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ZenVPN: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

In this article we intend to tell you everything you need to know about ZenVPN, a software that will allow you to surf safely by hiding your IP with very low prices and an excellent service.

As with all Paradise VPN guides, here you will learn what a VPN is, how to download and install ZenVPN on your computer and how this compares to other features.

We will also inform you about ZenVPN’s prices, the types of contracts from the simplest to the full plan, its free trial policy and the users’ opinions and specialized reviews.

Pros and Cons of ZenVPN


  • No logging (activity logs).
  • Free trial.
  • Many servers.
  • Allows Netflix and torrents.
  • Free money back.
  • Easy to download and install.


  • Does not support Linux.
  • Available in a few languages.

Plans and offers of ZenVPN

1-Month plan


per month

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6-Month plan



per month

Save 50%!

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1 Year plan



per month

Save 68%!

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Why Choose ZenVPN in 2020

logo Spanish monk zenvpn digital vpnIt is clear that ZenVPN is aimed at a particular audience: users of all ages, whose objective in using a VPN is mainly to be able to safely browse and unlock multimedia content on platforms such as Netflix, HBO Go, etc., and download torrents without any problem.

With ZenVPN you can do all these activities and you won’t have problems downloading and installing the software either because it’s very user-friendly.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this provider is its ease of use, but we should also highlight other features such as its free trial period, the variety of payment methods and contracting plans and the strength of its security protocols. All these aspects have earned it good reviews online.

ZenVPN Analysis and Features

Below we’ll explain in detail some of the main features of ZenVPN so you can better understand what it is, how it works and whether it’s the most convenient VPN for your needs.

1. Ease of Use

ZENVPN is a simple to use provider. The interface of the VPN tool is very simple and you can configure it even if you are not an expert in the field. In case you need help, you can consult their help section or let them know about any problem you have.

2. Available countries

ubicación vpn mundo carta libertad mapaOne of the most satisfying features of this provider is the distribution of servers throughout the world. The company is present in 32 countries, which is much more than some of its competitors.

It is true, however, that their presence is more concentrated in Europe than in regions such as Africa or South America.

3. Devices

vpn screen tablet mobile computer devicesZenVPN is available on the most widely used devices and operating systems today. On both computers (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and MacOS) and tablets and smartphones (Android, iOS) the software can be easily downloaded and installed with instructions in various languages.

The absence of Linux is notable in that list, as well as the lack of support for video game consoles such as Xbox or PS4, Chromebooks and AppleTV, which increasingly require the use of VPN services due to the online information deposited there.

We don’t know if in the future ZenVPN will decide to expand its market and include these options, but for the moment the list is somewhat short.

4. Types of Contracts

Spanish cheap vpn saves accessibleZenVPN is a paid service but it also offers a free one-hour trial period so you can get to know and test its features and see if it suits your needs. Recruitment plans are divided into two groups.

Since the limit of 5 Gb per day is very high and does not represent a problem, unless the intention is to download a large amount of very large files, we recommend the first group of contracts because we consider it worthwhile in terms of price/quality.

5. Services

ZenVPN easy automatic settings easilyIn addition to the basic features that any VPN must have, this Spanish-language provider offers some extras such as the possibility of changing servers at will, which has brought it good feedback from users.

This allows you to choose from which country you want to connect to surf safely. It also offers the possibility of unlocking regional content such as Netflix, Hulu, iBBC, Apple TV and more.

6. Security

ZenVPN security protection privacy censorship freedomWe were very pleased to see that this provider has a strict no logging policy, which is the same as saying that they do not keep records of our online activities while we are using their servers.

To tell the truth, in order to know the amount of GB per day they must have some kind of control, but this does not mean that they use it for other purposes than their own business objectives.

In any case, we can count on the fact that this provider cannot and will not disclose the content of these controls to any state or international body that requests them.

One of the most sought-after features in VPNs is the famous kill switchThis is the ability to detect when there is a security breach in the system and automatically stop the internet connection to avoid vulnerabilities and theft or loss of information.

Unfortunately ZenVPN does not possess this feature, and this has earned it some negative opinions. However, this is not of great importance for those users who are not looking for absolute privacy but rather for other needs.

7. Quality of Support

ZenVPN has very effective 24-hour user support channels. The main one is through the Spanish email address support@zenvpn.net. Our team of specialists has been able to prove their efficiency and speed in solving problems.

It is true that it lacks some conventional means of support such as live chat or telephone attention in Spanish, although it makes up for this with an important presence on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with ZenVPN

nolog ZenVPN vpn privacy censorship freedomBy contracting this provider you will be able to use all the most popular multimedia content platforms such as Netflix, iBBC and others, choosing a connection from any of the countries where they have servers.

You can also make use of torrent downloads and other P2P services. If you have not chosen the full subscription plan, however, you will be limited to 5 GB per day.

ZenVPN Speed

mbps speed fast fast vpn unlimitedSpeed, which is usually a priority for many users, is also not one of the strengths of this provider. Unfortunately, we have found that, with the exception of European servers, connection speeds are low.

It’s true that all VPNs cause a decrease in data traffic, that’s how it works, but ZenVPN generates lower than average speeds.

Which Servers Does ZenVPN Offe

vpn ZenVPN offer gift gift cardOne of the most satisfying features of ZenVPN is the distribution of servers throughout the world. The company is present in 32 countries, which is much more than some of its competitors.

It is true, however, that their presence is more concentrated in Europe than in regions such as Africa or South America. Below is a complete list of countries where you can connect through ZenVPN:

How to Download and Install ZenVPN for Safe Browsing

  1. To use this provider’s VPN, you must first sign up for it, or choose the free trial mode. Either way, the immediate step will be to choose the device on which you want to install the application, depending on the operating system. Options include WIndows for tablets and computers, Mac for computers, iOS for iPhones or iPads and Android for computers.
  2. On this provider’s official website, you’ll need to choose one of these four options to see the next steps to install the VPN.
  3. In the first case, i.e. with Windows, you can access the link to download from the site directly. Once the download is complete, you must open the file that will lead you step by step to install ZenVPN.
  4. For all other options, you can download this provider as an application directly from the official Google Play, App Store, and Mac App Store online stores, and there’s no need to install or do anything else. Simply log in with the user data that will be assigned to you when you create an account.

ZenVPN Prices and Promotions

ZenVPN is a paid service but it also offers a free one-hour trial period so you can get to know and test its features and see if it suits your needs. Recruitment plans are divided into two groups.

1. ZenVPN Pricing

ZENVPN prices start at $3 a week ($12 a month). Then we find a monthly plan of $5 per month and an annual plan of $4 per month ($50 per year of service)

2. ZenVPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

The monthly plan is 50% cheaper than the weekly plan, while the annual plan is up to 60% cheaper than the weekly plan.

3. ZenVPN Payment Methods

Among the payment methods accepted by this provider are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit cards, payment platforms such as Paypal and some crypto-currency services such as Bitcoin.

Plans Price Promotion
Weekly plan $12 Without promotion
Monthly plan $6 50% off
Annual plan $4 68% discount

Reviews About ZenVPN

To help you make an informed judgment about ZenVPN, here are some opinions from users who have tried its services:

“I use ZenVPN to watch UK Netflix content and have no problem.”

“The daily limit of 5GB seemed low to me, so I had to switch to the full plan.”

“It’s the first VPN I’ve used and so far I’m very satisfied.

Conclusion about ZenVPN

vpn freedom government censorship ZenVPN privacyAnalyzing in depth the performance and characteristics of ZenVPN we have not been completely satisfied. Some online reviews highlight this trend.

The inability to customize some aspects, the low connection speeds or the daily limit of simple plans underline that this provider is useful for those looking for a VPN that allows them to hide the IP to use Netflix, torrents and not much else.

In addition, some aspects of the configuration have seemed a little invasive to us, such as the fact that this provider changes your browser’s home page by default. In short, we believe that better services can be obtained at lower prices with other VPNs.

Alternatives to ZenVPN

If you are not convinced, or prefer to know more about other VPN operators operating in the Spanish market, you can enter any of these specialized reviews. In all cases our teams test the service to provide you with the most detailed information.

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Features summary of ZenVPN

Main features ZenVPN
Discount Save 30%!
Price $4.00
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 9.40 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices No limit
Servers 32
Countries 32
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about ZenVPN (FAQs)

⭐ What is ZenVPN?

ZenVPN is a website that offers VPN services. These are used to browse the web without restriction or censorship, and to hide your computer identification (IP) from strangers and third parties.

✨Is ZenVPN Safe?

The ZenVPN VPN is, according to what we were able to analyze here at Paradise VPN and the opinions of the users who have communicated, perfectly secure.

⚡Why Choose ZenVPN?

Because it gives you a secure connection and allows you to surf without anyone knowing your IP. It also provides access to Netflix in other countries and torrent downloads.

🔥 What are the benefits of ZenVPN?

Some of the benefits of ZenVPN are its free trial period, its large number of servers and its no loggingwhich is the online activity log.

➕ What should I do to download and install ZenVPN?

The process of downloading and installing ZenVPN begins on the software’s home page. Once you have logged in, you must select a plan, provide an email address and a payment method to download and install.

💼 What is the price of ZenVPN?

The annual price of ZenVPN in its limited version of 5 GB per day is £46.28 (£3.85 per month), while the unlimited full pack is priced at £88.48 (£7.37 per month).

✌️¿Puedo Tener ZenVPN Free?

Yes, ZenVPN offers a free one-hour trial period to look at its features and help you decide if it’s the right VPN for your needs and suits the devices you plan to use.

➡️How can I download and install the Full Version of ZenVPN?

You can download and install the full version of this VPN through its home page, selecting a plan and following the steps.

⌚ Is ZenVPN Available in Spanish?

Yes, both the official website and the ZenVPN mobile and computer applications are in many languages, including Spanish. In addition, the VPN page has detailed guides in Spanish that are very useful.

⛔Will the ZenVPN VPN definitely change my IP?

No, ZenVPN’s VPN temporarily hides your IP, but this doesn’t mean it varies. Your IP will still be there, and it will still be visible once you decide to disable the ZenVPN VPN.

✅What Other VPN Services Are ZenVPN Users Looking For?

That’s it! If you’ve made it this far, you already know everything you need to know to surf the web via the ZenVPN VPN. Remember to visit our home page to learn all about VPN, DNS and reviews of other similar software.

ZenVPN User Experience and Feedback

Have you used ZenVPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a ZenVPN VPN service in the comments.

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