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Tunnello: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

At present we find that Tunnello VPN is a provider of more than one million users worldwide where almost 100% have good opinions about their services. This is because it is effective in terms of privacy by protecting your IP and user information.

Tunnello VPN is an extension of Chrome so it is not surprising that it is available in several languages, although it is not yet supported by all devices, from this provider are working on it. This program is very easy to download and install and with its 110 servers it manages to offer a good service.

If you want to know in detail the features offered by the Tunnello full package, its price and if it offers a free trial version, the opinions of its users and more, then we invite you to continue reading.

Pros and Cons of Tunnello


  • Above-average speed.
  • High number of servers.
  • Easy to download and install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Access to restricted pages by location.
  • Simultaneous multiple connection of up to 5 devices.


  • Does not allow access to Netflix.
  • Only a few servers allow torrenting.
  • It keeps records of users.

Plans and offers of Tunnello

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 37.5%!

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Reasons to Choose Tunnello

Tunnello is the ideal choice for those who need to maintain the privacy of their data, protect their IP address, DNS and user information. Tunnello is available for over 200 countries and handles numerous languages including, is able to overcome some location barriers.

Similarly we can point out that speed will never be a problem with Tunnello and if you want to make Torrenting simply select the right server, although it does not have a free version and its monthly plan can be expensive, with the annual payment you will get a good saving.

Downloading and installing this program is incredibly simple. If you have no problem with this application taking care of keeping records of your data and movements over the network, you can have Tunnello as a VPN option.

Elección de Tunnello

Tunnello Analysis and Features

Before choosing Tunnello VPN as an option you should take into consideration all the relevant features regarding its service, this will help you to verify if it can offer you what you need and if it is time to evaluate other VPNs.

1. Ease of Use

Downloading and installing Tunnello is very simple, no special knowledge is required, the same goes for the Tunnello interface is very simple and easy to use, it is very well designed so that your users will not have any problem when manipulating the VPN.

Its ease of use generates good reviews, unfortunately it does not have a free trial version to verify this before paying the full package price. The latter being a reason for dissatisfaction and bad opinions from potential customers.

2. Available Countries

Tunnello is available in more than 200 countries where the payment methods available by the provider are accepted, this extension is adapted without any problem to the language of origin (Spanish, English, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, etc).

Although their servers are located in only 14 countries worldwide they are able to provide a quality and mostly efficient service with the exception of China, although they ensure that privacy and anonymity is maintained, this information is not completely reliable in this location.

Países donde opera Tunnello

3. Devices

This tool is currently only available as an extension of Google Chrome. However, it is assumed that we will soon be using native applications that you can download and install to run on Windows, Mac and iOS devices. A beta version for Android devices is already being tested.

This means that it is currently only available on PCs and the extension must be downloaded and installed in the Google shop in order to use the tool.

Dispositivos compatibles con Tunnello

4. Types of contracts

Tunnello only has two full subscription packages that allow the user to cancel the service on a monthly basis or one payment per year. The contract specifies that there is no type of refund so if you are not satisfied with the product you must use the entire subscription.

Similarly, the full subscription contract clarifies that information regarding your movements during navigation will be monitored and stored, but without disclosing this information.

5. Available Services

The reality is that with Tunnello you will only have at your disposal the data encryption service, that is to say that your identity is protected and the information you send and receive will be protected. In some cases you will have access to torrenting but beyond that Tunnello has nothing to offer.

Among its services is the option to select the server you want. That is why many opinions assure that the price is higher than the service it offers. If you are looking for a provider with robust data protection, then Tunnello may be just what you need.

Unfortunately, you do not have a free version to test your way of working before choosing this provider.

6. Security

As mentioned above, security is an aspect in which Tunnello apparently excels, this is due to its 4096 bit military encryption using SPDY technology, very effective in protecting its users during connection.

However, it is well known that Tunnello originates in France, which means that it is governed by the privacy laws of this country. In a nutshell, this means that Tunnello can hand over information collected from any of its users to the authorities.

It is also important to note that it does not have a security switch, in short the internet service will not be interrupted in case of problems with the Tunnello servers. This would put the security of your data at risk.

7. Quality of Support

Customer SupportThis is a point where Tunnello still has many shortcomings, as it does not have live chat or email. It simply has a section where users communicate their doubts and request information, which has a response time of several working days.

Additionally you can find a section of frequently asked questions, but these are very basic so they will not serve to solve really important issues. Customer support is vital and you should reconsider this aspect before selecting Tunnello VPN.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Tunnello

For those who require a VPN to access the Netflix streams and library in the United States. Unfortunately they will have to resort to other alternatives of VPN since Tunnello does not allow access to this platform.

The same is true for those who wish to torrent, with tunnello being an option to simply protect the user when accessing unsecured WiFi networks,

Tunnello Speed

When Tunnello’s speed tests were performed, it was determined that the transmission is quite acceptable. When the Hong Kong server was specifically evaluated, a decrease in download speed was observed, but only 26%.

This means that it is generally quite acceptable and above average. This makes it a good option for those who are not interested in accessing Netflix or torrenting, but simply protecting their Internet sessions from the use of public networks.

What servers does Tunnello offer

As you must know Tunnello VPN has more than 110 servers distributed in 14 different countries including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, England, France, among others.

It’s worth mentioning that their server located in Hong Kong allows access to some sites in China, however it’s not completely reliable, in the same way we can point out that to do Torrenting you will have to access some of the servers in the Netherlands.

How to install Tunnello for Secure Browsing

As you know Tunnello is part of a Google extension and downloading and installing it couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your Google Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store, select the install button to start the download process, and you’re done.

You will then need to create an account and enter the requested information to use this tool.


Tunnello Prices and Promotions

Next, we will inform you about the prices and promotions that tunnello offers to its users in its full packages. Likewise, we will inform you about the different payment methods that you can use to cancel the service and enjoy its protection.

1. Tunnello Prices

Tunnello VPN only has a full package that offers all the available features of the program, you can cancel a price of $6.77 per month to enjoy its services. Similarly, if you want to save a little more, you can pay a one-time fee of $50.77 for the full package for one year.

In both cases the service allows simultaneous connection to 5 devices for the same subscription. However, it should be noted that Tunnello does not have a refund policy, so once the full package price has been cancelled you will have to make one of the product until the end of the subscription.

It should also be noted that this provider does not offer a free trial version.

2. Tunnello promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Unfortunately we can’t appreciate any kind of promotion available in tunnello for new users or regular customers, an aspect that would be advisable to increase the attractiveness of this tool since it has some lacks when we compare it with other VPNs.

3. Tunnello Payment Methods

If you wish to cancel the price of the Tunnello VPN services you can use any of its payment methods such as VISA, Maestro and Mastercard credit cards. You can also choose the PayPal electronic wallet and the Bitcoin crypt-currency to pay one of their full plans.

Plan Price Promotion
Monthly plan $6,77 No promotion
Annual plan $4,23 37.5% discount

Reviews of Tunnello

Although Tunnello appears to be one of the strongest VPNs in terms of information security, the truth is that many users have a variety of negative opinions that make it difficult to recommend this VPN.

To begin with, among those opinions we find that many users claim that they prefer to resort to other VPNs with less cost and more advanced features.

Similarly, some point out that the fact that Tunnello VPN may have the personal information of its users and violate their privacy if they so wish makes it difficult to consider it as an option. This, added to the fact that we do not have a free trial version, is not surprising to find such dissatisfaction. The opinions of its users are the following:

“Tunnelo is easy to download and offers a very complete service at a very competitive price.

“This VPN could incorporate a larger promotion for its long-term users. In spite of this, I am satisfied with Tunnelo and it is already my headline virtual private network”.

“If you don’t want to make a big deal about choosing a VPN provider and you don’t care about torrenting, I’d go with Tunnelo. They’re fast, cheap and efficient.”

Conclusions about Tunnello

As mentioned at all times Tunnello en is a strong barrier that will protect your data, you will be able to surf at a higher speed than regular VPNs and you will be able to access some restricted websites.

Nevertheless, there are many aspects against it that have VPN and that have caused many negative opinions of this provider. To begin with, it has no refund policy, its support service is depressing, it does not have a free trial version and it does not give access to Netflix.

To continue there are few servers that will allow you to perform Torrenting, it is allied with the 9 eyes and its cost compared to other VPNs is somewhat high, this leads us to conclude that Tunnello is not one of the best options and is ideal only for those who have exclusive interest in protection before external agents.

Alternatives to Tunnello

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Tunnello

Main features Tunnello
Discount Save 37.5%!
Price $4.23
See offer
Money back policy Does not accept
Average speed 9.34 Mbps
Encryption AES 128-bit
Devices 5 dispositivos
Servers 110
Countries 200
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Tunnelo

✅ What is Tunnello?

Tunnello is a VPN that works as an extension of the Google Chrome browser, it is one of the fastest options and with the most secure encryption system, however it does not have a free version to test its services so you will have to pay the price of its full version.

⭐ Is tunnello safe?

Completely, it is believed that their encryption system equals the military’s security system, meaning that during your Internet session you will be completely safe. It does, however, store user information that can be turned over to the authorities if required.

➡️ Reasons to Choose Tunnello

If you are looking for a VPN with strong encryption, able to access some restricted pages, which allows you to perform Torrenting, with a completely easy download and installation process and which also allows you to browse at a higher speed than the standard, then you can choose Tunnello as your VPN.

✨ What are the benefits of Tunnello?

Tunnello offers some benefits such as powerful Data Encryption, 110 servers that will be at your disposal to browse at optimal speed and access to some restricted pages, as well as some servers to perform Torrenting

➕ How to install Tunnello?

Downloading and installing Tunnello is very easy, as it is a Chrome extension you simply need to access the Chrome Web Store, start the download and install process. Then you’ll need to log in with your account, or create one if you don’t have one, to make the adjustments you need.

🔥 ¿Puedo Tener Tunnello Free ?

Unfortunately not, Tunnello does not have a free trial and does not have a refund policy so once you pay the price of the full plan selected you must make full use of your subscription. If you want a free VPN you must find another provider.

✌️ What other VPN servers are Tunnello users looking for?

To select, download and install Tunnello as your VPN it is necessary to determine if the features it offers are sufficient to meet the user’s requirements, otherwise it is best to evaluate other options and verify if any VPN is capable of surpassing what this provider offers.

In our VPN section you can find some of these alternatives that have a free trial version to download and install before paying the full plan.

Opinions and Experience of tunnello users

Have you used tunnello before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a tunnello VPN service in the comments

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