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FinchVPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Since 2012 FinchVPN has offered its VPN services and today has a good number of servers, its service is acceptable and its prices are quite affordable. For those who are looking for an option that maintains their privacy and overcomes some restrictions at a good price FinchVPN is an option.


Have you ever wondered why a VPN service is free?

In addition to slow speed, spam and annoying ads, some users have told us that free VPN services sold their data and personal information to third parties.

Here are some alternatives for secure and reliable VPN services

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FinchVPN is one of the few providers with a free Spanish version that is easy to install and download. In addition, it offers quite attractive full packages, although its configuration may be a bit difficult for newcomers, it is an excellent option for those who want to protect their IP and personal information.

FinchVPN is a small virtual private network that offers the service of data and identity protection, among its best features is the free version it offers and the low prices of its full versions. It is available in Spanish and other languages.

If you want to know more about the different features that are available in FinchVPN packages, the opinions of its users and if it handles the Spanish language. We invite you to read the review made to this provider.

FinchVPN's Pros and Cons


  • Very economical prices.
  • Includes advanced features.
  • Offers a free service for unlimited time.
  • Allows OpenVPN.
  • It has anti-DPI protection.
  • Includes Bitcoin in your payment methods.


  • Saves user records and connection logs.
  • Only allows one device per license.

Plans and offers of Finchvpn




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per month

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per month

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Reasons to Choose FinchVPN

Although its free version is quite limited the full version of FinchVPN has some advanced features which is guarantee of an anonymous IP and DNS, with this it is possible to access Netflix and do Torrenting, however it is not able to overcome the restrictions of countries like China and more.

FinchVPN’s country coverage is quite limited in terms of servers and apart from Windows and Android FinchVPN does not have a native application, so it requires OpenVPN for configuration, which is quite annoying according to some opinions.

FinchVPN is an excellent option for those who want to opt for a good VPN with fairly affordable prices. To start with FinchVPN has a free version, even though it has limited features it allows you to try its basic services until you decide to buy the full version.

FinchVPN is considered an easy to use program especially for those who have the experience of installing and downloading OpenVPN for VPN network configuration. Despite the fact that there are few servers, some of them offer an acceptable speed.

If you have Windows, its native application makes the process easier, and it is compatible with different operating systems such as Mac, among others. Although FinchVPN saves user information, it guarantees that it will not be shared in any way.

Finally we can point out that it allows access to Netflix, Hulu and other restricted pages, in the same way that most of the times it allows torrenting and downloads, these last aspects are not available in the free version, only in the full version.

Elección de Finch VPN

FinchVPN Analysis and Features

FinchVPN is a program that facilitates the access to different pages without being detected, in the same way it is in charge of protecting the private information of its users and after the download and installation process it is very easy to handle and to test the characteristics that it has according to some opinions.

1. Ease of use

If your computer is running Windows, downloading and installing FinchVPN will be very easy. The same applies if you have an Android device, as the application can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

As for other operating systems you must download and install OpenVPN and perform the configuration manually, this is usually a little more complex and only the most skilled can do it quickly, this does not mean it is impossible.

Once that process is passed it will be very easy to enable or disable the VPN while browsing the internet.

2. Available Countries

You can enjoy the services offered by FinchVPN from anywhere you want regardless of the language you speak (Spanish, English, German, French, etc.) However, FinchVPN is not recommended in certain countries.

Some countries have fairly strong restrictions and those resident in these areas who use these tools risk being penalized if the IP and DNS protection system fails or is unavailable. This is why FinchVPN is not recommended in countries such as China.

Although FinchVPN ensures that no user information is passed on and anonymity is guaranteed, there are risks of leakage. Therefore in countries where the firewall is very powerful and FinchVPN is not approved it should not be downloaded and installed.

Países en que Finch VPN opera

Residents of countries such as China, Iraq, Russia, among others, should look for other options based on the opinions of users who have tried these services in these areas.

3. Devices

FinchVPN proves to be quite flexible in terms of the different devices it supports, computers with Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux operating systems and even routers allow you to use FinchVPN.

However, we must not forget that only Windows and Android have an application to download and install ensuring easy handling of the virtual private network, in other cases it will be necessary to use OpenVPN as a tool for the configuration of the VPN.

4. Types of Contracts

FinchVPN has three plans, the first with extremely limited but completely free service, the second with a fairly low monthly fee and some advanced options, and the third with a slightly higher but equally affordable fee with all services available.

The prices of these plans are based on an annual contract even if the payment is made monthly, all are completely reliable and guarantee not only the security of the provider but also the user.

5. Available Services

Among the available services offered by the provider FinchVPN are

  • VPN server
  • VPN Encryption
  • Multiple servers
  • Port forwarding
  • Remote Support

It is important to note that only the full Premier package has all the features available, the other plans both the free and the full Pro package have different limitations.

6. Security

For your security FinchVPN uses protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec. The encryption system used is Blowfish 128bits, 160 bits, as well as AES 256bits. All this despite offering good security support may have some flaws.

As far as the privacy of your information is concerned, FinchVPN guarantees that your privacy will be respected, however when evaluating more closely the privacy policy of this provider it informs that if necessary and in order to respect the law they may disclose your information.

This added to the fact that they store private information such as names, contact details, connection records, IP address and DNS makes this provider somewhat unattractive, according to users who value their privacy.

It is important to note that FinchVPN does not have a security switch, which means that you will still be connected to the internet no matter what server you are using.


7. Quality of Support

At this point it can be mentioned that FinchVPN has excellent feedback as they work to quickly respond to their users, among the forms of support available are Live Chat and email allowed for free and full plan users.

Additionally, it has the option of support through tickets in case you do not want to use the other means, it should be noted that this option is only available for the Full Premier version. The free version only allows the options already mentioned.

According to users’ opinions the response time does not exceed 24 hours depending on the problem and the answers obtained are satisfactory. You can send your concerns in several languages.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with FinchVPN

Currently Netflix has chosen to block access to its content by location, this has led many people to make use of a VPN to break this barrier, however there are few options that really give access to this option and FinchVPN is not one of them, so you should look for another option.

As for torrenting, although it is possible to do this activity with FinchVPN. This provider keeps records of your movements and even your contact details and name, so you should be very careful or simply look for another option.

FinchVPN Speed

Unfortunately the number of servers offered by FinchVPN is quite limited, this considerably affects the transmission speed, especially when we compare their services with other providers.

Perhaps for users who do not make serious use of a VPN, the speed offered by this provider may be acceptable, adding to the price which is quite affordable may attract some users, however for those who have experience with VPNs and make frequent use of the tool, it is best to look for other alternatives.

What Servers Does FinchVPN Offer?

Currently FinchVPN has only 27 servers distributed from 13 different countries and where only 6 of them are available for free, these last ones are located in the United States, Europe and The Netherlands.

The rest are located in the United States, Europe, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, Canada, Latvia and Russia. Although it is little in comparison to other providers, they are able to maintain a standard speed according to the number of users that use their services.

It should be noted that only servers located in the Netherlands, specifically in Amsterdam, allow Torrenting.

How to Install FinchVPN for Safe Surfing?

To download and install FinchVPN on your device, the process is very simple depending on your computer’s operating system.

For Windows, just go to the FinchVPN home page, go to the support section of the website and click on the “configuration guide” option. There you will find the link to start the download and then you will have to install the program.


If you are using an Android device, simply find the application that is available on the Google Play Store, download and install the application. The thing is complicated when you need to use another device.

If the operating system is Mac, Linux or other, you must download and install OpenVPN and follow the guide available on the official website because you must download some configuration files and do the process manually, we could see in some opinions that this can be annoying.

Although the page is in English, your browser can translate the information and you will be able to make the configuration without any problem.

FinchVPN Prices and Promotions

Below you will find the different prices available in the plans and services offered by FinchVPN, as well as the different payment methods to be used in case you purchase one of its full packages.

1. FinchVPN prices

As you must know among the available plans of FinchVPN is the free plan, however this only offers the VPN server up to 3GB per month giving access only to the free servers, in addition you will not have access to remote support and port forwarding, not to mention that you will not be able to make torrents or access sites restricted by the IP address.

Then we have the full Pro plan for only $1.61 per month with a one year contract you can enjoy the servers for free and pay with up to 25GB per month, the only limitation will be the port forwarding.

On the other hand you can cancel only $3.21 per month and access the full Premier plan with which you will have access to the servers without limit of navigation and access to all the services available.

2. FinchVPN promotions: Discount code and coupon

Currently FinchVPN does not have any promotions beyond the super cheap prices it offers, although they are quite affordable allowing only 1 device per plan and in our opinion it is necessary to integrate promotions for several devices simultaneously.

3. FinchVPN payment methods

FinchVPN has over 80 payment methods available internationally, allowing you to enjoy the services it offers in nearly 200 countries. Among the methods available are: VISA credit cards, Maestro, Amex, PayPal, Bitcoin, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, among others.

Service offer Price Savings
Free Plan No promotion
Full Pro Plan $ 1,61 No promotion
Full Premier Plan $3.21 No promotion

Reviews of FinchVPN

According to the opinions we have managed to appreciate FinchVPN many users consider FinchVPN a good way to start getting to know the world of virtual private networks as its features are good but not outstanding.

Among the opinions of some users we find that they consider that the speed of some of their servers is quite limited and only a few are able to offer an acceptable speed.

Other opinions consider it an economical option for those who do Torrenting and want to access some restricted pages, as well as generate discomfort that store personal information of their customers. read the opinions of their customers:

“It’s hard to find a VPN network as efficient as FinchVPN and yet so competitively priced.

“If you want to get started in the world of VPNs in the best way, the best thing is to count on FinchVPN‘s services: fast and totally secure.

“When you download FinchVPN you barely notice that you are driving a VPN, so the browsing speed is optimal.

Conclusion about FinchVPN

Although it is not a very prominent VPN, FinchVPN is not that bad compared to other providers we find on the net, it has enough help and detailed information to make the process of downloading and installing the service easier, it is affordable and has multiple payment options.

On the other hand, the absence of a security switch and the fact that its privacy policies expose its users’ information in a certain way generates some controversy and insecurity in new users.

But if this is not a concern for you and speed is not your first priority, you can use this tool. Those who wish to make serious use of a VPN should make other choices.

Alternatives to FinchVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

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Features summary of Finchvpn

Main features Finchvpn
Discount -
Price Free
See offer
Money back policy Does not accept
Average speed 9.45 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices One device per account
Servers 27
Countries 190 countries
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about FinchVPN

✅ What Is FinchVPN?

It is a tool that allows the user to access public wifi networks in a secure way, keeping the privacy of their data and protecting their IP address. It also has a free version with limited features and two full versions with additional services.

⭐ Is FinchVPN safe?

The provider guarantees that FinchVPN is completely secure and protects your data while browsing, however as it does not have a security switch, in case of a server failure, you could be temporarily browsing without protection, exposing yourself during this period.

➡️ Why choose FinchVPN?

Choosing FinchVPN can be a good option since it has a free version that saves your data, full versions with very low prices, allows you to make torrents and has strategically located servers that maintain optimal speed.

✨ What are the benefits of FinchVPN?

FinchVPN protects your IP address, DNS and user data, its prices are very low, it has free servers for unlimited time, offers many ways of payment and is able to overcome the restrictions of some pages, as well as doing Torrenting.

➕ How to install FinchVPN?

It’s very easy, you just have to go to FinchVPN’s homepage and download and install the corresponding application in case you are a Windows user, for Android you have to go to Google Play Store and download the application and for other devices, download OpenVPN and the corresponding configuration files.

🔥 What is the price of FinchVPN?

FinchVPN is very affordable, its full pro plan is priced at $1.61 per month with most services available and 25GB per month of protection and the full Premier plan is priced at $3.21 per month with all features and unlimited browsing.

⛳ Can I Get FinchVPN for Free?

Of course, FinchVPN has an unlimited free version that allows you to try its basic services at no cost and if you want to opt for one of the full plans later on.

👌 What other VPN servers are FinchVPN users looking for?

This has been all our content about FinchVpn we hope you have liked it and found it useful.

Finchvpn User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Finchvpn before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Finchvpn VPN service in the comments.

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