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VPNhub: Prices, Ranking, Analysis, Opinions

Protecting the privacy of your information while surfing has become a priority issue, so the use of a good vpn is something that is becoming more and more common, if you are looking for a new vpn one of the options you should consider is the VPNhub.

This new VPNhub has been generated by a recognized adult site, but beyond the logos and its web portal this option provides a level of security as optimal and efficient as any other option in the market.

It has a free version whose limitations are compensated by subscription offers, although its price is somewhat high, the rest of the promotions and the capabilities it unlocks make this VPN a fairly attractive option.

If you have been interested in knowing everything about this VPNhub we will detail its main functions, features and opinions. So that you can choose it and have total protection when surfing.

Pros and Cons of VPNhub


  • Free download.
  • Good price plans and promotions.
  • Specialized mobile VPN.
  • High security of personal data.


  • The speed may vary depending on the device.

Plans and offers of VPNhub

1-Month plan


per month

See offer

1 Year Plan



per month

Save 50%!

See offer

3 Year Plan



per month

Save 75%!

See offer

Why Choose VPNhub

In recent years privacy policies, information leakage from different social networks and search engines has caused more and more people to use a vpn, which has caused traffic from the most popular servers to be sometimes saturated, so choosing VPNhub as a source of DNS service is not a bad idea, thanks to the fact that it is a relatively new server.

These servers are available in 60 countries, having a fairly secure policy that allows anyone over 13 years old to use the service, to surf safely without exposing your data on the wifi at school, work and other locations.

Both the free version, which is only for mobile phones, and the premium version, which allows you to use it on different devices, will have unlimited broadband navigation capacity, that is, you will not have a limit of megabytes to consume, beyond those determined by your telephone service or Internet access.

Another important factor is that the large number of servers to choose from will vary from the free to the premium version, in addition to a considerable increase in speed.

The price ranges you pay for using the service will become more interesting the longer the payment period, the more expensive the one month period, up to the cheaper one which is a 3 year period.

If you have any doubts about the differences between the premium and the free model, VPNhub offers a 7-day free trial, which will allow you to try different servers and measure the speed of the search engine response. Once this period has passed, you can easily choose the plan that best suits you.

Once the service is downloaded you can use it on different devices and navigate with peace of mind, as the encryption system is military grade.

Por Qué Elegir VPNhub.

VPNhub Analysis and Features

Below, we want to further extend the main features of VPNhub, this will allow you to understand if the platform is totally secure and efficient enough, for your purposes

1. Ease of use

The use of VPNhub is not complicated, since it has a design to install that works almost intuitively, the installation is also a quite simple process, on the other hand, the choice of the server is also very practical.

Therefore, its use is not very different from other vpn, and is that although the company that created it is a company that generates adult content have managed to create a service that is fully and practical to use, also are the first to understand that many people only seek privacy and the ability to access different content without restriction of any country.

Although limited in its free form to surf the cell phone, once subscribed to the premium service there are several countries where you can contact a server and try one with better speed, however, VPNhub is not among the vpn with greater range of options in the market, however, their servers being new do not have as much data traffic.

Using the VPNhub not complicated, because you have to install design that works almost intuitively

2. Available countries

The different servers that VPNhub has are distributed in up to 60 different countries, this allows that depending on your geographic location you can connect to different zones, this is important to choose the one that gives you the best speed, which varies greatly depending on the location of the user.

The main countries where the servers are available are the following:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Belgium.
  • Canada
  • United States
  • South Korea.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria.

3. Devices

The VPNhub service not only gives you unlimited broadband navigation, but also the number of devices that can be linked to an account are unlimited, so in the premium version in the same account you can install and download the product on all devices where you usually surf and want to keep your data private.

In the free version of VPNhub you are only limited to one mobile device, so you will have to download it in one of the virtual stores and browse only from this mobile.

VPNHUB works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

4. Types of contracts

To obtain the vast majority of VPNhub subscription services, virtual contracts are made where you accept the policies of the provider to obtain a benefit. By obtaining the Premium, you will have access to a von without advertising, with a high availability of servers, installation on various devices and a great improvement in navigation capacity.

You can choose to acquire any of its 4 plans, which range from monthly, 1 year use, 2 years use and 3 years use, changing in each the minimum income, so the value of the month varies depending on the time of use of the VPNhub service.

For the plan of one month you pay usd, 13,99, if you contract the service for a year each month it is for an amount of usd 6,99, if you look for something of more than one year with 2 the monthly price is of usd 4,99 and in 3 years it is of usd 3,49.

The monthly plan month of VPNhub offers a free 7-day trial, so you can be satisfied with the use of the product.

5. Available services

The services provided by using VPNhub are quite classic, it allows to skip the restrictions that streaming companies have by country, in addition to avoiding trackers, not having to see unnecessary advertising of the country.

However, these are fairly standard features of a VPN, since for now being so young and growing it has not been allowed to develop new services that improve the use of VPNhub.

6. Security

Like all good VPNhub services, the encryption of its servers is of a military grade, which allows it to keep the information of its users under protection, and also makes clear in its privacy policies available on its website, that at no time are they allowed to disseminate this information to third parties.

Most people are usually satisfied in this respect, since for any VPNhub its greatest responsibility is to ensure security and trust when protecting the ip and search data of each user.

razones por la que necesitas un VPN

7. Quality of support

The quality of VPNhub’s attention is not the best, in fact, finding its source of contact is not an easy task, it has an email where you can make your complaints or specific queries.

The opinions say that the speed of response is standard, with good dyes, does not stand out as in other VPNhub providers, but if it is effective enough, however, their web portal largely details the vast majority of concerns or doubts you may have about it.

This reduces the need for VPNhub to maintain constant contact with customers, plus the process of use as we have highlighted above is very simple and straightforward.

8. Netflix and Torrenting

As usual in these vpn, the VPNhub is not left behind and allows unlocking netflix content and downloading different audiovisual products with complete peace of mind, although if necessary it should be noted that it stands out in the ability to navigate, rather than download.

VPNhub speed

The speed of each server depends on the location of the user who has contracted the service. In comparative levels, the speed of VPNhub is acceptable, it does not have extraordinary capacities, but it sufficiently fulfills the moments of navigation.

Which servers offer VPNhub

The servers are those locations to which once the service has been contracted, it is possible to connect to them in order to bypass the navigation restrictions of the country where the user is located. Many people think that only the quantity matters, but the truth is that the location also matters.

The large number of VPNhub servers on the one hand covers the possibility of decreased traffic, but the truth is that the quality in the speed of navigation can be determined by the proximity of the server and its capacity.

So while VPNhub does not have a huge amount of servers like large companies, those it does have are functional and effective, although the truth is that it does not stand out for having extraordinary speeds.

How to install VPNhub for secure browsing

Both the download and the installation process of VPNhub is quite simple and intuitive, although the portal of the page is completely in English, the steps to follow are

  1. For the mobile version you just have to go to the iOS or Android store, for the desktop version you have to go to the VPNhub page and start the registration process.
  2. You must select an email, a password and the plan you want to access.
  3. Continue with filling in the information about the payment method.
  4. Once this process is finished you’ll be able to access vphub Premium just by using your email and password in any device where you download the vpn program.
  5. When you log in you’ll have to choose from the many servers it offers, by selecting it automatically you’ll be able to start browsing.

As you can see a great advantage of this service is the ease of use, plus the download time for both the mobile version, as for the Premium is also fast, so in a short time you would have at your disposal the VPNhub.

Cómo instalar VPNHUB

VPNhub Prices and Promotions

When selecting a VPNhub service you should be completely clear about the payments and promotions you can get from the provider, this allows you to assess what best suits your needs and which method will best fit your pocket.

Although it is barely building its reputation, the price of VPNhub is somewhat high on a monthly basis. However, his promotions are very attractive in advance payments per year.

1. VPNhub prices

The monthly price of VPNhub is one of the highest if we consider that it is not a vpn with great reputation, nor that it offers services that justify its price, the speed is good, and its servers are limited.

This makes VPNhub more difficult for them to compete with other servers that have the same operating range and are more affordable, the payment currency they use to subscribe to their service is US dollars.

To access the free version, clearly no payment is required, but if you want to use the full potential of vpn even if it is somewhat expensive, VPNhub offers you a plan that the more months you pay, the cheaper your monthly payment will be.

  • For a month of service the monthly fee is a single $13.99, the payment must be made month by month to continue using the service, otherwise it is automatically cancelled.
  • For one year the monthly fee is $6.99, so you only need to make a single payment in advance of $83.88.
  • For two years of service, the monthly fee is 4.99 usd, so a single payment in advance of 119.76 usd is made.
  • For three years of service, the monthly payment reaches its most economical point, with a value of usd 3.49, with a one-time advance payment of usd 125.64.

As you can see paying month to month, it is not very profitable because of the type of service it offers and the cost it has, however, the prices of the annual plans are priced according to other vpn services that provide a service of equal quality.

Precios planes y promociones de VPNHUB

2. VPNhub promotions

As for its VPNhub promotions beyond those mentioned for the payment of their plans in advance, it does not offer other offers, since it is not usual in this type of standard category services.

Although before paying the first monthly fee vonhub offers you a free 7-day trial, where you can test the quality of the servers and then define by the plan that best suits your economy.

3. VPNhub Payment Methods

VPNhub, offers you a reliable payment method so that you can pay the price of the plans in an easy way, which has allowed good opinions for being an excellent option. Among the modalities are:

  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
  • Debit cards.
  • PayPal.
Service offer Price Saving
1 month $13.99 0%
1 year $6.99 50%
2 years $4.99 64%
3 years $3.49 75%

VPNhub’s opinions

On the internet you can find thousands and thousands of reviews that can make VPNhub seem like the best or the worst of the services, and the truth is that it has as many pros, as its passwords, as is natural in this type of service.

Of the many comments we’ve collected, we’ll leave you with the ones that best encompass the main opinions about VPNhub, all of which are quite sincere and based on the users’ experiences.

  • At first I uninstalled the application because I had an error and the support control did not respond promptly, I let time pass and downloaded it again and it works great, I recommend now totally.
  • In my country the free version does not work for me, so I will uninstall it and not use it. I will not pay for a faulty product.
  • The application is pretty good, I have no complaints about its operation, although at certain times when I had the free version I had some connection problems, but with the premium mode I’m doing great.

Cómo funciona VPNHUB

Conclusion about VPNhub

The VPNhub is a service that meets your expectations, is a new option that serves as an alternative to the vpn that are known and are increasingly saturated, have good data protection system, ensuring security and confidence in the service.

Although VPNhub may have the stigma of being developed by a company that generates adult content, its performance is totally serious. Furthermore, although its monthly price is expensive, annual promotions offer prices that are extremely accessible.

VPNhub has an unlimited level of broadband browsing, plus a more than acceptable speed connection to the Internet, its servers are stable and are located in 60 countries, so surely there is a server option that allows you to surf at good speed.

Both its use and installation are extremely simple, so in a few minutes you can enjoy a safe navigation, VPNhub and its 7-day free trial will allow you to live the experience before making the payment of the plan you want.

Tanto su uso como su instalación son ex tremendamente sencillas

Alternatives to VPNhub

In case you feel that VPNhub is not the alternative you are looking for, there are other options with different prices and features that you may be interested in. Each of them shares certain similar features and functions.

Here is a summary of the main vpn connection options you can purchase:

Our Selection Best VPN for 2021


Our choice

Save 80%!


per month



Save 83%!


per month


Exceptional Quality

Save 49%!


per month


Great Offer

Save 72%!


per month



Save 73%!


per month



Save 65%!


per month

Features summary of VPNhub

Features VPNhub
Discount Save 75%!
Price $3.49
See offer
Money back policy 0 days
Average speed -
Encryption High Encryption
Devices 10
Servers -
Countries 60
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about VPNhub

⭐¿Qué es VPNhub?

VPNhub a service that allows the user to browse the Internet with a total protection of your IP, so your data is not recorded in search engines, allowing to have in anonymity at all times, this allows to skip the restrictive policies of different countries.

✅Is VPNhub secure?

Yes, although VPNhub is a new platform, it has shown great seriousness and a performance according to what the market demands in terms of security and privacy.

➡️Why Choose VPNhub?

VPNhub is a service that is slowly growing, its servers are not as full as the other portals and this could give you a much higher level of speed.

✨ What are the benefits of VPNhub?

FirstVPNhub allows you to protect your IP address, offers 7-day free trial service, unlimited broadband internet, desktop and mobile device availability.

➕ How to install VPNhub?

You only have to register your data in the vpnhub page, give the payment data and you will be able to access all the premium benefits, otherwise you will be able to download the free mobile version, from the Android or IOS store.

⚡ What is the price of VPNhub?

If you only pay monthly it would be 13.99 dollars, if the modality is by year, one year about 6.99, for two years it is 4.99 and if you pay 3 years it is 3.49 dollars each monthly payment, they are payments in advance.

👌¿Puedo Tener VPNhub Free?

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited vpnhub just for your mobile device, however, you will have advertising and a low level of speed.

We hope that all the information provided about VPNhub has been very helpful in understanding the operation of this VPN, which will allow you to keep your data safe thanks to the anonymity of your IP when surfing the Internet.

If you want to know more about the opinions and operation of other VPNs, you can access the other posts on our website, where we have a lot of interesting information for you.

VPNhub User Opinions and Experience

Have you used VPNhub before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a VPNhub service in the comments.

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