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Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost Comparison: Which is the Best?

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, are VPN providers with a very good reputation, standing out among other providers that provide similar services.

For this reason, we will make a detailed comparison to find out which are the most outstanding features between Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, such as price, services provided and benefits, to finally discover who is the best.

Tunnelbear Vpn offers a service that provides a private connection for virtual networks. It provides mechanisms to prevent others from accessing information while browsing the Internet.

CyberGhost Vpn, this company has been offering VPN services for 16 years. The opinions about their services are quite positive. It also has a very intuitive graphic environment in Spanish.

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, makes it easy to get into Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming and Netflix, which means a very good alternative for your users. For this reason, we will now show you some relevant information so that you can decide if Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost is appropriate.

Features summary of Tunnelbear vs Cyberghost

Main features Tunnelbear Cyberghost
VPN See full review See full review
Discount Save 67%! Save 80%!
Price $3.33 $2.25
See offer See offer
Money back policy 30 days 45 days
Average speed 10.56 Mbps 11.48 Mbps
Encryption 1 AES 256-bit
Devices 5 7
Servers 1.800 7000
Countries 22 90
See offer See offer

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost: Which is The Best?

In order to be sure if Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost are suitable and to choose which one is the best, you should compare and test everything they contain. Their opinions should also be taken into account to compare in detail the most specific features, the browsing speed and of course the security.

When comparing these providers it can be highlighted that they are virtual private connections that provide an effective system for you to keep your IP address hidden. You will have the opportunity to browse with absolute privacy and you will be able to go unnoticed by the limitations of Streaming, Netflix, Gaming and Torrenting.

Tunnelbear has very good opinions regarding the quality of the service and its price, also because of its extraordinary service of speed, security and the absolute privacy while surfing the web. You can go unnoticed with blocking, Gaming, Streaming, Torrenting but it does not include Netflix.

CyberGhost VPN is recognized as one of the best VPN services worldwide. Many choose it for the great possibility of offering anonymity and privacy, all this thanks to the location of its headquarters, located in Romania.

It is excellent for downloading content and watching streaming, access to unlock services such as: Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Fox, ESPN and Amazon Prime.

To be sure whether vs CyberGhost VPN Client are suitable to be compared and perform a test.

Tunnelbear vs. CyberGhost: Which one has a better price?

Below, we’ll show you which one has a better price by comparing these providers. The price of both Vpn providers, are among the best tests and have reached very good opinions regarding their quality and price.

Tunnelbear’s price, which is quite affordable, offers three plans with unlimited data and access to 5 devices simultaneously, plus a free 7-day trial service.

  • 1 month plan: The price of this contract is $9.07.
  • 1 year plan: The price is $54.38.
  • Free service: 500MB

The price of CyberGhost is quite cheap, it has a fixed price of 11.99 ? per month. This is a standard price in the market, also offers its promotions so you can enjoy the service more comfortably.

  • 1 month plan: the promotional price is $5.29.
  • 1 year plan: The price is $63.48.
  • 2 year plan: The price of this contract is $78.96.
  • 3 year plan: The promotional price is $88.

Tunnelbear Speed vs CyberGhost Who’s The Winner?

The speed of these providers that provide users with a very high level of navigation, they connect very fast which has meant that they have very good opinions and at the same time stand out among the best tests when comparing their effectiveness with other VPNs that are on the market.

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost have a speed that can be variable, it all depends on the encryption overload that can affect that speed, as well as the distance from the server. This means that there are multiple variables to compare when checking the speed online.

The speed of Tunnelbear is one of the most outstanding characteristics of this Vpn, it has state of the art technology in reference to speed and safety. This service helps to encode data without restricting speed. It has a speed of up to 20Mbps, but can vary depending on the location you connect to.

CyberGhost’s speed can reach 100 Mbps of bandwidth, plus it features AES-256 bit encryption. The main objective of CyberGhost VPN is to provide all the necessary security on the Internet, while ensuring maximum speed to have secure connections.

These are the 2 most outstanding features of the CyberGhost VPN. Also, thanks to the large number of servers it has, it guarantees that the number of users will not collapse the service. CyberGhost guarantees optimal navigation.

CyberGhost speed can reach 100 Mbps bandwidth

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost: Features and Reviews

The operation of these providers has produced very good opinions from the users of these Vpn since they are among the best tests and offer a fairly simple service, to use them you only need to download and install the software and immediately you will get a very easy to use interface.

These providers use a function that disables some features of the operating system that inspects our data. Another feature that Tunnelbear and CyberGhost have is that they have an instant log deletion system and maximum protection on wifi networks.

1. Netflix and Streaming

Some users insist on comparing these providers, with respect to unlocking certain content that is made from different locations, as they have the ability to effectively unlock Streaming on Netflix.

In these providers, you have the option to download Streaming files from any digital platform and be able to use and enjoy Netflix and without any kind of restriction. At CyberGhost you can count on all these services, but with Tunnelbear you cannot download Netflix.

2. China and Other Countries

Currently, there are many unfortunate opinions regarding the rigorous censorship that exists in China, making it very difficult for VPNs to provide their services in that country, but nevertheless, this does not represent a problem for Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost.

Fortunately, these providers have safely overcome this restriction, as China currently accepts some Vpn, among those Vpn are Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost. But it should be noted that when comparing these two providers, additional encryption should be used.

3. Gaming

Vs CyberGhost VPN Client are the safest for gaming providers.There are some sensible users who study the opinions of the best tests, and then compare the best Vpn as in this case, Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost to be protected while using the gaming service.

With the many followers that gaming has, Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, consider it important that their users should have absolute security from the moment they log in to gaming. They also strive to provide excellent quality service in terms of privacy and optimal speed.

4. Torrenting

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, provide an excellent service when it comes to downloading, which proves that it has a great capacity to easily manage Torrenting. Torrenting is about sharing different kinds of files.

Quite a few users use good file sharing technology when downloading Torrenting. Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost hides your identity in Torrenting, to prevent your IP address from being blocked. Tunnelbear allows Torrenting traffic on its 20 servers in 22 countries and CyberGhost in 90 countries.

If you are enthusiastic about surfing the web, and if you want you can compare Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, because they provide high security, and absolute privacy, also they are able to encrypt the connection with maximum protection, and the access to the web does not restrict the speed.

It wasn’t very difficult to compare Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost, on the contrary we got very good opinions regarding security, downloads in Torrenting, easy access to Netflix, simultaneous connection in several devices and, highlighting that CyberGhost was the best Vpn in relation to price and speed.

Alternatives to these VPNs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost

✅Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost: Which is the Best?

It is difficult to establish which is better between Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost as both Vpn provide optimal service in relation to reliable encryption, security and safety in web browsing, IP hiding, maximum privacy and unblocking in restricted areas.

⭐What's the Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost Speed? Which is Faster?

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost have good speed performance but, when viewing Netflix or any other straming platform and downloading Torrenting or Gaming. Excessive loading of encryption could decrease the speed, and cause variables when surfing the web.

➡ ️What is the price of Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost? Which is cheaper?

Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost offers a variety of plans with different prices and promotions from one month to 3 years of contract. All of them offer good service.

✌ What Providers Are There Besides Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost?
👍 What other VPN services are Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost users looking for?

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Tunnelbear vs CyberGhost: Reviews and User Experience

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