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NordVPN vs Hotpost Shield comparison Which is the best?

Among the best providers for maintaining IP anonymity are NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield. These not only have excellent user reviews, but also have a number of benefits that are worthwhile.

The prices handled by NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield are varied, depending on the type of plan you want to get. Among its other features we can get a good quality of service, acceptable speed and some benefits like Netflix, torrenting or streaming.

On the one hand, NordVPN is considered a high security alternative to maintain privacy, performing blocking efficiently and without complications. On the other hand, Hotspot Shield is distinguished by guaranteeing an impressive speed together with a simple interface.

In this post we bring you all the information you need to know about NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield, so you can know how they differ and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Features summary of Nordvpn vs Hotspot Shield

Main features Nordvpn Hotspot Shield
VPN See full review See full review
Discount Save 70%! Save 38%!
Price $3.29 $2.99
See Offer See offer
Money back policy 30 days 45 days
Average speed 49.60 Mbps 11.35 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit AES 256-bit
Devices 6 5
Servers 5565 3.200
Countries 59 80
See Offer See offer

NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield: Which is the Major?

Knowing which is the best between NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield is not complicated, you just need to compare both platforms. You can do this by means of a test and also thanks to the opinions left by some users.

When you look for information in the right place, and after comparing you will see that you can conclude that these providers are vpn networks that offer competitive prices, efficient and complete service, as well as easy to understand operation.

Thanks to these providers you will be able to go unnoticed by certain blockages that have streaming sites like Netflix, and thus be able to enjoy a large amount of content that may not be available for your country of origin.

There are many reasons to choose NordVPN, one of the most popular in opinions is that it can efficiently manage a torrenting routine, it also allows access to streaming and Netflix, a large number of available servers and allows a free trial.

When comparing Hotspot Shield we can say several things, for example, that it is easy to use, and its operation is understood without problems. Its speed is indisputable and it has several additional functions, a P2P traffic and an automatic disconnection system.

Know what is the best among NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield is not complicated

NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield: Which one has a better price?

In this section we bring you all the data about the price of these providers, so you can buy and see which one is the best for you. Although the final decision must be made based on your monetary limitations, this test in its entirety can be helpful.

As far as the Hotspot Shield price is concerned, different possibilities are offered with three different plans, which vary in contract time and possibility of savings. Among the different packages you will be able to access, you will find these:

  • Monthly plan: it has a price of $12.99, without option to promotions.
  • Annual plan: costs $95.88, with monthly payments of $7.99. It also has a 38% discount compared to the monthly plan.
  • Biannual plan: this has a cost of $167.76, with payments of $699 per month and a discount of 46% in relation to the plan with the shortest term.

On the other hand, NordVPN has a total of 4 packages to offer its customers. These can be paid by various payment methods for the convenience of users. It should be noted that this platform offers a free 30-day trial version.

Among the plans of this vpn you’re going to get these:

  • monthly plan: this costs about $1081 and no savings benefits.
  • annual plan: the price is $6.32 per month, and you get up to 41% discount compared to the previous plan.
  • 2 year plan: only $3.61 per month, with 66% discount on the total.
  • 3-year plan: in addition to saving up to 75% of your money, you only have to make payments of $2.71 during each monthly payment.

NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield Speed: Who’s The Winner?

The speed handled by these providers has some variations, however, it can be said that both are of excellent quality. Whichever one is chosen is an excellent choice.

NordVPN vs. Hotspot Shield have favorable opinions, especially regarding their speed. This is why they are considered among the best vpn providers on the market today.

The platforms of these providers have variations in their speed. These depend directly on whether or not there is an encryption overhead. After several tests on this, we have come to the following conclusions about these providers.

Hotspot Shield, after making a simple test we can say that it has a speed of 30 Mbps. At the beginning it has a decrease of 11.35 Mb/s per download. After changing the server several times we can say that it is not the fastest vpn, but it is not bad either.

Although NordVPN speed records are 300 Mbps/30Mbps, depending on the country where the server is connected this may vary. It has an AES-256-CBC encryption that responds to a 2048 bit key, ideal for Windows and Android.

NordVPN platforms vs Hotspot Shield feature variations in speed.

NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield Features & Reviews

The functions offered by these providers’ platforms generate all kinds of opinions, but the positive ones are usually the most frequent. This is one of the reasons why they always enter most rankings.

NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield have an easy to understand system and an intuitive interface. So all you need to do is download and install one of them and start using it, connect to any of their servers and surf with a new IP.

1. Netflix & Steaming

Most users seek to compare the different VPNs through their opinions, and with these providers it is no different. Although both have the ability to access different streaming platforms, only NordVPN can unlock the security of Netflix.

With these providers you will get access to different types of streaming downloads, as well as access to content that may be limited in your location, including channels available to your computer.

2. China & Other Countries

China is one of the countries with the most censorship in the world, and they are quite strict about it. That’s why many residents of the country are looking for people with whom they can have access to all kinds of information or entertainment that is theoretically out of the reach of the population.

Both NordVPN and Hotspot Shield have a large number of servers in their favor, and both have a few in China and other Asian countries. This means that whether you are in or out, you can access exclusive information.

3. Gaming

NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield are two of the best options for these types of cases.Just by reading the comments and opinions that are left on various platforms, we can realize that many times vpn are not only for security or streaming, video game players are the most fierce customers of these providers.

That’s why many gaming providers make use of these providers to be able to connect in online games with people from other countries, and at the same time to maintain their security and anonymity, since many of these programs can be the target of hackers.

Nowadays the number of gaming fans has grown in a surprising way, so it is necessary to compare different vpn tests to find the right one. NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield are two of the best options for this kind of cases.

4. Torrenting

The torrenting services these providers have to offer are generally good. Downloads are easy, although the quality is distinguished by the speed of each of these providers.

With today’s technological advances it is difficult to get a file sharing medium that does not use the internet, so it is important to compare NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield to get the safest medium of all.

Downloads of files and all types of content with the help of NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield are efficient, and allows the anonymity of the IP to be maintained. Torrenting is one of the most important things in a vpn.

This is what determines the level of privacy, security, reliability and anonymity that companies like NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield can offer. The speed that each platform handles will determine its effectiveness.

Alternatives to these VPNs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nordvpn Vs Hotspot Shield

➡️ NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield: ¿Cuál Es El Major?

This answer is somewhat complicated. While we can say that nordvpn has a better speed, the truth is that both platforms nordvpn vs Hotspot shield have excellent benefits, it all depends on which one can best meet your needs.

⭐What is the speed of NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield? Which is faster?

It is important to note that nordvpn vs Hotspot shield have good speeds and can meet the torrenting needs of users. But, when comparing both platforms we must say that nordvpn has slight advantages.

✅What Is The Price Of NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield? Which Is The Cheapest?

Nordvpn vs Hotspot shield are platforms that have variations on their plans. ;as opposed to price is not so noticeable, but clearly the one that has a greater advantage in terms of savings is the one that is considered to be more favorable.

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✌️ What other VPN services are NordVPN Vs Hotspot Shield users looking for?

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NordVPN vs Hotspot Shield: User Reviews and Experiences

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