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Spyoff: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

At the time of choose a VPN service to surf and download freely on the internet, SpyOFF will be your best choice. It will not only provide you with security but also the privacy you were looking for.

You should know that use your browser in incognito mode won’t be enough to protect your identity online. With SpyOFF you will find a way to protect your identity from anywhere you access the Internet.

According to the user feedback downloading SpyOFF is the best way to hide your IP address. You can install and use the VPN service with just one click so that no one can follow your steps while you are browsing.

In this article you will find everything needed to be able to choose and download SpyOFF and not regret it. Here you will discover that it is a VPN that guarantees you the tranquility of surfing without limits

Pros and Cons of Spyoff


  • Easy to use application.
  • Good connection speed.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Includes automatic disconnection.
  • Free trial up to 15 days.
  • Unlocks Netflix USA.


  • Not available in some languages.
  • Limited customer support.

Plans and offers of Spyoff

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1-Year Plan



per month

Save 30%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose SpyOFF

In SpyOFF you will find a VPN service that will guarantee you the protection, security and privacy you need when surfing. By having servers in the main countries of the world, you will be able to avoid regional blockages.

Besides being very fast, you will have the possibility to choose the level of encryption you want. User feedback confirms that you can watch streaming videos anonymously and enjoy great performance.

As we have a large number of servers available, which we keep constantly updated, you can always choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, this VPN does not keep any record of your connection.

A highlight in the users’ opinions is the possibility to choose different VPN protocols to connect. Depending on which one you choose you will have more or less speed while still having a full service.

Razones para elegir este VPN en 2020

SpyOFF Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

The installation of the software, which is a very simple process, will make you see that you do not need to have any previous knowledge. All you have to do is connect and you will see your privacy and security on the Internet increase.

The design of SpyOFF, which is very simple, makes it possible for you to move fluently within the Internet, even if you don’t have much technological knowledge. You will see, when you have logged in to your account that this is fully accomplished.

If you are new to VPN, and wish to set up this VPN yourself, you will not be able to do so automatically. But don’t worry, there are many guides available on the website to help you.

2. Available Countries

You can access over 395 servers in 25 countries, including major Western, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern states. There are also now more than 14,000 active IP addresses.

You can find SpyOFF servers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain and the United States. Also in France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

When choosing the VPN you should pay attention to the relationship between servers and countries because it also depends on the number of users. The VPN with the most users will have a lower speed.

With this VPN your speed will not be reduced, due to the large number of servers it has. If you find a server that is overloaded, you can choose another one and you won’t have to worry about it.

3. Devices

From the SpyOFF service you can connect to several devices simultaneously. You will have compatibility with computers or mobile devices that have Android, Windows (including Windows 10), Mac, iOS or Linux.

Just by downloading and installing SpyOFF and subscribing you can protect your entire family’s browsing. You can use it on multiple devices for a small fee, with a single subscription.

To install the application of this VPN for Android simply download from Google Play. Continue by choosing the country and the server you want to connect to and that’s it, you’ll be surfing with your hidden IP.

4. Contract Types

In SpyOFF you will find custom-made plans, of one month, 6 months or 12 months, the longer your plan is, the more benefits you will get. If your option is the full 12 month contract, you will get 4 additional months of use free.

Users agree that the offer to get four extra months on the 12-month premium subscription is very tempting. In addition to enjoying the free period this VPN offers you to try the full service.

Whichever plan you choose, you will receive full service. What is more important than a discount for your VPN service? SpyOFF offers you a 30% discount on the final price of your 12-month full premium service.

5. Services

Downloading this VPN will not only allow you to change your IP address, but it will also encrypt your data. After installing the VPN you will be protected against advertising companies, internet providers and hackers.

With SpyOFF you can enjoy uncensored browsing, you have the freedom to access sites that were previously geographically blocked. You will no longer have restrictions on browsing by choosing any different server to connect to.

Your protection and privacy will be ensured by the three available protocols you can choose from. These are L2TP, Open VPN and PPTP, which have automatic settings to optimize the service.

Protección y privacidad de este VPN

6. SpyOFF Security

If you want to protect your information and leave no trace on the Internet, you need to download SpyOFF. This way your navigation will no longer be vulnerable and your traffic will be encrypted.

Users’ opinions coincide in recommending this VPN for surfing from your home or using a public wifi network. With just one click your IP address will be changed and your data will be encrypted.

Don’t hesitate to install SpyOFF, because cybercriminals don’t rest and the risk is everywhere. You will have three protocols available that will optimize the service: Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

As far as privacy is concerned, with SpyOFF you will be completely covered, something that stands out among the users’ opinions. If your connection goes down, you have a switch to terminate it and prevent websites from seeing your identity.

7. Support Quality

At SpyOFF, customer service is not the most important issue according to the users’ opinions. The most effective answers can be obtained from their social networks.

Although the support can be a little slow, in the web page you will be able to find guides to solve any inconvenience. You will also find the frequently asked questions that will help you to clear up any doubts.

To make a technical query, the best way is to use the email address support@spyoff.com. Although it is likely that there is some kind of delay in the response.

Atención al cliente de Spyoff

8. Netflix and Torrenting with SpyOFF

With SpyOFF, you don’t have to compromise on your connection speed, whether you’re downloading P2P torrent links or watching videos on Youtube. If you want to watch Netflix content, you won’t find any obstacles either.

You can also access restricted content in your geographic area by modifying your IP address. You will be able to connect to one of the many servers that SpyOFF has.

If you want to know what is the most beneficial thing about SpyOFF, is that you can enjoy all your favorite audiovisual content. If you choose the full version you will enjoy a service without limits or obstacles.

Speed of SpyOFF

SpyOFF has several servers around the world that will allow you to surf the Internet very quickly. You will also have the possibility to choose different VPN protocols to get the desired connection.

Depending on the protocol used you will get more or less speed, for example with the PPTP protocol you will get high speed, although it is not as safe. In the L2TP/IPSec protocol you will find speed and security.

Using Open VPN you will notice that it is slow but very secure, you can use TCP which has an important encryption that does not affect the speed. The Open VPN protocol can also be used with UDP.

The speed of SpyOFF has a very good performance, up to about 60 Mbps symmetrical. Although using a highly encrypted VPN on mobile devices can make the download speed lower.

Which Servers Does SpyOFF Offer

From the main menu of SpyOFF you will find the public IP address of your connection. When you connect to any server this public IP will change and the traffic will go through the VPN itself.

SpyOFF has 395 servers located in 25 different countries that you will find in the central part of the website. The program itself will select the VPN server that provides the best result in speed and security.

As mentioned above, you will be able to access the servers from other countries. You will find them in German, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian and Japanese territory, among others.

Características de Spyoff

How to Install SpyOFF for Safe Surfing

From the official SpyOFF site you can download and install the application and the installation wizard will guide you. At the end you will have to click on run and the program will start working.

The first time you run it you will request the language, unfortunately it is not in many languages, only in English and German. Then you will have to enter the keys you have previously registered.

To download the SpyOFF service software you will need to select the application for the devices you need. You can also change servers as many times as you want and the restrictions on the internet will disappear.

Downloading SpyOFF will give you unlimited data transfers and you can use all services simultaneously on different devices. This way you will have the possibility, anonymously and safely, to access blocked content.

Cómo instalar Spyoff

SpyOFF Prices and Promotions

To get the most out of it, after downloading and installing SpyOFF, you just have to log in and choose the plan that best suits your needs. You have Starter, a monthly billing package or a yearly premium.

In their opinions, users recommend opting for the Premium plan since you will get a 30% discount. Likewise, with both plans you will have the possibility of accessing a 15-day free trial period.

1. SpyOFF prices

SpyOFF has the Starter plan which is a monthly package at the price of $10.85 and the Premium plan for 12 months at $7.79 per month. The Premium package has a 30% discount on the final price and is paid annually.

To test the service before making any payment, SpyOFF offers a free 15-day trial. This way you can check all the benefits of this VPN before downloading and installing the software.

This free trial benefit is available to you whether you choose the lowest priced membership or the full subscription. You will have many options when downloading and installing SpyOFF.

2. SpyOFF promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

When you purchase the 12-month subscription, which is paid annually, you will save 30% and the price would be £7.79 per month. As you will see, SpyOFF prices are competitive and you will discover the good performance of the service.

SpyOFF provides a free trial option to its potential customers that lasts 15 days with access to all features. After that period, you will have the option to cancel or pay for the service.

3. SpyOFF Payment Methods

At SpyOFF you can use the option to pay for subscription packages with credit or debit cards or PayPal. You will also be able to pay through BitPay, all these payment methods will give you absolute privacy.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $10.85 No promotion
Annual plan $7.79 30% off

Reviews About SpyOFF

SpyOFF has received good feedback, in general terms, which makes the choice of this VPN easier. The few negative opinions refer, almost exclusively, to its poor customer service.

“I’m more than happy with the anonymity that SpyOFF guarantees me online. It’s just what I was looking for in a VPN.

“After reading reviews from Spyoff users, I decided on their service because of its price and number of servers. I am more than happy with the services this provider is offering me.

“I started with the free SpyOFF VPN trial and at the end of it I chose to continue with them. The rates are very low and the VPN has been working great for me.

Conclusion about SpyOFF

When analyzing SpyOFF, one can say that it is a service provider that offers many advantages to its users. What stands out the most? There are several points, but being able to use it on multiple devices is an important one.

SpyOFF is a young provider that is positioning itself in the market offering a very good service. It provides the security, privacy and anonymity that you need for your navigation.

Although it is not available in some languages and its site is in English the design is agile and intuitive, which makes it very easy to operate. In conclusion, it is an excellent option to obtain the encryption of your data and hide your IP address.

Alternatives to SpyOFF

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Spyoff

Main Features Spyoff
Discount Save 30%!
Price $7.79
See offer
Money back policy 15 days
Average speed 12 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices unlimited
Servers 395
Countries 25
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about SpyOFF (FAQs)

✅ What is SpyOFF?

SpyOFF is a VPN, that is virtual private networkwhich will allow you to protect your information while surfing the internet. It is the best way to hide your IP address without leaving any trace.

⭐ Is SpyOFF VPN Secure?

SpyOFF features three available protocols to provide protection and security to your Internet browsing. Your IP address will be changed and your data will be encrypted and hidden.

➡️Why choose SpyOFF?

SpyOFF is a premium service which will ensure the protection, security and privacy necessary for browsing. By having servers in the main countries of the world, you will be able to avoid regional blockages, in addition to not keeping records of your connection.

✨ What are the benefits of SpyOFF?

With SpyOFF you can browse and download Internet content by keeping your IP address hidden. In addition, this VPN does not keep records of your activity and is easily accessible while still providing security and privacy.

➕ How to install SpyOFF?

From the SpyOFF website you can download the application following the guide, once you run the software you will have to choose the language option. Then enter your key, change the server if necessary and choose the devices to be used.

💸 What is the price of SpyOFF?

SpyOFF has Starter which is a monthly package at the price of $10.85. Also Premium which is a full package for 12 months at $7.79. The full plan has a discount of 30% on the final price.

✌️ Can I Get SpyOFF for Free?

SpyOFF offers a free 15-day trial, during which you can use all full services of the VPN. You can check all the benefits before downloading and installing the software.

⚠️ Will the SpyOFF VPN definitely change my IP?

SpyOFF will not change your IP, it will only hide it for a while while the VPN is activated, but you can change it whenever you want. You will be able to control your IP from the tools menu and you can do it for free.

Now you have all information you need to download and install SpyOFF. Take advantage of its free trial and its full plan discount to protect your internet connection and if you have any doubts consult our home page.

⌛What other VPN servers are SpyOFF users looking for?

This has been all our analysis of Spyoff, hopefully you liked it and it was useful for you to decide for this or another VPN provider.

Spyoff user opinions and experiences

Have you used Spyoff before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Spyoff service in the comments

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