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VPNGate: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Are you looking for a free VPN to hide your IP? Here’s a pretty good option for you, VPNGate. A pretty decent option to maintain your anonymity without having to go through the payment process when downloading and installing the VPN.


Have you ever wondered why a VPN service is free?

In addition to slow speed, spam and annoying ads, some users have told us that free VPN services sold their data and personal information to third parties.

Here are some alternatives for secure and reliable VPN services

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Vpngate is a free, public VPN hosted in the cloud. It was designed by the University of Tsukuba in Japan and is powered by SirfEther vpn. If you are looking for a vpn to hide your IP without high prices, this is an excellent option.

Its interface is quite simple to understand as it is in native English despite being of Asian origin.

VPNGate’s server works perfectly with different operating systems in Spanish, including the most common ones, so that a large number of users can access its services. Although it does not have a specific application, it can be configured for mobile devices.

If you want to know more about how this free VPN works, keep reading this post, where we have a lot of important information for you regarding other users’ opinions about VPNGate.

Pros and Cons of VPNgate


  • Its services run on a large number of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • It has many servers.
  • It can bypass powerful Firewalls.
  • All transmissions made are automatically encrypted.


  • He keeps records.
  • Security functions are not implemented in applications on all platforms.

Reasons to Choose VPNGate

Want to know why you should use VPNGate? Here are some of the main reasons why this can be an excellent vpn despite being free. The VPNGate network consists of many servers to hide your IP, provided on a voluntary basis around the world.

You want to know why you should use VPNGate?Another reason is that VPNGate allows the possibility to provide your own computer as a VPN server to join this experiment. Which, while it may seem risky for some, is a rather enriching experience for those who want to know more about these issues.

Among the different operating systems it works with, it works perfectly with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. It supports the use of the SSL-VPN protocol, the L2TP / IPsec protocol, the Microsoft SSTP protocol and also supports Openvpn.

It allows the use of anonymous connections and no registration of future users is required. Each VPN server that is used for the benefit of VPNGate has a dynamic IP address. This means that it can be changed at random periods.

Servers appear and disappear at any time. On the other hand, the same IP address will not always be available to connect to a vpn server. While all VPN servers are capable of hiding traffic to the Internet, they are not always available.

You want to know why you should use VPNGate?

VPNGate Analysis and Features

The VPNGate platform has several features that make it a unique VPN, not only because it is functional and free. Although there are many better quality VPNs for affordable prices, many people choose this VPN.

Here are some of the reasons why VPNGate’s opinions are so good

VPNGate platform has several features that makes it a unique VPN

1. Ease of use

It is one of the easiest VPNs to use, this is easily noticed by reading the opinions left by users. Just enter the official website, download and install the program, configure and hide the IP is a matter of a few minutes.

When the program has been downloaded and your data is accessible, you only need to connect to a server to change your IP and access another one that is much faster, to which you will be connected in just a few seconds.

Although many have doubts about being free, VPNGate offers the possibility to choose the country you want to connect to a server, as it has more than 50 different options and approximately 5000 servers.

It offers the possibility to choose the country to which you want to connect to a server

2. Available countries

The truth is that there are more than 50 countries where VPNGate operates. Considering that it is a project where anyone can lend their own computer as a server for others to connect to, it is normal that there is a great variety.

The problem with this is that you do not have real knowledge of all the countries where you can access a VPNGate server.

3. Devices

Thanks to the quality of service offered by VPNGate those who have been encouraged to download and install the program will be able to enjoy connecting to the VPN and using a different IP, and thus maintain anonymity when surfing the web.

In addition, VPNGate supports all major trading platforms. From the full extensions for Chrome and Firefox, to downloading on iOS and Android. Applications can also be enjoyed on Windows and Linux.

Another remarkable feature of VPNGate is that it is compatible with Openvpn, a standard software program widely used in the world of Internet anonymity. If you want to know more about it, you can check the post on our website.

Available for download on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

4. Types of Contracts

VPN contracts are those where you can access different times using the service in exchange for an amount of money. Clearly as VPNGate has no price, nor does the full premium version have any contracts to perform.

Simply download and install the program on your computer and that’s it, you’ll have access to a huge amount of servers to connect to in order to change your IP.

5. Available Services

Among the services available from VPNGate and most valued in the reviews is its speed. Which is quite acceptable considering that it is a platform that offers a completely free service.

Some opinions claim that the speed tests performed on VPNGate are not really reliable, however, as it is a data-coded VPN, it is normal that sometimes it takes longer compared to paid VPN.

This is an advantage that very few VPNs can afford. But with VPNGate, despite being a free program, it is possible because it is standard software that works with different servers, devices and platforms.

6. Security

Many people think that being a free VPN at no cost is not safe enough. The truth is that, despite not having programs or contracts with recognized platforms, VPNGate looks for a way to provide security.

It has an interrupt button, which is essential when you lose your connection to a VPN server. If the server goes down, but your Internet connection remains active, the actual IP address will be exposed, revealing the identity of the user.

A disconnect switch disconnects you from the Internet when your VPN connection goes down to prevent this from happening. This is why VPNGate is considered a good provider as it has this feature.

It is a good provider, as it has this feature

7. Quality of Support

The quality of VPNGate’s support is not the best of all. Although it has an email address that can be reached in case of emergency, it is not available for 24 hour response.

It also does not have a service chat to access, however, there are few occasions when the VPNGate server gives real problems. This is a fairly obvious drawback, but there are few occasions when users really need this service.

The quality of support VPNGate is not the best ever.

Which Servers VPNGate offers

Knowing which servers VPNGate is connected to is complicated. While you have access to some of the most well-known ones, a large part of your available IPs are partners who lend their own computers as a server.

This may generate distrust, but there is no need to panic, vVPNGate’s service is safe and legal. The problem is that being a free project they don’t have the same budget as high-end VPN.

You should not give too much importance to this issue, especially if you make little use of this type of service. VPNGate offers more than 5000 completely secure servers, available at all times to help you maintain your anonymity.

How to Install VPNGate for Secure Browsing

It is important to clarify that VPNGate does not have a large facility. As it is a free program, you don’t have to go through the process of payment and extensive downloads. In just a few minutes you will be able to access their services.

You only have to enter the official website, download the file to log in, then the operation is like any other VPN you have used before.

Installing VPNGate for safe surfing

VPNGate’s Prices and Promotions

The best news about VPNGate is that its features are free as we mentioned before. Its services are priceless, so you can test it without any risk to see if it meets your expectations.

Although there are many VPNs that have better quality and affordable prices than VPNGate, those who make little use of these types of programs or simply don’t want to pay for them, this may undoubtedly be your best option.

1. VPNGate Prices

As it is a free VPN, VPNGate is free of charge. There are no price changes and no need to worry about a monthly fee.

2. VPNGate Promotions

Promotions do not exist with VPNGate either, as all the features are free for those who wish to download and install the program. The service offered is the same for all customers without exception.

3. VPNGate Payment Methods

Clearly as VPNGate is a free program, and does not require payments the platform does not offer any method for this type of action.

VPNGate’s opinions

The opinions about VPNGate found on the internet are generally positive, very few complaints can be obtained, this is because most people understand that it is a free VPN, and yet it offers an excellent service.

In this section we leave some opinions that users have about the quality of VPNGate:

  • “In my opinion VPNGate is one of the best VPN programs I have found and the best thing is that I don’t have to pay for it. Although I found it a bit complicated that it is not in Spanish, but it is very easy to understand”.
  • “The platform is quite simple and I am comfortable with the UX it offers”.
  • “I didn’t want to buy a VPN packet because I don’t use it much, so I decided to use VPNGate, I really think it’s worth it, it works 20 points”.

Conclusion about VPNGate

After analyzing well all the benefits it offers and all the features available, we can say that although we are not impressed with VPNGate, it is necessary to emphasize that its functionality is excellent for a free VPN.

On the other hand, we believe that the registration policy is too difficult to handle for those who do not know well about this subject, and denies, in a way, the whole purpose of having a VPN in the first place.

Although we strongly recommend the use of some full premium VPNs, as there are many that are affordable and work like high-end ones, if you don’t want to pay or give very little use to this type of programs, no doubt VPNGate can be the ideal solution.

Alternatives to VPNGate

Although there are many free options on the market to make a change of IP, the truth is that VPNGate is the best of all. Not only because of the positive feedback it gets, but because it is a well done project.

Do you want to know more about other VPNs? You can access our website, where we have a wide variety of posts with everything you need to know about the alternatives to VPNGate:

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Features summary of Vpngate

Main Features Vpngate
Discount 0%
Price Free
See offer
Money back policy 0 days
Average speed -
Encryption Strong Encryption
Devices 1
Servers 11805
Countries 235
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about VPNGate

⌚¿Qué es VPNGate?

This is a free VPN, no payment is required to access its services. Despite having certain limitations, it is perfect for maintaining the anonymity of the IP of any of its users.

⛔¿Es VPNGate Seguro?

Although many are suspicious before making a final decision, this VPN is quite safe and effective. Despite being free, the quality of service does not deteriorate in any of the expected aspects.

⌛Reasons to Choose VPNGate?

There are many reasons to choose VPNGate. One of the most important is that it is completely free. If you want to know more about the factors that make this vpn the best of all, you can read this section inside the post.

🚀 What are the benefits of VPNGate?

The amount of advantages you can get with this VPN go far beyond simply keeping your IP hidden. Although it also has some disadvantages, the truth is that for most of them they are not very relevant. Learn more about this in our pros and cons section within the post.

🔥 How to install VPNGate?

The installation of VPNGate is simple, as there are no steps required such as payments or filling out terms and conditions contracts. If you want to know exactly what steps you have to take, check this section in the post.

🙌 What is the price of VPNGate?

There are no prices related to VPNGate as it is a completely free service.

👌¿Puedo Tener VPNGate Gratis?

Of course! It is a free service so all the benefits offered by the platform are free of charge.

➡️¿Do I need to register to use VPNGate?

No, luckily the records are not necessary to use this VPN. It is only necessary to enter the official website and follow the steps indicated to download the program.

We hope that the information we have provided you about VPNGate has been very interesting for you. We seek to provide as much important information as possible to all our readers, so that they are fully aware of what interests them.

If you want to know more about other VPNs, their use, how they work and what customers think about them, we invite you to enter our website where we have many interesting posts for you.

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