnoticed in front of the blockades of certain regions allowing you to enjoy Netflix’s programming, besides, giving you very good speed for streaming without any problem.

2. China and other countries

Windscribe vs TunnelBear has servers in different countries around the world, ensuring that you can connect to the nearest server for maximum efficiency.

Within the available countries we can find Canada, United States, Switzerland and even China, this being a great benefit since China has now extended strict censorship rules, making it difficult for VPNs to run their servers there, which for these providers is possible.

3. Gaming

WindScribe vs TunnelBear offers the possibility to enter the world of the gamingGaming has been growing in popularity today, and acquiring a VPN that allows you to log in securely is an important factor, as we have seen when comparing these providers.

So these providers offer their customers the possibility to enter the gaming world in a safe way by protecting your data, as well as allowing you to enjoy a quality connection by ensuring an optimal speed test.

4. Torrenting

Windscribe vs TunnelBear has a high quality of download, allowing you to use the services that torrenting offers, achieving secure file sharing because your IP is hidden, avoiding the blockages that the internet can present.

If surfing the Internet is one of your preferences and security is a concern for you, do not hesitate to evaluate these providers, because they are both high quality and well known VPNs in the market, with good ratings from users who recommend these providers.

Windscribe vs TunnelBear are the best options for you.

Alternatives to these VPNs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Windscribe Vs Tunnelbear

✅Windscribe Vs Tunnelbear: Which is Better?

When comparing Windscribe vs. TunnelBear we undoubtedly conclude that both VPNs have very similar characteristics and a large number of them, so this will depend on each user’s preference when choosing between TunnelBear vs.

⭐ What Is The Speed Of Windscribe Vs Tunnelbear? Which Is Faster?

Windscribe vs TunnelBear have a high quality of speed, guaranteeing you optimal performance for downloads through torrenting, Netflix streaming or gaming.

Sometimes it can get a little lower depending on the use or geographical location of the server you connect to, however, TunnelBear vs Windscribe have the best speeds.

➡ ️ What Is The Price Of Windscribe Vs Tunnelbear? Which Is Cheaper?

The prices offered by Windscribe vs TunnelBear, will depend on the subscription of your choice. Windscribe’s monthly subscription price is $8.15 and its annual subscription price is $44.4. TunnelBear has a monthly subscription of $9.07 and an annual subscription of $54.38.

When evaluating Windscribe vs TunnelBear, it is clear that Windscribe has cheaper prices compared to TunnelBear.

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