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Onavo Protect: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Before starting the analysis of Onavo Protect we want to emphasize that this provider is not currently available, it is worth noting that it is completely DISABLED, so you will not be able to download and install the application on your devices.

Onavo Protect worked under the control of facebook which generated many negative opinions and distrust from many users. This provider worked exclusively with mobile devices with jurisdiction in the United Kingdom.


Have you ever wondered why a VPN service is free?

In addition to slow speed, spam and annoying ads, some users have told us that free VPN services sold their data and personal information to third parties.

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Onavo protect was a VPN service provider designed exclusively for mobile devices. Founded in 2010 and subsidized by facebook, it was in charge of protecting the internet sessions of its users. At the time this provider was awarded.

Next if you want to know a little more about this controversial VPN provider, in this web we give you information, prices, if it had a full or free plan, if it was available in several languages and that this provider was made during its operation to force the closure.

Pros and Cons of Onavo Protect


  • It’s free, it doesn’t have a full plan
  • Strong protocols
  • Available in several languages
  • Good speed
  • Exclusive use of mobile devices
  • Easy to download and install


  • UK servers only
  • Collaborate with the 14 eyes
  • Keeps records

Reasons to Choose Onavo Protect?

I am supposed to describe all the reasons why you should choose Onavo Protect as the ideal VPN for your mobile device. Although this provider is free, has a good security protocol, is very easy to handle and is available in several languages, I get to have the best opinions.

The reality is that this provider is unreliable, at the time and before this tool was removed it was demonstrated that this provider used the registered information about the sessions of its users to serve as a spy for Facebook and determine the time these users spent in the competition.

Onavas choose Protect 2020Reasons to Choose Strong VPN?

Onavo Protect was considered an extremely simple program to use, downloading and installing it was a quick process and it was believed that this tool had a lot to offer despite being free, it is because of this that we show the features that made Onavo Protect one of the preferred options.

1. Ease of use

Since there was no price to pay for the service from this provider, the user simply had to go to the appropriate store to download and install the VPN on his device. It is very easy to use and has a professional and attractive interface with basic configurations based on the service provided.

Among the positive feedback from many users was how easy it was to access the program, as well as how its interface was handled by enabling and disabling the various functions.

2. Available Countries

From anywhere in the world the user could access the service of this provider, more than 200 countries since the tool could be accessed from the device you want and in multiple languages.

This means that both users could enjoy this benefit, which despite having servers in a single location, had the ability to maintain a stable speed, an aspect that generated excellent feedback.

3. Devices

As we mentioned before, this provider offers a free application intended for mobile devices, that is, it is only compatible with Android and iOS devices, which through the Google Play Store and Apple Store could access this tool without paying a full plan.

However, after learning about the fraudulent activities carried out with the information of its users, this provider was removed from the platforms and later we saw the closing of the server.

Dispositivos compatibles con Onavo Protect

4. Types of Contracts

Currently this supplier does not have any kind of contract or full plan and surely before leaving the market the case was the same. Onavo Protect offered its services free of charge, which means that there was no reason to create a contract between the user and the VPN provider.

Beyond the need for the user to accept the terms and conditions of use of this provider, no contract exists. Surely, if the user had a full payment plan, the provider would establish a contract.

5. Available Services

Onavo protect offers a series of services available in multiple languages that guarantee the security of your information handling excellent quality standards, when you acquire a full VPN package you will get:

  • Encryption
  • IP and DNS leakage protection
  • Power off switch
  • anonymity
  • Security protocols

This is completely free and without having to access a full payment plan.

6. Security

Onavo protect was considered one of the most secure mobile VPNs, using L2TP/IPSec encryption to make its level of protection robust and difficult to crack, despite being a free service.

Similarly, this provider has an anti-leakage protection that guarantees the privacy of its users, thanks to its shutdown switch which automatically stops data traffic if the connection to this provider fails, making Navo protect an excellent option to enjoy a virtual private network.

7. Support Quality

Onavo protectes is quite deficient on this point as it only has a section of frequently asked questions to provide answers to any doubts that the user may have, in view of the fact that it is a free service, surely they are not obliged to improve in this aspect.

Similarly, although this provider does not have live chat, downloading, installing and using the application is very easy and there would hardly be any inconvenience. However, improving this aspect could be something that would improve the opinions that arose about this provider.

The advantage of the FAQs is that they are not only comprehensive and very useful, but also available in many languages.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with Onavo Protect

Unfortunately, Onavo Protect is not a viable option when looking for a VPN to access the Netflix library or for torrenting, as is the case with other providers that broadcast video and music such as Hulu, YouTube, BBC, among others.

Onavo Protector Speed

Being a free VPN is not much you can expect from this tool, however although it is expected that the speeds are limited, the reality is that onavo Protector is below average and the speed reduction is quite significant, so recommending this VPN is not an Option.

When a comparison of this provider with similar VPNs is made, we do not realize that their really slow speed, added to the limitations of Netflix and Torrenting, created that it would be best to look for other VPN alternatives.

Speed ​​vpn

What servers does Onavo Protect offer?

Since Onavo Protect offers a free service, its servers are located in only one location, in this case in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the speed of this tool is completely enviable and invites you to continue using the application.

If it had not been for the inconveniences presented, where it was proven that the information registered by this provider was used for other purposes, it would surely be one of the most recognized mobile VPNs in the world today.

How to Install Onavo Protect for Safe Surfing?

Downloading and installing Onavo Protect on your device was very easy. Users had to access the Google Play Store to download and install this provider on their Android device.

Once the process is completed, the program is responsible for reducing data consumption through 3G, EDGE or LTE. Similarly then was responsible for protecting your connection from hackers, spies and various threats to your privacy.

Regarding iPhone, the procedure is similar, you simply have to access the app store from your device, search for the Onavo Protect application, start the download and installation process and activate the operation of the app.

Features vpn

Prices and Promotions of Onavo Protec

Below, we will inform you of the different prices and promotions offered by Onavo protect, as well as the available payment methods so that you can determine if it is a convenient option for you and decide to download and install the program.

1. Onavo Protect prices

As we already mentioned this provider is completely free, users can enjoy the service without any inconvenience and without paying any price for their service. However, it is quite limited since it is impossible to access Netflix or make torrents.

It is an option aimed simply at those who want to protect their computers from intruders and at the same time control their data consumption when they do not use a WiFi network.

2. Onavo Protect promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Since it is a free service and does not require paying any price for the Onavo Protect service, it does not offer any kind of promotion. If it were currently available, it would surely have a full plan designed to provide advanced features to its users and give them greater access on the web.

However, since we do not have a full plan that requires the payment of a stipulated price, we do not have any type of promotion.

3. Onavo Protect Payment Methods

Of course, this provider does not require any payment, since it is free and no price is paid for the use of its services.

Reviews of Onavo Protect

When we reviewed the opinions of Onavo Protect users we found a before and after the event that revealed the violation of privacy of this provider. Some of the opinions of users of this VPN provider are the following:

“When the Onavo Protect service was available it was very efficient, fast and not complicated to install. Now I have had to choose a different provider after their service is no longer available.

“Onavo Protect was one of the free VPNs of reference, it’s a pity they eliminated it.”

“Installing this supplier was easy and I didn’t have to pay anything. It’s a shame that this VPN provider no longer exists.

Conclusion about Onavo protect

At the time and before knowing the true intentions of this provider, we could conclude that it was a recommendable option for any user who wanted to protect their computers without getting the benefit of access to free restricted pages.

Without a doubt, the easy handling of the application, the encryption protocols, the absence of a full plan and the ease of downloading and installing on the devices, as well as its availability in several languages, made Onavo Protect one of the best options on the market

However, today it would be impossible to recommend Onavo Protect as one of the free VPN options, not only because it is no longer available, but also because it turned out to be a fraudulent tool that violates the privacy of those who trusted its services.

For this reason, even if such an application were still available, I would certainly not recommend the use of Onavo Protect as a VPN service.

Alternatives to Ovano Protect VPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Onavo Protect

Main Features Onavo Protect
Discount -
Price Free
See offer
Money back policy -
Average speed 7.06 mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 1
Servers 1
Countries more than 230
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Onavo protect

✌️What is Onavo protect?

Onavo protect is a virtual private network that offers its users the possibility of safely surfing public WiFi networks, guaranteeing information encryption and protecting their identity by avoiding IP and DNS leaks. It is available in Spanish and is exclusively for mobile phones.

✅Is Onavo protect Safe?

Of course Onavo protect has the best encryption standards ensuring the privacy of your data, it has a security switch to protect it in case of inconvenience. However, at present Onavo Protect is not available and its service has been removed.

⛳Why Choose Onavo protect?

Onavo protect is an excellent option since it fully complies with what it offers. Although you cannot access restricted pages, its servers work at optimum speed and guarantee that your information will be protected while you browse.

🔥 What are the benefits of Onavo protect?

The main benefits offered by Onavo Protect are access to your information, data encryption, and a completely free security switch, since Onavo Protect does not offer a full plan and does not require a fee to enjoy its services.

➕How to install Onavo protect?

Simply go to the store on your Android or IOS device, find the Onavo Protect app and start the process of downloading and installing the application.

✨Can I get Onavo protect for free?

No, although at the time Onavo Protect was available for free on mobile devices this has changed. The application has been removed so it is not possible to download and install on the computers. It is recommended to look for other options with a full plan available.

➡ ️ What other VPN services are Onavo Protect users looking for?

It has become clear that Onavo Protect is not an option to consider for protecting any device and it is necessary to look for other options. We recommend visiting the best VPN section to find a VPN that can protect your IP and at the same time give you access to restricted pages at a reasonable price.

Onavo protect User Opinions and Experience

Have you used Onavo protect before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an Onavo protect VPN service in the comments.

To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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