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NVPN: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Nowadays the privacy of information through social networks is of great importance, that is why it is normal to find so many providers of virtual private networks in Spanish, the latter makes it difficult to choose the ideal option for you, NVPN is one of these possible options to download and install.

NVPN is a protection program data encryption service, which is easy to download and install, has a full package that offers data encryption service, although it does not have a free trial version, it is able to overcome certain barriers that other VPNs can not.

NVPN is one of the Spanish-language virtual private networks that offers a encryption service data and crack protection quite secure at an affordable price, we can mention that it is quite flexible in terms of equipment compatibility, quite competent encryption and that it can unlock Netflix attracts.

However, NVPN does not have a free sample to download and install, is not flexible in terms of the server switch and opinions include limited speed and rather short payback time.

If you are interested in knowing all the relevant information about NVPN, the opinions of users who are enjoying its services, prices and more, we invite you to continue reading.

Pros and Cons of Nvpn


  • Unlock Netflix.
  • Accepts Bitcoin.
  • Does not keep records of information.
  • Allows Torrenting.
  • Good compatibility.
  • Moderate pricing


  • Refund time of only 3 days.
  • Below standard speed.
  • Limited number of servers.

Plans and offers of Nvpn

1-Month Dedicated plan


per month

See offer

1-Month plan



per month

Save 33%!

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 60%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Private VPN?

NVPN is a Spanish VPN provider originated in Bosnia which has very good privacy systems, it is compatible with most computers, especially with the most used nowadays, those who do Torrenting can download and install to enjoy this service.

It has been proven that it is capable of overcoming the restrictions of Netflix USA. As well as some other security barriers of some websites, in many cases the speed is limited but according to some opinions it is acceptable, in addition its full one year contract allows to obtain a high percentage of discount.

Logo Nvpn

NVPN Analysis and Features

NVPN is a program that does not require any special knowledge to download and install its full version, although it does not have a free sample it has an affordable price and is a good option to protect against crack and enjoy a service in Spanish.

1. Ease of use

Once you make the payment of the full package of NVPN you must make the configuration of this VPN, once you make this configuration its manipulation is very easy. However, it can be a little complicated to get to this point since the VPN must be configured manually.

Currently only has a client exclusively for Windows and although it is compatible with other operating systems, still does not have a custom application, although it is expected that this will change in the future this aspect, this makes it difficult to manage the VPN when downloading and installing.

2. Available Countries

Currently many countries take measures to block VPNs and have control of information traffic in their country, among them China, Iraq, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, among others, however it has been demonstrated that NVPN has managed to fulfill its functions in these countries.

According to opinions and tests carried out even though NVPN is not approved in these areas, it has managed to overcome the firewall barriers established by these strict countries thanks to its anti-DPI technology, so you can surf with confidence.

More than 200 countries can enjoy the service offered by NVPN including Spanish speaking countries without any restrictions and always maintaining anonymity. Their servers allow them to maintain a constant speed, although it is believed that due to the number of servers it is a bit reduced.

Países donde funciona Nvpn

3. Available Devices

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a VPN service is the number of devices you can connect to the network at the same time. This way, you can have all the devices in your house connected to a totally secure virtual private network. With the NVPN you can also have more than 1 device connected at the same time.

4. Types of Contracts

According to what is possible to appreciate in the NVPN home page you can enjoy the full packages available without any kind of contract and once the payment is made you simply have to download and install the corresponding program to enjoy full service.

Unfortunately there is no free trial version, however within three days after paying the price of the full version you can request a refund.

5. Available Services

NVPN offers a series of services that guarantee the security of your information handling excellent quality standards, when you acquire a full VPN package you will get:

  • Encrypted.
  • Security protocols.
  • IP and DNS leakage protection
  • Power off switch.
  • Anonymity.

The change of server is only free the first time, later you must pay the corresponding price to enjoy this additional service.

6. Security

NVPN is considered one of the most secure VPNs using a 256-bit AES-CBC encryption system, one of the best in the industry. Among its security protocols are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, Squid and SOCKS5 Proxy. All of them are very good, however OpenVPN is considered the most secure.

Similarly NVPN has a leakage protection that ensures the anonymity of its users, this in conjunction with its off switch which prevents data traffic if the connection of NVPN has failures, make NVPN an excellent choice to enjoy a virtual private network in Spanish.

seguridad del vpn

7. Quality of Support

NVPN provides its users with a passive support section consisting of useful FAQs. At the same time it offers as active support two options, the email and the ticket system, according to opinions this last one is very useful and the response time is short.

Although it does not have live chat (something that should change) and there is very little information about tutorials and informative videos, the answers to problems and questions offered to its users are complete and detailed generating satisfaction of its users and causing good opinions.

We can also point out the use of Spanish, English or any other language according to its origin to clarify your doubts.

8. Netflix and Torrenting with NVPN

According to the opinions of NVPN users who have been blocked because of their location, with this provider they have managed to access the Netflix library in the United States without any inconvenience, if we add that they managed to access Hill, BBC and Amazon Prime, make this an attractive option.

As for torrenting, NVPN has Squid and SOCKS5 Proxy, which makes the process easier and provides an excellent torrenting experience. You will be able to perform this activity quickly and completely safely.

nvpn offers safety torrenting

NVPN speed

Although it is difficult to determine the speed of a server accurately as it is also influenced by the location of users and the number of users using its services simultaneously, we were able to determine the quality of NVPN speed.

When we make a comparison with other VPNs, this provider stands out because it is average and its speed is acceptable.

Since it has a number of acceptable servers as well as a prominent distribution you can completely rely on this aspect when it comes to NVPN.

What Servers Does NVPN Offer?

Currently NVP has a total of 66 servers distributed in 45 countries, this data must be taken into consideration when choosing a VPN because no matter how many servers the VPN has, what counts is the amount of users that use it and that can affect its speed.

It should be noted that NVPN only allows one free server change and that after making use of this option you will have to pay a price of $10 to be able to do this process again. NVPN has servers in different continents and includes Spanish speaking countries.

We can find servers in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Albania, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Romania, Germany, among others.

How to Install NVPN for Safe Surfing?

To start, you need to download and install the OpenVPN program.

  • On the NVP website, log in and download the files that will allow you to perform the configuration.
  • Extract the corresponding files.
  • Remove any traces of old VPNs on the device.
  • Run the OpenVPN program as an administrator and configure it to run permanently.
  • Enter the OpenVPN icon and connect.
  • Enter the user and password, proceed to verify the connection.

These steps are useful for Windows, likewise in the NVP FAQ section you will find a guide in Spanish or another language to download and install NVPN in the different operating systems and video tutorials that are available to facilitate the configuration process.

Instalación de Nvpn

NVPN Pricing and Promotions

Below you will find the different prices and promotions currently offered by NVPN, as well as the available payment methods so that you can determine if the price/benefit ratio is convenient for you and you decide to download the program.

It is important to note that this provider does not offer a free trial and that the refund time after selecting a full package and paying the corresponding price is three days.

1. NVPN pricing

Currently NVPN only has two types of plans both of which have the same services. The first one has a price of $6 per month in which the user must share the IP address with other customers of the service.

The second plan with a price of $8 per month offers the same service as the previous plan with the difference of having a dedicated IP, meaning that only you will make use of that address and will not be affected by the actions of other NVPN users.

2. NVPN Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

NVPN is not known for offering promotions but you can see significant savings when users decide to opt for the full annual packages. The full package with shared IP is priced at $40 for one year of service and $60 for the dedicated IP.

According to what can be seen NVPN does not offer promotions for a greater number of equipment and only allows one user per full package, this point does not generate good opinions and when evaluating the promotions offered by other VPNs this provider loses points.

3. NVPN Payment Methods

In this aspect NVPN is very flexible and offers numerous payment options including PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, Payza, PaymantWall, also allows the use of credit cards VISA AND MasterCard, Yandez, Kiwi, among others.

Service offer Price Promotion
Monthly IP sharing plan $6 No promotion
Annual IP Sharing Plan $3.33 44.4% discount
Monthly dedicated IP plan $8 No promotion
Annual dedicated IP plan $5 33% discount

Reviews of NVPN

According to what has been studied about NVPN is a virtual private network that generates both positive and negative opinions, some users consider that their service has an acceptable cost, however it would be more attractive if they included some additional promotions.

Other users consider that they can access other VPNs at the same cost or at a lower cost by obtaining more features. However, we also find users who find access to restricted pages such as Netflix and being able to do Torrenting satisfactory.

Other users would appreciate it if the process of downloading, installing and configuring the VPN was easier. In general we were able to determine that the biggest complaints from users are the lack of promotions, the configuration, in some cases the speed and the price.

Some users also consider it important to include a free trial or extend the refund time to give more opportunity to test the VPN before deciding. Thus:

“I’m happy and satisfied with NVPN. For a very small price you can get a very complete and ready to surf VPN network in a few minutes”.

“The best thing about NVPN is that you can stop paying whenever you want. You don’t have contracts and they don’t keep you any longer than you want.

“Although file download speed is somewhat slow, with NVPN I feel very secure thanks to its advanced security encryption.

Conclusion About NVPN

We can define NVPN as an excellent option when selecting a virtual private network, it is able to guarantee the anonymity of its users, protect their data and especially overcome many barriers including blocked countries and popular platforms.

Users looking to access Netflix or do Torrenting are the most satisfied, however we consider that NVPN should make some changes to improve its service, to start simplifying the process of installing, downloading and configuring the network by entering your native application.

You should also relax the limitations as the only free server change or at least reduce the price of this benefit, improve and integrate new promotions that will make your platform a more attractive option and it is certainly vital to include a free trial version.

Although the page is in English, your browser will translate it into Spanish, so you can find all the information you want about the service, how the installation process is and how to make payments according to the method of your convenience.

Alternatives to NVPN

Below is a list of the best similar VPNs:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

Save 80%!


per month



Save 83%!


per month


Exceptional Quality

Save 49%!


per month


Great Offer

Save 72%!


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Features summary of Nvpn

Main Features Nvpn
Discount -
Price $3.33
See offer
Money back policy 3 days
Average speed 12 mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 1
Servers 66
Countries More than 200 countries
See offer

NVPN Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is NVPN?

NVPN is a virtual private network that offers its users the ability to safely browse public WiFi networks, ensuring the security and safety of information and protecting their identity by preventing IP and DNS leaks. It is available in Spanish and many other languages.

⭐ Is NVPN Safe?

Of course NVPN has the best encryption standards to ensure the privacy of your data, the protocols used provide anonymity and the opportunity to access restricted sites, as well as a security switch to protect you in case of problems.

➡️ Why Choose NVPN?

NVPN is an excellent option because it fully complies with what it offers, gives you the opportunity to access pages like Netflix regardless of your location, has strategically located servers and ensures that during your navigation your information will be protected, also has positive feedback.

✨ What are the benefits of NVPN?

The main benefits that NVPN offers is the blocking of external agents that want to access your information, data encryption, leak protection, security switch and an excellent price are some of the features you can enjoy when using NVPN.

➕ How to install NVPN?

To use VPN you must cancel the plan of your choice, download and Install OpenVPN, download the configuration files from the home page and extract the corresponding ones, log into the application on OpenVPN and verify the functioning of NVPN.

⛳Can I get free NVPN?

No, NVPN has two full plans at affordable costs, you can choose the option of shared IP or dedicated IP with monthly or annual payment, unfortunately this provider does not yet offer a free trial, however you can hire their services and within three days request a refund.

❤️What other VPN services are Nvpn users looking for?

NVPN is an excellent option especially for those who already have some experience in using VPN. If you are a newbie it can be a bit difficult but you can try. NVPN has more positive feedback and its service is acceptable at a good cost.

If you are looking for something else, you can visit the section on the best VPNs and review the available analyses so that you can find the ideal option for you.

Nvpn User Opinions and Experience

Have you used Nvpn before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using an Nvpn VPN service in the comments

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