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Opera VPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Do you want to find a free and functional VPN? Then Operates VPN is the ideal VPN for you. While not much is known about the number of servers you work with, it is believed that there are almost 1000 of them, in addition to being in excellent locations.


Have you ever wondered why a VPN service is free?

In addition to slow speed, spam and annoying ads, some users have told us that free VPN services sold their data and personal information to third parties.

Here are some alternatives for secure and reliable VPN services

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One of the great benefits of Opera VPN is that it doesn’t have big limitations. Having been developed as a software allows its users to access different sites that have been blocked in regional and geographical terms.

Some of the advantages it has to offer can be compared to some paid VPNs. Opera VPN can be operated in various operating systemsThe Opera vpn is available in many different platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Mac, and even in iOS and Android for mobile devices.

Although the speed is not too surprising, it can be quite acceptable, especially considering that Opera VPN is a service for which you do not have to pay to download and install.

If you want to know more about it than opinions, features and all the information available on Opera vpn, keep reading this post, where we will tell you everything you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Opera VPN


  • It is totally free.
  • No installation required.
  • It is available for different operating systems.
  • The interface it handles is simple.
  • It has a good speed.
  • It has no data limit.


  • Nothing is specified about your privacy policy.
  • He can’t get around Netflix’s locks.

Reasons to Choose Opera VPN

Privacy is one of the main reasons why Opera vpn was created. In fact, the words of the company’s vice president of marketing were in charge of telling the public that its purpose is to give them the right to surf the Internet with as much privacy as they wish.

One of the reasons why it is most striking is that it is a free service. Unlike other programs, it is part of the browser that is already known and implemented by many for several years.

Because Opera VPN is a browser with integrated VPN, its speed is impressive even though it offers IP anonymity at no cost. Besides, you don’t need to download and install anything special to be used in pc.

It has a large number of servers, although it offers only 5 different locations, clearly including the United States. While many may consider it a disadvantage that it is not available for Android and iOS, many like it to stay true to itself.

Currently this VPN has achieved a great advance in popularity quite effective, achieving more than 300 million users around the world. Another great advantage is that it has an advertising blocker included, and it also helps to save data.

opera VPN se trata de un navegador con VPN integrado

Reasons to Choose Opera VPN?

The service has a lot of elements that make it a unique VPN in its style. The fact that it is free is just one of many reasons why many people want to obtain its services.

The truth is that Opera VPN offers many unique features, which help its popularity beyond being functional and free. In this section we will show you why the opinions you get about this VPN are always so positive.

It offers many unique features.

1. Ease of Use

Without a doubt, it is one of the most user-friendly VPNs, as can be seen from the analysis and opinions that other users leave on different pages and forums. Starting with the fact that it does not require any installation.

But that’s not all. Opera allows its users to access more than 1000 customised themes for their browser. It also allows the possibility to continue surfing and internet exactly where it was left open, both in PC and in the mobile phone.

All this is possible thanks to the ability of the data synchronization software to provide navigation. To this can be added the fact that it has a 256-bit encryption.

Es uno de los VPN con mayor facilidad de uso.

2. Countries Available

The truth is that not much is known about the servers it offers, however, it is known that it can operate from the following locations:

  • United States.
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands

Although it does not allow you to freely choose the server you want to access, only the continent. Although some opinions say that the United Kingdom is missing, the truth is that all locations are very good.

3. Devices

It has several operating systems to work with. It is part of all the most implemented by the majority, such as Windows, Linux and Mac. It also has mini opera applications for iOS and Android.

Although it is a free VPN, the truth is that Opera VPN provides a great amount of facilities for all users. So that they feel comfortable using the VPN and also to attract new customers.

4. Types of Contracts

In the contracts of a VPN, a payment is made in exchange for obtaining the service, the prices may vary depending on the time you want to enjoy it. However, you don’t need this type of procedure.

Since it is a free provider to maintain the security and anonymity of the IP, it is not necessary to go through this step when downloading and installing.

Este es un proveedor gratis.

5. Available Services

The services available for Opera VPN are very varied, starting with the excellent quality offered in terms of speed, which is on par with many other payment providers.

This is an advantage that very few VPNs can afford. But with this VPN, in spite of being a free program, and in addition designed specially to be able to offer great security to its clients.

6. Security

Unfortunately many people in their opinions claim that Opera is not a very secure VPN. This is mainly due to the fact that it does not have a zero record policy. Also, because it is free, it does not have companies to take care of it.

On the other hand, it should be noted that no complaints have been made to Opera vpn due to a lack of security for users’ personal data.

Opera VPN security

7. Support Quality

When it comes to customer support, we can only say that you have very few options. In all honesty, this does not turn out to be a real problem as many may think, as the service is of very good quality.

Opera VPN’s browser is extremely intuitive, so the company has not seen the need to create large media to communicate with its customers in case of failures, which occur very rarely.

A free being has a good service to the customer.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Opera VPN

If you are looking for VPN software that can circumvent netflix’s geographic security, this is not the one. Although there are many entertainment platforms that can be seen using Opera vpn, torrents and netflix are not part of them.

Opera VPN speed

There is nothing negative to say about the speed of vpn operation. The truth is that everything about this topic is flattering, that’s why many opinions assure that it’s worth using this provider than paying for one.

The competition in the market is quite big, but it operates VPNs that stand out for having one of the best speeds, being on par with many payment providers despite being completely free.

To start you only need to download the opera browser to start using the vpn. A process that can take less than 5 minutes from the moment you want to open the website.

After a simple test the results obtained really impressed us, using Chrome the internet was 23% faster, while with operating VPN it was 39% faster than the average.

Which servers Opera VPN offers

When connecting to one of the servers that offer this vpn, there are only 4 options:

  • Optimal: which automatically searches for the server that is closest to the user.
  • Americas.
  • Asia.
  • Europe.

Unfortunately their servers do not have direct access in the UK, therefore there is no way to decode certain television programs such as BBC iPlayer or Channel 4.

In terms of virtual locations, operating VPN has quite positive features, as Google’s direct DNS servers are located within the same country as the VPN server that does the DNS resolution.

In simpler terms, requests made from a DNS will come from the provider operating the VPN in the same place where the user’s actual IP address is located.

How to install Opera VPN for secure browsing

As we have already mentioned several times within this post, Opera VPN does not need a real installation since it works directly from the browser. This means two things:

  • If you want to have it from a mobile device you just have to download the application directly from Apple Store or Google Play corresponding to your operating system.
  • On the other hand, if you want to use it from your PC you only have to download and install the latest Opera browser or directly update it if it doesn’t allow you to access that option.

It operates VPN does not require installation

Opera VPN Prices and Promotions

As it is a platform that works completely free, its services have no prices or promotions. You directly download and test whether or not you can meet the expectations, or simply opt for another vpn.

1. Opera VPN Pricing

There are no prices because it’s free. There are no packages, cost variations or anything like that, just download and enjoy.

2. Opera VPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Promotions are not part of the services either. As you do not have full premium prices or packages to enjoy your services, it is impossible to have savings of any kind.

3. Opera VPN Payment Methods

As it is a free program and does not require payments from the platform, it does not offer any method for this type of action.


Opera VPN Reviews

The opinions about Opera VPN found on the Internet are generally positive, very few complaints can be obtained, this is because most people understand that it is a free VPN, and yet it offers an excellent service.

These are some of the opinions held about Opera VPN:

  • I installed Opera a couple of years ago because of its included VPN, I have to say that it has been working great for me, I really recommend it.
  • I was very impressed with the public wifi, after reading several articles I made the decision to use this platform, since I didn’t want to pay for a VPN either and in the end I used it a lot.
  • Before when it operates it was a Google company I had my doubts, but since another company takes care of everything I have to say that its VPN works very well.
  • I hired the services of this VPN because it was free, but then I discovered several of its other benefits and I was fascinated, I am very happy to have chosen it.
  • I have discovered that Opera VPN is a much more demanding browser than others for my computer, but I still think it is worth it. It turns on and off with just one click and is quickly configured to work automatically.
  • I didn’t want to buy a VPN package because I don’t use it much, so I decided to use this one, I really think it’s worth it, its functionality is the best.
  • One of the best to enjoy training content available only in the United States, it has never given me any problems and I have been using it for several months now. The speed varies quite a bit, but it still works pretty well.

Las opiniones sobre Opera VPN en general son positivas

Conclusion about Opera VPN

Opera VPN undoubtedly offers users a great experience, and that is very easy to use, is free and also only need to have downloaded the latest browser. Since it decided to launch this type of service, the company has worked hard.

The design is not only beautiful, it is also intuitive and easy to understand, it is visually elegant and it is very pleasant to use, something that rarely happens with this type of providers, even with some paying ones.

Although their customer service is not the best since they do not have a great level of response, the truth is that it is not needed. Rarely are there failures in the platform and everything is so intuitive that no queries are needed due to lack of understanding.

When it comes to navigation, there are many blocks that you cannot afford to make, but this does not mean that you are not a quality provider. This is especially true of China, which has completely blocked it.

Opera VPN sin dudas les ofrece a los usuarios una gran experiencia

Alternatives to VPN Opera VPN

There are many VPN providers. While payments are the most prevalent in the market, it is possible to get some good quality ones that are free below, we leave you with a small list of VPN links that may be of interest to you:

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Features summary of Opera VPN

Main Features Opera VPN
Discount -
Price Free
See offer
Money back policy 0 days
Average speed 7.91 Mbps
Encryption On remote server
Devices 1
Servers In 4 locations
Countries 300
See offer

Opera VPN Frequently Asked Questions

🙌 What is Opera VPN?

It is an open source tool, which specializes in circumventing the web censorship that exists because of geography. It is managed as a software for different Operative systems, PCs and mobile devices.

👌 Is Opera VPN secure?

It’s completely safe! Although it is free and that generates some insecurities, the quality of this vpn is demonstrated both in the tests carried out and in people’s opinions about it.

✌️ Why choose Opera VPN?

There are many reasons why this is an excellent VPN. Clearly not having to pay for your services is the most noticeable advantage, but there are other benefits that can be obtained.

➕ What are the benefits of Opera VPN?

The amount of benefits you can get with this vpn go far beyond simply keeping your IP hidden. Although it also has some disadvantages, the truth is that for most of them they are not very relevant. Learn more about this in our pros and cons section within the post.

⚡ How to install Opera VPN?

It does not have a complex installation as it is a completely free vpn. If you want to know all the necessary steps we recommend you to go to the section where we extend more the topic inside the post.

✨ What is the price of Opera VPN?

With this vpn there are no prices or promotions. No need to worry about having to pay, their services are totally free without exception.

➡️ Can I keep Opera VPN for free?

Of course! It is a free service so all the benefits offered by the platform are free of charge.

We hope that all the information we have provided you about Opera VPN in this post has been very useful for you to know everything about this incredible vpn, which operates in a safe and efficient way.

If you are interested in knowing more about other vpn, the opinions that are held about them and how they work, we invite you to enter our website where we have many interesting posts for you.

Opera VPN Users' Opinions and Experience

Have you used Opera VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using Opera VPN in the comments.

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