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Speedify: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Speedify VPN is a service with IP addresses that comes from the company Connectify that began in the year 2014. Connectify states that Speedify is a full channel link VPN that combines multiple Internet connections reliably, quickly and securely.

The connection technology used by Speedify VPN is called Channel Bonding. The combination of their Internet connections does not come from the Spanish country and offers an efficient broadband, better reliability and very good opinions.

Speedify VPN is fast on PCs and mobile devices. It has Streaming Bypass enabled, so the PC or mobile device can connect to the broadcast service providers directly while other online VPN activities are kept secure.

Speedify is a VPN that apart from focusing on speed and security, allows you to use all the Wifi, 3G, 4G and wired connections that are available simultaneously to lighten what you do online. With Speedify you can navigate quickly and safely.

Pros and Cons of Speedify


  • P2P is allowed.
  • It contains multiple virtual IP addresses.
  • Applies efficient measures against DNS leakage.
  • Has strong encryption.
  • Offers a free plan that is limited and has generated excellent reviews.
  • 30-day warranty


  • It does not allow anonymous payments.
  • It has no live chat support.

Plans and offers of Speedify

1-month plan


per month

See offer

1-year plan



per month

Save 40%!

See offer

3-year plan



per month

Save 70%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Speedify

Speedify is a VPN that offers a convenient connection, which is totally secure by increasing the speed of your connection with some servers that are not from the Spanish country, which has generated very good opinions.

However, if you are looking for Netflix’s broadcast service when using a VPN, it cannot be done at Speedify. You also need to keep in mind that Speedify’s price is a little high, but it has excellent plans such as the free plan.

Although Speedify’s full VPN support has no live chat, it has an extensive knowledge library and a VPN that is easy to use. This VPN. You can say that it is a solid competitor and despite its disadvantages it has an efficient performance.

Por Qué Elegir este VPN.

Speedify Analysis and Features

Every VPN contains attractive features and Speedify is one of them, as it is one of the best on the market with very good reviews. Below, we will show you a number of features, which will help you decide to use this full VPN:

1. Ease of use

Speedify uses military-grade encryption to protect your data, which means it’s suitable for easy browsing on any type of network, with the highest speed on combined Internet connections.

By downloading and installing Speedify, you will be able to log in with just one click, as it is a complete and secure line. This full VPN works with all programs and applications used on the Internet.

Its advanced channel-link technology sorts traffic between its packet connections, making it suitable for streaming movies, live video and music, plus it can upload and download from cloud storage with multiple connections.

Usa encriptación de grado militar para proteger los datos

2. Countries Available

It is not known exactly how many servers Speedify VPN full has, but it can be guaranteed that it is offered on more than 200 servers with approximately 50 locations.

Within these locations, there are North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, Asia and Europe, where the Spanish state is located and where there is a large number of users who have expressed their opinions.

So we can see Speedify VPN full, has a network of servers that is less extensive than others, however, covers a large number of locations such as the Spanish country, which will grow every day thanks to the efficiency of this company.

3. Devices

With Speedify you have the freedom to use several connections at the same time, which means that you can have up to 5 devices connected, with a combined speed in uploading, downloading and installation, as well as in navigation.

Within the platforms where Speedify VPN full works, there are macros, Android, Windows, iOS and Linux.

Con Speedify puedes utilizar varias conexiones al mismo tiempo

4. Types of Contracts

Speedify VPN contracts have very good opinions, they also have differences, which is due to the time it is hired. Therefore, you should look at the price of each one so that you can decide which one is the most convenient for you, plus you can try the plan for free.

These contracts offered by Speedify, you can find them from monthly to annual, which is very useful to ensure the seriousness that should exist between the user and the VPN and thus prevent any kind of failure related to the service of Speedify.

5. Available Services

The Speedify VPN website with IP addresses, has unlocked content blocked by region and that is why most of the current VPN services are not available to unblock Netflix, Amazon Video Prime, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Despite this, by trying to avoid the geographical restriction imposed by these services, which allows the failure of various servers. This is a fact, which is known of these services, since they oppose users who use these VPNs and prevent them from accessing their contents.

6. Security

The Speedify VPN with IP addresses, has an efficient operation and uses an encryption algorithm that is based on AES or ChaCha, depending on the support of the device. This is to prevent hackers from spying on the traffic of this server.

If what you want is to have a non-Spanish online service, quietly that does not generate threats, we recommend you to use Speedify VPN which is a server with excellent views and efficient speed, which also protects the data with the highest security.

Protege los datos con la mayor seguridad.

7. Quality of Support

With Speedify VPN with IP addresses, you have the opportunity to protect any type of network that is insecure, without having to interfere with the speed of the service, since it is a next generation VPN.

This VPN that is developed based on an updated cryptography, can count on a double performance, which has helped it to be placed above many conventional VPNs, which has generated good opinions.

Calidad del Soporte de Speedify VPN

What Servers Speedify Offers

One way to evaluate a VPN is through the number of servers and their locations. The more a VPN service is offered, the faster your network speed will be and the fewer connection problems you will have due to overloads or geographical locations.

This favours Android devices, as you are likely to take it to many places, which is not the case with the PC. At the time of this review, Speedify VPN confirms that it has over 200 servers.

Speedify VPN with IP addresses, fails in terms of total VPN locations, as it is a server that has approximately covered 35 countries such as Spain and 50 locations in total, which is a great limitation to others that have won in category.

How to Install Speedify for Safe Surfing

Speedify VPN with IP addresses, is very fast to download and install in Windows, as it is very easy to process. Just go to the official Speedify page and click on download.

When it finishes downloading, go to the files or downloads folder on your PC and look for the Speedify file and once you find it, click it to start installing the VPN. When it finishes installing, create an account with the user and password you want.

In the middle of the Speedify web screen, there is a connection status, the server selection menu and the amount of data that has been used during the month. Similarly, data usage can be reset within this same section.

Speedify Prices and Promotions

Below, we will show you the price, promotions, payment methods and their free plan with very good reviews, which this efficient non-Spanish Speedify VPN server has for its users.

1. Speedify Prices

The price of the different plans offered by Speedify VPN, are different, as it is a non-Spanish service that varies depending on the time you have the contract:

Individual Plan

This plan can be used by only one user on 5 devices and the price varies over time.

  • Price for 1 month: $9.99, no discount.
  • The price for 1 year: $71.88 with 40% discount.
  • The price for 2 years: $91.76 with a 60% discount
  • Price for 3 years: $107.64 with 70% discount

Family Plan

This is a plan that can be used by 5 users and each of them in up to 5 devices.

  • The price for one month: $14.95, no discount.
  • Price for 1 year: $107.40 with 40% discount.

Team Plan

It is a plan that is unlimited, as it can be used by all users who want, on 5 different devices.

  • Price for one month: $9.99, no discount.
  • The price for 1 year: $71.88 with a 40% discount.

precio de los diferentes planes que ofrece Speedify VPN

2. Speedify Promotions

Speedify VPN with IP addresses, has attractive plans with excellent reviews for you to choose the one that suits you best, among them are

  • Individual Plan: This plan contains unlimited data for navigation on 5 different devices. It features secure encryption, channel link, automatic failover and error correction to servers in other parts of the world.
  • Family Plan: Unlimited data, for the user and 4 more people in the family. Its encryption is very secure, has redundant mode, error correction, channel link and servers worldwide.
  • Team Plan: This is a plan that apart from being unlimited, offers all the features that comprise a VPN, command line library, URL for mobile applications, centralized account management and dedicated team server.

Speedify also offers other types of plans, such as the free plan that has generated many reviews, these are

  • Free plan: Since it is totally free, for its price it allows to use the VPN with the limitation of 1G per month.
  • Premium Plan: This is a VPN with a version that offers a faster and more reliable Internet connection when used.
  • Unlimited annual plan: It has an attractive 54% discount, plus it has no limitations.

Promociones de Speedify VPN

3. Speedify Payment Methods

Speedify allows you to pay the price of their plans through different payment methods that facilitate the transaction, among them are

  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.
  • Debit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Stripe.
  • Crypto-currency.

Payment methods Speedify VPN

Service Offer Price Savings
1 month $9.99 0%
1 year $5.99 40%
2 years $3.99 60%
3 years 2.99 70%

Reviews of Speedify

Since everything we’ve told you about Speedify VPN with IP addresses is convincing, you probably want to know what users who have already used it think. Below, we’ll show you some opinions of this non-English server:

  • Undoubtedly this server that when you download and install your service for free, is the best VPN that can be hired, because it is highly efficient in relation to its speed.
  • Another great review is, that Speedify is one of the fastest VPNs today, which is also one of the ones that offers excellent unlimited plans with free trials.
  • It is highly recommended, as it is an efficient server in terms of performance and accessibility. Its annual plan, helps to pay a lower price, which is a great saving and can be tested for free before hiring it.
  • You can be sure that Speedify is the best option and even though it does not allow you to download and install Torrent, it is still one of the most efficient VPNs, so it is worth paying its price.

Conclusion on Speedify

Speedify is an excellent VPN that ensures quality of operation despite the current market competition. It was developed in 2014 in the United States and has managed to capture a large number of users which has helped it to continue expanding.

Their approach is to use Channel Bonding, which allows several connections to be used at the same time. When connected, it has the ability to combine Bluetooth, Wifi and mobile data increasing the speed and can keep you connected even if the connection is dropped.

This non-Spanish VPN has an efficient up-to-date security level and ensures that no records are kept. The only problem, is that it is difficult to unlock some platforms like Netflix and that the price of their plans is a little high.

In general, this VPN is an attraction that when downloaded and installed offers high speed and great security, which has generated multiple opinions by users who have already tried it.

Speedify es una excelente VPN que te asegura calidad de funcionamiento

Alternatives to VPN Speedify

There are a variety of VPN providers that serve as alternatives to the full Speedify VPN service, below we can mention some of them:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

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Features summary of Speedify

Main Features Speedify
Discount Save 70%!
Price $2.99
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed -
Encryption Super secure encryption
Devices 5
Servers -
Countries 38
See offer

Speedify Frequently Asked Questions

🙌 What is Speedify VPN?

This IP-addressed VPN is a method that uses multiple Internet connections to increase performance. Its implementation, uses cloud server components to efficiently distribute the data that is transferred over the connections.

👌¿Es Speedify VPN Seguro?

Speedify non-Spanish uses different techniques that when downloaded and installed for free, keeps the connections of public networks that work with different portals safe.

✌️Why choose Speedify VPN?

This VPN is a great option, which when downloaded and installed has the efficiency of not registering< what the user does, the sites he visits, or the services he uses while using the Speedify service.

➕ What are the benefits of Speedify?

The full Speedify VPN with IP addresses has a lot of benefits such as saving bandwidth, you can download and install programs without problems, uses Wifi without filters, statistical access in the network, allows seamless transfers, among others.

⚡¿Cómo Instalar Speedify VPN?

To download and install Speedify you only have to enter the official website, give the option to download and when you finish proceed to install the VPN. When you finish this whole free process that is not Spanish, you only have to create the account with user and password.

✨ How much does Speedify VPN cost?

The price that has the VPN Speedify full is very varied, since it is a non-Spanish server that has different plans such as individual, family and team, each will have the price depending on the time of contract.

➡️¿Puedo Tener Speedify VPN Gratis?

Speedify VPN with IP addresses, you can have it for free, as it has a free non-Spanish plan that lets you use 1G monthly.

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Speedify VPN User Experience and Feedback

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