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Vip72: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

If you want speed in getting access to blocked content and bypassing geographical restrictions, at Vip72 VPN you can get it. This is a provider that offers proxy in order to protect your Internet connection and all your data on the network.

This VPN company focuses on providing security features that are based on 1024-bit encryption with OpenVPN and thus protecting sessions such as streaming, messaging, browsing and downloading Torrents.

The VPN also has a layer of anonymity that can slow down the connection speed when viewing streaming content. It is limited to Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and is absent for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Navigation on Vip72 VPN has generated some unfavourable opinions, as it is a fairly simple VPN and has no effective support channels.

Pros and Cons of Vip7


  • Guarantees total anonymity through SOCKS with encryption.
  • Unlimited IP address changes.
  • Works on multiple operating systems.
  • It accepts payments in bitcoin.


  • It only works on computers.
  • No automatic shutdown.

Plans and offers of Vip72

1-Week plan


per month

See offer

1-Month plan



per month

Save 38%!

See offer

1-Year plan



per month

Save 45%!

See offer

Reasons to Choose Vip72?

Vip72 VPN manages to satisfy the basic needs that users require while surfing the Internet. This full VPN looks for a way to maintain a high performance server that allows you to connect securely.

Another important point, is that Vip72 VPN has the ability to bypass the Great Firewall of China, this means that users in that country can access other international servers and thus get to see content that is not available to them.

Users of this VPN have the option to enter P2P sites and exchange files on selected servers. This has generated very good feedback from users, as it is a service that guarantees them quality protection.

Why choose Vip72 VPN

Vip72 Analysis and Features

The Vip72 VPN is very well regarded as a VPN that offers attractive features in relation to its operation. Below, we will show you some of them and that way you will know if this Vip72 VPN is worth it.

1. Ease of use

Vip72 VPN has the ability to enter the web through encrypted and private tunnels to channel your IP address to any other available address.

It is a full VPN without free trial, which allows full web access and facilitates navigation through different social networks and sites that may be blocked in your country. This has allowed for good user feedback.

To use this VPN you don’t need much knowledge. It is a very easy to use service, you just have to download and install the software and with a few clicks, you will be ready to use an easy, fast and secure interface.

It has the ability to enter the web through encrypted tunnels

2. Countries Available

Vip72 VPN allows you to have connection with different servers in more than 12 countries. It also has 2500 Proxy – SOCKS servers in 182 countries and can count on 36683 IP addresses. Among the countries are the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, among others.

3. Devices

The Vip72 VPN provider provides its users with the opportunity to connect from 1 device that guarantees totally anonymous browsing, which can also be changed whenever you want.

This type of IP address change does not affect the device itself and that is why when you download and install this full VPN, you get a qualified result with very good opinions from the users who use it.

4. Types of Contracts

The contracts offered by Vip72 full VPN differ depending on the amount of time you want to make the contract. Thus, if you choose a contract for a certain period of time, Vip72 must be downloaded and installed before formalizing the contract.

5. Available Services

Vip72 full VPN with IP addresses, allows you to connect to P2P networks and exchange files while surfing anonymously and protected with encrypted IP servers. With this VPN you can download, install, upload and share whatever you want without exposing your identity.

It is a VPN that contains a large number of IP addresses, which help protect your information while you are online. With this variety of IP addresses, you don’t have to worry, as it is a service that prevents tracking of your original address.

6. Security

When surfing the web with Vip72 VPN you will be totally protected from any threat found on public or private networks, as it is a full VPN that protects you through the encryption of your information and no one will be able to see what you are doing.

No matter where you are, you can always connect to any of the IP servers to avoid restrictions while you are connected anonymously, this means you can explore the web freely.

with Vip72 you will be fully protected from any threat

7. Quality of Support

Getting assistance with Vip72 VPN has generated some unfavorable opinions because it has no communication channels, as it is a VPN that has a FAQ session, email support does not give quick answers and it does not have direct chat.

8. Netflix and Torrenting in VIP72

With this VPN provider you will have a hard time unlocking geographically limited streaming content, so you will not be able to unlock netflix from other countries. However, this provider is recommended for the use of torrenting, since it allows P2P downloads on its servers. With the exception of the US server.

Speed of VIP72

Using a VPN normally results in a loss of 30 to 20% of the usual connection speed. This also happens with VIP72, although we assure you that you will not notice this drop in speed too much. You will be able to make your connections secure and at a fairly good speed. As always, this will depend on the bandwidth you have contracted.

Which Servers Does Vip72 Offer?

This VPN offers 36686 IP in 12 countries and allows your proxy and SOCKS servers to hide any kind of online activity. This VPN is a bit basic and some opinions towards the company have become negative.

Despite this, Vip72 full VPN without free trial, offers an anonymous service and can hide your IP through encrypted ports. This means that your IP address will be completely hidden and your connection will be fully protected.

Vip72 full VPN has servers in 12 countries and you can enjoy them in their different plans that can be weekly, monthly and yearly, each one with its own price.

How to Install Vip72 for Safe Surfing

This full VPN without free trial is compatible with different platforms such as Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux. To download and install Vip72 VPN, you have to go through a fairly simple process like the one shown below:

  1. To start downloading and installing this provider go to the official Vip72 VPN website. When you enter you will find the plans each with its respective price, you must choose the one you want to start downloading and installing the full VPN.
  2. In order to download and install Vip72 VPN you have to enter some basic data and then create a user and a password to enter the VPN account.
  3. To finish downloading and installing Vip72 VPN, you must accept the company’s terms and when finished, select the location of the server you want to connect to.
  4. In case you want to change or configure something, you must enter to settings and there you can do it easily.

Installing Vip72 To Browse Insurance

Vip72 Prices and Promotions

If you want to buy Vip72 full VPN without a free trial, the first thing you have to do is download and install the program so you can choose one of the 3 plans offered each with its own price, these can be weekly, monthly or yearly.

All plans offer Internet security and privacy features. Unfortunately, they do not have a free trial, refund guarantee or return policy, but you can count on good service at a reasonable price.

To use VPN you must first register VIp72

1. Vip72 prices

Vip72 full VPN that has favorable opinions from its users, since it can offer you a different price in each of its plans, by downloading and installing the VPN directly from its official website. The price of Vip72 full VPN with server, can be different depending on the plan you choose. Below we will show you the price of each of the plans of this full VPN without free trial:

  • Plan week: This plan is priced at $9 and works on one device.
  • Monthly plan: The price of this plan is $22 .
  • Annual plan: It is priced at $265 and the monthly price for this plan is $22 .

Plans and prices Vip72 VPN

2. Vip72 Promotions: Discount Code and Coupon

This full VPN has different plans with a different price each. In spite of this the Vip72 VPN contracts do not offer any kind of savings, therefore, each plan has its own price without any percentage discount, nor free trial.

3. Vip72 Payment Methods

Vip72 VPN only allows you to pay the price of plans with 4 payment methods, however, they are very easy to use, as it is a VPN that wants your convenience. Within the payment methods are:

  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Liberty Reserve

Payment methods offered by the VPN

Service Offer Price Promotion
Weekly Plan $9.00 No promotion
Monthly plan $25.00 38% off
Annual plan $22.00 45% off

Reviews of Vip72

If you want to use Vip72 full VPN with IP addresses, you will probably want to know before making the contract what the opinions of the users who have already had the experience of using it are. That’s why we’ll show you some opinions that could help you:

  • “It’s a full-featured VPN that, despite not giving you a free trial and having a somewhat high price, gives you the security of surfing anonymously while you’re connected to one of their servers and for me it works well in Windows.”
  • “What I like is that with Vip72 VPN I can use Linux, Windows, MacOS and FreeBSD through WINE, which is a type of software with which I can make Windows applications on other operating systems”.
  • “I can give many opinions, but one very important one is that the screenshots of the application show you a little bit old fashioned program, this coupled with the fact that it has no technical support, nor FAQ tutorial”.
  • “There are reports that Vip72 VPN can unlock the broadcast giant Netflix, but despite that I have not been able to get the unlocking done, so I cannot confirm or endorse whether this is true.”

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux

Conclusion on Vip72

Vip72 full VPN is usually a bit basic and opinions about this VPN in terms of its service on the Internet are many unfavorable. Despite that, this VPN has a lot of benefits to offer you, one of them is to remain totally anonymous while you browse the web.

This full VPN has the ability to hide your IP through its encrypted ports, as it is a service that can make your address invisible to third parties and ensures that your connection can be fully protected and censored.

It offers a large amount of IP in more than 12 countries worldwide, which completely hide your online activity through their proxy servers and SOCKS, they can achieve hide your IP, as well as all data that is handled through the connection.

Although this fulno VPN has free trial, no refund, it offers 3 weekly, monthly and yearly plans each with a different price in each plan, which you can pay through different modalities such as Bitcoin, WebMoney, etc.

Vip72 analysis of VPN

Alternatives to Vip72 VPN

Vip72 VPN with good opinions, has a wide list of providers that can become alternatives to the services of this VPN with IP addresses, among them we can mention the following:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

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Features summary of Vip72

Main features Vip72
Discount Save 45%!
Price $22
See offer
Money back policy 0 days
Average speed 9.45 Mbps
Encryption AES 256-bit
Devices 1
Servers 2500
Countries 12
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Vip72

➡ ️ What is Vip72?

Vip72 VPN is a provider that can enter the web through private and encrypted tunnels in order to protect your IP address so you can surf anonymously and also enter sites that are blocked in your country.

✨ Is Vip72 Safe?

When surfing the web on Vip72 VPN, you can feel totally safe from threats found on public and private networks, as it is a VPN that offers you total protection through the encryption of your information so that no one can see your activities.

➕ Reasons to Choose Vip72

It is a good choice to contract with Vip72 VPN, as it is a provider that allows you to do any activity without running the risk of being seen by third parties. No matter where you are, this VPN allows you to connect anonymously.

⚡ What are the benefits of Vip72?

Even if it is not the fastest VPN, you are guaranteed its robustness, as it is a VPN that offers you enough speed to be able to view diverse streaming content, without broadband restrictions and with the ease of unlocking a large number of websites.

✌️ How to install Vip72?

Although there is no troubleshooting guide or configuration tutorial on the Vip72 VPN website, when you enter its official page you will see that it is very easy to download and install its program on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

👌 What is the price of Vip72?

The price of Vip72 VPN is different in each of its plans, as it is a VPN that offers you weekly plans priced at $9, monthly plans priced at $22.01 and annual plans priced at $265. None of the plans have a promotional offer or free trial.

🙌 Can I Get Vip72 for Free?

This full VPN with Spanish server, does not offer service or free trial, as it is a provider that only has paid plans from which you can choose the one that suits you best. This has generated some negative opinions about the service.

✅What Other VPN Services Are Vip72 Users Looking For?

Want to know more about VPN? Visit our website and find out what’s new. We have analyses of the best free and paid VPNs that you will find on the web, take advantage and start surfing safely.

Vip72 VPN User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Vip72 VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Vip72 VPN service in the comments.

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