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Ipredator: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

IPredator appears in the VPN market in 2009 in response to a growing trend of Internet censorship. It has come to provide anonymity and privacy for you to browse the web without restrictions.

IPredator is a company based in Cyprus and operates under the protection of Swedish law. It will hide your real IP address behind its own, i.e. it will provide an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the Internet.

According to the opinions of users with IPredator you will find a safe way to maintain privacy while browsing the web. That is, just by installing and using the VPN service you will make sure that nobody can follow your steps.

In this article you will find all the information you need to choose and download IPredator. You will find a good option among the available VPNs, to feel safe and protected while maintaining your privacy.

Pros and Cons of Ipredator


  • Supports OpenVPN.
  • Good connection speed.
  • Several simultaneous connections.
  • Accept Bitcoin.
  • Free 3-day trial.
  • It doesn’t keep track of your internet browsing.


  • Not available in some languages.

Plans and offers of Ipredator

1-Month plan


per month

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6-Month plan


per month

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1-year Plan


per month

See offer

Reasons to Choose IPredator

When you connect to IPredator as a user you will find that you are assigned a unique random public IP address. This will ensure the protection, security and privacy you need when browsing.

If you are aware of the privacy issues involved in using any internet service this will be your option. In addition to obtaining a new IP address, its servers will allow you to avoid regional blocks.

IPredator offers you subscriptions to its standard full service plans by month, quarter, semester or year. In addition you will have the possibility to enjoy a free three-day trial to experience a full navigation without limits.

According to the users’ opinions, the absolute confidentiality of your activity on the web, as well as your data, can be highlighted. In addition, they confirm that you will be able to watch streaming videos anonymously without losing speed.

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IPredator Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

Downloading and installing the software from this VPN provider, which is a very simple process, will not require any prior knowledge. Create your account and start enjoying your free trial that will hide your IP address in an easy and secure way.

Its page design is very simple and will make your web surfing anonymous against hackers, suppliers and computer criminals. You will only have to connect to start and disconnect when you finish.

According to the opinions, even if you don’t have a lot of technological knowledge or you are new to VPN you will be able to configure IPredator easily. The page will guide you to help you achieve your goal.

2. Available Countries

IPredator has more than 100 servers in 1 country, Sweden. But rest assured, that will be enough for you to enjoy a full service without losing your anonymity.

Despite having only one location in Sweden, downloading and installing this VPN provider will make your internet browsing much easier and faster. As users express in their opinions that will be enough to maintain your anonymity online.

By choosing IPredator your browsing speed will not be reduced. If the chosen server is overloaded the VPN will immediately connect you to another one and you will not have to worry.

3. Devices

IPredator does not have its own applications but is compatible with OpenVPN. This will ensure that you can configure the service on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android among other platforms and devices.

To configure the service on each device you must follow the different guides or tutorials. You will have no bandwidth limit and you can use IPredator in several of them to surf the web protected.

This means that when you plan to download and install this VPN provider and subscribe you will be able to protect your family’s browsing. You will be able to use it on several devices for a modest price, with a single subscription.

Seguridad de Ipredator

4. Contract Types

At IPredator you will find the full plans that suit you, for a month, a quarter, a semester or a year. In addition, you can enjoy the free three-day trial period offered to you to enjoy the service.

IPredator’s pricing model is very simple, it has the same for all VPN protocols and services. The price may vary depending on your local currency and in case it does not work for you you will receive a refund.

In any of the plans offered by this VPN provider you will receive a full service. In addition, users highlight the variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Bitcoin.

5. Services

Downloading and installing IPredator will not only allow you to change your IP address, but will also provide you with several privacy extras. You will have an unregistered web proxy and a personalized anonymous email service.

You’ll also have a Tor server running as an exit node and a public Jabber instance, and you’ll be able to access uncensored DNS servers and even a private IRC server for quick support.

What users highlight in their opinions is that with this VPN provider you won’t have to worry about security and privacy. Don’t hesitate to install its software, as cyber criminals don’t rest and you’ll find the risk everywhere.

6. Security

IPredator operating from Cyprus but governed by the laws of Sweden has strict privacy policies. It ensures that if the law requires it to provide information about its users it will only inform them of the subscription data.

Downloading and installing this VPN provider means that your navigation will no longer be vulnerable and your traffic will be encrypted. It uses PPTP and OpenVPN protocols to optimize the service.

The PPTP protocol, which offers the highest speeds, is the least robust. With the OpenVPN protocol, which is the most robust on the market, you will see your connection speed decrease.

It will depend on you which one you will use depending on whether you need speed or safety for the activity you are doing. IPredator supports IPv4 for PPTP and IPv6 is only available for OpenVPN.

7. Support Quality

Create an account in IPredator and if you want to try the service for free you can make the request by email. By using the address support@ipredator.se or joining the chat, you will have to inform the username.

Any problems that may arise can be solved within a short time after the problem has been analysed. You can also contact this VPN provider for non-support related issues at contact@ipredator.se.

If you need to ask for a refund because IPredator has not worked for you, you can request it by email. But before opening your refund claim, you must first try to solve the problem with the attendees.

Attention to the client iPredator

8. Netflix and Torrenting with IPredator

With IPredator you will be able to enjoy all your favorite audiovisual content and you will not have to resign speed in your connection. You will be able to download P2P torrent links, like watching videos on Youtube, do your free test to verify it.

If you want to see Netflix content you will find no obstacle. But it is also true that you will have better results if your area is close to the location of their servers in Sweden.

You can also broadcast HBO, Australia’s Channel 9, Hulu or the BBC’s iPlayer. You see, you’ll enjoy the content you prefer at a convenient price with the speed you need.

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IPredator Speed

IPredator has passed numerous tests in terms of speed and can be said to be reliable as they have been done from different locations. Please note that speed may vary depending on your location.

When you connect to a VPN it takes longer for your data to be sent and that can slow down your connection. If your internet provider deliberately slows down your connection (throttling) the VPN can increase that speed.

In these tests this VPN provider has shown great performance, with its servers reaching a constant speed of 12-68 Mbps. By using the PPTP protocol you will get higher speed for your connection.

Which Servers Does The IPredator VPN Offer

IPredator currently has 100 VPN servers located in Sweden. Don’t be afraid of being located in only one country, as this VPN offers additional privacy services.

IPredator provides uncensored DNS servers, a Tor server running as an outbound node, and even a private IRC server. Plus you get a personalized anonymous email service.

When you are online with this VPN provider you will not see your real IP address, but it will appear as if you have actually connected from another country. It provides an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the Internet, which will increase your security.

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How to Install the IPredator VPN for Secure Browsing

Downloading and installing the IPredator software will give you the ability to mask your identity by hiding your IP address. You can do this on any platform that supports OpenVPN, you just need to install this program on your device.

You will have to set up an IPredator user and password, there will only be the session log to manage the connections. It will contain basic data such as the server and the real IP address that the server will delete when the session is closed.

After downloading IPredator you should click on run and the program will start working. You will be asked for the language and then you will have to enter the key.

IPredator VPN Prices and Promotions

IPredator’s prices are calculated based on realistic costs per user, so they provide a full service. Just log in to the site and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

You’ll find a variety of prepaid plans ranging from one month to one year, all of which will give you the security you’re looking for. Whatever price you pay for your plan, you’ll get a free three-day trial period.

1. IPredator’s prices

IPredator has a simple pricing model for full prepaid plans for all VPN services and their protocols. The price for one month will be for $8.

You can choose one-month, three-month, six-month or twelve-month prepaid plans. If you would like a free trial of the service you should make a request to support@ipredator.se.

2. IPredator promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

Unfortunately, this VPN provider does not offer discounts on their rates even when you hire long periods of stay.

If the VPN does not work for you, you can receive a refund for the price you paid. IPredator will ask you to first try to fix the problem with support before claiming a refund.

3. IPredator’s Payment Methods

At IPredator you will be able to use a wide range of payment methods that will give you absolute privacy. From Bitcoin and PayPal to OKPay, Payza, Payson, bank transfers and TransferWise.

IPredator has full prepaid plans with a simple pricing model for all protocols. You will get your money back if the VPN does not work for you although you should try to solve the problem with support first.

Paying with Bitcoin will provide you with a high level of anonymity, but please note that payments are non-refundable. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll find guides on the web that will help you.

Service offer Price Savings
1 Month Plan $8 No promotion
6 Month Plan $48 No promotion
Plan 1 Year $96 No promotion

Reviews about IPredator

The opinions expressed about IPredator are, in general, favorable so it is inferred that it is a good option to choose. Most highlight its comprehensive no-registration security policy.

“I was tired of surfing the Internet feeling watched or unsafe. IPredator provided me with the tools for a trackless connection that protects me from hackers.

“I was attracted to IPredator by the speed tests that were performed on it and I didn’t hesitate to choose it. It gave me an excellent performance, which is just what I was looking for”.

“IPredator gave me the ability to pay for the service with Bitcoin, which gives me the anonymity I need. Besides, I can count on a fast, safe and reliable VPN, I recommend it”.

Conclusion about IPredator

After analyzing IPredator you can conclude that it is a fast and secure VPN that also provides you with short term contracts. Some disadvantages are: the only location of your servers and the lack of applications.

At IPredator you will find really high speeds at a very reasonable price. In addition to very good security, no records and low latency, you will also have good support staff for any inconvenience. In conclusion, it is an excellent option to obtain the encryption of your data and hide your IP address.

Alternatives to IPredator

Here is a list of the best VPN providers that offer alternatives to IPredator’s services

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Features summary of Ipredator

Main Features Ipredator
Discount N/A
Price $8
See offer
Money back policy 30 days
Average speed 64 Mbps
Encryption AES 128-bit
Devices Unlimited
Servers 100
Countries 1
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about IPredator

✅ What is IPredator?

IPredator is a VPN, i.e. a virtual private network, which is the best way to hide your IP address while surfing the Internet. It arises in the market in response to a growing trend of censorship on the web.

⭐ Is the IPredator VPN Secure?

IPredator, which is totally secure, has the PPTP and OpenVPN protocols to optimize the service. Your IP address will be changed, your data will be encrypted and hidden, you will surf the web without restrictions

➡️ Why Choose IPredator?

IPredator has passed pornographic speed tests and passed them successfully. In addition, it is a service that will provide you with anonymity and security to surf the web fully and without records.

✨ What are the benefits of IPredator?

IPredator, in addition to hiding your IP address behind its own, will provide you with several privacy extras. An unregistered proxy, an anonymous email, a Tor server, DNS and IRC servers, and a public instance of Jabber.

➕ How to install IPredator?

From the IPredator website you can download and install the software following the guide and you must create an account with username and password. Once you have done so, you must click on run and the program will start working.

⛳ How much does IPredator cost?

IPredator has a simple and unique pricing model for full prepaid plans that includes all VPN services and their protocols. The price for one month will be for 6, u$s 8 or SEK 50 depending on the local currency.

❤️ Can I get free IPredator?

IPredator offers a free 3-day trial, during which time you can use all the services of the VPN. To obtain it you must request it by email after registering and creating a user and password.

⚡ Will the IPredator VPN definitely change my IP?

That will not happen, IPredator will not change your IP, it will just hide it for a while and replace it with its own. Also, you can control your IP from the tools menu whenever you want.

✌️What other VPN services are IPredator users looking for?

You already know everything there is to know about IPredator, you can download and install its software if you wish. If you still have doubts, you can use its free trial and if you want to compare with other VPNs, check out our main page in Spanish.

Ipredator User Experience and Opinions

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