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VPN Makers: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Before we start we must emphasize that this provider, Makers VPN is currently not available, however we expect that in the near future this aspect will change. Makers VPN is a provider that came on the market in 2009 offering a VPN service.

According to what offers VPN Makers are a service that establishes maintain the anonymity of your IP address, is compatible with different platforms, uses excellent security protocols and offers different IP as well as a customer service capable of responding to the concerns of its users but, how true is this?

Below we provide you with detailed information regarding the features offered by VPN Makers, pricing, availability of free and full plans, browsing speed, service in various languages, how easy it is to download and install the application and more, you just have to keep reading.

Pros and Cons of VPN Makers


  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Easy to download and install.
  • Compatible with various platforms.
  • Strong encryption.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Easy to use.


  • Does not accept OpenVPN.
  • No refund policy.
  • IP leaks.

Plans and offers of Vpn Makers

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

6-Month plan



per month

Save 35%!

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 42%!

See offer

Why Choose VPN Makers

VPN Makers is a provider that is characterized by some good features, to start with it has a common seven-day free trial, has affordable prices for its full plan, offers unlimited bandwidth.

However, nothing is perfect as the number of servers is limited which leads to inconsistent speeds, likewise does not have a refund policy and to opt for the free trial version is necessary to meet certain conditions.

Similarly we must emphasize that this provider is currently not available to new users, when this condition changes, if necessary the information will be updated, as well as you can check when you enter their official website.

You can choose this provider for many reasons, to start with it has excellent encryption protocol, if you meet certain connections can opt for the free trial plan before canceling the full plan, likewise its price is affordable and you can use this tool and multiple platforms.

We can also mention that it is easy to download and install and that it offers its users good support according to some opinions, once the full plan is cancelled you will have access to unlimited bandwidth.

Vpn choose Makers in 2020

VPN Makers Analysis and Features

To determine if this provider is the IP protection and anonymous surfing program you are needing on your devices, we give you its outstanding features, before downloading and installing you will be able to determine if it is worth trying the free trial version to generate your own opinions.

1. Ease of use

Downloading and installing this provider on your mobile device or PC is very quick and easy, however we must mention that currently VPN Makers is not accepting new users in order to maintain the quality of service, therefore the option to download and install is not enabled,

Its interface is easy to use with basic configurations very simple to enable and disable, so it is possible to use the service without being an expert in networks and for doubts is available the customer service, many opinions agree with this statement.

2. Available Countries

Not only because of the number of servers, but also because of the location and capacity of this provider its availability is quite limited and currently only works with users who are already part of its clientele, according to the location of their servers just over 50 countries had access to this server.

Countries where it operates Vpn Makers

In our opinion, this number may be lower since being able to access Makers VPN does not imply that quality is guaranteed and given that the number of servers is so limited, we doubt that it will be able to maintain speed.

3. Devices

VPN Makers is compatible with different platforms, users with Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS operating system devices can download and install this tool on their computers. It should be mentioned that this provider does not support the OpenVPN protocol.

Vpn compatible devices Makers

You can make use of the guides available on the website of this provider, when you decide to download and install your software you will notice how easy the process is.

4. Types of Contracts

VPN Makers does not have any contracts, currently does not accept new subscribers and we do not know if this option will be enabled later, if so we are not aware if any type of contract will be included in the customer/supplier relationship.

If at some point this provider decides to enable the option for new users, we will certainly review their services to provide you with the latest updates.

5. Available Services

These services that we will mention next are established by this provider, according to what it is possible to observe when entering his Web, the characteristics of the full plan are the following ones.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Multi-server connection.
  • Multiprotocol.
  • High-level encryption.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

6. Security

VPN Makers works with the protocols PPTP, L2TP and SSTP, all of them are solidly encrypted, however they are not compatible with OpenVPN, which is the most used protocol in the sector, at this point we can say if this provider is secure but there are some qualifications that put it in doubt.

To begin with we can mention that this provider lacks a security switch, as a result if the server fails while surfing a geolocation restricted web, your IP will be quickly identified and you will still be vulnerable to spy attacks since you will be able to stay connected even if the VPN is not working.

7. Support Quality

VPN Makers is well supported in the FAQ section, and also provides users with a set of guides to facilitate the process of downloading and installing this provider. It also has two types of direct support, the email ticket system and live chat.

Both direct support services are good, however when we refer to the live chat it should be handled in Persian language, so you should have the translator at hand to make your doubts known and interpret the answers in any language.

Atención al cliente del este proveedor

8. Netflix and Torrenting with VPN Makers

We must mention that this provider failed miserably before the tests that were made to verify the access to restricted pages, that is to say that if your intention is to have access to Netflix or to make torrenting, without a doubt you must look for other alternatives of VPN to enjoy this service.

VPN Speed Makers

Another huge failure for this VPN in which its speed is quite depressing, once the user puts this tool in operation the speed drops sharply, that is, this provider is not really a good option, even though it does not currently accept new users.

If you renew your service it requires major improvements to make it a viable option for new users.

What Servers Offer VPN Makers?

Makers VPN has distributed servers in 11 countries, located in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain.

Although we do not know if this provider will enable its services to new users, we expect them to have a greater number of servers and better speed.

For users in China, we are not aware of the efficiency of the Hong Kong server is useful to surf anonymously and overcome the strong barrier firewall in this country.

How to Install VPN Makers for Secure Browsing?

We don’t know how is the current process to download and install this provider in any of the devices, this is because when you enter the website and find the option to download for free trial or to buy the service, just redirected to another window where it is indicated that it is not available.

However, previously the process was tedious but simple, the web takes care of all the necessary steps to download and install the provider on any of the platforms available on your device.

Prices and Promotions of VPN Makers

As we have already mentioned the service is not available to new users, we present you the latest known prices, promotions and accepted payment methods, as well as in case of accepting new users later on this information may need to be updated.

1. VPN Makers prices

Until the last date, those who managed to download and install the application on their device automatically and pay the corresponding price can enjoy the unlimited service of VPN Makers.

In this case you can enjoy the Full Monthly Plan for a price of $4.85 per month, a fairly affordable price, however it can be even more economical if you choose to pay in full for one year, as a result you will be paying a price of $41.40 for the full Annual plan.

Similarly, thanks to its 7-day refund policy you can pay the price of the subscription and if you are not happy to request a refund, this provider has a free package with limited benefits.

2. VPN Makers Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

As far as we know this provider only has a promotion that allows the user to enjoy their services for free for 7 days, for this the user must enter facebook and give me like the provider’s page.

VPN Makers payment methods

At this point VPN Makers is quite limited, your users can only cancel the price of their full premium plan with credit cards, Liberty Reserve, AlertyPay and PayPal.

However, it is expected that this will change in the future and VPN Makers will integrate more payment options to keep up with the latest technologies and thus reaffirm your guarantee of privacy,

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $5,99 No promotion
Quarterly plan $4.33 26% discount
Six-month plan $3.80 35% off
Annual plan $3.40 42% off

Views of VPN Makers

In the case of Makers VPN it has been very difficult to obtain information, not only because of a provider with little recognition, but also because its services are not currently available to new users. These are some of the opinions of its users:

“Makers VPN is a professional provider that gives me the possibility to make secure connections at a reasonable price.”

“Although I have noticed some IP leakage, this service works very well and is very easy to use. I highly recommend it.

“A co-worker recommended Makers VPN for when I connect to public networks. The feeling of security is real and I’m now surfing more easily.

Conclusion About Makers VPN

Our views on the VPN service Makers is a provider that has very useful basic features, allows access to restricted pages and even if it is not accepted or prohibited is possible to make torrent with this tool. It offers its users unlimited bandwidth and its support is adequate tank has several options.

However, it is not currently available and we hope that if they decide to accept new users, it will be because they have integrated new servers, including the off switch, and updated their environment and configurations, since despite being a good VPN, it requires some improvements to be recommended.

Alternatives to VPN Makers

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

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per month



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Features summary of Vpn Makers

Main features Vpn Makers
Discount Save 42%!
Price $3.40
See offer
Money back policy 7 days
Average speed 9.67 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 1
Servers 200
China? 50
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about VPN Makers

✅¿Qué es VPN Makers?

It is a VPN provider that offers the possibility of surfing the web anonymously. Makers VPN gives you access to geo-location restricted pages, protects your information from external elements and has a free plan that you can use with a like and a full premium plan that is affordable.

⭐¿Es VPN Makers Secure?

VPN Makers uses the very good encryption protocols, however it may have some IP leaks, this may be because it does not have a security switch, which prevents IP leaks and disconnects the Internet connection in case the server is disconnected or fails.

➡️Why Choose VPN Makers?

VPN Makers is a provider that allows you to access restricted pages, use public WiFi networks without risk, keep your IP address and DNS anonymous, offers a 7-day refund policy and a free puebra version for those who like their facebook page.

✨ What are the benefits of Makers VPN?

Among the benefits you get by using VPN Makers are, surfing anonymously protecting your IP, access to restricted pages, the ability to make torrent, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with the full plan at an affordable price.

➕ How to install VPN Makers?

Currently it is unknown the process to download and install VPN Makers in any of the mobile devices since the option is blocked in its official page, only those who contracted the service before the option was rehabilitated had access to the download link

🔥 Can I have VPN Makers Free of charge?

Currently no as VPN Makers is not available to new users at present, however the provider has a free trial version that can be obtained by logging into Facebook and giving like to their website. It also has a 7-day refund policy.

✌️ What other VPN servers are Makers VPN users looking for?

Makers VPN has affordable prices and is considered a reliable VPN although it requires some improvements to strengthen security, however we refrain from recommending it and urge users to look for other available options on the best VPNs as it is not currently available.

Makers VPN User Opinions and Experience

Have you used Makers VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a VPN Makers service in the comments.

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