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NordVPN Vs TunnelBear Comparison: Which is the Best?

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear have stood out highly for their privacy policy, since they have a virtual private network that does not keep records, which has allowed very good opinions in the different tests and be one of the best within the VPN industry.

Another favorable benefit of NordVPN Vs TunnelBear, is that they can be installed in different computers and devices, and also allow secure browsing and downloads in Streaming, Netflix, Torrenting and Gaming with high performance speeds.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear have the ability to hide the actual IP address and maintain complete privacy when surfing the Internet. TunnelBear Vs NordVPN also have the tools to prevent access by computer spies.

To compare NordVPN Vs TunnelBear, it is necessary to take into account all these functions, features, benefits and opinions of the various tests, so that you can consider which one may be the best and choose the most convenient.

Features summary of Nordvpn vs Tunnelbear

Main features Nordvpn Tunnelbear
VPN See full review See full review
Discount Save 70%! Save 67%!
Price $3.29 $3.33
See Offer See offer
Money back policy 30 days 30 days
Average speed 49.60 Mbps 10.56 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit 1
Devices 6 5
Servers 5565 1.800
Countries 59 22
See Offer See offer

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear: Which one is the best?

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear are among the most prominent VPNs on the market, so they may be an appropriate alternative. These providers facilitate their installation and allow freedom of access to all types of devices.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear offers quality of service and the necessary privacy so that you can easily download content in Streaming, Gaming, Netflix and Torrenting. Because of that, these providers have the best opinions in several tests.

In order to compare these providers, it is important to be aware of the benefits and services that these VPNs provide in terms of privacy, price, security, efficient speed and thus know which one is best for you to choose.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear are among the most prominent.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear: Which is the Best Price?

These providers have a variety of plans with different prices, which can be compared with other high level VPNs, which also have attractive prices and quality of service, as well as the best opinions in different tests.

NorVPN has a variety of prices in their different plans, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and the time you want to make the contract. The plans contained in this VPN are the following:

  • 1 Month Plan: The NordVPN monthly plan is priced at $10.81.
  • 1 Year Plan: This plan is priced at $75.68 and has an attractive savings of 40%.
  • 2 Year Plan: This plan has a savings of 66% and is priced at $86.40.
  • 3-year plan: The price of this plan is $97.04 and it has a savings of 75%.

TunnelBear has the best prices in all its plans, these can vary depending on the contract you make, because of that, the VPN offers prices that adapt to the convenience of the user.

All TunnelBear plans have an unlimited data service and can be adapted to up to 5 devices, plus they have a free 7-day trial period. Below we will show you what their plans are:

  • 1 Month Plan: This plan is priced at $9.
  • 1-year plan: The annual plan is priced at $54.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear Speed: Which One is the Winner?

These providers have a high speed technology and the most efficient security, this is because these providers have a service that has the ability to encrypt the data if you discourage the speed at any time.

It is important to note that the speed of these providers is one of the main characteristics of these VPNs that can be compared with the best on the market and have obtained the most qualified opinions from various tests by users.

The stable speed of these providers, allows you to navigate quickly and guarantee you download different content safely in Streaming, Netflix, Gaming and Torrenting.

NordVPN steady speed Vs TunnelBear lets you quickly navigate.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear Features and Reviews

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear have excellent features, which have gained good feedback in the various tests from users. They have an appropriate privacy policy that does not record any information.

These providers allow you to make connections as fast as possible on any of their servers located around the world, with total privacy and guarantee an intuitive interface that you can use easily, just like downloading in Streaming.

1. Netflix and Streaming

Users often compare these providers, as most VPNs can perform various unlocking of content from different locations around the world on Streaming and Netflix, however, it is not possible to download on Netflix with TunnelBear.

2. China and Other Countries

Today, despite technological advances, it is still difficult to access China’s strict censorship, which makes it difficult to enjoy the various most popular pages on social networks. However, these providers have managed to overcome this drawback.

With these providers you can have the confidence to access different pages in China, as they are one of the VPNs that this country has authorized under the compliance of certain regulations, but NordVPN Vs TunnelBear know how to hide to navigate without restriction.

3. Gaming

NordVPN users can download Vs TunnelBear in Gaming.The majority of the users let themselves be carried away by the comments or opinions of various tests in order to compare the efficiency of the VPN service and these providers do not escape from that, as is the case with access to content in Gaming.

These providers ensure that their users can download from Gaming with the best speed, security and privacy, and have earned one of the best positions in the VPN industry for gaming fans.

4. Torrenting

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear have the most efficient content and file download service when downloading Torrenting, so these providers can easily and safely manage the download process with Torrenting.

Downloads with Torrenting in these providers have generated excellent opinions in different tests, since they have efficient functionalities capable of protecting to the maximum any type of download you make in Torrenting.

In general, you can say when comparing these providers, that they are excellent providers that offer the best virtual network service that you can use in your computer, as well as in any device.

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear automatically prevents data traffic with the ability to encrypt the real IP address, as well as efficient, fast and safe surfing.

If you want to compare these providers, to verify the good service of these VPNs, first make sure of everything they are able to offer you in terms of quality, speed, security and privacy, so that you can select the best one for you.

Alternatives to these VPNs

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Frequently Asked Questions about NordVPN Vs TunnelBear

✅NordVPN Vs TunnelBear: Which is The Best?

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear are ranked as one of the best VPNs today, thanks to everything they can provide you with in terms of security and the most efficient privacy while using various servers and browsing the Internet.

⭐What Is The Speed NordVPN Vs TunnelBear? Which Is Faster?

The speed of NordVPN Vs TunnelBear is among the best, as they give you the highest speed while browsing the web and allow you to make efficient and safe downloads in Streaming, Netflix, Gamnig and Torrenting.

➡ ️ What Is The Price Of NordVPN Vs TunnelBear? Which Is Cheaper?

NordVPN Vs TunnelBear, have the best prices in all their plans, which has generated the best opinions within the different tests by users. The price will depend on the time of the contract, so you can choose the one that is more convenient for you.

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NordVPN Vs TunnelBear: Reviews and User Experience

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