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Hideman VPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Hideman VPN is an application or platform created by the company Hideman ltd., which is a company of the United Kingdom specialized in the creation of such applications.

Generally Hideman VPN is one of the few applications that really if it registers the data of each one of the users when surfing by means of Internet, this is with the purpose of providing a better security.

On the other hand Hideman VPN lacks certain services and even has some limitations; since the service of attention to the client, speed and performance of this App is not the best, nevertheless Hideman VPN is efficient at the time of guaranteeing the security of the user and delivering the information.

Hideman VPN is used to offer users freedom and also the possibility of these appearing anonymously when surfing the Internet, preventing hakers from stealing your personal information and even government surveillance.

In this article we will analyze each one of the services that Hideman VPN offers, from the technology that uses, the speed, performance, countries in which it is available, characteristics of the App among others.

Pros and Cons of Hideman VPN


  • Available in over 22 countries
  • Free Trial
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Available in 10 different languages including Spanish
  • It has chrome extension
  • Acceptable speed


  • Not available in Oceania countries
  • Records data confidentially
  • Stores ip data

Plans and offers of Hideman VPN

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

6-Month plan



per month

Save 36%!

See offer

1-Year Plan



per month

Save 65%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Hideman VPN in 2020

It is one of the applications that lead this type of market, nevertheless a good reason to choose Hideman VPN is for being one of the only platforms that in spite of giving a service of ip stores the data, and although it can be contradictory this allows the user to be more sure since the encryption of this information is much greater to avoid the loss of this one.

On the other hand this application is simple and in addition to that is full easy to download and install, in addition this application has more than 22 ip servers and has 10 languages. On the other hand although the speed and performance of this VPN is not the best, it compensates with other services such as the extension to chrome, the unblocking to unlimited content such as the series and movies of netflix among others.

On the other hand this App works with ip servers of encryption of 256 bits like PPTP and P2P, additional to the rest according to the opinions of several users the free test allows him to enjoy the services of Hideman VPN about 6 hours, which is perfect because it allows him to know if this application fulfills the needs.

Choose Hideman in 2020

Hideman VPN Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

Because Hideman VPN according to opinions is an application that has a full interface simple and easy to use, usually this VPN is an App that does not require to be an expert to use it, and even download and install the application is really simple, because it only requires to enter the main website and click on the link.

On the other hand Hideman VPN according to opinions allows to the user to make changes and to unload the files of configuration of the ip servers. In addition to this it allows the users to encrypt his personal information so that it is protected and to avoid the loss or theft of this one.

Hideman VPN is also a platform that offers about 10 languages, this VPN is ideal for novice users as it is easy to use and full simple.

2. Available countries

Hideman VPN is a platform that offers to the users more than 22 servers just located around 20 countries, between which we can mention: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, United States, France, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Panama, Netherlands and Poland.

Generally some countries that have ip servers like AES and PPTP; lacks certain performance and speed when operating, generating that the navigation by Internet using Hideman VPN is slow.

The countries have a fundamental role in this application; because depending on them will be the benefits that the users will obtain when using an application like Hideman VPN in Spanish. Nevertheless, this VPN strives to guarantee the best attention to each user; from the servers, devices and their plans to a good price or even the free trial.

Países donde opera Hideman

3. Devices

This VPN application is compatible with devices such as IOS, android and Windows like most similar applications on the market, however it is an application that has implemented or has managed to implement some extensions to provide its service to businesses or free search engines such as chrome.

On the other hand ,this VPN has a support for Mac and Linux devices, ideal for those users who do not have a computer with a Windows operating system. Usually this application can be downloaded and installed through a link; which you can find on their website without any inconvenience.

4. Types of Contracts

Like other App uses a contract of “non disclosure”, which consists of a contract not to provide or disclose any data or personal information provided by the user, although Hideman VPN maintains this type of contract is also true that many times the application constantly records the activities of each of its users.

On the other hand this VPN contract, also allows the application to store the content of the DNS and therefore some of the searches will be filtered, all this is in order to certify and guarantee full security to each user.

Hideman VPN is one of the few that additionally also regulates the ip servers; since the operation, performance and speed will be governed and carried out under the law of that country.

5. Available Services

Hideman VPN is a free alternative, which allows the user full security and also a speed of 512 kb per second, which is a considerable speed when navigating. One of the services that this VPN offers is to eliminate the restrictions and limitations that are frequently found on the Internet.

On the other hand Hideman VPN allows to choose when it is necessary to connect automatically to the wifi and activity the advanced options. We have that Hideman VPN possesses a good service of load; since it consists of getting friends who realize click in a link generating for the application and therefore actions were generated by tapjoy.

6. Security

Then Hideman VPN is an application easy to download and install that uses technology of encryption and protection of servers ip, ideal to protect the personal information of each one of the users and ideal to unblock the dns that have a wider content, so that the users can enjoy the content that have diverse pages of Internet.

On the other hand, this VPN uses servers ip like AES, PPTP; which are servers ip more used in the market due to its veracity and security, that these guarantee to the user of Hideman VPN; reason why the user will be able to move by the pages of Internet of totally free form and without no disadvantage.

Seguridad de Hideman

7. Support Quality

Hideman VPN like the other similar applications offers a service of attention to the client or of active support 24 hours of the day, by means of which these will be able to solve his doubts and to answer the above mentioned questions. On the other hand it is necessary to emphasize that this service that offers this VPN only counts on email and lacks the live chat by means of which the users according to opinions go to obtain more information of immediate and completely safe form.

On the other hand Hideman VPN compensates this with the session of frequent questions, since these consist of questions that normally would do the majority of the users, in order that these could obtain a more immediate response to his doubts.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN according to opinions is an application that differs from others because this ip server can not unlock content as the one offered by netflix and therefore users can not download or install unlimited content. On the other hand this free App allows the use of torrents to protect the data of each user.

Hideman VPN speed

Hideman VPN is a full secure App, which guarantees an excellent speed to the user when surfing through Internet, it is one of the few that has a diversity of servers,

These servers are usually faster than others and many of them are even more expensive on the market. This VPN only has 22 servers among which are: PPTP, AES and P2P, these servers have a speed of 130 bits, the AES on the other hand has a speed of 256 bits and in each country there is a different server with a different performance.

Características de este proveedor.

Which Servers Hideman VPN offers

Hideman VPN which has around only 20 servers located in twenty countries and although it lacks a server in Africa and Oceania; the other servers can be found in the European continent and also in North America.

In the United States there are three servers of the 22 that Hideman VPN has, since the country is one of the most chosen countries as ip server. In order to choose a ip server it is enough to select it and to choose the one that better adapts to the needs of the user and in addition this one will be connected based on the proximity.

Hideman VPN has servers like P2P, AES, PPTP among others. On the other hand, this VPN has ip servers that allow the streaming, that is to say, the transmission to unblock channels of netflix, hulu and bcc iplayer among others. For this you only have to connect to the server in the country that offers these services.

  • PPTP server: this is a server used to enter the private network, since in addition to protecting the user’s information when navigating, it also allows you to unblock certain content.
  • AES Server: The AES server is a military grade server, which is full secure and also full fast since it navigates at a speed of 256 bits. This is one of the most secure servers at present and the most chosen to integrate in this type of applications.
  • P2P server: better known as peer to peer, it is a network of pairs, which allows to work without the need of fixed servers, since it can work only with a series of nodes that have the same behavior.

How to Install Hideman VPN

To download Hideman VPN just enter the official page, which will get several links and after clicking on it, automatically the free ip application will proceed to download and install without any problem.

On the other hand, if you have an android or IOS device, you can download it through an App store, either google play store or even Apple store. To download and install this VPN, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click “yes” to allow the program to make changes
  3. When installing the App you must install a TUN/TAP driver
  4. After downloading and installing this App, copy the configuration files
  5. Click on the open icon, and select it as the administrator
  6. Open the Hideman VPN menu and select the country you want to connect
  7. Choose a plan or a subscription at a good cost
  8. Select the language you want
  9. does not require the creation of a profile

Installing this supplier.

These simple steps will allow you to download and install Hideman VPN in a totally free way and also full secure.

Prices and promotions of Hideman VPN

When contracting a service like this VPN you must take into account which are the prices and promotions that this one offers; since this is an important factor to decide if we really can enjoy certain service as the one that Hideman VPN offers; for such a reason this free ip application has prices and promotions like

Prices and promotions of Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN has two types of subscription, which is divided into the plan known as “ultimate Mobile”, which consists of the subscription of any mobile device that supports Hideman VPN, either IOS, android. These plans are available from 1, 6 to 12 months.

On the other hand Hideman VPN according to opinions provides greater savings while the subscription of the service is longer. Nevertheless this application also offers a service that can be enjoyed of totally free and unlimited form.

On the other hand, these subscription plans are priced at $9.00 per month, which is a total of $108 if the service is purchased for a year. If the service or subscription is only purchased for a month, the price will be $9.00.

2. Hideman VPN promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Hideman VPN according to opinions has diverse plans, which are accessible to the pocket of the users, this is one of the reasons for which this application is popular in the market, due to the incredible prices that this one possesses. Even so to maintain the attention of the users Hideman VPN chose to integrate to its offer of prices certain promotion.

The promotion offered by this application is 36% off, because instead of paying a price of $9.00 per month for the annual subscription, you will only have to pay a price of $5.75 per month. On the other hand the low monthly subscription of $9.00 to only $2.9 per month, which represents a savings of 65%.

3. Hideman VPN Payment Methods

Among the payment methods that this VPN accepts, we find means like PayPal, mint, bitcoin, perfect money, and okpay; which according to opinions are full secure and full simple electronic platforms to make payments via internet.

Metodos de pago del vpn

Service Offer Price Promotion
Monthly plan $9.00 No promotion
Six-month plan $5.5 36% off
Annual plan $2.9 65% discount

Reviews of Hideman VPN

Many users have different opinions, since generally this ip application or platform offers a really good and complete service, however many of these opinions allow us to know that the ip servers offered by the App are extremely slow when browsing and therefore the performance is not usually the best when browsing.

“Hideman VPN seems to be the best virtual private network for Torrents. I use it daily and I have never had any problem for infringing copyrighted data”.

“While speed is sometimes impaired, the service and price of this VPn provider is fantastic. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“If you want to enjoy the advantages offered by VPN for downloading P”P files, I think Hideman VPN is the best option. Look no further.”

Conclusion about Hideman VPN

In conclusion we can say that this application according to opinions offers a complete and full safe service, since being an application used to eliminate the restrictions or blockades that the users can find when surfing by means of the Internet, this provides certain advantage to the user, since this one will be able to accede to blocked sites, games and services.

On the other hand Hideman VPN according to opinions is an excellent option to enjoy torrents without any penalty or restriction. In addition this application ip gives to the user the option to enjoy this App totally free by 7 hours ideal for those new users.

Hideman VPN is one of the favorites because the interface is easy to use, download and install on certain devices for free like Windows, IOS and android is full easy and simple.

Alternatives to Hideman VPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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per month

Features summary of Hideman VPN

Main Features Hideman VPN
Discount Save 65%!
Price $2.99
See offer
Money back policy 21 days
Average speed 10.30 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 4
Servers 22
Countries 22
See offer

Hideman VPN Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is Hideman VPN?

Hideman VPN is a free application used to protect users’ personal information and is also a tool used to unblock internet content.

⭐Is Hideman VPN Secure?

This application is a platform that has encryption technology and also has ip servers such as AES, which works with 256 bits of encryption so that the information or personal data of the user will not be stolen by third parties.

➡️Why choose Hideman VPN?

This app is an excellent option to surf the internet in a safe way, because it has additional services that make it a special platform, on the other hand it is an excellent tool to guarantee a full protection to each one of the users; while they surf through the internet.

✨ What are the benefits of Hideman VPN?

This application has several benefits from ensuring user safety, unlocking content, getting extensions to chrome services and in addition to the rest, users can enjoy the streaming service and access netflix or hulu content.

➕ How to install Hideman VPN?

Just go to the official website of the ip application and click on the link, which will allow you to download the application for free without any inconvenience and safely. You only need to follow the steps that the article has.

🔥 What is the price of Hideman VPN?

This application has subscription plans that vary from $9.00 monthly to a total of up to $100 annually, however there are promotions in which you can opt for the annual service at a price of $24.

⛳ What is the price of Hideman VPN?

You can enjoy the services of this App for only 7 hours a day, and only if you are a new customer on this platform.

✌️ What other VPN servers are Hideman VPN users looking for?

Enjoy sections with relevant content on virtual private networks on our website:

In our VPN section you can find some of these alternatives that have a free trial version to download and install before paying the full plan.

Opinions and Experience of Hideman VPN users

Have you used Hideman VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Hideman VPN service in the comments.

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