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One Click VPN: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

One-Click VPN is a complete application, which is available for android, windows and even Apple devices. This application is used to obtain greater security when surfing the Internet.

To use this type of application just download and install for free on your device, the interesting thing about vpn one click is that its price is totally free so you can enjoy a quality service, without paying a single penny.

In general vpn one click is an application or tool of easy use, since you will only have to access this one to enjoy its options or services, you will only have to choose the flag of the country and to enjoy totally this application.

This article is intended to offer you full information where besides knowing what is really vpn one click, you will find the opinions, analysis and prices of that application to know if it meets your needs.

Vpn one click is considered one of the best Apps to use; it is one of the most popular in the whole market, and it is also used by people looking for a more private content.

Pros and Cons of Vpn One Click


  • Free 7-day trial period.
  • Free mobile app.
  • No record keeping policy.
  • Easy to download and install.
  • Guaranteed speed.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • Can’t download torrents.
  • No simultaneous connections.

Plans and offers of Vpn One Click

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1-year plan



per month

Save 40%!

See offer

Why Choose Vpn One Click

One of the reasons why it is worth choosing this provider is that it offers an excellent service to users, on the other hand the plans it offers to users are not high and have a full economic price.

On the other hand, this provider offers users a free trial, which will allow you to know if the application really has the necessary features. On the other hand, this IP App does not require the use of email and therefore when installing the application it assigns an identity to the user, all with the aim of protecting personal information.

In addition vpn one click uses a PPTP service of a medium level, which allows the user to navigate without any inconvenience, on the other hand it is very important to note that it is not one of the best on the market and that there is a wide range of similar applications.

Elegir Vpn One Click en 2020

Analysis and Features of Vpn One Click

Vpn one click has several features that place it at an excellent level, since its functionality and interface allow the user to navigate freely through this application, without compromising their personal data.

On the other hand this IP application offers excellent plans at a good cost, it handles an excellent speed when browsing and downloading and installing is extremely simple and free. This application has several features, among which are

1. Ease of use

Usually this type of applications have a service easy to handle, since it is a service suitable for any type of user, it is a practical tool that allows the user to obtain it just by downloading the IP App for free.

This provider offers the user a full service so that he avoids blockages at a regional level, most of these similar applications have up to 4,000 servers; but this application offers only four.

However, this provider is also a platform that allows the user to manage the application in the language he or she is using, in the language you want depending on the country selected.

On the other hand, downloading this provider is extremely simple and also free.

2. Available countries

Vpn one click offers a complete service, as it is available in countries such as Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, el salvador, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Philippines, France, Hong Kong, U.S. Virgin Islands and Italy.

Generally when choosing similar IP applications, users should consider the number of servers it has, as usually the type of servers can be a problematic issue when choosing an App like this.

Therefore the type of server that the App has in those countries is of utmost importance; it is essential that the country’s server is fast, this will allow users to navigate quickly and safely.

Países Vpn One Click

3. Devices

Vpn one click is an application which is compatible with Windows, Windows mobile, IOS and android devices. The vpn one click android application comes with a range of servers, which can not be customized, the only thing you can do is navigate with this provider.

On the other hand, the application of this provider available for Windows is not very good really, since when installing it does not allow the user to configure or customize it. The interface presented by the application in this type of devices is bad, without the possibility of adjusting the program window.

This App has advantages and disadvantages in each of the devices with which it is compatible, since it is difficult to ensure that it does not have any fault in any of these when it comes to downloading the App.

Dispositivos compatibles con Vpn One Click

4. Types of Contracts

The contracts are those that establish the obligations of each user and the obligations that the vpn one click has with it. Besides, the contracts vary depending on the functionality and the time of acquisition of the application; since the longer the contract lasts, the better the cost at the time of installation.

The vpn one click contract will depend on the type of device to use, since the cost increases depending on the amount of devices to use. However, the contracts that can be acquired through this IP application will also depend on the plan to be chosen.

In addition, when acquiring any contract from this provider, it is very important to know the regulations and legal conditions in the countries where the service is contracted, since this will allow the user to know his obligations.

Contratos de Vpn One Click

5. Available Services

When choosing or hiring this type of service it is very important to consider why you are hiring this service and what you need it for; since users generally use this type of applications like this provider to protect their personal information and unblock content that is exclusive to other countries.

Before choosing any application similar to this provider you should take into account the opinions of the users. It does not offer a large number of services; however it has an advanced security protocol in IKEv2 or IPSEC, which are faster to connect and also provide better security.

Another service offered by this provider is the possibility for the user to choose the type of server he wants to use, on the other hand this App is excellent for netflix, hulu and online transmissions.

6. Security

Vpn one click has a full advanced security protocol based on L2TP/ IPSEC of 256 bits, which guarantees the protection of the personal data of the users; so that these are not stored and therefore they cannot be handled by third persons, in addition they allow a faster and safer connection.

On the other hand this provider offers an excellent privacy policy which consists in not revealing under any situation any detail of the user, however vpn one click is not the most secure application in this marking since generally most of these use AES encryption technology of 256 bits, the same one used in the military area.

In addition, this IP application has a non-registration policy, so you will not need to register to use the application.

Seguridad del proveedor

7. Support Quality

Vpn one click offers a service which is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also has a live chat through which users can clarify their questions and resolve any issues that this has.

According to users’ opinions, this IP application offers a full service with a score of 3.5/5, which is an excellent score for the full quality service it offers.

On the other hand, this provider also offers an email through which users can request any kind of information, and even they can solve their doubts through the FAQ. This application is catalogued with a full support that is of excellent quality.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with One Click VPN

This ip application is one of the few that allows the user to make torrenting; besides being a free way to store file data which can be used later.

On the other hand, this provider also allows the user to access unlimited content from platforms such as netflix, where users can watch their series and download favorite movies.

One Click VPN Speed

Vpn one click is an excellent option if you want to go to this type of App to protect your ip address or your personal data when surfing the Internet, the excellent thing about this application is that it has full security servers and incredible speed.

Although this provider does not have the best speed in the whole market; it still offers the user a speed when navigating of 138 bits, and allows them to navigate through the Internet in a fast, simple, useful and easy way.

On the other hand, the servers that this App has, allows the user to access various contents and also to navigate in a safe way.

Which Servers Offer One Click VPN

So vpn one click has several servers, which are around countries like Canada, Chile, Colombia, el salvador, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Philippines, France, Hong Kong, U.S. Virgin Islands, Italy, Germany, Australia and Austria.

The servers are a fundamental factor when choosing this type of application, since the speed of the server is important. This IP application offers users up to 42 types of servers in more than 41 countries which cannot be customized.

  • PPTP Server: It is a type of server used to communicate over the network privately, with a load of up to 128 bits.
  • L2TP server: this server is a type of protocol used in private networks to protect user information.
  • IPSec Server: It is a server that allows secure communication and also encrypting IP packets, establishing encryption keys. Load of 256 bits.

How to Install One Click VPN

To install this provider you only have to use any free application, in the case of downloading to the mobile device you can use google play; through which you will not have to spend anything since the download is totally free.

On the other hand if your device is a computer you can install the IP App through Windows store or even go directly to the page of this provider and download the App directly from the link you find on this page.

Instalación del vpn

On the other hand, to download the App and install it correctly, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the download store depending on your device.
  • Search for “vpn one click” applications.
  • Click on the “download” option
  • When installing, access the Internet settings.
  • Enter the “internet network” and add the vpn one click
  • Create a profile
  • Choose a good cost plan and a country
  • Select the connection to be used and click on connect
  • Enter the login credentials, obtained through the provider of this IP application for Windows or android and you’re done

With these simple steps you will be able to install the vpn one click application in an easy way and also totally free; you will also be able to choose an excellent plan at a good cost.

Prices and Promotions of Vpn One Click

Vpn one click has excellent plans at a price that is accessible, also allows users to enjoy this application, a service that is essential in this type of application.

1. Vpn one Click prices

Well vpn one click is an application that offers a totally free trial, this free trial lasts only one week, even so this App offers users plans and the cost will depend on the device.

Full iPhone plans range from $4.99 per month to about $14.99 per year. On the other hand for the android system users enjoy a price of $4.99 and $14.99 per month.

Finally, full Windows Mobile plans are priced at $1.99 per month and up to $10.99 per year. The plan that offers vpn one click for Windows computers is $4.99 per month and $24.99 per year. These plans allow the user to enjoy all their services.

2. One Click VPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

So vpn one click brings to users excellent promotions, for the teams or mobile devices iPhone a promotion of $ 2.99 which represents a saving of 40% compared to the rate of $ 4.99 per month that offers one of the plans.

On the other hand, Android devices will also pay $2.99 per month, representing a 40% savings for users, on the total plan price of $4.99 per month. On the other hand, vpn one click does not offer any promotion for Windows devices or computers, so the price of the plan remains the same at $4.99.

One Click VPN Payment Methods

Vpn one click has several payment methods among which are PayPal, bitcoin and itunes. On the other hand this App also accepts payments through credit cards.

Service offer Price Promotion
Windows Plan 4.99$ No promotion
iOS and Andorid Plan 2.99$ 40% discount

Reviews of Vpn One Click

Because vpn one click according to the opinions of several users is a complete tool and application, as it offers a full service and according to opinions also meets the expectations of users. On the other hand, according to other opinions, this IP App is easy to use, to download and has an excellent performance.

Vpn one click is an application that users like, since according to opinions it has an extensive service that offers in several countries and also allows them to choose the language they want.

“This VPN provider has made things easy for me with its simple installation and ability to change languages constantly.”

“One Click VPN was the provider I got my start in the VPN world. I am satisfied with their after-sales service, as they help me with everything I need.

“If you’re looking for a simple and cheap provider, One Click VPN won’t let you down. It has good rates and premium services like the market leading competitors”.

Conclusion about One Click VPN

Although according to opinions vpn one click is an IP application that offers plans and in addition to an accessible price, which according to opinions has many languages available and is easy to download.

It lacks certain elements that allow this type of application to be considered, according to opinions, as the best on the market. However, several opinions have allowed us to show that there are better alternatives, with a higher level of security and even at better prices.

Alternatives to Vpn One Click

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Vpn One Click

Main Features Vpn One Click
Discount Save 40%!
Price $2.99
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 8.56 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 5
Servers 42
Countries 50
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Vpn One Click

✅What is Vpn One Click?

Vpn one click is a tool used to surf the internet in a safe and reliable way. It also protects the personal data of each user from falling into the wrong hands and being handled by third parties.

⭐¿Es Vpn One Click Seguro?

Vpn one click works with an encryption system, which is fully secure and also allows the user to navigate freely through the Internet. This application also has advanced technology that allows it to secure the user’s personal information from falling into the hands of third parties.

➡️Why Choose Vpn One Click?

Vpn one click according to opinions is an excellent tool to navigate and also full reliable, has excellent plans, servers and quality service. If you are looking for something economical, this is it.

✨ What are the benefits of Vpn One Click?

So vpn one click is easy to download, has a no registration policy, plus an easy to use interface, full service and speed when browsing.

➕ How to Install Vpn One Click?

To install vpn one click just go to the website, or any online store like google beach or windows store and follow the steps found in this article.

🔥 What is the price of Vpn One Click?

Vpn one click varies its rate, for Andorid and iPhone devices a monthly payment of 4.99$ and yearly of 14.99$. For Windows devices a total of 1.99 per month and 24.99 per year.

⛳ ¿Puedo Tener Vpn One Click Gratis?

You can enjoy vpn one click full free only for 7 days trial, then you must pay or hire any of the plans that vpn one click offers.

✌️ What other VPN servers are VPN One Click users looking for?

Vpn one click is an excellent application to protect your personal information when surfing the Internet and although it is not the best, it is a good option, since it has essential features, either with encryption technology, plans at a good price among others. This is the end of our article, we hope the information has been helpful.

If you are looking for an alternative to vpn one click you can go to our website.

Opinions and User Experience of Vpn One Click

Have you used Vpn One Click before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Vpn One Click service in the comments.

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